The 5 Best EOtech Clone Sights 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

eotech clone

The 5 Best EOtech Clone Sights 2019 Eotech is among the popular brands of firearms. This American based company is famous for their holographic weapon sights along with their electro-optics products.

People who don’t want to compromise on the sight for their weapons usually opt for Eotech clones. The idea behind the creation of the holographic weapon sights is to provide non-magnifying sight for the gun which would allow its users to see through the tiny window of optical glass.

This will present a very clear image of the field of view. The Eotech clones have the reticle system which allows the aim point to move with the position of the eye. These clones can fit all kinds of carbines, rifles, handguns and the shotguns.

If you are thinking about buying an Eotech clone for your gun you have come to the right place. This article will guide you through the best, affordable Eotech clones available in the market.

Our Best EOtech Clones Sights 2019

Product Image
Reticle type
Illuminated Reticle
DD Dagger Defense DD102R
Vector Optics Ratchet
Red and Green
Ade Advenced Optics Crusader
Red and Green
Sightmark SM26005
Red and Green

1. DD Dagger Defence DD102R

DD Dagger Defence DD102RThis is one of the best sellers in the gun sights market. It is made from the aircraft graded aluminum and has an ergonomic design. Apart from that it also has four different patterns of red dot reticles. This helps in making a better and more accurate shot. It is very easy to mount on a tiny rail system that is considered to be standard. The only problem, however, is that it can be hard sometimes for people to spot the red light even with the presence of seven light selections.

This comes at a very affordable price and promises a very impressive quality. The product is very easy to use and is perfect for beginners also because of its good range of brightness settings and its different lens shapes that allow users an excellent field of view at close to mid-range.

The 82mm length of the products makes it a great space saver. This size is perfect for the tiny pica rail. The Dagger Defence can rapidly transition and quickly move alone with the moving target, making it much easier to take a shot.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Great field of view at close to mid-range
  • Can be used with shotguns, handguns or any rifle
  • Fast to get on target with rapid transitioning
  • Good range of brightness settings



  • Can be difficult for some users to see the red dot
  • Easily striped

2. Vector Optics Ratchet

Vector Optics RatchetThis is specifically designed by the TAC Vector Optics and is perfect for real file caliber as well as rapid firing. This is a bit different from other Eotech clones because it has two tactical dots: green and red. This is great because it gives the user the freedom to choose the right dot depending on the environment.

The total length of the Vector Optics Ratchet is the about 10 cm and as a result, the product has a lightweight and a compact design. This makes it perfect for all kinds of shotguns or rifles. It also features the QD quick release mount function which makes removal really easy and hassle-free.

The only problem, however, is that the aluminum material used to make the Vector Optics Ratchet is not very sturdy and has a lifespan of only 4 months. The red and green dot also sometimes disappears and malfunctions. Despite all that is a good product if you need something for a certain period of time at a very reasonable price.


  • Great for rapid firing
  • Comes with two tactical dots
  • Light-weight and space-saving design
  • Easy to mount and remove



  • The low quality aluminum used in construction makes it frail with a short life span
  • Dots sometimes malfunction

3. Ade Advanced Optics Crusader

 Ade Advanced Optics CrusaderThis Eotech clone from the pipes of Ade Advanced Optics is an essential accessory for gun users. It has a very strong aluminum body and has a metal protective shield. Easy to use and provides relief to your eyes as well, this clone is definitely worth buying.

The Ade Advanced Optics Crusader provides up to eight reticles options as well as 5 different brightness settings that the user can choose from. This can come in handy especially when you are working in the sun.

The user can also choose the red or green dot very easily from the button places strategically on the side. This is a water resistant and shockproof product with a long-running battery. The built-in rechargeable battery is an added bonus. With a quick detach mounting system, this clone has settings that allow you to adjust elevation and clocking wind age.

This might cost a bit more than the other Eotech clones but it makes up for it with its amazing features.


  • Strong built with features that ensure your comfort and safety
  • User can choose from red or green dots
  • Water resistant and shockproof body
  • Long lasting battery life



  • More expensive than its competitors

4. Sightmark Ultra shot sight QD Digital Switch SM14000

Sightmark Ultra shot sight QD Digital Switch SM14000This Eotech replica from the house of Sightmark promises efficiency and very impressive performance. This model is a little different from other models as it uses dials in places of buttons. This makes quick adjustments a lot easier and hassle-free. With the adjustable brightness setting, you can set your product according to your shooting conditions.

Also, this model has a very spectacular 33 x 24mm objective lens. Its apt design makes it very easy to mount and dismount on any Weaver style rail. This also works for Pica tinny rails too so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have Weaver-style rails.

It also has a clamp on the side to make sure that it stays secure during the shooting and does not fall off. It has an aluminum shield which makes sure that the glass lens is not damaged at any moment. This also eliminates the glare and makes it perfect to use in sun.

Its compact size and the amazing features it offers, makes it a great product for pro as well as beginners who value a perfect gun sight.


  • Hassle-free mounting and adjustments
  • Uses dials instead of buttons to adjust settings
  • Can be secured with a clamp
  • Aluminum shield for glass to prevent glare and damage



  • Slightly expensive
  • Low battery life
  • Accuracy is hard through the sight


SVBONYThis is a very handy product with a very durable aluminum alloy body. It also has a collimation mechanism.

This Eotech replica certainly has set a bar against which all other replicas are measured. This one is simple yet well built and has the option of both green and red dot to choose from. SVBONY also has four multi-reticle settings on it which include the standard dot, cross, circles and also a different dot that can be used in many different shooting conditions.

Its handy design is perfect for the standard pica rails measuring 20 to 22 mm. The body provides great eye relief during usage. The body is made out of good quality aluminum which makes it water resistant and shockproof. The battery uses low power and hence has a longer life span than most Eotech clones.

This is an all-rounder Eotech clone which provides a great many features for a very affordable amount of money.


  • Durable built and an ergonomic design
  • Comes with two tactical dots; red and green
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Low price range
  • Water-resistant and shockproof



  • Difficult to adjust elevation, wind age and precision
  • Might be hard to use for beginners

What to Consider Before Buying an Eotech Clone

Reticle Type

Most of these models have the same features however it is best if you pay attention to the Reticle Type on the Eotech clone before making a final purchase. All of them have a holographic reticle.

The original one is very expensive and not everyone can afford them so it wise to look for ones which are not a burden on your pocket.

The models listed above have a pretty good reticle type and provide a simple option of red and green which is good enough for most hunters.


Most of the Eotech models are not very big but the ideal length of the sight should be 2 to 5 inches. Eotech clones can come in different shapes, but they are usually designed to save the space and be easy to mount on the gun of any size. It is better you know how big of the sight you can actually handle on your gun before making the final purchase.

Window dimension

The windows on the gun sight are designed to give you the best view of the target at a distance. Make sure that you know exact window dimensions you might need. The ideal measurements are 33 x 24 mm which is desirable for a clear and crisp image.


Like all other gun sight tools, the magnification power for Eotech clones has been set as a standard by the manufacturing company. For most Eotech clones the magnification power is set to 1. This is enough for most of the times but if you can more magnification power than you can always opt for other options.

Field of View

The field of view related to the magnification power of the gun sight. For instance if the magnification power is adjusted to 1 the field of view becomes wider. The field of view can be an important feature to look for especially if you want to use your gun at various ranges.

Body Material

Make sure that you buy a product that has a strong and sturdy body. The material used up to make the body of the clone should be strong enough to bear all kinds of chemical and physical abuse.

Being water and shockproof is a big plus because conditions change during a hunt. The best body materials for gun sights is magnesium and aluminum alloys. Make sure you double check the material of the body before you buy the product.

Illuminated Reticle

The reticle that displays red or green points on the target is called the illuminated reticle. They can make shooting accurately much easier, whether it’s in light or dark. Some Eotech clones only come with the non-illuminated reticle. Unless you are a pro, not being able to see the exact spot can greatly affect your accuracy.

The problem with using illuminated reticle is that it is battery operated. Including a battery would increase the overall weight of the gun, making it hard t use for some people. Moreover you would also have to carefully choose the Eotech clone that has a good battery life if you want to avoid the hassle of changing batteries every so often.

Video Review

Our Final Verdict

The Eotech clones present in the market have the same amazing quality as the original ones and provide the same exquisite shooting experience as the original ones. The only difference is the manufacturing company and the prices.

These clones are sure to provide their user with the same amazing performance without burning a hole in their pockets. They will definitely provide you with sharp and crisp images for perfect shooting.

If you are a beginner there are many other models like ones mentioned above that can help you learn and build up your shooting skills. It is better you list down the features you require in your gun sight before investing on it.

The 5 Best 1911 Red Dot Sights – Top Models Reviewed

1911 red dot

The 5 Best 1911 Red Dot SightsWhether you are an experienced shooter or a rookie, a reflex sight will definitely increase your efficiency. While traditional iron sights could provide this accuracy, red dots sights have gone through technological improvements enabling them to aim and shoot with increased precision.

When the red optics dot hit the market, they were only used by the military but today they have become increasingly popular and are employed for recreational uses such as hunting and paintball.

The best reflex sights will help in you engaging long-range shots, help you acquire targets easily, enhance one-handed operation, and improve your low light shooting. Choosing a red dot might seem like an easy task but their sheer number can be overwhelming.

Not to worry though, we got your back and will scan through the best five 1911 reflex sights in the market today.

Our Best 1911 Red Dot Sights

Product Image
Trijicon RMR Dual Illuminated
1.2 ounces
1.8 x 1.2 x 1.0 inches
Leupold Delta Point Pro
1.92 ounces
1.3 x 1.3 x 1.8 inches
Burris Fastfire 3
0.9 ounces
1.9 x 1.0 x 1.0 inches
Vortex Venom Red Dot Top Load 3 MOA Dot
6.7 x 5.1 x 2.9 inches
Sightmark Ultra Shot
9.2 ounces
3.7 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches

1. Trijicon RMR Dual Illuminated – Best Red Dot For Your 1911

Designed to be attached to a concealed carry, the Trijicon RMR Dual Illuminated optic uses fibre optics and tritium to absorb light and power the reticle. With the Trijicon, there are a variety of options ranging from 7 to 13 MOA amber and green dots.

The RMR (ruggedized miniature reflex) sight is extremely strong and durable and features elevation adjustments. It is equipped with a tactical and audible windage as well. Like the Leupold Delta Point Pro, the Trijicon RMR Dual also fits into a variety of weapons.

This one edges out the former a little bit as it includes models that are less common and also incorporates adaptors for large and medium revolvers. The adapters are manufactured by the Trijicon Company and are just as durable.

With the RMR, comes a semi-squared lens with the tritium device and fibre optic mounted on top of the lens. The optic is easy to use in any lighting condition as it automatically adjusts to brightness levels outside of the optic.


  • Rugged construction
  • Dual illumination
  • Adjustable elevation
  • No battery required



  • Difficult to mount
  • Not bright enough during the day

2. Leupold Delta Point Pro – Superior Build Quality

Leupold Delta Point Pro – Superior Build QualityIn its first miniature red dot optic, Leupold still holds firm to its tradition of high quality products. The Delta point pro is tough, clear and works very well with a 1911 pistol. In case the optic fails, the Delta Point comes with a rear iron sight that serves as a backup.

More often than not, you will be required to remove the rear sights when milling the slide to accommodate the red dot sight. This nifty addition is cost effective as it makes it cheaper to install the iron sight in front of the optic.

This pro pistol mount manufactured by Delta Point accommodates plates for a variety of firearms including Glocks, Sig Sauers, Standard 1900’s, Taurus and the Beretta. With these many options, shooters can use the optic over a variety of firearms negating the need to buy another one.

The Delta Point uses a CR 2032 battery that comes included and is waterproof up to 33 feet. In addition, gun owners will appreciate the motion sensing technology that activates the sight when the weapon is moved.

This feature enables the optic to conserve battery as the reticle only flips when the weapon is drawn and goes off soon after a moment of non-movement. This makes it ready to go in a moment’s notice while also preserving the battery.

One thing that didn’t sit well with many users is the fact that you have to remove the optic from the weapon in order to change the battery.


  • Great construction
  • Highly durable
  • Batteries are affordable
  • Works well in low light



  • Unknown battery life
  • Cannot adjust with varying light conditions

3. Burris Fastfire 3 – The Budget Option

Burris Fastfire 3 – The Budget OptionIt’s no surprise that the Burris Fastfire 3 makes it to this list. This affordable red dot sight packs some serious improvements over its predecessors. It has both a manual and automatic adjustment and can be mounted without milling your slide.

The Burris Fastfire 3 supports a variety of weapons including the Springfield XD, 1911s and Glocks. At a very pocket-friendly price, you are equipped with a miniature red dot that should illuminate your target in low as well as well-lit conditions.

The Burris Fastfire 3 is very lightweight coming in at a mere 0.9 ounces without the Picatinny rail mount. As a potential buyer, you have two options with the Fastfire, a 3 and an 8 MOA red dot. All these are made the same with a keen eye on their quality and construction.

