The Lightest ar 15 Handguards of 2019 – Complete Roundup

The Lightest ar 15 Handguards of 2019 – Complete Roundup

Like many other AR 15 users across the world, you must be looking for the Lightest ar 15 Handguards.

The right handguard rail system will not only improve the aesthetics of your gun but also enhance its functionality. In addition to protecting your hand, a handguard will increase the grip area.

This will go a long way in improving your shooting posture and accuracy. However, not all the handguards available today are best suited for AR 15 rifles. To buy the right AR 15 handguard, there are several things you should put into consideration.

As you will learn later in this guide, you will need to consider such aspects as the weight, length, heat resistance and mounting option offered by the product. To make your choice easier, here are reviews of four of the best lightweight AR 15 Handguards in the market.

Best Lightweight AR 15 Handguards 2019

Product Image
Brigand Arms Carbon Fiber Lightweight AR 15 Handguard
3.9 oz
Carbon Fiber
Foxtrot FM-9 Free floating M-Lok Lightweight AR 15 Handguard
Battle Arms M-Lok Lightweight AR-15 Handguard
8.2 oz
Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum
B5 Industries Drop In Mid Length Lightweight AR-15 Handguard
5 oz
Composite material

1. Brigand Arms Carbon Fiber Lightweight AR 15 Handguard – Best Overall

If you have been shopping for the best handguard for your AR 15 rifle, you must have realized that Brigand Arms LLC is one of the leading brands today. In addition to this outstanding reputation, the carbon fiber lightweight AR 15 handguard by this manufacturer also ranks well in terms of usability and performance. To begin with, you will love the variety offered by this product.

In this regard, this handguard is availed in several length choices to suit different guns. This being the case, you will find this product suited for various gas systems, ranging from the rifle to the carbine length systems. Regardless of your preferred length option, you will find the product to be remarkably lightweight.

Well, this is expected as the product is made of carbon fiber. Additionally, the unique construction of this product makes it tough and durable. While the tube of the handguard is made of carbon fiber, it features aluminum caps. This makes the product strong, yet lightweight for whichever application. In a bid to maximize the strength and stiffness of the product, the manufacturer braids the tubes in a lattice from special composite yarns.

Additionally, the product is covered with a protective layer. This protects the handguard from damage by weather elements. These being the case, the product will never splinter, crack or even break. This product has also been proven to offer great heat resistance. This allows it to disperse heat from the gun as soon as it is generated.


  • Strong and lightweight construction
  • Dispenses off heat relatively fast
  • Coated with a protective layer
  • Comparatively easy to install and use
  • Available in several length options
  • Uses a free-float barrel nut mechanism
  • Enhances accuracy of the gun


  • Relatively costly

2. Foxtrot FM-9 Free floating M-Lok Lightweight AR 15 Handguard – Most Affordable AR 15 Handguard

One thing you will love about the Foxtrot FM-9 Free-Floating M-lok Handguard is that it is suited for an array of applications. Owing to its unique ultra-slim construction and outstanding performance features, the product is among the most favorite handguards for AR-15s today. With regards to construction, the product features a mil-spec Picatinny rail, aggressive yet appealing lightening cuts.

You will find the aluminum construction of the product lightweight and strong enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

This is one of the few great handguards that are compatible with an M-Lok mounting platform for accessories. This level of compatibility allows you to get the best performance with your firearm accessories.

Despite being one of the best lightweight handguards in the market today, this model is comparatively affordable. Despite this, it is aesthetically appealing, functional and compatible with a vast array of accessories.


  • Features a strong aluminum construction
  • Relatively affordable
  • Lightweight and strong design
  • Comparatively versatile in application
  • M-Lok accessory compatible
  • Aesthetically appealing


  • None

3. Battle Arms M-Lok Lightweight AR-15 Handguard – The Best Value for Money Lightweight AR 15 Hand guard

If you are looking for the bets blend of design, strength, mounting options for accessories and weight, you should consider buying the Battle arms M-Lok Handguard. As compared to other products within the same price range, this handguard is relatively easy to accessorize. In this regard, the product is designed to support several accessory mounting options.

Many of the users of this product love it for its unique design; an open-skeletal configuration. This being the case, you will definitely find this model very easy to customize to your requirements. Additionally, this design also allows for fast heat dissipation. This being the case, this handguard has been proven to be ideal for rapid firing sessions.

The design of this product features several M-Lok slots. This offers you enough space and positions to mount your accessories. If you are looking forward to mounting several accessories to your gun, this will be the perfect handguard for the task.



  • Made of machined 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Features a strong and durable construction
  • Equipped with several M-Lok Slots
  • Coated in a hard anodized, non-reflective coat
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Relatively easy to ass accessories


  • You may find it too long for some guns

4. FANTO AR-15 AR15 Drop In Mid Length – Fits Round End Cap 

The added weight that is associated with handguards is still a concern for mount AR 15 users today. The B5 Industries Drop-in Mid Length handguard is the closes you can get to a weightless product. Owing to its simple design, the product weighs only five ounces.

