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Titan Pocket Scope ReviewTitan pocket scopes offer buyers a great combination of performance in a compact package that’s easy to carry around.

They aren’t the most powerful scopes in the world but work extremely well under certain conditions.

Titan Pocket Scope Review 

On a basic level, pocket scopes, or monocular scopes, are smaller versions of a telescope. They operate on the same premise.

Telescopes, typically, have much more power than monocular scopes do. They can see images better at far distances.

Most people use pocket scopes, however, for outdoor activities like birding and hunting. They’re also great at a ball game or surveying targets in the field. Some people even use them for stargazing.

What Is the Best Magnification for a Monocular?

Titan Pocket Scope ReviewJust like any other scope, monocular pocket scopes come in different magnification levels. What you need will depend on your use case.

If you want to see far away objects, you’ll need something stronger. However, if you’re looking for something to see birds better while you’re out hiking, then you don’t want something super powerful.

Pocket scopes usually go from 5x to 10x and even higher magnification. The “x” and the accompanying number indicate how much larger the monocular will make an object than when viewed by the naked eye.

So, if you’re looking at something with an 8x pocket scope, it will look eight times larger than you’d see it without a scope.

Who Makes the Best Monocular?

There are a lot of great pocket scopes on the market in 2019. It’s hard to say which is the best because of personal preference, but there are certainly some that stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a look at a few.

1.Wingspan Optics Titan 12X50

Wingspan optics makes an incredibly durable, high-quality titan pocket scope. It’s priced well and is a great value considering how much fun you’ll have using it. The response from the outdoor community has been overwhelmingly positive.

People love how it’s fog proof, waterproof, and offers great brightness. The scope can be put in focus with just one hand, so it’s ideal if you’re holding something else while looking through the scope.

2.Gosky Titan 10X50

The Gosky titan pocket scope is another nice choice. One of the best features of this scope, on top of excellent performance, is that it comes with an easy to use smartphone holder. This is an option that nature lovers appreciate tremendously.

It helps them snap quick photographs of birds and other animal life they see with the scope. There’s no fear of missing the shot with the Gosky scope. The 10X50 scope is $57.00, so it’s right there with the other premium pocket scopes on the market.

3.Roxant High Def Mini Monocular Pocket Scope

If you’re looking for something more affordable to have fun with the kids or on a camping trip, then take a look at Roxant’s pocket scope. The materials on this piece of equipment aren’t as premium as the other two monoculars we’ve reviewed, but for $19.95, it’s tough to beat.

You get a 7X scope that comes with a pouch, strap, and a cleaning cloth. It’s waterproof, so can be used at the beach or in the rain. Stuff it in your pack on a weekend trip without worrying about it taking a beating.

The Best Monocular for Stargazing

The Best Monocular for StargazingOur choice for the best stargazing monocular pocket scope has to be the Wingspan Optics Titan 12X50. Not only do you get high-level magnification, but the clarity and brightness of the picture through the scope is unmatched. The detail you’ll be able to take in the stars will be better than anything else you can carry around in your pocket.

One of the best parts of being outdoors in nature is getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

At night, away from the light pollution, we’re all used to, the sky opens up and the stars come out. If you’re lucky, you’ve been able to catch a glimpse of the milky way. With a high-quality titan pocket scope, you can get an even better look. But which one is the best?

You Can’t Go Wrong with Premium

If you’ve got a little extra cash, opt for the higher end titan pocket scopes. Using them will be more fun because the picture is clear, focus happens faster, and they’re more durable.

With lower-quality scopes, you may end up having to buy more replacements, so in the end, it’s not a money-saver. Buy a product you can have fun using outdoors for years.