The red dot has 10,000 hours of battery life and is fitted with an automatic turn off feature that turns it’s off on its own in case you forget. The manufacturers made sure to include a simple manual to aid new users in order to keep it working as easy just as they intended.

The Burris is a solid option for gun owners who are looking to equip the pistols with an RDS without breaking the bank.


  • Has a unique design
  • Highly durable
  • Adjustable depending on the lighting of the environment



  • Not ideal if your eyesight is weak

4. Vortex Venom Red Dot Top Load 3 MOA Dot – Best Value for Money

Vortex Venom Red Dot Top Load 3 MOA Dot – Best Value for MoneyVortex Optics is widely known for creating high quality optics at a bargain and the Vortex Venom Red Dot Top Load 3 MOA Dot is no exception. Built upon feedback from its consumers, the Venom Red Dot was built durable enough to withstand a drop and nothing more.

The Venom Red Dot’s design is built for rapid target acquisition and just begs to be put on your 1911. The sight features a 3 MOA that makes this bad boy ideal for rifles. Users will appreciate the common CR 1632 battery that runs the optics and an auto-battery shut-off.

The sight has a 1 MOA windage and elevation click adjustments that are handy for tactical use, a shooting competition or hunting. Overall, the Vortex Red Dot sight is ideal for hardcore shooters who are in search of a better grade reflex.


  • Nifty auto power off mode tools
  • Water and shockproof
  • Rigid exterior



  • Difficult to mount on some weapons

5. Sightmark Ultra Shot – Water Resistant Alternative

Sightmark Ultra Shot – Water Resistant AlternativeThe Sightmark Ultra Shot doesn’t quite look like a budget sight with its impressive aluminium protective shield and a matte black finish.

Although the sight comes in at a mere 7.6 ounces, which is about half the industry standard, the sight still packs a fair amount of features. For starters, this optic comes with a wide field of view of between 105 feet to 100 yards. This comes with an impressive eye relief for any shooter.

Although not ideal for DOA sight, the Sightmark still manages to punch above its weight when used to zero in on quick moving targets. The device is also water-resistant but should be submerged under water though.

A clever feature that makes this sight stand out is its digital switch. The switch eases you work when working under different brightness settings. This utility is very much appreciated especially when you are working under light that keeps changing rapidly and erratically.


  • A massive field of view
  • Responsive digital switch
  • Versatile



  • The battery is not long lasting
  • Not fully waterproof

Factors to Consider When Buying a 1911 Red Dot

When looking to purchase a red dot you should definitely consider the purpose. Most of them function in the same way, with small differences from one manufacturer to another. You should, therefore, know what variables matter more to you. Before we look at what factors you might consider, let’s see why you might need a red dot in the first place.

Why Choose a Red Dot Sight?

Technological advancements over the years have improved red dots and made them a lot more compact. Today, manufacturers provide affordable options for a variety of weapons. Although red dots were initially used on hunting pistols, competitive shooters have quickly adopted them due to the benefits below:

  • Faster Sight Picture Acquisition: While traditional sight force the shooter to align both the rear and front, with red dots you only have to focus on the target. This inadvertently makes you faster and you will be able to engage targets quickly.
  • Long-Range Engagement: Perfecting a long-range shot takes time and even so, the most professional shooters fail in consistency from time to time. With a low MOA red dot, however, you will significantly extend your range and hit the target with incredible consistency. Although the sight won’t fix bad shooting skills, they are ideal for inexperienced shooters.
  • Better Low Light Shooting: red dot are creeping nearer and nearer to night visions in the dark. Red dots require that you dial them to the right brightness in order to make out your target. This is however not necessary for automatically adjustable sights.
  • Helps with Poor Eyesight: for shooters who do not have the best eyesight, a red dot will help you focus better. A red dot will help you focus on the target still or moving and align the reticle.
  • Increased Awareness: a red dot gives you a competitive advantage, as you do not have to shift focus between every target. This allows you to continuously focus your sight through multiple targets with ease.
Reticle Sizes

Factors to Consider When Buying a 1911 Red DotBefore choosing a red dot sight, you ought to know that they vary in size from one to another. The size you will pick will depend on the size of the reticle and the amount of room left on your firearm.

Most of these red dots, however, have crosshairs of a variety of choices. Like the dots on many reflex sights, they won’t appear defined and shard. The dot will look different from one person to another, it will mostly look fuzzy, but it’s okay.

There isn’t one dot that will give you a crisp contrasting outline so you are better off not wondering about the sharpness of the reticle at all.

The size of a sight is measured in MOA (minute of angle) and is either one, one half and two inches at 100, 50 and 200 yards respectively. The smallest dot is 1 MOA, these have a huge field of view, are reliable and are very sturdy.

Most, however, are around the 4 MOA mark which means that they can cover up to 200 yards and can cover 4, 2 or 8 inches. When buying a red dot, we recommend that you buy one of 4 MOA.

Sights and Batteries

An important piece of information that you should have when shopping for a red dot sight is that they are battery powered. Nothing is visible when you look through the red dot without power, as they appear black.

The reticle needs to be available when needed and with a low battery powered sight; there are chances that it’s not going to be usable when you are ready to aim at your target.

Do keep in mind that cold weather wears down battery power and its best that you carry additional back up if you intend to hunt in such conditions. Fortunately, red dots tend to have long battery life. It’s important that you buy a sight with good battery life and turn it off when not in use.

Newer models like the Vortex Venom Red Dot Top Load 3 MOA Dot have an auto-power off mode that turns off power when your weapon is motionless for some time. The longest red dot battery life is 10,000 hours or 5 years.

If battery life is an important consideration for you, we recommend that you go for such sights.

Type of Reticle Projection

Type of Reticle ProjectionThere are two different styles of reticle projection. Red dots sights can either be holographic or reflex.

Reflex sights are common among hunters. There are more mainstream and are mostly used for recreational purposes. A reflex sight works by reflecting an LED behind the screen to your line of sight.

Holographic sights, on the other hand, are common amongst military and law enforcement agencies. The laser diode with these kinds of sights shines from the front of the lens.

These have a more intricate design that allows the laser to shine through the viewing window to illuminate the reticle. These top-notch features make this reticle ideal for strategic shooting.

Video Review

Final Verdict

In a world full of accurate rifles and modernly designed pistols, the classic 1911 still holds its own in almost any application. The addition of a good reflex sight on top enhances this pistol to the same level as other heavily upgraded artillery.

A combination of the best triggers in the industry and enhanced target acquisition lowers match time, which is something you are going to need in combat. Moreover, you will need to consider the reticle size, the battery life, and type of projection depending on the intended purpose.

To sum it up, the five options above are all good enough where you are in the military or buying for paintball.

Please let us know which Red Dot sight you opted for in the comments section below.

The 5 Best 3-9×40 Scopes of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

3x9 scope

The 5 Best 3-9x40 Scopes of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer's GuideYou will agree with me that even with the perfect vision, keeping a close eye on your target when hunting or in a shooting competition can be quite daunting.

The intense heat, wind, sunlight or rain are some of the things that makes hunting and shooting impossible without a riflescope.

The popularity of the 3×9-power scope keeps surging with every dawn. This is perhaps for a good reason.

The 3×9 scopes are best for granting low level magnification that comes in handy when taking shots precisely as well as high magnifications for accurate long shots.

The biggest headache comes in when you are out finding the most suitable scope. Obviously, there are numerous brands, models and makers available in the market for riffle scopes. This can get quite confusing, especially when you are new to this.

Always find an affordable, durably built, easy to use scope with good focusing mechanism. Our 3×9-scope review below will help you make the decision.

What is a 3×9 Scope?

Before looking at the best products on the market, it is prudent to highlight what 3×9 scope exactly means.

This is of importance to newbies trying to find their path in this field. As mentioned before, it is awing how the scopes have made shooting escapades look simple among enthusiasts.

Simply put, the 3×9 scope has two dimensions. The 3x represents the scope’s lowest magnification power. With this, you will be able to see the image three times closer than seeing with a naked eye.

On the other hand, the 9x represents the scope’s maximum magnification power. This lets you see images nine times closer than you can do with a naked eye. The scope also has a 40 mark, which is the objective lens diameter, in MM. from this, it is evident that these are variable scopes with magnification power as low as 3x to 9x high.

Top 5 3×9 Scopes for 2019

Product Image
Top Feature
Our Rating
The Nikon Buckmasters II Scope100 percent water and fog proof housing
The Redfield Revolution ScopeHolds up to 500 yards
The Bushnell Banner Illuminated Reticle ScopeMultiple brightness levels
The Barska Colorado ScopeMulti coated lens
The Bushnell Trophy XLT Scope Fast-focus eye piece

1. The Nikon Buckmasters II Scope – Best for Use with Hunting Rifles

The Nikon Buckmasters II Scope – Best for Use with Hunting RiflesNikon is probably one of the world’s most popular optics giant. Their partnership with one of the respected names in the sporting organizations, Buckmasters, perhaps creamed the effectiveness of the Nikon Buckmasters II Scope.

Built to endure your hardest shooting and hunting situations, this scope integrates some of the best features including fog, shock and waterproof construction. This does meet not only all your shooting needs but also complements your good selection of hunting rifle.

The scope’s integrated anti-reflective system with adjustive lens provides 92 percent anti-reflective capabilities. This ascertains a high level of light transmission as well as an improved clarity that clearly isolates your target from its surroundings, whether you are hunting at dusk or dawn.

The Nikon Buckmasters II Scope also features a generous and consistent eye relief that keeps your brow safe always, even when dealing with lightweight rifles with heavy recording cartridge working in severe shooting angles.

Other highlighted features of this scope include;

  • Durable and versatile scope – a result of Niko and Buckmasters Corporation.
  • Bright anti-reflective and a multi-coated lens system for ultimate anti-reflection properties.
  • Full water and fog proof design
  • Manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty
  • Features a BDC reticle trajectory system for quick and simple aiming points for varied shot distances.


  • Durable and versatile
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Water and fog proof
  • Limited lifetime warranty



  • Quite expensive

2. The Redfield Revolution Scope – Best for High Magnification Use

The Redfield Revolution Scope – Best for High Magnification UseIf you are looking for a scope to use in high magnification use, consider the Redfield Revolution Scope. The scope features various intriguing features including;

Materials – the Redfield Revolution Scope is a sleek and all black riflescope made in Oregon. Due to its lightweight construction, it weighs approximately 12.5oz despite being 14 inches long. Like other scopes of this cluster, it is fog, water and shockproof.

It features a multicoated 40mm lens with layers of vapor coatings that ascertains superior light transmission. While at full magnification, the accu-range reticle can point up to a maximum of 500 yards. The scope comes with accu-trac adjustment knob on the upper part of the scope that can easily be manipulated by fingertips.

Performance – you will like the impressive and high-quality look of the Redfield Revolution Scope’s body. Well, the only distinguishing additional feature of this scope is the accu-trac adjustment knobs. This maintains its simplistic and beautiful appearance. Besides that, the illuminated reticle is high tech that no drop of moisture will ruin your view.


  • Sleek appearance
  • Holds up to 500 yards
  • Easy adjustment system
  • Shock, moisture and fog proof



  • Quite expensive

3. The Bushnell Banner Illuminated Reticle Scope – Best for Hunting and Shooting

The Bushnell Banner Illuminated Reticle Scope – Best for Hunting and ShootingFor shooting and hunting enthusiasts, the Bushnell Banner Illuminated Reticle Scope should be your scope of choice. This is yet another sleek model that comes all black. Like other models, its illuminated objective lens is multicoated to ascertain fog and waterproof features.

Its easy adjustment mechanism makes it easy to switch the reticle from red to green illumination without much hassle. There are also numerous illumination levels, which allows users to use it in low light conditions such as during dawn and dusks.

For its significantly cheap price, the Bushnell Banner Illuminated Reticle Scope offers high-end qualities. Its best feature is the brightness adjustments that provide not only different reticle illumination but also provides different light settings for the hunter’s advantage.


  • Friendly cost
  • Usable in low-light situations
  • Lightweight with good eye relief
  • Red and green reticles



  • Requires frequent adjustments
  • Not that much shockproof

4. The Barska Colorado Scope – Best for Basic Hunting

The Barska Colorado Scope – Best for Basic HuntingThis is a single one-inch tube appearing in matte black. Its features are simplistic, perhaps the reason behind its choice for basic hunting. Its objective lens is fully coated to provide a clear view with a 30/30 reticle. It features two adjustment knobs that focus on the sight.

You will be impressed with the Barska Colorado Scope performance, which may first appear as a dud at first glance. Its simple features are designed to get the job done without much fancy extras. Due to its lightweight nature, it is an excellent choice for hunting deer and small games. It is also best for beginner hunters.

As mentioned, its simplistic features don’t suit its use for hunting situations with extreme weather conditions. Besides, it isn’t made of the highest quality material, thus, don’t expect to use it with high caliber rifles and slugs.


