Tactical Accessories for Your Vehicle

Tactical Accessories for Your Vehicle

Tactical Accessories for Your VehicleIf you’re anything like me then when it comes to your bug-out bag, you’ve made your list and checked it twice, right? You’ve got your collapsible water bottle, water purification tablets, some MREs, rain gear and possibly some ammunition with a Ruger 10/22 Takedown.

But let me give you something to consider. Are you planning on using that sweet Jeep that you’ve been stashing away? If so, then you want to make sure that baby is running in tip top shape. The last thing you want happening is for SHTF and your vehicle become immobile. Why you’d be in a real bind then right!?

Bug out items for your vehicle

Now this might not be applicable to everyone, but some of us up here in the Northern states need to use vehicles to get up to a cabin or other refuge in the woods if the time ever came. And for that reason, I always make sure I have these things in my jeep:

  1. Extra fuel
  2. Tire repair kit
  3. Essential Motor Fluids
  4. OBD2 Scanner
  5. Extra Ammo

Extra Fuel

I got a 1980 Jeep CJ-7 and let me tell you, it guzzles fuel like it’s going out of style. For that reason, I also keep an extra few gallons in the back

Tire Repair kit

Your ride is only as good as the tires underneath it! So if you have a flat or blowout, it’s game over. This is why I like keeping a tire and tube flat repair kit with plugs in the Jeep. Autozone makes some good repair kits for a decent price.

Essential Motor Fluids

If you run out of oil and blow up your engine, you won’t make it too far. This is why I keep some high quality synthetic 10/30 Mobil motor oil in my ride. It wouldn’t hurt to also keep a gallon of antifreeze on standby.

OBD2 Scanner

Now this isn’t the most essential tool, but I keep one on hand just because they are useful for diagnosing and repairing that nasty Check Engine Light. An Android obd2 bluetooth scanner is a simple tool that plugs into your OBD2 port, and links up to your phone via Bluetooth. It then lets you read and erase DTC codes.

Extra ammo

Last on my list would be extra ammunition. Up North where I live, there’s plenty of game life that we can harvest for food that could mean the difference between a hungry winter, and a warm winter with full bellies. Ammunition, I believe, would be essential in a post-apocalyptic situation because it would be tradable. I like to keep a healthy stock of .45, 5.56 NATO, and .22 in my ammo can because these are some of the most popular rounds!

Alright I hope that helps some of you be fully prepared with your bugout tactical vehicle!

If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help.

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