The 5 Best Holsters for Ruger SR9c – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The 5 Best Holsters for Ruger SR9c – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The 5 Best Holsters for Ruger SR9c – Reviews & Buyer’s GuideRuger SR9c is a reliable, compact weapon that you can carry around with you safely to be used in case of emergencies. However, this works only when your pistol is paired with the right holster.

You need to secure your pistol in a holster that fits it perfectly. It should also be easy to carry around. Not only will a secure holster make sure that you can get your weapon in and out quickly, it will also keep your weapon safe. If used properly it can allow you to conceal your Ruger sr9c. Furthermore, it will add a style to the way you carry your weapon.

There are abundant holsters for Ruger SR9c in the market. You can easily find one for your pistol. But, if you are looking for some of the best options available, read our expert recommendations below.

Best Holsters for Ruger SR9c 2019

Product Image
Carry method
Texas heritage IWB Holster
Inside the waistband carry
Very, except while sitting
Vedder Holster LightTuck IWB Kydex gun holster
Inside the waistband carry
Not Leather
Very comfortable
Hidden Hybrid Holster
Inside the waistband carry
And open carry
Not Leather
Very comfortable
Ruger SR9C Laser Max micro 2-R and Micro-2-G Rail mount laser IWB Hybrid Holster
Inside the waistband carry
Leather with suede backing
Very comfortable
Bulky Thus Low Concealment
Ruger SR9c IWB Dual Snaps Holster
Inside the waistband carry
Very comfortable

1. Texas Heritage IWB Holster

Texas Heritage IWB HolsterTexas Heritage IWB Holster is specifically designed to be worn on the inside of the waistband. This is a perfect holster for you if you want to hide your gun against your leg.

Another great thing about this holster is that it is made from the good quality leather. This gives it a great look as well as makes it very durable. This one might be a little too expensive as compared to the other ones in our list but the features in this are worth every penny.

Another design specification for the Texas Heritage IWB Holster is that it can be hooked to your belt. If you don’t want to do that you can always use it with the loops on your pants.

You don’t have to fuss about making sure that it fits you because its height is totally adjustable. The leather body makes sure that it feels good against your skin. The stitching gives it a perfect shape to fit your gun and covers the barrel of the gun perfectly.

Texas Heritage IWB Holster is designed to fit pistols like Ruger sr9c snuggly and it can provide your weapon with the security and concealment it needs.


  • Made of good quality leather
  • Adjustable height
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Can last a long time
  • High concealment of weapon



  • Slightly expensive
  • Not comfortable while sitting

2. Vedder Holster LightTuck IWB Kydex gun Holster

Vedder Holster LightTuck IWB Kydex gun HolsterIf you are not a big fan of IWB holsters then Vedder Holster Light Tuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster is the perfect one for you. This is a very compact holster. Perhaps the most compact when compared to its competitors in a market.

Vedder Holster is not made out of leather but it does not mean that is not a comfortable holster to have. According to many users, Kydex is just as good as the leather and thus a very reasonable alternative.

The built and the stitching of this holster is perfect and fits the Ruger SR9c to the dot.

The Vedder holster LightTuck IWB comes with the cant that is adjustable and can be more up to 30 degrees in both directions. So you can set it according to your preference and carry it around. The holster also has a spring steel clasp that can help in fitting your waistband properly. You can adjust the ride height using the same clasp.

The best part about this holster is that it comes with the lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about buying a new one any time soon.


  • Life time warranty
  • Designed to perfectly fit the Ruger sr9c
  • Very comfortable to carry
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Adjustable height
  • Conceals your weapon well



  • It has an open muzzle

3. Hidden Hybrid Holster

 Hidden Hybrid HolsterThis is yet another holster that is made out of Kydex. Even though this one is made out of Kydex like the last one we mentioned, it is still very different from Vedder Holster LightTuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster.

This one is much bigger and has clips attached to the sides as opposed to the Vedder Holster which had the clips on the holster itself. The Hidden Hybrid Holster is designed to be carried openly but if you want you can always use it as IWB holster.

If you are carrying it openly, that does not mean that the clip on the side won’t let you tuck your shirt in.

The suede backing makes sure that the holster says put and doesn’t move around a lot. Also, the holster also has retention screws that can be adjusted to your needs and requirements.

The adjustable height of the holster makes it one of the best in the market because it makes it more comfortable.

The Hidden Hybrid Holster offers a lot of unique features and is worth investing on.


  • Conceals the weapon well
  • The height can be adjusted
  • High-quality material
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Offers you a choice between IWB and Open carry



  • Open muzzle

4. Ruger SR9c Laser Max micro 2-R and Micro 2-G Rail mount laser Hybrid Holster

 Ruger SR9c Laser Max micro 2-R and Micro 2-G Rail mount laser Hybrid HolsterThis holster is among those few holsters that can fit a gun with a mod. This particular holster is perfect for people who need to fit in a LaserMax along with a gun. With its leather body and suede back it provides the maximum comfort to its users.

