What to Look For When Choosing Polar Bear Coolers

What to Look For When Choosing Polar Bear Coolers

Soft Polar Bear CoolersNeed something to keep those drinks cool on hot summer days? Look no further than Polar Bear Coolers in this complete buyers guide of what to look for when choosing Polar Bear Coolers.

With a variety of coolers out there, it is important to look at the quality of materials alongside your intentions for use. Choosing a cooler for the beach may look different from a cooler for hiking which is why this guide will help you decide which is the best for you.

All of the products from Polar Bear have the same longevity when it comes to keeping drinks cold, in addition, there is the same durability with all of the products, so with that in mind, all of the pros and cons will be based on usability.

This is why when choosing a cooler you should always choose a Polar Bear Cooler because no matter which you choose you’ll receive a quality product with the best materials and durability.


Different Types of Polar Coolers

Polar Coolers come in three different lines: Nylon, UV, and Waterproof. Nylon coolers are made with double coated nylon which is consumer safe with perishable items. It has luggage grade double hemmed zippers on the outer shell along with an antimicrobial interior lining.

There is room on the side pocket for a monogrammed logo as well. The UV line has UV resistant nylon on the outer shell along with the same features the Nylon line has.

Finally, there is a waterproof line which also has the features of the other two, but is a waterproof shell. None of the coolers sweat or leak ice!

What to Look For When Purchasing a Polar Cooler

When purchasing a cooler, ask yourself what you will be using it for as well as what weight limit you’re willing to manage. If you are going on a one day trip, a smaller cooler would suffice. If it is an extended camping trip, the larger cooler would suit your needs.

A hike through the woods or mountains would mean the backpack would be the best. All of the coolers available are made with the same materials as in luggage grade outer shell, antimicrobial interior lining, heavy-duty and double hemmed zipper, along with a no-sweat exterior.

Another thing to look for is the price. If this is something you’re going to be using often, splurge on the higher-priced one because you’ll get your money’s worth without a doubt. Regardless all of them are great choices.

Product NameBest Feature
6 Pack Soft CoolerLight weight easily transportable
Polar Bear Cooler 48 PackHolds the most
Polar Bear Cooler 12 PackComes in multiple lines- Nylon, UV, and Waterproof
Polar Bear Cooler 24 PackPerfect size and weight
Polar Bear Cooler 18 Back PackBackpack straps

Number 1 has to be Polar Bear Coolers 6 Pack Soft Cooler

This is the smallest of coolers that Polar Bear makes. The reason for its top five spot is the size. Other than it’s small stature it has great durability with the quality materials used.

With the price sitting at a mere $39.00 this is great if you’re looking to spend a few hours out and want something small, lightweight, and easily transportable. It keeps cold for 24 plus hours in 100 degree weather so while this may be just a little guy, he packs a lot of punch.

There is an anti-Microbial FDA Food-Grade TPU double coated nylon liner. It is consumer safe for perishable storage and it’s the most durable and longest-lasting liner ever built into a soft cooler.

The outer shell is made with luggage grade nylon and all seams are double hemmed, which makes this incredibly sturdy and there is a heavy duty zipper which is rust proof.


  • Small-
  • easily transportable


  • doesn’t fit a lot.

Number 2 on the list is the Polar Bear Cooler 48 Pack

Red Polar Bear Cooler

Similar to its little brother, the Polar Bear Cooler 48 Pack is the largest of the Polar Bear Coolers. It is made with the same materials of Nylon, anti-microbial liner, double hemmed, and rust proof zipper.

This monster holds 48 cans or 36 bottles with 20lbs of ice. It’ll stay cold for over 24 hours in 100 degree heat and comes in the Nylon, UV, and Waterproof line. These range from $100- $238 depending on which line you choose.

The waterproof line holds ice for longer so if you’re going on an extended trip that’ll cause you to brave the elements, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to splurge on the largest cooler.

The reason for its number four spot is the size which could be a determining factor for many people. As it stands, it has a 4.5 star review on Amazon, which is no surprise since it is a quality product.


  • holds the most cans and ice May be too large


  • Will get heavy with ice and drinks

Number 3 is Polar Bear Cooler 12 Pack

Here we have the middle child. Exactly like the other products, this pack is made with the same materials and has the same features as the 6 Pack and the 48 Pack, however he only holds 12 cans, 8 bottles, and 5lbs of ice.

There isn’t anything exceptionally special about this one compared to it’s siblings. It still keeps drinks cold for over 24 hours in 100 degree weather, and has a strap for carrying.

This ranges from $60- $106 depending on the line you go with whether Nylon, UV, or Waterproof. It has a 4.4 out of 5 stars so while it’s a great cooler, it isn’t getting it’s work hung on the fridge because there are other coolers that do better.


  • Great size
  • Great Price


  • No real con

Number 4 has to be the Polar Bear Cooler 24 Pack

This hits the number two spot for its size and quality. Not only does Polar Bear have this in the Nylon line, but it also has a UV resistant and Waterproof line in this size as well, along with all of the other durability and quality materials used with the other products.

What makes this a great pack is the availability to place 24 cans and 18 bottles along with 10lbs of ice. This might not be good for those long hikes, but a stationary camping adventure makes piece of equipment necessary.

Instead of spending more money on ice you can purchase more of those drinks you love. The water resistant line keeps ice for 72 plus hours in 100 degree heat which makes the steep cost of $179.95 worth it!


  • Holds a good amount of drinks Pricey


  • Won’t get too heavy

#5 spot is the Polar Bear Cooler 18 Back Pack

The top spot is awarded to the Polar Bear Cooler 18 Can Back Pack. What makes this the number one is not only the amount of cans and ice that can be housed, but the convenience of the back pack straps which are padded along with a padded backrest support.

It sits at a comfortable $100.00 with five color options, which isn’t terrible for the quality you’re receiving. There is both a nylon and UV product with the only difference being the type of hardware used.

Nylon has heavy-duty hardware while the UV line has all-metal hardware. Regardless which you choose, it holds 18 cans or 12 bottles and 7lbs of ice.

All of your beverages will stay icy cold for 24 plus hours in 100-degree heat. The durability, accessibility, and convenience of the straps make this the number one product you could choose especially for days where you’re up and move.


  • BackPack Straps Size
  • The biggest it comes in is 18 cans.


  • No Cons

Soft Polar Bear Are Very Useful

I am sure many people believe a soft cooler review does not belong in a tactical website. However, I found the soft polar bear coolers to be very useful. Therefore I consider them useful for a tactical fan. 

I hope you enjoyed this buyers guide. If you have any comments or concerns, feel free to drop them bellow.


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