  • Cheap price
  • Simple and basic to use
  • Lightweight and small
  • Multicoated lens



  • Not suitable for beyond basic hunting
  • Unclear at maximum magnification

5. The Bushnell Trophy XLT Scope – Best for skilled hunting

The Bushnell Trophy XLT Scope – Best for skilled huntingSkilled hunters can sharpen their preciseness and accuracy with the Bushnell Trophy XLT Scope. This comes as a single black tube weighing around 4oz. Its fully multi-coated lens is water, shock and fog proof with a multi-X reticle. The scope boasts of 91% light transmission for enhanced accuracy.

The scope’s fast focus eyepiece is great for hunting situations that require quick reaction time. It features a windage and elevation adjustment knobs for easy tuning. Bushnell Trophy XLT Scope comes with a limited lifetime warranty with flip-open lens covers for better protection.


  • Affordable price
  • Shock, water and fog proof
  • Fast eye focus
  • Great light transmission



  • Not stellar eye relief
  • Too many colors

What to Consider Before Buying A 3×9 Scope

What to Consider Before Buying A 3x9 ScopeWith the diverse brands, models, and clusters available, getting the right choice of 3×9 scope can be quite difficult. Regardless of being a hunting hobbyist, pro, target shooter or just getting started, you need to pay extra attention to some features to find the correct scope matching your purpose.

Having said that, some of the essential things to consider before purchasing a 3×9 scope include;

Scope Construction

Without thinking much about the hardware features, you should begin your search by considering how suitable your scope is to your working environment.

Most 3×9 scopes outlined above are fog proof, but not all can withstand some harsh environmental conditions such as extreme moisture and heat.

This is why much attention should be paid to its construction if you intend to use the scope in a place with a harsh climate. Ensure that you discover any wiggling or looseness to ensure that you purchase a solid structure that is not only shockproof and waterproof but also fog proof.

Scope’s Focusing Mechanism

The scope’s level of comfort when using hugely depends on its focusing mechanism. Selecting a scope whose focusing mechanism doesn’t suit your style can ruin your shooting and hunting experience.

There are two types of focusing mechanisms. They are the collar style and knob style. As the names suggest, the collar focusing mechanism uses a focusing collar whereas the knob style uses a small knob that is just above the eyepiece. Regardless of the style, the knob should be easy to adjust and neither small nor large.


Scope’s Focusing MechanismThere are four integral features to look into when finding a 3×9 scope. They include the zoom, parallax, reticle, and resolution. For this type of scopes, the standard parallax is around 50 yards. For zoom and resolution, there are two options, which could be either optical or digital.

Optical zoom allows the user to magnify an image without changing its resolution while digital zoom enhances the image but distorts the resolution in the process. Always consider a scope with zoom qualities you can enjoy.

Lastly, it is of immense importance to go for a scope with a high-quality reticle. This ascertains that you get the preferable image of the object being aimed at.

Scope Price

If you are looking for a substantial scope, let the price not be a deal breaker. You should instead focus on quality. Settling for cheap scopes might be convenient until you find out that you will need to buy it repeatedly.

To save your money, avoid purchasing cheap scope as their quality is in doubt. You can easily note cheap models through their fragile construction, too many unnecessary features and poor craftsmanship.

Note that this doesn’t mean that cheap 3×9 scopes are terrible, but it is better to avoid them. With the many brands available in the market, you should be able to find one at an affordable price.

Rifle Scope Brand

Rifle Scope BrandOur top scope choices above, if you have noted, are scopes from different brands. This means that you will be in crossroads selecting the best brand. Well, some of the best 3×9 scope brands to consider include the following;

Nikon – perhaps one of the most popular names in the optical products market, Nikon has been in the field for more than 90 years producing nothing less of top-quality scopes. Nikon scopes perfectly balance high-resolution, sharp images, light transmission and aberration free.

Bushnell – this is yet another reputable name in the riflescopes industry. Unlike other brands, Bushnell releases products that are not only high quality but are also reasonably priced.

Vortex – Vortex scopes are best for both professional and beginner shooters who need to take their hunting skills to the next level. Their scopes offer a wide field of view, well-balanced illumination, durable construction and ultra-clear images. They also offer their products at overly pocket-friendly prices.

Other scope models you can consider include UTG and CVLIFE.

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Our Final Verdict

With all the aforementioned highly reliable, top performing and effective scopes, picking one of the best brands at your disposal shouldn’t be a brainer. Certainly, with such, nothing should stand in your path to making precise shots.

Always remember to pick a scope that suits your needs and experience. This involves checking its construction, performance ratings, additional features and user reviews. This will help you find a long-lasting, great and fairly-priced 3×9 scope.

From the above-mentioned scopes, which one do you think is your favorite? Share with us in the comments section below.

The 5 Best M&P 15-22 Scopes [Reviewed] – 2019 S&W Review

m&p 15 22 scope

The 5 Best M&P 15-22 Scopes When you buy a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 22 rifle, it usually comes along with a folding telescopic sight that helps you aim. However, any rifle user will agree that a scope is very helpful in improving your target acquisition.

A scope is an optical sighting device equipped with a graphical image pattern mounted in an optical system appropriately positioned to give better aiming points.

A scope is therefore a very indispensable item for rifle users. That said, you may require the best scope to make the most of your M&P 15 22. While there are a variety of scopes on the market, the quest to find the best scope on the market can hang tough for most people.

This guideline outlines some great solid scopes that will help your M&P 15 22 reach out and touch something. You should find an easy time to pick any of the 5 scopes on this list as they are the best 5 scopes on the market at the moment.

Our 5 Best M&P 15-22 Scopes

Product Image
Maxpedition Octa Versipack
14.1 ounces
1000 Denier-Coated Nylon
DTOM Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Fanny Pack
9.6 ounces
1000 Denier-Coated Nylon
DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack
8.8 ounces
1000 Denier-Coated Nylon
5.11 Select Carry Pistol Pouch
10.4 ounces
1050 Denier Nylon
Blackhawk Fanny Pack with Holster and Retention Belt Loops Nylon
32 ounces
1000 Denier-Coated Nylon

1. Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-22 BDC Rimfire Reticle Riflescope – Best Design

Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-22 is made from high-quality aluminium with an anodized finish. The model is 11.3 inches in length and weighs 19.6 ounces. The scope allows quick target acquisition by the ability of its eyepiece   to focus faster

The scope has been finished with O-ring seals that prevent water penetration. Being waterproof helps in preventing other liquid elements to penetrate your scope. Furthermore, the scope is purged with nitrogen, which further prevents buildup of fog on your scope.

The scope has magnification lenses of 2x to 7x. Both magnifications have a 100-yards field of view each magnification lens having 50 feet and 17 feet height view respectively.

Additionally, the Bullet Drop Compensating reticle, which helps you shoot more accurately. The scope also has an eye relief (3.7inches). The side-focus with parallax adjustment makes it easy to focus precisely.


  • High quality construction
  • Great lenses
  • Bullet drop compensation
  • Generous eye relief
  • Accurate and quick adjustment



  • Quite Heavy

2. Barska 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope – Most Affordable

Barska 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope is an outstanding companion to M&P 15-22. It is compact, lightweight and very easy to use. The optic weighs 11.5 ounces and is only 1 foot long. The scope uses a standard power magnification of 3 to 9, which is an excellent range for any rifle scope.

The optic comes with mounting rings and lens covers ready to go. The Plinker is perfect for a hunting small game or casual competitions. It provides a clear picture and it’s easy to zero. Having a click value of 0.25inches at 100 yards, its turrets are surprisingly small, but adjustments help the shooter focus with precision.

The scope is not only waterproof but also shockproof. Being waterproof makes it free from fog, water among other liquid elements. The Plinker may be little but it can keep going and going.


  • Very affordable
  • Very durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a mounting ring, lens cloth and lens cover



  • Somehow unreliable performance
  • Poor scope ring

3. Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO) Sight – Unlimited Eye Relief Provider

If you plan to do target shooting, then Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO) Sight Scope should be your choice. The reason is, it has 2 MOA red dots which provides high visibility at night, therefore good for shooting activities that need night vision.

The scope is easy to use and operate once you take it out of the box. You will mount your scope on your rifle with ease.

The scope is made from aluminium alloys, which are durable and completely water proof. Furthermore, the scope has a minimal glare due to the semi-matte finish.

The scope measures 120mm in length and 22mm wide. The lenses are coated with multiple layers of anti-reflection materials, which give you a clear image. Apart from that, the sight provides unlimited eye relief to the user.


  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Lengthy battery life
  • Reliable performance
  • Crisp and sharp reticle



  • Expensive
  • No night visions

4. Slightmark Ultra Shot Pro Spec Sight NV QD – Best for Night Vision

Slightmark Ultra shot Pro Spec Sight NV QD has a great night vision. It has 4 reticle patterns that allows you to adjust the visibility of the laser red dot with the available light conditions.

The Slightmark allows easy detachment to you rifle and you do not have to worry about screws. This makes the scope easy to use and set up. With an internal lock system, the scope is easy to zero it when in use.

The scope is well constructed with a waterproof finish that can resist water and shock. This keeps the scope more durable and you will not worry about water or shocks while in your shooting activities.


  • Visible red dot
  • Quick detach mounting system
  • Great night vision setting
  • Durable



  • Fog can penetrate through it
  • Heavy
  • Poor quality control

5. Nicon P-Rimfire BDC 150 Rifle Scope –Long Distance Scope

Nicon P-Rimfire BDC 150 Rifle Scope is made from a combination of alloy materials and polymer. The materials are sturdy enough to keep the scope from heavy impact and recoil during shooting escapades. The scope has a minimized glare with its matte finish.

The rifle scope is waterproof and fog proof. That makes it suitable for outdoor activities like your shooting trips. The lens of the Nicon P-Rimfire BDC is coated with non-reflective layers, which creates clear images.

It comes with a BDC 150 reticle, which provides accurate target acquisition from lengthy distances. It has a magnifying lens of 2x and another at 7x with an eye relief of 3.8 inches. The scope measures 32mm with a diameter of 1 inch.


  • Generous eye relief
  • Sharp images
  • Minimal glare due to matte finish
  • Fog and water proof



  • Flimsy
  • Unable to zero

Factors To Consider When Buying An M&P 15-22 Scope

Factors To Consider When Buying An M&P 15-22 ScopeThere are various factors you will have to consider If you want to buy a scope for your M&P 15 22 rifle. Sometimes finding that perfect scope for your rifle could be difficult, putting in mind that they are so many of them currently on the market. To avoid disappointments the following factors laid down below should give a helping hand.


Structure refers to the construction of your scope. Different scopes available on the market have different structures and are made with different materials. Some scopes are made from polyvinyl material while others are made from metals.

All the scopes made for M&P 15 22 rifle are made from aluminium. The only difference in the construction of  M&P 15 22 scopes is the finishing and the grade of aluminum used.  Some M&P 15 22 scopes are made from aircraft-grade aluminium, others from alloys of polymer and aluminium.

Putting in mind, the M&P 15 22 rifle produces quite a heavy recoil, you need a well-constructed scope to deal with that impact. You will therefore need a scope that is made with high quality materials that can withstand a heavy impact

Apart from reducing the recoil, high quality constructions and materials are shock proof, fog proof and waterproof. This will prevent shock, fog, and water respectively from your scope. That increases durability and you can be certain that the quality of image of your target will remain unaffected even after using your scope for a long time.

Additionally, pick a scope that is lightweight and compact. While your M&P 15 22 rifle is heavy, you may need to get a lighter scope so that you do not experience portability problems while in your shooting adventures.


  M&P 15-22 rifleRead the technical specifications of your scope before you decide to put it in your cart. By understanding the technical specifications, you will have a broad knowledge of the product you will be carrying home.

Field of view – field of view refers to the maximum viewing distance of your scope. Field of view varies from one scope to another. Any  M&P 15-22 rifle owners of the will need a scope with  quite a large field of view.

A bigger field of view will let you view your targets clearly from long distances. This will make your shooting adventures enjoyable compared to smaller field of views. Most M&P 15-22 scopes have a field of view of 100 yards. 100 yards is a good viewing distance for most shooting activities.

Magnification – refers to the ability of magnifying lens of your scope to zoom the images of your target. Magnification varies from one scope to another. A scope of high magnification lenses will be able to zoom the image of your target clearer than lenses with smaller magnification.

Some scopes have a variable magnification while others have a fixed magnification. A fixed magnification is more reliable in terms of precision, accuracy, and adjustments. On the other hand, a variable magnification will provide you with a number of options if you want to shoot from several distances.

Eye Relief – eye relief refers to the distance from rear lens that your eye needs to view a full image of your target. If your eye is outside the distance, you will get a smaller field of view. Eye relief calculations are quite intricate, though in general, high magnifications and large intended field of view creates a short eye relief.

The average eye relief for a fixed-power scope is around 3.5 inches. Some have lower eye relief, some have larger. A short eye relief will leave your eye too close to the scope. This means that the optic could strike your skin around your eye due to the firearm’s recoil force.

You will need a scope that has an average eye relief that will create a field of view that you will require in your shooting experiences.