There is a polymer stiffener between the leather front of the holster and the suede back. This is done to prevent the weapon from getting damaged by the sweat.

The Ruger Sr9c LaserMax Micro-2 and Micro 2 G Rail Mount Laser IWB Hybrid Holster might be a little heavier than many other holsters but it is very flexible and can fit anybody perfectly. This holster like some of the holsters mentioned earlier has the option to adjust the height of ride, cant, and retention.

Another great thing about this holster is that you don’t need a break-in period. You can just pull it out of the box and use it however you want. This build of this holster is pretty exceptional but the problem is that the size of this holster can be too big.

This might not be a problem in most of the cases but concealing it can be a problem if you are wearing tighter clothes.

With its amazing features and durable design, the Ruger Sr9c LaserMax Micro-2 and Micro 2 G Rail Mount Laser IWB Hybrid Holster can make a great combination with your Ruger sr9c.


  • Can fit the Ruger SR9c gun along with its mount
  • Stylish built
  • Made with high-quality, long-lasting material
  • Ride height and angles can be adjusted
  • Comfortable to carry



  • Can be a bit bulky
  • Difficult to conceal
  • Has an open muzzle

5. Ruger SR9c IWB Dual Snaps Holster

Ruger SR9c IWB Dual Snaps HolsterIf you are partial towards the IWB holsters then this one might be the perfect one for you. The Ruger SR9c IWB holster comes with belt loops about 1.5 inches long that can be snapped on and off whenever you want.

The holster a very trendy and stylish look, with its black body made out of premium leather. This holster is very soft and limber and is a perfect fit for your Ruger SR9c. There is no need for a break-in period with this one.

The belt loops are standard sized and very sturdy. They come with the metal rivets so you don’t have to worry about holster moving around too much.

The angle of carrying of the hostler can be adjusted to your liking but the ride height of holster can’t be changed. However, this does not become a problem in most of the cases.

Not only the Ruger SR9c IWB Dual Snaps Holster has a great built quality, it also has a very compact design which covers the muzzle fully. This holster is almost perfect. All it needs is better adjustment options and bigger belt loops.


  • Hand-crafted with premium leather
  • Durable with excellent stitching
  • Classic design
  • Removable loops
  • Adjustable angles
  • Fits the Ruger sr9C perfectly



  • The ride height cannot be changed

What to consider while buying a Rugar SR9c Holster?

Before you buy a holster for you Rugar SR9c gun there are a couple of things you need to consider. It is best to do a little research before making a purchase. There are many holsters each one made out of different material, having different specifications.

We have made a list of specifications you should look for in your holster. This may help you make a better decision and find the holster that fits your requirements.

Here are some of the things you should look for in a holster before buying them:


The best material for a holster is leather. This is tested and tried material and has proven it to be the best one over course of time. This makes holsters more comfortable and easy to break in.

It can just shift it shape in a way you want, making the holster more comfortable. Although other materials like Kydex also make good holsters, nothing can beat a good leather holster.

Carry method:

Some users like to carry their Rugar SR9c on their back while other like their guns to be around their ankles. You can either put them in your belt or inside your waistbands. The options are limitless. Each carry method has its own list of pros and cons.

However, the most favorable method is the IWB which provides a quicker draw at the time of need. If you are not sure what carry method is good for you, just remember that you can never go wrong with IWB.


If your holster is not comfortable then just throw it out and get a better and more comfortable one. There are some really good holsters that are too bulky and make it hard for you to carry it while sitting.

Others can chafe your skin. So make sure that you buy a holster with a compact design and soft material so that you are comfortable wearing it at all times.


Many people usually are not very comfortable around the gun. So if you want to carry a gun it is better than you conceal it properly so that people around you don’t freak out.

Open carry holsters are very comfortable but they are not great when it comes to hiding your gun. Also, these holsters are not safe in the case of physical confrontation or strenuous activity.

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Our Final Verdict

There are hundreds of holsters available in the market and each one has its own specifications. Not all of them have great quality and amazing features. It is better to do some research before you buy one so that you don’t regret your decision.

According to our list, the Texas Heritage IWB holster is the best one there is because it everything you might need in your holster. It might be a little too expansive as compared to the other holsters but the features you get in return are amazing.

It’s made out of Hermann Oak leather and has a very comfortable IWB carry method. In addition to that, the company has great customer service – very polite and ready to help at all times.

There is a huge variety available in the market. Try on the holsters, and find the one that fits your needs perfectly and is also comfortable to carry..

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