The 5 Best Marlin Model 60 Scope Mounts – Top Models [Reviewed]

The 5 Best Marlin Model 60 Scope Mounts – Top Models [Reviewed]

The 5 Best Marlin Model 60 Scope Mounts The Marlin Model 60 has for decades been one of the most popular rifles in United States. One of the weak points of this rifle is that, it has small sights and will require a scope more often than not when sighting in.

Without an appropriate scope mount, however your scope will be useless unless you are fond of frustrations. An ideal scope mount should secure steady your scope, with absolutely no movement and with zero play.

The scope mount should fit your Marlin Model 60 well and technically, it is a semi-permanent addition, and if it comes with more lock-down bolts, it will make your mounting work easier.

That said, there are a number of scope mounts available on the market and you ought to choose wisely to get an ideal scope mount for your Marlin Model.

This guide provides you with the best mount scopes available on the market as well as factors to consider when buying.

Our Best Five Marlin Model 60 Scope Mount

Product Image
Set type
Leupold Rifle 2 Piece
Two-Piece Set
Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Accushot Premium
Two-Piece Set
Aircraft Grade Aluminium Alloy
Umarex Lock Down
One-Piece Set
Heat-Treated Aluminium And Steel
The Green Blob Tactical Mount
One-Piece Set
Heat-Treated Aluminium And Steel
UTG 1″/2PCs Med Pro LE Grade Pica tinny QD Rings
Two-Piece Set
Anodized Aluminium, Threaded Steel Inserts

1. Leupold Rifle 2 Piece – Best Marlin Model 60 Scope Mount Overall

Leupold Rifle 2 Piece – Best Marlin Model 60 Scope Mount OverallThe Leupold Rifle is a very special 2-piece scope mount having one-inch piece rings for every one-inch scope. It’s made purely of aircraft grade aluminium thus adding minimal weight to the rifle. It is designed in such a way that it can fit both rifleman scopes as well as other Leupold scopes.

It is positioned higher thus allowing the shooter to easily switch from the Marlin’s sight to the magnified scope with ease. The sturdy materials used in its making allows for a secure fit of the optics and for precision shooting.

The secure fitting of the mounts allows for a great recoil resistance. In addition, its higher mounting allows the shooter to easily shift their eyesight from the scope of the gun to the Marlin Model 60 scope.

It also maintains great consistency and accuracy. This consequently prevents the rifle owner from wasting lots of ammunition on a single target.

Although installing it is time-consuming and tricky all together, this scope mount is definitely a great purchase. The additional height as well as the solid materials used in making it leaves the gun owner feeling assured in his or her purchase.


  • Good recoil reduction
  • Aircraft grade aluminium
  • Keeps scope entirely secure
  • High mounting allowing for dual optics
  • Low cost



  • Takes practice and time to install/uninstall

2. Accushot Premium – Best Security Choice

Accushot Premium – Best Security ChoiceThe Accushot Premium mounts are a two-piece set and just like the Leupold Rifle 2 piece, they are also made from aircraft standard aluminium alloy. This tough and sturdy material has an anodized black matte finish that is visually appealing.

They are meant to fit on the Dovetail scope rails found in almost all Marlin Model 60 scope rails. They come fitted with a stock-pin that secures the optic and the mounts to the scope rails. At the bottom, they have locking screws fitted with Allen wrenches for additional security.

The Accushot Premium stands out from the rest due to its extra security particularly on the rails of the Dovetail scope. The stock-pin and the additional Allen head screws guarantee zero budges nor will the mounts slide or slip on the rail.

If well taken care of, these mounts can last a very long time. For those looking for promising durability as well as a sleek finish then this is the right choice for you. Although they do not fit all Marlin 60 rails, these mounts come equipped with three dissimilar Allen wrenches.


  • Aircraft grade materials
  • Low cost
  • Extra Security on Dovetail rail



  • Used only on lightweight rifles
  • Has many pieces for installation
  • Does not fit on all Marlin Model rifles

3. Umarex Lock Down – Best Versatile Choice

Umarex Lock Down – Best Versatile ChoiceUnlike the Accushot Premium, the Umarex Lock Down mount is a one-piece set made from aircraft grade aluminium. It is equipped with two four-lug screws and two scope rings. The exceptional wraparound rings ensure the scope is fitted well thus removing stress from the optic.

The other good thing about the Umarex Lock Down is that it not only fits the Marlin 60 scopes but also a variety of other .22 rifles. The fact that the wraparound of the Umarex Lock Down removes stress from the scope makes your magnified aim and view very steady.

To some the four lug screws may seem excessive, however, there are no chances of the mount slipping or budging. The reliability of the aluminium material used is questionable thus there are chances that you might have to replace your mount down the road.

For those looking for a scope mount that may be used on other rifles then this would be a good choice. The downfall with this mount is that it is relatively heavy compared to other mounts since it has to coordinate with rifles that have a stronger recoil force.


  • Unique one-piece design
  • Fits multiple 22 rifles
  • Its wraparound rings protect it from wear and tear



  • Heavier compared to other scope mounts
  • Higher cost
  • Lower quality aluminium

4. The Green Blob Tactical Mount – Best Forward-Positioning Scope Mount

The Green Blob Tactical Mount – Best Forward-Positioning Scope MountThis mount has a combat-inspired design and is made from heat-treated aluminium and steel. It has a dark earth colour and not the common black found in most Marlin Model 60 Scope Mounts. When it comes to the Marlin 60, the Green Blob Tactical Mount can easily hold a 1” cope as well as scopes for other models.

