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Are you on a budget and looking for an entry-level precision rifle scope? The Nikon Black X1000 scope is suitable for shooting from 50-yards or making 1,000-yards shots. This entry-level scope’s features are comparable to ranges in a higher price class. Let’s dive into the features, specs, pros, and cons. 


DifferentNikon Black X 1000Vortex Viper PST GEN II
Waterproof and fog proofYesYes
Zero Stop FeatureNoYes
Eye Relief 3.6 – 4 inches3.4 inches
Objective Lens Diameter50 mm44 mm
Field of View 27.2 – 6.8 ft/100 yds 41.2 – 8.6 ft/100 yds
Turret Style TacticalYesYes
Parallax Setting50 yds to infinity20 yards to infinity
Length 14.8 inches 14.3 inches
Weight23.3 oz28.1 oz

User’s Opinions on Features   

Product Name
Price Less expensive Average $200 more (at time of this review)
Physical Size BiggerSlightly smaller
Reticle Thicker/dimmer illuminations Thinner/brighter illuminations
Glass sharper and crisperGood but not the best of the two
Has a Sunshade YesNo
Durability More durableCan lose zero after extensive shooting over time
Warranty/customer serviceLifetime warranty / okay customer serviceLifetime/better customer service

Different Configurations Available

The five different configurations, with different magnifications and reticle options, will make it easy to find the scope for your needs. If you like the assistance of an illuminated reticle, there are three options at different magnifications.

If an X-MRAD or an X-MOA reticle is your preference, they have that covered also.  In addition, the 1-4×24 comes with a horseshoe style reticle.  

  • 4-16×50 SF Illuminated X-MRAD Reticle
  • 1-4×24 (with a horseshoe style reticle, complete with drop scale)
  • 4-16×50 SF Non-Illuminated X-MOA Reticle
  • 4-24×50 SF Illuminated X-MRAD Reticle
  • 4-16×50 SF Illuminated X-MOA Reticle

Eye Relief

Nikon Black X1000 's eye reliefThe distance from the ocular lens to the shooter’s eye is called eye relief. The shooter who is shooting high caliber cartridges wants a longer eye relief to protect their eye upon recoil.

The Nikon Black X 1000 has 3.6 inches to 4 inches eye relief, which is decent for high caliber cartridges. Although this may be true, a beginner shooter might find this eye relief a little short.  


Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy makes the Nikon Black X 1000 a lightweight and sturdy scope.  Furthermore, rain and fog are not a problem for this scope with its waterproof and fog proof construction.

You do not have to worry about the glare from sun-rays causing adverse effects to the image quality. The scope has a sunshade to keep this from happening.  

Image Quality

The scope is only as good as its image quality. It is essential to have a crisp image under any light conditions. The lenses on the Black X 1000 are multi-coated, lead, and arsenic-free. The resulting image is bright, clear, and sharp. Consequently, you can rely on a clear view of your target in all light conditions, from hazy to bight.



Nikon Black X1000It is necessary to adjust the parallax for the range of your target. The reticle will change position on the target as you move your head if the parallax is not adjusted correctly.  This will affect tracking.  

The most important feature on a precision scope is tracking. If the tracking is not accurate, the scope is not worth having. You do not have to worry about the Nikon Black X 1000 scopes. They rank with the top scopes on the market for tracking. 

Precision tracking can be adjusted by easy to use turrets. The .10 mil values are well space and easy to view.  In like manner, the clicks themselves make it easy to keep track of your adjustments.  

Nikon Black X 1000 vs. Vortex Viper PST GEN II 

We wanted to see how the Nikon Black X1000 compares to the more expensive Viper PST GEN II scope.  To get an honest comparison, we asked gun enthusiasts that have used both scopes.

We put the results in easy to read charts below.  The first chart represents the general consensus, of the user’s opinions.  The second chart shows a comparison of the specifications for both scopes. 


Excellent Entry Level Scope 

The Nikon Black X 1000 is an excellent entry-level scope, especially if you are on a budget. The dimmer illumination of the reticle and the lack of a zero-stop feature is not a deal-breaker.

The durability, sharp, crisp image, and sunshade, more than makeup for the slight faults, of the Nikon Black X 1000 scope. Compared with the Vortex Viper, PST Gen II customers are reporting the Nikon Black X 100 is more durable and holds zero better under extensive use. The eye relief on the Vortex is shorter, and the objective lens is smaller.

Even though the Vortex Viper PST Gen II has a Zero Stop feature and a slightly wider field of view, are these two features worth an extra $200 in cost? That will be a decision you will have to make.