M&P 15 22 scopesAny gun accessories are prone to unexpected dents and so do M&P 15 22 scopes. You may never know when such incidents will happen. Ensure that you are granted a comprehensive warranty package despite being convinced by the quality of the scope acquired.

Warranty serves to show that the scope is not only high quality but also the manufacturer is 100% positive about it. The advantage of a warranty is that it is easy to replace your M&P 15 22 scope in case of any faults.


Different kinds of M&P 15 22 Scopes are available at the market at different price tags. The price range is brought about by the differences in quality of materials they are made from, the structure and the size of magnifying lenses

Quality always comes at a price. This is to say that, you are going to dig deep into your pockets if you want to buy a high quality M&P 15 22 Scopes. Most Scopes recently developed are of high quality though. The difference in the size of magnifying lenses and quality of the materials they are made from creates a gap between their price tags.

At the end of the day, all you have to get is an affordable M&P 15 22 Scopes that will meet your demands in terms of target acquisition without having to break your bank.

A video review

Our Final Review

If you own an M&P 15 22 rifle you are prompted to get an ideal scope to help you achieve a better view of your target. Achieving a better view of your target will make you aim better with precision and accuracy. With that, you will experience extremely thrilling shooting escapades.

That said, you might need to buy an M&P 15 22 Scope that has better magnifying lenses, a larger field/height of view. Additionally, the scope should be easy to use and light for easy portability while in shooting adventures. You may also need to buy a scope that is affordable, so you will not have to burn a hole in your pocket in the name of buying a scope for your rifle.

By going through this guideline should help you buy an ideal M & P 15 22 Scopes that serves you as you enjoy your shooting sessions.

Which of the 5 M&P 15 22 Scopes do you think is your favorite? Have your say in the comment section below.

The 5 Best Rugers 10/22 Red Dot Sights Reviewed

The 5 Best Rugers 10/22 Red Dot Sights

The 5 Best Rugers 10/22 Red Dot SightsIf not the most popular rifle in America, the Ruger 10/22 is a beloved brand as far as modular firearms on the market are concerned.

Unfortunately, the Ruger has a major downside – the stock 10/22 sights. They don’t work as well as they could.

The Ruger isn’t a long-range firearm, so if you don’t want to go for a full-sized scope, a red dot works well.

A Ruger 10/22 red dot works best when it supplements the rifle and its strengths. Luckily, there are many options to choose from.

This is a review of the top 5 10/22 red dot sights that attain the highest standards and will work great on your Ruger.

Best Ruger 10/22 Sights

SaleBestseller No. 1
HIVIZ RG1022 Ruger 10/22 Front and Rear Combo Pack
  • Fits Ruger 10/22 standard rifles with 18.5 inch barrel, carbine & takedown models
  • LitePipe colors: front: green, Red, White; rear: green and Red
  • Foldable and adjustable for elevation
  • Front and rear sight feature interchangeable LitePipes
  • Bright, reliable target acquisition

1. Vortex Optics SF-BR-503 Strikefire II Red Dot Sight

Vortex Optics SF-BR-503 Strikefire II Red Dot SightWhen it comes to optics, Vortex has quite a few fans. This is why the fact that Vortex Optics SF-BR-503 Strikefire II Red Dot Sight is our top choice maybe doesn’t come as a surprise.

It goes with the Ruger 10/22 perfectly. The lenses have been multi-coated to maximize light transmission and minimize reflection.

The Strikefire II has the same basic design and structure of most Vortex Optics. It is sturdy enough to withstand heavy recoil and impact, while maintaining a compact size and light weight.

The Vortex Optics SF-BR-503 Strikefire features a hard-anodized finish that produces minimal glare, allowing it to be used for tactical shooting. Moreover, it is fog- and waterproof, so you can rest assured that extreme weather will not compromise your performance.

Your lenses will not be affected by outside elements like moisture and dirt because the product is sealed with an O-ring. Moisture won’t penetrate it because it has been purged with nitrogen.

Finally, it provides the ultimate target acquisition capability because of unlimited eye relief.

In terms of illumination, it can be used at night in night-vision compatible mode. You can choose from a total of ten illumination settings apart from these two night-vision ones.

The battery life of this red dot sight is remarkable. It is very long because the red dot sight is designed to maximize sight use.


  • Durable
  • Great design
  • Vivid red dot
  • Reasonable price
  • Weather-resistant
  • Long battery life



  • Complicated to zero in

2. Burris FastFire Red-Dot Reflex Sight with Picatinny Mount

Burris FastFire Red-Dot Reflex Sight with Picatinny MountOur second choice also pairs very well with the Ruger 10/22. The Picatinny Mount option on the Burris FastFire Red-Dot Reflex Sight makes it possible to maintain the sturdy attachment of the red dot sight to your rifle.

Like all other red dot sights we’ve reviewed, this model offers unlimited eye relief and is parallax-free. It is also made of steel and sealed to make sure the sight is not damaged by penetrating moisture.

The structure and design of this red dot sight render it lightweight and compact.

However, it is also easy to operate and mount, which ensures maximum convenience during your use. The sight is also easy to balance and handle to guarantee better and higher shooting speed. What is more, it increases the preciseness of your shots because it allows you to acquire targets faster.


  • Durable construction
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Easy to mount
  • Waterproof
  • Convenient to use



  • Limited brightness setting
  • Limited battery life

3. HOLOSUN HS403G Paralow Micro Red Dot Sight

HOLOSUN HS403G Paralow Micro Red Dot SightThe HOLOSUN HS403G Paralow Micro Red Dot Sight with T1 Mount/High E/W Turret is robust and durable because it is made from aluminum materials with an MAO finish.

This red dot sight can withstand being submerged in water down to a depth of 100 feet. It is equipped with an easily adjustable turret mechanism. It can be adjusted by hand, even if you are wearing gloves.

We were also really impressed by how visible the red dot was. This is because its size is 2 MOA. The red dot remains parallax free when you have found your target, which keeps it crisp and bright. With its long battery life and high quality images, we were very pleased by its performance.

Thanks to the integrated LED technology, the red dot can run on a single battery over 50,000 hours. The battery life is also maximized thanks to integrated auto on/off technology. However, it is still possible to turn it off manually. The battery is easily replaceable due to its accessible casing.


  • Turret can be adjusted easily
  • Red dot is extremely visible
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Lengthy battery life
  • 2 MOA red dot size



  • Hard to mount

Best Red Dot Sights For Ruger 10/22

Product Image
Best Feature
Vortex Optics SF-BR-503 Strikefire
Great design, affordable
Burris FastFire Red-Dot Reflex Sight
Robust, reliable, easy to mount
HOLOSUN HS403G Paralow Micro Red Dot Sight
Waterproof, extremely visible red dot
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25
Unlimited eye relief and field of view
Meosight III
Easy to use, lightweight and durable

4. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight RiflescopeThe fourth item on our list is the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope. This Ruger 10/22 red dot sight is designed with a 3 MOA Dot reticle, making it highly convenient.

Another advantage is that the front lens carries a high-contrast amber coating for better quality of the red dot. Moreover, the lenses also have multiple coatings to protect image quality. In terms of reliability and practicability of this red dot sight, it carries an unlimited view field at 100 yards.

Size and Price

When you take the size and price of the optic into account, Bushnell TRS 25 is deceptively well made. It is extremely durable, designed to last throughout all possible forms of use. It’s the best choice if your Ruger 10/22 is to be used for military duty.

The Bushnell red dot family has grown exponentially in the last few years. The TRS 25 is one of the smaller sized red dots in their selection, while still being very easy to use. The controls are very easy to operate. You have windage and elevation dials that are capped and placed on the back. The big brightness control wheel serves as an on and off switch as well.

In addition to this, the Bushnell also offers a very generous eye relief. Actually, it provides unlimited eye relief. The red dot sight is 2.4 inches long and weighs 3.7 ounces. This is quite beneficial when it comes to the structure. The red dot sight is also fog-proof, waterproof, and shockproof, and designed with a 22 mm exit pupil.

The mounting length of the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope is 1.1 inches. It can be quite tricky to get the best quality if the dot intensity has been set on too high when it comes to the quality of the red dot LED light. This is particularly the case in poorly lit or ambient light conditions.


  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Lightweight
  • Unlimited field of view
  • Water-, shock-, and fog proof



  • Red dot can seem blurry now and then

5. Meosight III

Meosight IIIThe Meosight III utilizes a single lens and is made from tough aircraft grade aluminum. This miniature red dot is very small and uses a semi-square lens, but it is also quite clear.

The red dot is centered at the heart of this lens, which provides a clear and bright picture through a proprietary system consisting of ion assisted multi-coating.

This multi-coating system is called Meobright. It serves to eliminate glare and reflection and guarantees 99.8% light transmission. The sight is also shockproof and waterproof and designed to handle the recoil of rifles far stronger than the 10/22.

Excellent Design

The Meosight III is very robust and well made. It features Meopta’s own proprietary Meoshield coating finish, which protects your sight from external damage very well.

This brand isn’t very well known in the United States. This is unfortunate, as the company makes some of the best rim fire red dots on the market. Meosight III is far from limited to strictly rim fire rifles. It can work with shotguns, handguns, center fire rifles, and many more types of weapons.

Another plus of this red dot sight is that it weighs just 1.29 ounces, complementing the lightweight nature of the Ruger 10/22 beautifully. It features 8 intensity levels. You can choose the most suitable one to replace your Ruger 10/22 sights with an optic that can be used in both bright and dim light.

This red dot sight is designed to be used with both eyes opened. Thus, a red dot is implemented over your actual vision. It is more suitable for beginners because it makes it easier to use in comparison with aligning iron sights.

It’s also very easy to use for a fast aim and therefore makes a great tool for hunting small game, especially small animals like rabbits and squirrels that keep moving.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Lots of adjustment range



  • Expensive

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a 10/22 Red Dot Sight

Purchasing a 10/22 Red Dot SightIn this section, we’ll outline the main factors to take into consideration before buying a 10/22 red dot sight. Although we’ve listed some truly exceptional red dot sights in this review, there are many other similar products on the market that can pair well with your Ruger 10/22.

In case we haven’t featured the model you are looking for, please read on – it is crucial to consider certain factors before buying a Ruger 10/22 red dot sight.

The Reticle

The reticle is just a red dot. However, it can come with a variety of brightness settings. With some red dot sights, you might notice some washout of the dot if you choose one of the higher settings, making the reticle look more like a splash of color and less like a sharp dot. To keep this from happening, check the size of the reticle. This will enable you to see the target better. You might not see it clearly from a distance if the red dot is too small.

We recommend buying a sight with a reasonably sized reticle to hit targets better. The reticle is also important in the efficiency of the weapon and sight. It will help you shoot accurately and give you maximum return on your purchase.


Style and design are the next consideration. There are two choices: a tube style design or an open style design. The latter is a more compact model, while the former is more conventional.


Durability of the red dot sight is another key factor. You would want a model that is able to withstand heavy impact and recoil. Apart from the design, structure and elements of the red dot sight, it should go with your Ruger 10/22 well. What is more, you need to choose a red dot sight that is lightweight and easy to use.


All other things being equal, we’d always recommend a red dot sight that is priced reasonably. However, it is important to keep in mind that the cheapest model might not be able to provide the best returns on your purchase.


Ideally, you’d need a sight with ergonomic controls, because these make the optic easy to use. Multiple mounting options compliment the flexibility of the Ruger. Most red dot sights have a small learning curve to use efficiently.

Video Review

Our Final Review

Thank you for reading our review of the best Ruger 10/22 red dot sights. We hope it will be easier for you to make a decision now. All of the products reviewed here are high-quality and great value for money.

The Ruger 10/22 is a very versatile and capable rifle and the sight you pick for it should emphasize these features. With that in mind, the Vortex Optics SF-BR-503 Strikefire is definitely our favorite option, because it is reliable, versatile, robust, and durable.

Which is your favorite product of the ones reviewed here? Is there another one you like? Please share your answers with us in the comments section below!

The 5 Best Scopes for HMR 17 Rifles (2019 Updated) Review

17 hmr scope

The 5 Best Scopes for HMR 17 RiflesAre you trying to find out which the best scopes for 17 HMR in 2019 are? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got some great choices for you in this review. You will not regret buying one of these.

The 17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire) is a chambered rifle designed as an improvement on the .22. Introduced 18 years ago, the HMR was recognized to have almost the same caliber as the .22 Magnum.

The 17HMR has a higher velocity, flatter trajectory and farther range over the .22 as a rimfire cartridge rifle. Generally, one could say its ballistic performance is better than that of the .22.

As the 17HMR is becoming popular for plinking, hunting varmint, and target shooting now, more and more customers are also seeking for scopes to maximize the HMR rifles’ power and performance.