In addition to being an affordable lightweight handguard option, the design of the product makes it easier to install and use.  In this regard, the product comes with an illustrative installation manual to make things even easier for you.

Just like most of its users, you will definitely fall for the appealing aesthetics of this unit as well. With regards to functionality, the product has been proven to offer a strong grip. This goes a long way in improving your control of the gun.



  • Allows for easy attachment and removal of accessories
  • Relatively affordable
  • Lightweight and strong construction
  • Made of durable composite material
  • Comparatively easy to install
  • Offers enhanced control


  • The design is not aesthetically appealing

Things You Need to Know Before Buying an AR 15 Handguard

AR 15 HandguardAs you may be aware, the AR 15 is one of the best firearms for hunting and home security. While this is the case, you may need to upgrade several aspects of this guide to improve its accuracy and ease of use.  One of the commonest AR 15 upgrades is a handguard.

Adding the right handguard to your gun is important, but will definitely add some weight to your gun.

Since you do not want your gun to be bulky and heavy, it is advisable to only go for the lightweight AR 15 handguards in the market. At first, this may appear to be a relatively easy choice. However, it is not all that straightforward.

In addition to the weight, there are several other aspects you need to consider before making this choice. Discussed below are some of the main considerations you need to make while shopping for the best lightweight handguards for the AR 15:

1. Weight

Since you are looking for a lightweight option, it is obvious that weight is going to be a key consideration in this choice. Basically, all the available handguards will add some weight to your AR 15. So, by how much will your preferred handguard add to the weight of your gun?

The weight of these components will mainly depend on the materials they are made of. Most of the affordable hand guards for AR 15 are made of steel. While the material is known to be very durable, such products are the heaviest.

Handguards made of aluminum are lighter than steel handguards, but not as light as the polymer and composite based handguards available today. If you are a bench rest shooter, weight should not be a problem. However, you need to go for the lighter products, if you will be carrying your gun along with you from time to time.

2. Mounting Options

Another aspect that will be important in this selection is the type of mounting offered by your preferred handguard. The various products available today offer different mounting options. When choosing the right one, these are the options you should consider:

  • Rings
  • Weaver rails
  • Picatinny rails

While none of these options is superior to the other, each of them has its own benefits as well as downfalls. While trying to find out the right mounting system for your gun, you need to consider the accessories you would like to add to the firearm. For instance, gun accessories that are compatible with weaver rails are also compatible with Picatinny rail.

However, the accessories designed for attachment on Picatinny rails may not be compatible with weaver rails. Handguards with picatinny rails are very durable, but are comparatively heavy weight. As such, the choice of the right mounting option will mainly depend on your individual preferences.

3. Accuracy

Basically, the right handguard will enhance the safety of the gun and allow you to attach mode accessories to the gun. However, there is not point of buying a product that does not improve the accuracy of your AR 15, right? As you may have realized, there are only two main types of AR 15 hand guards available today:

  • Free-floating Handguards
  • Drop-in Handguards

The main difference between these two is that the handguard is not in contact with the barrel in the free-floating handguards. Contrary to these, the drop-in handguards are in contact with the barrel. The fact that the free-floating units are not in contact with the barrel makes them more accurate.

Since they do not touch the barrel, such handguards will not interfere with the various barrel harmonics, such as grip, recoil or bipod. The drop-in handguards, on the other hand, affect barrel harmonics because they are in actual contact with the barrel. This may cause the barrel to bend thus affecting the accuracy of the gun.

This being the case, the best free-floating handguards are comparatively costlier than the drop-in options. The free-floating models are recommended for sniper rifles and for competition applications.

4. Length

This is another thing you need to think about before buying a handguard for your rifle. Basically, your choice of handguard length should be influenced by the length of the gas system on your gun. However, several other factors will also affect your choice. For instance, a longer handguard will offer you a larger grip area.

This is particularly beneficial for users with large hands. A longer handguard will also give you more mounting space for accessories. With a longer handguard, you will also have a larger surface area for cooling.

If you would like to buy a guard that is longer than the gas system on your gun, you should consider buying a free-floating model. This is particularly the case if your gun uses a low-profile gas block.

5. Heat Resistance

Handguards are mainly installed to offer heat resistance for the gun. As such, you need to consider the heat resistance offered by the model you would like to buy. While different models have varying heat resistance, the Free-floating handguards are known to be better, in this regard.

For enhanced cooling and heat resistance, you should go for polymer products as opposed to those made of aluminum. Products with vents will also have better heat resistance and cooling properties. However, metal handguards will be the best choice for prolonged shooting.

Strongest ar 15 Handguard

Handguards are a great addition to your AR 15 rifle. With the right one, you will improve the heat resistance; get a larger grip area and more space for accessories. However, not all the available handguards are suitable for the ARs. As you have learned throughout this guide, this choice requires careful consideration of several aspects.

In addition to the weight, you should also consider the length, heat resistance, accuracy, and mounting options. Regardless of the intended application, this guide will help you choose the best lightweight AR 15 handguard.

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