This tactical mount has a 2” forward scope allowing for a proper eye position ready combat (PEPR). The two head nuts at the bottom can be easily twisted by hand thus securing the mount on the rifle. It also has six Allen head bolts that hold the scope tightly.

For those rifle owners who might have additional accessories, this mount has a Pica tinny rail dedicated just for that purpose. In addition, its forward-positioned scope is particularly beneficial for rifles that have little room for mounting. This is also useful when you have a scope with a tiny eye relief range.

The aluminium used in making it is not as sturdy when compared to other rifles thus there is a need for replacement over time. This scope mount is also heavier compared to other mounts since it has to coordinate with rifles having a stronger recoil force.


  • Unique one-piece design
  • Fits multiple .22 rifles
  • Its wraparound rings protect it from wear and tear



  • Low-quality aluminium
  • Higher cost
  • Heavier than most scope mounts

5. UTG 1″/2PCs Med Pro LE Grade Pica tinny QD Rings – Best Flexible Scope Mount

 UTG 1″/2PCs Med Pro LE Grade Pica tinny QD Rings – Best Flexible Scope MountThe UTG 1″/2PCs Med Pro LE Grade scope mount comes packed with lots of great features, but best of all, it costs very little compared to the other scope mounts out there.

One of its key features is the internal surfaces of its rings that are lined with a valuable polymer tape for maximum scope protection. In addition, it has strong Pica tiny grooves just above its mounts rings allowing extra QD attachments.

It has a user-friendly and robust ergonomics that allow for quick locking and detachment thus giving the rifle owner tons of flexibility. Despite its cheap price, the Scope is crafted using high quality aircraft-grade alloy rings that are precision-machined.

The manufacturers state that it has gone through extensive testing as well as extreme operations in a bid to ensure it yields the best performance. It also has tight tolerance controls coupled with a repeatable positive locking lever thus allowing for top re-zero performance.


  • Holds zero
  • Affordable
  • Good performance
  • Easy to use
  • Highly adjustable
  • Has a firm attachment to the pica rails



  • Its adjustment screws are prone to loosening up

Factors to Consider When Buying a Marlin Model 60 Scope Mount

When choosing a Marlin Model 60 Scope Mount there are a variety of factors to take into consideration including personal style and the type of rifle you are using in our case it’s the .22. Aside from these, there are other aspects as outlined below:

Types of Riflescope Mounts and RingsTypes of Riflescope Mounts and Rings
Weaver Style Rings

They are considered the commonest scope mounting systems. Weaver rings have a 7/8-inch-wide base with crosswise recoil slots embedded into them. What makes it so popular though is that the scope can easily be removed without having to remove the mount from the gun. This makes it easy to swap between guns.

Pica Tiny Style Mounts

These have an appealing design. When it comes to features, they closely resemble the weaver mount style. However, the difference is in the picketing base slot which is wider than the one on the weaver rings. The Pica tiny style mounts are compatible with most Weaver bases.

Leupold Style Bases

Considered a favourite by many rifle owners the Leupold style bases are the most trouble-free and reliable mounting systems as they are made of sleek and sturdy steel. However, unlike the weaver mounting system, detaching the Leupold system requires a lot of effort.

Dovetail Rings and Bases

Unlike the other mounts, this one allows you to rotate the scope at an angle of 90 degrees. Each ring has a wedge-cut along its base that fits into a groove of the gun. The claws of the dovetail rings attach firmly on the groove of the rifle thus providing a firm grip for a much secure scope connection.


This is another important factor one ought to take into consideration when selecting a Marlin Model 60 scope mount. The scope mount should be in such a way that there is room left for adjustment of the scope ring. With this, you can easily customize a personalized fit.


This is a very important factor since the scope needs to be very close to the barrel but at the same time, it should not touch it. Mounting height is dependent on how big your objective lens is on your scope. Bigger lenses require taller scope rings so as to allow for better optical functionality.


A good Marlin model 60 scope mount should allow swapping between guns with ease. This means that it can easily be removed from one scope and fixed on a different one without the need to re-zeroing it again.


The durability of a scope mount is highly influenced by the type of material used in making it. Therefore, if you do not want to buy a new one every now and then you ought to pay close attention to materials used in making the scope mount.

The common materials that are used in making marlin model 60 scope mounts include aluminium and steel. It’s worth noting that steel is more durable when compared to aluminium.


This is a factor that cuts across all products however a good scope mount is one that does what is supposed to do minus the fancy the fancy features. Go for what fits your budget particularly one that has the features you are looking for.

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Final Verdict

All the alternatives discussed above come with their pros and cons, which might get you a bit confused on what exactly to go for.

You might come across many options when planning to buy a marlin model 60 scope mount. However, what matters most is that you get one that is lightweight and one which matches your mounting system.

In addition, there is no need to spend a lot of money on scope mounts since all that you need is to ensure that you get one that is durable. Also, one that securely fits your scope in place.

Any of the choices above would make for a great choice; however, it is all up to you to select a scope mount that will work well for your rifle and scope.

Which selection suite you best? Please share, we’d like to hear from you.

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