Top 17 HMR Scopes in 2019

Product Image
Best Feature
Leupold 110827 VX-2 Rimfire RifleTough exterior lenses that are abrasive resistant.
Compatible to all rifles that use 1” scope rings
BSA 3-12X40 Sweet 17 Rifle ScopeMulticoated lenses filter out bright light
Burris Timberline 4.5-14 x 32 RiflescopeFully shockproof, can withstand even the heaviest of recoils
Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Black Matte RiflescopeSmooth selector ring that zooms in and out on targets fast
Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope SpringAdjustment knobs can withstand recoils

1. Leupold 110827 VX-2 Rimfire Rifle

Leupold 110827 VX-2 Rimfire RifleOur top choice is the Leupold for a variety of reasons. Many think it’s great because it is fully waterproof and fog proof. It greatly reduces glares thanks to its blackened lens edges, while diffusing light and giving the shooter a very clear resolution and better contrast on his target.

Leupold is equipped with a Custom Dial System, which makes it possible to quickly dial and set your elevation to various ranges. The shooter can adjust it as needed to match his specific ballistics requirements. The Custom Dial qualities actually offer more room for versatility so you can use it to different calibers and loads and even light and environmental conditions.

The exterior lenses are covered with trademarked DiamondCoat material to make them abrasion resistant and ensure better light transmission so that what you’ll see is a very well defined image of your target. With all these features, we can never really deny that this tool really deserves to be among the best 17HMR scopes.


  • 3:1 zoom ratio
  • ¼ MOA finger click windage and elevation adjustment
  • CDS for adjustment variability
  • Adaptability to different calibers
  • Magnification: 3x – 6x
  • Parallax adjustment from 10 meters
  • Objective Lens: 31-40mm
  • Reticle: Fine Duplex
  • Eye relief: 3.40 inches
  • Lifetime warranty



  • Sometimes parallax can be hard to set

2. BSA 3-12X40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope with Multi-Grain Turret

BSA 3-12X40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope with Multi-Grain TurretOur second choice is this proud member of the BSA family. Like all BSA scopes, the Sweet 17 Rifle Scope uses trajectory compensation technology. It is considered among the best scopes for 17HMR calibers thanks to its quick change turret system.

It was originally designed for American military snipers and is calibrated for multiple grain weights for different calibers such as the.223, .22LR, .270, .243, and the .3-06. This scope has an adjustable parallax setting ranging from 10 to infinity. It is loved and appreciated by target shooters and varmint and game hunters alike.

Being waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof, the BSA 3-12×40 is also calibrated to provide an impressive elliptical bullet drop with a range of 100 to 300 yards.  It is filled with nitrogen to ensure weather resistance and features multicoated lenses to enable you to see targets on sharp and clear images irrespective of the lighting condition.

Another thing we love about it is the 4-inch eye relief – it protects the shooter from recoils if they plan on using this scope on a higher caliber rifle.


  • Nitrogen filled, fog-proof, waterproof.
  • 3-12X and 40 mm objective lens.
  • Store light to provide bright images
  • Fast change turret system for various calibers.
  • Parallax setting of 10 to infinity, adjustable
  • Black Matte finish
  • Best suited for 17HMR and .20gr.



  • It can be hard to tighten the magnification ring

3. Burris Timberline 4.5-14 x 32 Riflescope with Ballistic Plex Reticle

Burris Timberline 4.5-14 x 32 Riflescope with Ballistic Plex ReticleThis scope features a standard 32 mm objective and a variable magnification of 4.5 to 14 power. It is a tough basic scope, but can withstand recoil even with muzzleloaders and slug guns’ powerful recoils. It’s a great choice for first-time 17HMR owners with a 5 inches eye relief, ensuring safe distance. It’s robust, tough, and sturdy.

The shooter can maximize clarity for their targets thanks to the multi-coated lens for better light absorption. It is even possible to hunt at dawn or while in deep woods with very little light available. This scope is shockproof and very resilient because of its double spring-tensioned internals.

Thanks to its steel turret, it is resistant to wear and tear and will remain accurate over the long term even if you use it constantly. This Burris scope is light, vibration- and shock resistant, and sturdily built. It also has a lifetime warranty, taking a well-deserved spot among the best scopes for 17 HMR in 2019.


  • Fully tested for reliability and quality
  • Adjustable 4.5x –14x-32mm power and objective
  • Matte black aluminum alloy, very resilient
  • Fog- and waterproof
  • 5-inch eye relief
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High metal turret objective adjustment capability
  • Hi-Lume lenses ensure good illumination



  • Somewhat narrow field of view

4. Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC)

Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC)Nikon (and any buyer) can be proud of this great nitrogen-filled black matte riflescope. The shooter can focus on even the farthest targets with the patented Nikon ballistic reticle. Based on the type of your rifle, you can find instructions on its website regarding the optimal shooting range for its BDC reticle.

Once a user gets some training on setting the various shooting ranges, he is set to become the best game hunter out there. This scope offers a good amount of field view with varying, distinctive magnification from 4x to 12x and with 40 mm lens. Regardless of the dim light or thickness of the fog, its lens will give 98 percent light transmission using its high resolution imaging system.

If there’s too much light in the environment, this scope can also give your eyes a sunshade. Long-range shooters find the Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope to be one of the best scopes for 17 HMR. The scope offers a quick focus eyepiece to keep you from straining your eyes, while the 3.7 inch eye relief protects you from recoil and keeps you safe.


  • 98% light transmission
  • Nitrogen-filled shockproof housing
  • Range of vision: 600 yards
  • O-ring sealed housing
  • Dustproof and fog-proof
  • Tube casing made of polymer and aluminum.
  • ¼ MOA click adjustments with protected seal cap
  • Compact (15 ounces, 14.1 inches long)
  • Parallax setting is set at 100 yards.
  • Can be used on many types of rifles
  • Lifetime warranty



  • Doesn’t perform well at short range

5. Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (Nikoplex)

Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (Nikoplex)Our fifth choice is another Nikon – this time the ProStaff 3-9 x 40. We think it is one of the best because it is packed with features suited for the perfect scope. This Nikon ProStaff scope has a flexible, versatile magnification range, multi-coated lenses that allows 90% light transmission, and is also shockproof and weather resistant.

You probably know that it isn’t safe to have a very short eye relief. This can be very dangerous to your vision. You won’t have to worry about that with this scope – its 3.6 inches eye relief ensures protection from even the heaviest of recoils. Why is it shockproof? Its turret can absorb hard recoils because it has spring loaded adjustment.

The parallax settings are pretty impressive – this scope can intercept a target at even 100 yards. No matter what the weather is like – windy, sunny, or rainy – you aren’t going to have any issues with this Nikon scope. This company makes good on its promises to maintain its good reputation by producing top quality optics, and they deliver such consistently.


  • Multicoated lenses enhance light transmission
  • Bright light is filtered out, no glare
  • Consistently high-resolution images
  • Accurate hand-turn ¼ MOA click adjustments
  • Waterproof, shockproof and fog proof
  • Quick eye adjustment to focus on target
  • 3 to 9x magnification and 40mm objective lens
  • Nikoplex Duplex reticle
  • Nikon USA Full Lifetime warranty
  • Parallax setting: 100 yards



  • Some customers complain about fogging on scopes

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a 17 HMR Scope

In this section, we’ll outline the main factors to take into consideration before buying a 17 HMR scope. There are a lot of scopes today that may not be adequate to the force of the 17 HMR. So if you buy the wrong one, you could end up getting frustrated with both your rifle and your scope. Here’s what to look for.


Ideally, your scope should be shockproof, water resistant and fog proof. Why? It’s not likely to perform well or last long if it is subjected to the effects of harsh environments regularly. It needs to be shockproof to withstand wear and tear during hunting.

Construction and Materials

The best scopes are made of aircraft grade aluminum. A scope should serve the purposes of hunting and targeting, be built to last, and not bend during use.

Lens Quality

We recommend getting a scope with coated lenses for better field view, better light transmission, glare reduction, and protection from abrasion.

Power and Magnification

The scope’s magnification and power are crucial. A 4×32 scope can magnify a distant object up to 4 times its original size, all the while retaining a very clear view. The diameter of its outer lens is 32 mm.

The magnification of the scope is directly proportional to the distance, at which it is able to magnify a target. Likewise, the width of the lens is directly proportional to the size of the field view. In general, a scope with variable objective and power is the best for both short and long distant range shooting.

Reticle Features

Reticles are the cross hairs located at the center of the scope. These provide precise targeting and an accurate direction of the bullet. There are several different types of reticles. These include the Duplex, Ballistic, Mildot, Horus and Tremor. We recommend checking them all out and then deciding which one is best for your needs.

Adjustable Turrets

Turrets are adjustable knobs comprised of the elevation and the windage knobs. You move the crosshair up and down, right and left to estimate the drop and direction of your bullet when shooting at a target that is farther away than 150 yards by adjusting these knobs. A scope with an adjustable turret can be the best choice for long- and low-range shooting with accuracy and precision.

Video Review

Our Final Take

Thank you for reading our review of the best 17 HMR scopes . We hope it will be easier for you to make a decision now. All of the products reviewed here have exceptional features and good qualities, which should be the key considerations when you are choosing a scope for your guns.

All five scopes reviewed here have the qualities of an ideal rifle scope and ensure excellent value for money – and a reliable hunting companion.

We like the Leupold, Nikon, and Burris Timberline scopes because they have good magnification, multicoated protective lenses, good-size eye relief to protect your eyes from recoil, and amazing durability and stability. These scopes can withstand even the heaviest of recoil and can be mounted on almost any weapon, from an air gun to a high caliber rifle.

These brands also have the best lenses, and most of them are quite affordable, particularly the Burris. Which is your favorite scope of the ones reviewed here? Is there another one you like? Please share your answers with us in the comments section below!

Best Mil Dot Scope Under $500: Top 5 Scopes Reviewed

Best Mil Dot Scope Under $500

Best Mil Dot Scope UnderDo you want to upgrade your arsenal but not sure where to start? Well, buying a mil dot scope under 500 dollars is a good way to start upgrading a personal arsenal.

Mil dot reticle is surely one of the most popular types of riflescope reticle among gun enthusiasts. Although those reticles resemble traditional riflescopes, they have one big advantage. Alongside the crosshairs, there are extra dots which serve to improve accuracy by compensating the effect of gravity when the bullets leave the barrel. Not only do mil dot scopes provide consistent precision but are also quite easy to use and set up.

However, you may have a tough time recognizing which ones are truly good choices that won’t break the bank. Keep reading and find the best mil dot rifle scopes under $500. These scopes can meet the most professional shooting requirements and satisfy keenest hunters.

Top 5 Mil Dot Scopes Under $500

Product Image
Product Name
Objective lens (mm)
Hawke Sidewinder TAC 30 Mildot Riflescope
Vortex Optics Viper Mil Dot Reticle
Leupold 115390 Mark AR MOD 1 Riflescope
3 – 9x
Nikon PROSTAFF 5 Mildot Riflescope
3.5 – 14x
Bushnell Tactical Rifle Scope

It appears that the market is crowded by riflescopes of all sorts these days. With hundreds of riflescopes that use mil-dot reticles, it’s not easy to decide which one to select. That’s why we have set apart top 5 models under $500 that are proven to be the best deals.

5 Best Mil Dot Scopes Under $500

1. Hawke Sidewinder TAC 30 6.5-20X42 Mildot Riflescope

Hawke Sidewinder TAC 30 6.5-20X42 Mildot RiflescopeWith a 42-millimeter objective lens and magnification from 6.5-20 power, the Hawke Sidewinder is a truly compelling choice for every hunter and shooter. It is particularly suited and powerful for long-range shooting.

By utilizing a precise mil-dot reticle, the scope enables simple holdovers for long-range spot windage and corrections. This glass-etched mil-dot reticle features 5 brightness levels as well as two options for green or red illumination. However, the reticle itself doesn’t require illumination at all.

The Hawke Sidewinder is fitted with lateral parallax adjustment that allows for fast range transitions and easy focusing. There are adjustable fingertip turrets beside the parallax knob for both windage and elevation.

Thanks to the fully multicoated optics, the light transmission is really exceptional while the lens is protected from any light scratches and abrasions. Besides, the optic is also completely shockproof, waterproof, and free of fog. Excessive recoil doesn’t impact the optic since the Hawke Sidewinder is rated for any rifle. During recoil, the inner coil erector of optic holds up the internals for the optimal results.

This amazing scope under $500 contains a magnification ring which highlights a ring equipped with small indents and serrations for controlled rotation and secure grip. It comes with a solid carrying case and sunshade for safe storage.

Key features:

  • 42 mm objective lens
  • 5-20x magnification
  • Illuminated green/red reticle
  • Side focus parallax control
  • Fully multicoated 30mm optical system
  • 1/4 MOA sniper style turrets
  • Nitrogen-filled
  • Shockproof and waterproof
  • 5″ eye relief
  • 3″ long
  • Weight: 27.5 oz.


2. Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20×50 PA Mil Dot Reticle

Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20x50 PA Mil Dot ReticleThe Vortex is certainly one of the most popular brands in the optics world. The Vortex Optics Viper mil dot reticle is a good confirmation of this statement. With a 6.5-20x power optic and included mil-dot reticle, this unit provides shooters with an extremely useful option. It is especially suitable for shooters seeking a scope for windage adjustments and long-range shots.

