The 5 Best Ruger LCR Holsters of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The 5 Best Ruger LCR Holsters of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The Ruger LCR is a groundbreaking pistol. The lower half of the pistol is made from high quality polymer materials. The weapon is compact, sturdy, and lightweight and this makes it perfect for a concealed carry.

However, all users will need a good holster for if they have to make use of their Ruger LCR well.

An ideal holster will let you draw quickly when necessary while at the same time protecting its body from scrapes and scratches.

If you are going to buy a holster for your Ruger LCR, you will have many options on the market. For that reason, this guide provides you 5 of the best holster for your Ruger LCR pistol.

Additionally, the guide mentions the factors you will need to consider in order to pick the perfect holster for your needs.

Best Ruger LCR Holsters 2019

Product Image
The Galco Speed Holster
Premium Leather
12.8 x 5.7 x 2.8
Galco Ankle Light
Premium Steerhide
1 x 1 x 1
Cardini Leather USA IWB
Cowhide Leather
8x 5 x 2
Bianchi 7 Shadow II Black
Premium Leather
9 x 7.1 x 2.6
DeSantis Intruder Ruger LCR
Kydex Plastic
9 x 7 x 3

1. Galco Speed Paddle Holster – Best Looking Holster

Galco Speed Paddle Holster – Best Looking HolsterThe Galco Speed Holster measures 12.8 x 5.7 x 2.8 inches and is made from a black premium glossy leather saddle that works perfectly with Ruger. The holster’s stitching is exceptional making the whole design look strong enough to protect your gun from the external environment.

The leather is smooth and you can feel it through a simple touch. In addition, the leather can resist dust, moisture, and dirt. The Galco Speed Paddle Holster has a specially designed belt-lock paddle. The paddle lets you remove your holster without having to remove your belt.

The holster is also designed in a way that it covers the trigger of your Ruger fully, so you will not have to worry about firing accidental shots. Additionally, it has a tension screw at the side that will help you tighten the fit of the gun.

In general, the quality of the holster is of high quality as it is thick enough to fit your gun securely. Military, law enforcement, and even ordinary citizens can use it. It is available in both left and right-hand designs.


  • Very long lasting
  • Soft surface that is secure for your gun
  • High quality
  • Very classy



  • Tight fitting requires breaking in
  • You might face a little trouble with balance

2. Galco Ankle Light for Ruger LRC – Lightweight

Galco Ankle Light for Ruger LRC - LightweightThe next holster on our top 5 list is no surprise from Galco again. The Galco Ankle Light carries all hallmarks of attention and quality to the detail the brand is known for.

Unlike the Paddle Saddle Holster, the holster is designed to fit at the ankle. It is very light in weight and you will forget that it is there once you cover it with your pants.

The holster is made from premium steerhide material usually very smooth to ascertain the user that your Ruger LCR is secure. You will need a neoprene brand, which is bought separately to attach it to your ankle. The neoprene band is padded with a sheepskin so you will not need to worry about it chaffing against your skin.

The Galco Ankle has a retention snap that keeps your Ruger LCR secure while at the same time maintaining the draw speed. It is available in both left hand and right-hand draw.


  • Made from high quality materials
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Fits your gun snugly
  • The thumb break retention strap allows you to draw your gun quickly



  • Needs to be broken in
  • It is somehow bulky
  • You might need to buy an extra length calf strap
  • You will have to avoid it if you like wearing fitting pants.

3. Cardini Leather USA IWB Holster Ruger LCR 38 Spl + 2 Inch Barrel – Easy to Draw

 Cardini Leather USA IWB Holster Ruger LCR 38 Spl + 2 Inch Barrel – Easy to DrawCardini Leather USA IWB Holster is crafted from cowhide leather that is comfortable and good-looking. It also has a suede lining on the inside, which protects your gun from scrapes and scratches.

The holster has a quality construction and the stitching is wonderful as well. It fits your Ruger quite well that you will not experience any trouble when sliding the gun in and out of your holster.

It also has plenty of room inside for your Ruger and the front is open to enable you to fit a barrel (usually 2-inch in size). You can carry your Cardini Leather IWB beneath your pants and this makes it easy to conceal. Additionally, it has a metal buckle that you can attach to your belt or waistband. The metal buckle keeps your holster in place as you draw your gun.


  • Fits the Ruger LCR well
  • Has a secure metal buckle
  • Has an IWB carry
  • Decent quality



  • Open muzzle is a concern, as it does not protect the most important part of the gun

4. Bianchi 7 Shadow II Black Ruger LCR Right Hand – Sturdiest

 Bianchi 7 Shadow II Black Ruger LCR Right Hand – SturdiestBianchi 7 Shadow II Black is designed from glossy black premium leather, measures 9 x 7.1 x 2.6 inches. The leather is thick, highly durable and protects your gun in all weather conditions.

The fitting is so tight that your gun will not fall out even when you turned it upside down. Your LCR Ruger plus its trigger will snugly fit into this holster. You will not have to worry about accidental shots.

The construction of the gun makes it one of the sturdiest and thickest ever made. That said, if you do not mind breaking it in, the holster will be an excellent fit for your Ruger. For this reason, the holster needs a significant amount of arm strength to use.