A big objective lens lets you mount the optic with either medium or low-profile scope rings on most weapons. This 50mm lens is mated to the fully multi-coated glass, allowing impressive 95% light transmission. Note that the scope utilizes a high-density premium glass for the extraordinary clarity.

This weatherproof scope has a 30-millimeter one-piece solid construction for excellent alignment capabilities and high durability. It’s also filled with Argon gas and sealed with O-rings to get rid of the fog buildup.

The Vortex Viper is a well-made and well-designed scope that is meant to provide smooth adjustments for shooters on the move. It’s ideal for long range and tactical target/hunting shooting.

Key features:

  • 50 mm objective lens
  • 5-20x magnification
  • Capped reset turrets
  • One-piece 30mm tube
  • Precision Glide erector system
  • Easy to use parallax adjustments
  • Waterproof and fogproof
  • 4″ long
  • Weight: 21.6 oz.

3. Leupold 115390 Mark AR MOD 1 Riflescope with Mil Dot Reticle

Leupold 115390 Mark AR MOD 1 Riflescope with Mil Dot ReticleLeupold is a world-renowned brand that has been around in the optics and lenses industry since 1907. It is synonymous with high-quality optics around the world. The Mark AR MOD 1 multi dot scope is one of the company’s masterpieces that has just continued the famous tradition.

This mil dot scope is capable of scoping out both long-range and close-up targets. Considering magnification between 3 and 9 power as well as a large 40mm lens, it comes as no surprise. It comes with anodized aluminum housing for a reliable and sturdy construction. Such a structure can withstand the shock of the heavies recoils.

The entire unit is waterproof and a coated to reduce reflections while increasing brightness that reaches the eye. The distinctive Multicoat 4 coating system yields a superb clarity and better image quality. In fact, the scope uses a gas blend of Krypton and Argon which doesn’t only ensure waterproofing features but also diminish the impact of thermal shock.

A single-piece aluminum tube is another thumbs up for this multi-dot scope. This single-piece design enhances the shooting capability and accuracy of the riflescope. That feature makes the scope perfect for shooting long-range targets at more than 10 yards.

Despite the fact that there are more expensive higher-end riflescopes for sale with all the bells and whistles, Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 is a decent scope that will not let you down for sure. Although this versatile riflescope is compatible with a lot of calibers, you may change the turret (for an extra charge) and make it even more versatile.

Key features:

  • 40 mm objective lens
  • 3-9x magnification
  • 1-inch one-piece tube
  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • Clear sight picture
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Unique Multicoat 4 coating system
  • Second generation argon/krypton waterproofing
  • 6″ long
  • Weight: 12.4 oz.

4. Nikon PROSTAFF 5 Mildot Riflescope

Nikon PROSTAFF 5 Mildot RiflescopeTo ensure every hunter and shooter is satisfied, the Nikon Prostaff 5 scope has been created with a few technology updates. With an abundance of good features, compelling accuracy, and easy adjustments, this Nikon product is considered one of the best multi-dot scopes in this price range.

All the included features make this powerful mid-level riflescope easy to zoom (from 3.5 to 14x) and zero in no time. This great budget riflescope features an impeccable eye relief along with a bright, clear image on different power settings and from any distances.

Another great feature of this product is a quick focus eyepiece. Combined with the big 40mm objective lens, it lets you immediately bring the mildot reticle into focus. There are also fully multi-coated optics for light transmission and optimal brightness.

Although there’s no anti-fog technology included, it is not prone to fog up in heavy usage at all. You won’t miss much when picking this product over costly high-end scopes, as you’ll just sacrifice an insignificant amount of clearness while still getting a high accuracy for both short and long-range shooting. That makes the Nikon PROSTAFF 5 a good riflescope for the money.

Key features:

  • 40 mm objective lens
  • 5-14x magnification
  • Spring-loaded zero-reset turrets
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Hand-turn elevation adjustments
  • A quick focus eyepiece
  • Wide field of view
  • 6″ long
  • Weight: 17.2 oz.

5. Bushnell Tactical 10X40 Rifle Scope

Bushnell Tactical 10X40 Rifle ScopeAre you seeking a fixed magnification well-made scope with mil-dot reticle under $500? Look no further than the Bushnell Tactical rifle scope. This product is particularly favorable for accurate target estimation, offering a satisfactory precision up to 10 yards.

The Bushnell riflescope boasts fairly good optical features, including magnification of 10x power, target turrets, and a clear 40-millimeter lens with a special coating that prevents fog and moisture build up. While providing quick shooting times and great consistency, the fixed 10x magnification comes with a price at close range. The light transmission is also satisfying, and at 100 yards, you can get a wide 11ft field of view.

The Bushnell Tactical rifle scope is all about simple setup and durability. That said, it highlights sturdy build, compact one-piece tube design, and anti-fog weatherproofing technology. That makes it convenient to use in the tough conditions since it can withstand high shock. For high durability and reliability, the unit is purged with argon gas.

Key features:

  • 40 mm objective lens
  • 10x magnification
  • Fixed-power target scope
  • 1-inch body tube
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Target turrets
  • RainGuard anti-fog technology
  • Ultra-wide band coating
  • Argon purged
  • 5″ long
  • Weight: 15.9 oz.

A Video Review Of Mil Dot Scope


What to Consider When Buying a Mil Dot Scope

You should not plunge blindly into the “chaparral” of the mil dot scope market without an idea of where you are going. Instead, strive to clarify what you’re looking for and what factors to take into consideration when shopping. Here are a few important things you will need to bear in mind to narrow down your choices and get the best deals.


No matter what requirements or conditions you face on the field, a mil dot scope is supposed to ensure a remarkable resilience and a long-lasting performance. This applies for both recreational target shooting and military combat. A durable, quality scope is capable of enduring heavy-duty requirements for performance while withstanding the toughest conditions outdoors.

So always look for the rifle scopes that offer top-notch flexibility and durability on the field. Besides, they must be completely waterproof and fog resistant, too. These mil dot scopes are made of high-quality materials and come with tough construction.

Ease of use (Easy adjustment)

The most affordable and best mil-dot rifle scope must ensure ease of operation and user-friendly features. This is particularly true for the scope adjustment. Many today’s scopes use innovative technology that ensures highly responsive windage/elevation adjustment. In addition to simple adjustment, a rifle scope should also be easy to install and deinstall.

Performance / Features

While offering the topmost performance, a mil-dot scope should also be compatible with your weapon as well as other accessories (like the holographic sight) for the best results. The performance of a rifle sight mostly depends on its construction and design.

The advanced technology plays a big role here. It typically includes the following features:

  • Built-in aiming points
  • Superior light transmission
  • Quick focus eyepiece
  • Premium zero locking
  • High magnification
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Glide erector system, etc.

The ultimate goal of each rifle scope is to guarantee high precision, allowing you to acquire your target. That said, make to choose a model that allows for improved precision and fast target acquisition. You can’t go wrong with aforementioned models since they all allow you to hit the farthest targets with ease.


For most customers, budget-friendliness is the first and most important consideration when buying a rifle sight.

But why purchase a mil dot scope under $500 when there are lots of models under $200? More expensive riflescopes offer the light transmission as well as advanced brightness and clarity. That’s why you need to look for a reasonably priced mil dot scope rather than a ridiculously cheap model with substandard features.

Our Final Review for the Best Mil Dot Scope Under $500

You can get an excellent rifle scope that can fill lots of different roles with a budget of $500. Being suitable for both target shooting and long-range hunting, mil dot riflescopes are ideal for hunters and marksmen. Regardless of windage and range, they are proven to be highly effective even in tough conditions.

Hopefully, this article helped you get an idea of what is the best mil-dot rifle scope for your needs.

The 5 Best Scope for 308 Rifles – 2019 Review Guide

The 5 Best Scope for 308 Rifles – 2019 Review Guide

The 5 Best Scope for 308 Rifles – 2019 Review GuideThe 308 Winchester was introduced in the early 1950s. The rifle calibers have become one of the most popularly used riffles by law enforcement agents, in the military, police and also in hunting situations.

It became popular as a result of the ballistic characteristics of its round. It can be used in a variety of hunting or tactical situations because it is a hard-hitting, far flying caliber.

But do you know it can’t get the job done alone? To fully utilize what the .308 Winchester is capable of doing you need the best scope for 308.

Well, we know with the thousands of rifle scopes available in the market, it might be a headache finding the best scope for your best 308 rifle. But you need to worry less because this article is meant just to ease your stress of picking the best 308 scope for you.

We are going to show you the best under $1000 and $500. Also, in case you would not be selecting from our list, we have made available the buyer’s guide you can follow to pick the best for you.

Woo-woo! Without any more delay, let’s check out the list, be our guest.

5 Best Scopes for 308 Under $1000

Product Name
Vortex Viper PST
Sightron SIII
Bushnell Elite Tactical G2
Trijicon TR23 Accupoint
Nikon Buck Master II Rifle Scope
Leopold 115390 Mark AR

1. Vortex Viper PST Rifle Scope

Vortex Viper PST Rifle ScopeThe PST is a powerful optic that put together a variety of functional tactical features in an extensive range platform. The 308 scope makes use of a standard 30mm tube, a common size which is incredible.

This makes finding the right scope easy.  The PST has the ability to cover more than a thousand yard because it offers the power magnification of 6 to 24.

The scope has 50mm objective lens and fully coated lenses. These features ensure that the 24 power magnification boast its clarify.

Depending on the weapon, the 50mm objective lens gives you the opportunity to mount the scope with low or medium mounts. When the scope is lower, it will be more in line with the weapon barrel. In fact, when it comes to sighting in the weapon, it can be your aid.

Additionally, the PST is enriched with an illuminated reticle having ten different positions. It also has an excellent control knob that gives an off switch between each settings of the illumination.

With this feature, you have the chance to put the illumination on your preferred settings without wasting time.

If you are using a rifle that is lighter in weight this scope is for you because it is relatively lightweight and compact. For great rigidity and strength, the Vortex Viper PST is forged with aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum.


  • Illuminated reticle
  • Argon gas purged
  • 30mm tube
  • 50mm objective lens
  • Control knob


  • 6-24 power magnification
  • Weight- 23.0 ounces

2. Sightron SIII

 Sightron SIIIThe clarity of the optics the Sightron SIII provides is brilliant. It is a classic long-range design. It has the ability to place lots of rounds on a target. It has powerful and very large objective lenses of 60mm. Whatever the range may be, you would be getting a great transfer of light at 60mm.

It features fully coated lenses. Great endowment that ensures the reduction of glares and protection of the lenses. Also, it helps to magnify the lights in the surrounding area.

Both the outside and inside of the S111 shows it is a high-end scope. A smooth Matt black finish is found on the outside of the optics, and it spread at the same proportion over the scope.

The scope is protected from any external damage in the environment where it is being used. This is owing to the fairly tough finish. The scope has turrets that are fingertip adjustable. This makes the turrets very smooth to turn and easy to manipulate. When using the scope, the turrets give a response in the form of audible clicks.

The magnification level of this scope begins from 10 powers and can reach about 50 powers. With the kind of magnification it possesses, it is perfect for long range and precise shooting. You will be able to aim small and miss small at 50 powers. What a capable and powerful optics. No wonder it is one of the best scopes for 308 under $1000


  • A magnificent 60mm objective lens which gives an outclass amount of light transmission
  • Seven layers coating
  • Increased level of magnification from ten to fifty power


  • 35mm tube diameter
  • 60mm objective lens
  • 10 to 50x magnification

3. Bushnell Elite Tactical G2

 Bushnell Elite Tactical G2With many years of experience producing, optics Bushnell offers you the Elite Tactical G2 which is embedded with great features. This product is an incredible optic having the power of 6 to 24. It is connected to a 30mm single piece tube. The power it offers makes it perfect for shooting at long range.

One of the things that make it fantastic is the single piece tube it offers. It is because they are surely more accurate and ultimately stronger. When taking that eight-yard shot, precision is the main factor.

For elevation and windage, the Elite Tactical G2 makes use of a mil for reticle for precise holdovers. To make shooting more comfortable and also prevent glare, the scope has a fierce 3″ sunshade. Additionally, it is easy to use the scope with gloves because the G2 features high and wide turrets that are fingertip adjustable.

When you make any adjustments, you will receive a tactile and audible feedback. If you are one of those, who make corrections on the field the adjustable fingertip turrets is essential.

For accurate and easy focusing, the scope features a side focus parallax adjustment. Also, the parallax adjustment gives you the opportunity to rapidly adjust the focus of the scope as the range and magnification increase to your target. All the feature it displays makes it secure a place in the best scope for 308 under $1000.


  • It is covered with lifetime warranty
  • Lenses that are fully multi-coated having new ultra wide band coating which increases brightness
  • Complete rainguard HD lens coating which hinders moisture and external forging.
  • 1/10 mil Target turrets that are Zero resettable and finger adjustable


  • 30mm tube diameter
  • 50mm objective lens
  • 6 to 24x magnification

4. Trijicon TR23 Accupoint

Trijicon TR23 AccupointTrijicon is a brand that is known for their close range optics, but they deliver the TR23 Accupoint which is a long range optic. The product features a 50mm objective lens and 5 to 20 power.

The scope is greatly tough, and it is built with combat in mind. The TR23 Accupoint is waterproof and shockproof. It is improved to avert the buildup of fog.

This product makes use of an illuminated reticle and cleaves with Trijicon illuminated technology which is battery free. The fiber optic technology adjusts automatically to the optics environment brightness. In a situation where a shooter has no or little light, a tritium phosphor lamp will be available to illuminate the reticle.

As you zoom, the reticle remains the same because it is in the second focal plane. So if you are using higher magnification at higher ranges, you would have an ultimate precise aiming point.

If you want a tactical optics, this product is indeed more than capable of filling the gap. If you are where the game is more active, and the light is lower, the Trijicon TR23 Accupoint is an Excellent optic.


  • Fog and shockproof
  • It is versatile
  • Forged with aircraft grade aluminum which protects it against all element
  • Battery-free illuminated reticle


  • Objective lens: 50mm
  • 5-20 power

5. Nikon Buck Master II Rifle Scope

Nikon Buck Master II Rifle ScopeThe Buck master is a versatile scope which has a maximum magnification of 12x. This Nikon 308 scope makes use of a BDC duplex reticle. Also, for a clear picture and reticle, the buck master II showcases a quick focus eyepiece.

If you are in a lower light environment, this scope can still do what it is good at. For a crisp and clear image, the scope has coated lenses which allow maximum light transmission.

Also, the product has a generous eye relief at 3.7 inches. Furthermore, it features turrets with zero resets and low profile. They are easily adjustable when you are in the field.

The turrets have quarter MOA click adjustment. While lining up a shot, they are easily adjustable. The scope is nitrogen purged, so it is fog proof and waterproof.


  • O-ring –sealed housing and nitrogen-filled
  • Quick-focus eyepiece
  • Zero-reset turret
  • Fully multi-coated optical system


  • Magnification- 4 to 12x
  • Objective lens- 40mm
  • Eye relief- 3.7

The Best Scope for 308 Under $500

Are you on a budget and can’t afford the best scopes for 308 under $1000? Don’t panic; we have are going to show you the best scope for 308 under $500. Even though it might not be as expensive as the others, the product below has great features that ensure that you get the job done. Remember, high cost does not always mean high quality.

Now, let’s take a ride together!

Leopold 115390 Mark AR

Leopold 115390 Mark ARThe Leopold Mark AR features a mil-dot reticle for better precision. The eye relief of the scope is between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 inches which give makes it comfortable for you to shoot.

The product is fog proof and waterproof owing to the nitrogen and argon it tubes is purged with. It can survive the temperature of the environment whether warm or cold.

Additionally, the scope has a three to nine power magnification. It also features a large 40mm objective lens. You can adjust the mil-dot reticle and multi-coated lenses both vertically and horizontally. This ensures you get a clear image when you look through the scope. Indeed, it is the best Leupold scope for 308 you can see around.


  • Nitrogen and argon purged tube
  • Anodized Aluminum housing
  • Mill dot reticle with vertical and horizontal scadia
  • Multi-coat four which increases the amount of light that reaches your eye


  • magnification is 3-9x power
  • 40mm objective lens
  • 1-inch main tube

A video review of best scope for 308 rifle

What Should You Look For In a 308 Scope? 

Since we have lots of scopes available in the market, you would need to pick the best one for you. There are some few things you need to consider when making a decision on the one to purchase. If you take the factors serious and into consideration, then you would sure get the best scope for your 308 rifles.


For any scope, you purchase durability will obviously be a big plus. The scope should be rugged and be ready to adapt to any condition. Go for a scope having a solid and sealed tube. Also ensure the scope is fog resistant, scratch resistant, shock resistant and water resistant. Make sure the scope is forged with durable materials.


This is one of the important factors you need to consider. You should be able to get a clear image of your view with long-range magnification, whether the light is bright or low.


Normally, the .308 is designed for long-range shots. This means the perfect purchase would be a scope designed for more than 300 yards shots. Distance and high magnification clarify works hand in hand. If the scope can cover a long distance and do not have excellent clarity, then you might be making a wrong purchase.

Ease of use

Everything about the scope you are going for should be easy to use. Ensure your the magnification of your scope is easy to increase or decrease. Once you have fired a few rounds of shot, you should not have to sight the magnification again. Also, make sure you have a comfortable eye relief and clear reticle. If there are right, you will not experience a headache using your scope.

Additionally, the dial should be easily adjustable and read. Also, ensure you go for a scope with a large diameter. You would be able to have a larger field of view.


Like I previously said, there are lots of scopes in the market. But do you think they have the same price tag? No! They all vary in cost. No one knows your budget more than you do. You should work towards purchasing a scope for 308 that perfectly fits your budget.

If I am to advise you, I will encourage you to go for a high-quality scope. Though, the general belief of people is that very high-quality product has a greater price tag. This is not always right in some cases. Just do your research while sticking your budget range, you would find the best for you.

Our Verdict for the Best Scope For 308 Rifles

There you have it the best scope for 308 under $1000 and $500. All the scopes mentioned above are high-quality scopes waiting for you to explore them. You would not be making a mistake by picking any of the scopes mentioned above. Anyone you pick would serve you well for a long time.

Always remember the factors you need to consider when deciding on which one to pick and you will not have a problem selecting the best scope for you.

Yes! We have made our selection, and we are ready to pass the baton to you. Do you think we have omitted something? Have we been able to help you?  We are waiting to hear from you. Use our comment box!

5 Best Long Range Scopes Under $1,000 – Top Reviews!

5 Best Long Range Scopes Under $1,000

5 Best Long Range Scopes Under $1,000Whether you use your rifle for just the occasional weekend hunting trip or for more demanding tasks such as defending your land from intruders, it certainly helps if you can see long-range to pick up shots at a distance.

To do this, you of course need a really durable and well-built long range scope to mount to your rifle. It needs to easy to manage, have solid adjustments and keep its zero even with heavy jolting.

You have many options when it comes to long range rifle scopes. And the reality is that in the world of optics, you will most certainly get what you pay for, so doing your research is important if you want to make a good investment on a scope that will last you for years to come.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into this list, shall we?

5 Best Long Range Scopes For Under $1000

Product Name
Bushnell Elite Tactical Hunter 3-12x 44mm
Burris XTR II 3-15x 50mm
G-Shock Rangeman Master of G Series Stylish Watch
Vortex Viper PST 6-24x 50mm FFP Riflescope
Weaver 4-20x 50mm
SWFA SS 3-15x 42mm Tactical Rifle Scope
Bushnell Elite Tactical LRS 10x40mm

Bushnell Elite Tactical Hunter 3-12x 44mm

Bushnell Elite Tactical Hunter 3-12x 44mmDesigned with the purpose of long range hunting in mind, the Bushnell Elite Tactical Hunter is at the top of the food chain. To be honest here, many hunters and long range shooter will tell you that this scope is just about as close to long range perfection as you can get.

The solid 30mm main tube is sturdy, fairly light and can take some good thrashes and drops. And the reticle on the Elite Tactical Hunter is none other than the G2H reticle. This is a mil-radian based FFP (First Focal Plane) reticle that allows for precise ranging, holdover and easy correction of windage at any of the magnification settings.

The overall low profile and tactical elevation turret of this scope are both on point and very nice. It is, mostly, matted so you won’t ever have trouble with large reflections beaming off of your scope while you are out there hunting. The RainGuard HD coating helps to make sure your scope stays dry and fog free even in the worst conditions, wrapping up this scope nicely.


  • 30mm main tube
  • 44mm objective lens
  • 2 inch sunshade
  • G2H FFP reticle
  • RevLimiter zero stop
  • Side parallax adjustments


  • Weight: 24.4 ounces
  • Overall Length: 13.4″ inches
  • Magnification: 3-12x

Burris XTR II 3-15x 50mm

Burris XTR II 3-15x 50mmAlready a favorite amongst competitive Shooters and tactical operators is the Burris XTR II.

Made with 25% more tube thickness than the original XTR rifle scope, the Burris XTR II, is going to give you more rigidity and stability with such a solid frame. The tube is nitrogen filled to keep down any fogginess that might occur otherwise and helps to further weatherproof this scope.

Equipped with a FFP (First Focal Plane) reticle The Burris XTR II is designed to help you get and keep targets within your field of vision without obstructing too much of your lens. It also features a 5 times zoom that allows for a very wide range of magnification going from 50 yards to infinity. The adjustment knobs for this are comfortable and intuitive. Also incorporated is Zero Click Stop technology. This thing is  perfect for both close range and long range.


  • 30mm main tube
  • Ballistic CQ Mil spec illuminated FFP reticle
  • Zero Click Stop technology
  • Nitrogen filled tube
  • Good for precision shooting as well as competitive shooting


  • Weight: 1.9 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 17.2″ inches
  • Magnification: 1-5x

Vortex Viper PST 6-24x 50mm FFP Riflescope

Vortex Viper PST 6-24x 50mm FFP RiflescopeThe Viper PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) riflescope is considered to be in the same league with top-tier riflescopes. The difference is that you can get the Viper PST for a fraction of the cost usually associated with features this thing packs.

For starters, the main tube is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum as a single piece to help with waterproofness and provides a great deal of strength to this scope. An ArmorTek coating helps protect your scope from scratches, oil and dirt, while the hard anodized black matte finish makes sure that you and your scope stay camouflaged. Everything is purged with Argon to give you a fogproof experience.

The illuminated EBR-1 (Enhanced Battle Reticle) is a FFP (First Focal Plane) reticle and it uses MOA based subtension lines for ranging, holdover and accurate windage corrections.


  • 30mm main tube
  • Argon gas purged lens
  • Illuminated EBR-1 ranging reticle
  • Waterproof and fogproof
  • Side focus
  • ArmorTek coating
  • Anodized black matte finish


  • Weight: 23 ounces
  • Overall Length: 18″ inches
  • Magnification: 6-24x

Weaver 4-20x 50mm

Weaver 4-20x 50mmThe Weaver Tactical Long Range Rifle Scope is one very tough scope. It is designed to be able to be dropped, thrashed around and be used in pretty much any environment…. and keep on going.

The scope features tactical reset to zero turrets, side focus parallax adjustment jobs, and multi-coated lenses that are crisp and clear. On top of these features, it also comes with FFP reticles that are extremely unobtrusive to your field of view and aid you in precise ranging.

Oh, and the windage correction with this scope? Yep, it is on point and on par with anything else you will find on the market.

Just like the rest of the scopes on our list, all of this is finished off with a black matte coat that keeps light from reflected off of your scope and keeps you and your scope camouflaged , even in more open environments.


  • 30mm main tube
  • FFP Mil Dot reticles
  • Side focus parallax adjustment
  • Weather and fogproof
  • Single piece construction


  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 22″ inches
  • Magnification: 4-20x

SWFA SS 3-15x 42mm Tactical Rifle Scope

SWFA SS 3-15x 42mm Tactical Rifle ScopeDon’t let the price tag fool you with this one, it’s actually worth a whole lot more if you ask us.

The SWFA SS 3-15×42 Tactical rifle scope is a high quality scope for those who need something that gets the job done just as well as a $1,000 scope. The main 30mm tube is fitted with strong glass that is clear but not quite what you would call high-definition. The reticle is FFP. This scope goes from 3-15x magnification and the 6m-infinity side knob works really well and can do both audible and tactical clicks to help you make sure you are on point in any situation.

Oh, and as you should come to expect from any quality tactical scope, this is all finished off with a solid black matte coating that will keep you and your scope camouflaged at all times.


  • 30mm main tube
  • Patented mil-quad reticle
  • Side focus (6m-infinity)
  • .10 Mrad turrets
  • Black matted finish


  • Weight: 24 ounces
  • Overall Length: 13.66″ inches
  • Magnification: 3-15x

Best Long Range Scope For Under $500

So now that we’ve looked at the top five long-range scopes for under $1,000 how about we take a look at what you can get for just under $500 in case you’re on a budget?

Bushnell Elite Tactical LRS 10x40mm

Bushnell Elite Tactical LRS 10x40mmThe Elite Tactical 10x40mm long range scope is a steal for the price and comes with a set of features that certainly make it an instant hit for those on a budget.

Boasting a full and solid, Argon purged 1 inch tube, a mil-dot aiming reticle, and the ability to magnify your field of vision up to 10x, the Bushnell Elite Tactical is a keeper.

What really makes this thing shine is the Ultra Wide Band Coating that is used to improve light transmission to help boost the brightness at both dawn and dusk. Couple that with the multi-coated optics and you are assured of consistently crisp and clear views of just about any target within range.

To further help prevent moisture build up and fog in your lens, this scope also uses a proprietary formula known as RainGuard HD. It’s black matte finish makes sure that you and your scope are always camouflaged and not throwing out any reflections that may scare away your target or otherwise give away your position.