  • Secure open carry
  • Very tight fit
  • High quality premium leather
  • Very sturdy and durable



  • Very tight fit, with no tension screw
  • Requires more arm strength
  • Not suitable for old/weak people

5. DeSantis Intruder Ruger LCR Right Hand Black – Best in Concealment

DeSantis Intruder Ruger LCR Right Hand Black – Best in ConcealmentDeSantis Intruder Ruger LCR holster is the best in terms of concealing your Ruger. The holster snugly fits against your leg and you can wear it comfortably all day long. Made from black gloss black Kydex plastic, the holster is known for not only its flexibility but also durability.

The holster is large, measures 9 x 7 x 3 inches but very light in weight. The holster is also big enough and it covers the trigger for additional security.

The holster is made from premium grade leather and that makes it last more years. Apart from that, the height and the slant holster are easy to adjust and that makes it easy to draw and carry.


  • Great quality flexible Kydex material
  • Polyurethane film finish
  • Full marks on concealment



  • Inflexible at first
  • Hard to put on

Factors to Consider When Buying a Ruger LCR Holster

You will have to consider a number of factors before you finally decide to buy a holster for your Ruger LCR that will meet your demands. Outlined below are some of the things you will need to consider.

Quality of Materials and Craftsmanship

You will have to check and compare the quality of different holsters manufactured by different companies. There is always a difference in the design, innovations, and improvements.

Recent holsters have been made with premium leather materials that are ideal for your Ruger LCR. There is a slight difference in the quality of the leather materials used to make the holsters though.

Pick the most ideal holster made from materials that you are comfortable with. However, note that the materials should be rigid and sturdy enough to protect your gun and prevent the trigger from being depressed when it comes to contact with other objects.


Concealment refers to how your holster is able to hide or conceal your Ruger LCR preventing it from being seen. When using your gun at nefarious levels, concealment is paramount.

A holster with a perfect concealment will allow you to have an element of surprise when you respond to attack. Apart from the element of surprise, concealment will also help you avoid unfortunate and uncomfortable situations.

For instance, some people panic at the sight of a gun and they alert the law enforcement immediately. In such like cases, a perfect concealment will let you hide your gun and avoid such like circumstances.

Therefore, choose a holster that has an ideal concealment for your Ruger LCR.


Drawing is the act of pulling out your gun from your holster. You should be able to draw your handgun quickly and with ease. A lending holster allows you to gain a full grip on your handgun while at the same time letting you release any retention devices.

You will need a straight-line draw stroke when pointing towards your target. The draw stroke should line up your sight on the target as well. That said, draw usually varies from one holster to another. Some holsters are carried in ankle positions, some are carried in cross draws and others at small of the back, and hence the difference in the drawing.

While on the market chose a holster that will make you easily draw your Ruger LCR in urgent situations.


When you plan to buy your holster, always consider its ability to retain your weapon in case of hand-to-hand confrontations. This is because, during your adventures with your gun, you are most likely than not encounter attacks that are up close and may require physical confrontations.

Holsters that have no retention devices and lack proper fit may not retain your gun quite well under strenuous activities. That means your Ruger LCR may be easily dislodged from your holster in these situations.

Choose a holster that has features that makes it highly retainable. This will give you a chance in one-on-one up close confrontations.

Covered Trigger Guard and Safety

When buying a holster, make sure that it is able to cover the trigger guard. You can make sure that no holster materials protrude into the trigger guard as well. Materials that could protrude through the trigger guard might depress the trigger leading to accidental and unintentional shots.

The material of the holster should be rigid and sturdy enough to ensure your trigger is not depressed even when it comes to contact with other objects. This can also help you during strenuous activities.

For instance, when defending yourself from an assailant sometimes you could even fall. If that happens, your Ruger LCR may fire accidentally while it is in the holster especially if your holster is made from weak materials that are not rigid.

Re-Holstering/Re-enforced Throat

The muzzle of the holster should always remain rigid and open when you remove your gun. That helps when re-holstering your gun with one hand. When you are able to draw your gun with one hand, you will be able to use your other hand to do other activities.

For instance, you can administer first aid to yourself or others, escape, use defensive tactics, or even pull someone to safety while at the same time being able to draw your gun. Make sure you get a holster that allows quick one-hand draw and unassisted re-holstering for your Ruger LCR holster


You have to consider the clothes you put on when you want to buy a holster. Most military and law enforcement wear have been customized to allow easy holstering of guns. For the ordinary citizen, you will have to buy a holster that suits your dress code.

For instance, if you like fitting pants, you should avoid buying an ankle holster because it will not fit in well. You will have to go for a different holster that will fit in with your fitting pants.

Additionally, always pick a belt that is suitable for a holster. There have been cases where people buy a perfect Ruger LCR holster and attach it to a belt that is not suitable. The belt should offer enough support when re-holstering, drawing, and carrying your Ruger LCR.

Final Verdict

The best Ruger LCR holsters will not only conceal your gun but also provide an easy and a quick draw for use. You might need to buy a holster that has a covered trigger guard to offer your gun more protection so you may not need to worry about accidental shots.

Additionally, you may need to buy a high quality holster that can retain your weapon in strenuous circumstances and allows you to re-holster using one hand. All these details are very important however much people tend to overlook them.

By going through this article, you should be able to buy a holster for your Ruger LCR that meets your demands.

Which Ruger LCR holsters among the ones mentioned in this list do you think is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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