  • One inch body tube
  • Argon purged
  • Fixed-power target scope
  • Mil-dot reticle
  • 10x magnification with 40-millimeter objective lens
  • RainGuard HD anti-fog technology
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Black finish


  • Weight: 15.9 ounces
  • Overall Length: 11.5″ inches
  • Magnification: 10x

Things To Look For In A Long Range Scope

When deciding on which scope to buy, there are a few things that you may really want to pay attention to if you want narrow down your options just a bit. If you pay attention to the following specifications, you are sure to find just the right scope for your gun.


When it comes to rifle scopes, weight is probably the single most important factor in helping you decide if it is the right scope for your purposes. If you are doing competitive shooting and need to be a good deal more on the agile side of things, then you, obviously, benefit from a lighter scope.

However, if you are going on a hunting trip this weekend and don’t really need the lightweight build or plan on setting up in a deer blind, then a heavier scope may fit you better.


Your scope is only as good as the lens it is equipped with. Most rifle scopes add some level of optical magnification which means that they allow you to zoom into and view targets that are far away. If you were to use a long range scope with a 9x lens, you would have the ability to view targets at 9 times the size they would appear in your normal range of vision.

While having a scope that can provide you with plenty of magnification power is extremely useful, it’s not really needed. You will find that more often than not, you won’t need more than about 4x-5x magnification for most common applications. And even at that level, you are still dealing with ‘long range’. But if you can afford a tactical long range scope with some more magnification to it, why not?


Things To Look For In A Long Range ScopeWhen I say durability, what I really mean is toughness. Whatever long range scope you decide to buy, make sure that it is actually going to withstand some abuse. A well-built rifle scope should be able to take a beating, some jolting and even a few good drops and still keep itself zeroed.

Besides the sighting issues that can occur with heavy use and abuse of your scope, you also need to be concerned about leaks. Rifle scopes nowadays commonly have lenses that are filled with nitrogen or some other heavy gas such as argon or krypton. The gas acts as a sort of seal that keeps out any moisture from creeping into your lens and creating a foggy view, obstructing your vision through the scope.

To sum it up and get on to our list of the best long range scopes under $1000, just remember these three things and you will be better able to pick out the right a scope to meet your needs:

  • Find a scope that is easy to carry and support. It should not weigh down your barrel but should be stable.
  • Make sure the lens is free of leaks, can handle moderate jolting and bumps, and is either nitrogen or argon.
  • Most importantly, make sure the material and assembly isn’t absolute junk.
A video review of best long range scopes

Our Final Review for the Best Long Range Scopes

In this article you looked at the top long-range scopes for under $1,000 for 2019. We also took a quick look at the best long range scope for under $500.

While not every one of these scopes are new additions for most avid hunters and gun owners, they have been included here as they are either staples of the industry or they are still valid contenders to this day. If they’ve been around for a few years and have still made it on this list, that is a good sign for sure!

When it comes time to make your decision just like with any other piece of tactical gear it’s really all about what you will be utilizing that tool for. We hope that we have outlined our top choices for best long range tactical scopes for 2019 efficiently enough to help you make that decision.

If we have left out any of your favorites or any long range tactical scopes that deserve to have a spot on this list or future articles, please let us know!

The Best Night Vision Scopes Under $500 – 2019 Reviews & Ratings

best night vision scope under 500

Best Night Vision Scope Under $500The night vision scope attachment is an essential rifle tactical piece, necessary when hunting, target practicing, or locating targets in low light settings.

A night vision scope adds important capabilities when hunting vermin like raccoons or hogs. Military personnel lives rely on optical accuracy when working in low or no light conditions.

The night vision technology helps locate a target with the best accuracy possible.

In our review of the best night vision scope under $500, we offer advice on what to look for when buying a night vision scope. You’ll find details about pricing and the various brands and technologies available.

Before buying a scope, a word of caution, check your local laws. Some countries, like Germany, don’t allow night vision scopes mounted on rifles.

Most states don’t have any or very few laws regulating night scopes. California, however, doesn’t allow rifle mounted night vision scopes.

They also have stricter laws regarding the use of night optics than other states. State laws can change at any time, so it is best to check your local regulations.

The 4 Best Night Vision Scopes

Product Name
Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1
Firefield FF26013WL NVRS
ATN MK390 Guardian Gen 1
Armasight WWZ 4X Gen


Our Top Picks for Best Night Vision Scopes Under $500

Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1 – Best Night Vision Scope for the Money

Best Night Vision Scope for the Money

The high-performance Armasight Orion 5x rifle scope offers mid-range night vision weapon sighting with great target acquisition and aiming capabilities.

This makes the Orion perfect for security personnel, hunters, and sports shooters.

The Orion 5x is one of the top dependable, high-performance weapon scopes available in a Generation 1 category.

A rubberized aluminum body, ruggedly designed, houses Armasight’s top-quality optics and image intensifier tubes.

Each scope features a top wheel focus for improved ergonomics and accuracy. For the budget conscious shooter, the Armasight Orion 5x scope offers the hunter or tactical shooter for improved shooting accuracy in dark conditions.

Best Air Rifle Night Vision ScopeFirefield FF26013WL NVRS Titanium – Best Air Rifle Night Vision Scope

The Firefield NVRS Scope stands out above the rest with its sleek design sporting enhanced optics and a durable titanium body.

The Firefield NVRS has a long mount incorporated into an ergonomic design for comfortable shooting.

The size of the NVRS lets you easily mount the night vision scope to a wide range of rifle types, including styles with a bolt action.

The NVRS delivers a higher resolution and better light gathering capabilities. The NVRS has a 50mm lens with flip-up lens cover over illuminated reticle and multi-coated optics.

Enhanced image brightness and range when used in total darkness from the built-in Pulse infrared illuminator with easy activation. Additional features included with the NVRS is precision elevation and windage adjustment and remote.

Best Night Vision Scope for Hunting

ATN MK390 Guardian Gen 1 – Best Night Vision Scope for Hunting

Extremely rugged yet compact and only weighing 2.9 pounds, the ATN MK390 is a low priced, high-quality Gen 1+ night vision scope.

The red-on-green proprietary reticle system gives the ATN MK350 Guardian amazing accuracy for the price.

The Guardian has elevation and windage ¼-inch at 100-yards adjustment accuracy.

Combine these accuracy features with optimal brightness from the Front Lens System and you have a step above others in its class. With the reticle brightness with push-button operation and a detachable 450 mW Infrared Illuminator, this Gen 1+ is an amazing buy for under $500.

The ATN MK390 mounts on all U.S. 7/8-inch Picatinny or Weaver rail and is a great small and inexpensive night vision scope.

Armasight WWZ 4X Gen 1 – Best Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope

night vision scope attachment The WWZ 4X has a rugged build with an aluminum body housing the image intensifier tube and optics. Improved ergonomics and accuracy comes from the WWZ’s top wheel focus system.

This Armasight is a great solution for hunters or tactical shooters wanting improved shooting accuracy in dark conditions. The Armasight WWZ is a high-performance scope with mid-range night vision sight.

The scope delivers exceptional observation, target acquisition, and aiming capabilities, for sporting, hunting, and security operations. This Gen 1+ scope gives you a top of the line, dependable, high-performance optic sight in the Gen 1 category.

6 Best Night Vision Scopes 2019 Review Video


Buyers Guide – What To Look For

night vision scope reviews Night Scopes are also known as starlight scopes, the night vision scopes originated for tactical military operations during the 1930’s.

Today, technological improvements make the nighttime rifle scopes available for civilian use in hunting and shooting.

During the night vision scope evolution through the years, with the new scope generations classifications, make choosing the right one confusing.

Regardless of which classification you choose, Generations 1, 2, and 3 each have a varying price range. Some Generation 3’s cost up to $10,000. But, you can find a great Generation 1 scope with a 100-yard night time kill shot for under $500.

Determine the Use

Your first decision when considering the best night vision scope is how you plan to use it. If your plans include mounting on an AR-15 and hunting or shooting at targets without the long 100-yard shots, then a Gen 1 is a sufficient scope.

Most nighttime game hunting is illegal, but when hunting vermin or predators, it’s legal in most locations. Across the American South, feral hogs pose a huge problem for farmers, ranchers, and property owners.

With the rising feral population, most states allow the use of night vision optics for hunting them.

For property protection or private security, a night vision scope is invaluable. If your night shooting involves long shots with a .308, you’ll need a high quality, and higher priced Gen 2 or 3 scope.

When you have a limited budget and need to stay under $500, a new Gen 1 is a great starter scope.

Performance Factors of Night Vision Optics

Unlike night vision monocular or binocular, night vision scopes have a design made for target shooting and not just observation.

Generations consist of scales with acceptable baseline standards. When comparing the scales, one Gen 1 scope can have an extremely different rating than another Gen 1 scope.

Generation Night Vision Rifle Scopes Explained

Generation 1

The Gen 1 night vision scope, the first of the Generation technology, relies on ambient lighting instead of using infrared light sources. The Gen1 light amplification is about 1,000x, but only functions under the moonlight.

While the Gen 1 night scopes are heavier and bulkier than the Gen 2 and 3, they come in on the lower end of the pricing scale, making them a desirable first-time night scope.

Generation 2

A technological advancement from the Gen 1, the Gen 2 night vision scope has many features hunters prefer. With a more advanced image intensifier, the Gen 2 gives brighter images with better quality and stronger reliability. These night vision scopes are brighter with better light intensification than the Gen 1 night vision scopes.

Boasting a 20,000x light amplification, the Gen 2 takes the technology a step further with the Gen 2+. The Gen2+ gives night vision scopes improved resolution and more enhanced optics. The Gen 2 scope and its improved photocathode and microchannel plate technology has a much smaller size than Gen 1 scopes.

The U.S. military supplies NATO allies with the Gen 2 technology. The Soviets copied this technology, making improvements and creating the Gen 2+. Western Europe, Russia, and Belarus still produce top quality Gen 2+ systems today.

Generation 3:

Keeping much of the Gen 2 technology, the Gen 3 night vision scopes use the same MCP (micro-channel plate) but adds a photocathode.

The added feature improves the Gen 3 light amplification and image resolution taking it from 20,000x to between 30,000 and 50,000x. Generation 3 night scopes can operate for 15,000 hours and offer the best light intensification of the Generation technology.

Like the Gen 2, the Gen 3 technology updated to Gen 3+ for the Gen III Omni IV-VII or known as Gen 4 in consumer classification. Exporting the Gen 3 technology outside of the United States is prohibited without permission from the U.S. Department of Defense.

Top Five Performance Factors to Consider


Hunting or tactical use make good optic resolution critically important. If you can’t identify the target with certainty, you better not pull the trigger. Night vision scope resolution has lines per millimeter or LP/MM measurement. The clarity increases as the lines per millimeter increase.

Recognition Range

When choosing a night vision scope, you want a scope with a greater recognition range than a total range. Range amounts cover ranges for starlight only, overcast skies, full moons, and quarter moons.

The amount of ambient light affects the scope capabilities. While you get a 600-yard recognition range during the full moon, you only get a 100-yards under overcast skies.


Regardless of which scope you use, a heavy night vision scope weighs a lot just like a heavy regular optical scope. Both night vision and regular scopes with high magnification have larger and heavier optics.

This makes a lighter optic more desirable for off-hand shooting and brush hunting. Large magnification, heavy optic scopes slow down your speed when moving the rifle.


The more technologically advanced the scope, with specialized devices, electronics, and optics, and the failure potential rises.
If your scope use involves inclement weather, is it waterproof to protect the delicate electronics? If not, hunting on a mist-shrouded night can quickly ruin your new investment if it’s not waterproof. Recoil can also damage sensitive electronics.

Infrared Illuminators or IR

The infrared illuminator lets you shine an infrared light for brighter night vision. Brighter night vision is a necessity when using on nights completely or nearly pitch-black nights. While illuminator range is limited, buying a handheld or attachable illuminator is a good decision.


Check Local Laws Before Purchasing A Scope 

Choosing the right night vision scope isn’t always easy especially when trying to understand what features you might need.

Night vision scopes get defined by their generation of development with pricing going higher with each generation.

Digitally enhanced generations, like the Gen 1+, have a crisper and clearer picture. These higher generations also have a lower weight than the standard generations.

When looking for a scope, you want the best magnification and clearest picture possible for the price. When hunting or using the optical for security, you can’t afford to cut corners for a lower priced scope.

Having the same precision found in scopes used by professional military and law enforcement is nice, but it’s not necessary. Many times, a Gen 1 or Gen 1+ can work for you as well as the higher priced Gen 2 or 3.

Regardless of which scope you choose, always check your local rules governing the ownership and use of night vision scopes. Some states, like California, do not let their residents own any night vision riflescopes for any reason.

Getting caught using a night scope in this state is an infraction punishable by a prison term. The United States government makes it illegal to ship night vision scopes outside the country. You must first get permission from the Federal Department of Defense before shipping to another country.

Night vision optics perform a valuable service for home defense, protecting livestock from predators, and other legitimate uses.

But, before buying, it’s important to take the time and do your homework. Start by reading different reviews like ours, and look at all the features of each scope you consider buying. Each night vision scope and each generation have varying features and functions.