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Leupold VX-2 review
Leupold VX-2

The Leupold VX-2 is on the cutting edge of shooting technology. It is the ultimate scope for the avid hunter or competition shooter. This provides a shooter with a reliable tool that will stand up no matter the conditions.

In this detailed review, we will look into the top features, durability, and compare it to the popular vortex scopes.  The Leupold VX-2 comes loaded with a variety of features that will maximize the most serious of shooters to consistently hit targets downrange.

Easy To Use Finger Adjustable Click Windage 

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From it’s tactical power indicators and finger-adjustable click windage and elevation dials to the brightness, clarity, and contrast allowing shooters to zero in on targets even in the most low-light conditions.

Besides performing as a top of the line target acquisition system, the VX-2 is completely waterproof making it just as rugged as the most hardened of operators.

A shooter must be able to make quick and accurate adjustments to ever-changing conditions. These adjustments become increasingly more important as a trigger man zeros in on a target at range.

Tactical Power Indicators

Tactical power indicators and easy to use finger-adjustable click windage and elevation dials provide the shooter the ability to adapt to their environment and overcome whatever challenges it presents for them.

Plain and simple, you will not find another scope on the market that will be able to provide a shooter with a better image when identifying a target. The brightness, clarity, and contrast of the Leupold VX-2 allow the shooter to get a clear view of the target in low light situations.


Leupold believes in the durability and reliability of its product so much so that they provide it with a Full Lifetime Guarantee. As stated above the Leupold VX-2 comes with the company’s Full Lifetime Guarantee. Leupold has been a leader in the production of outdoor optics for over 110 years.

If anyone understands the importance of waterproof integrity of an outdoor optic, its Leupold. The VX-2 is certainly no different. This scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and guaranteed for the life of the product itself.

Top Features

  • Index Matched Lens System
  • Diamond Coat
  • CDS Custom Dial System
  • Blackened Lens Edges
  • 3:1 Zoom Ratio
  • ¼ MOA Finger Click
  • One Inch Maintube

Index Matched Lens System

The VX-2 comes equipped with the Leupold exclusive lens system that provides operators with unmatched brightness and an intensely sharp resolution creating a visual field that is the top in the industry.

Diamond Coat

The VX-2 also comes with a diamond coat on its exterior lens surfaces making it resistant to scratches and abrasions. This coating means that shooters will be able to make use of Leupold’s top of the line scope imaging for years.

CDS Custom Dial System

Experienced shooters know that being able to dial in your elevation is pivotal when pulling the trigger. Leupold’s VX-2 comes with a custom dial system that allows operators to not only dial up the elevation but also accounts for variation based on the specific ballistic information.

Blackened Lens Edges

The VX-2 provides shooters with a bright visual field and vivid contrast down range by using blackened lens edges. This process allows more light to reach the eye of the shooter maximizing clarity even in low light conditions.

3:1 Zoom Ratio

The Leupold VX-2’s 3:1 zoom ratio allows operators the versatility necessary to adapt and overcome challenges when zeroing in on a target.

¼ MOA Finger Click

This precise finger click windage and elevation adjuster is both reliable and dependable. The user-friendly nature of this feature allows the shooter the ability to repeatedly make consistent adjustments.

One Inch Main tube

This ultralight maintube allows operators to maintain the lightweight integrity of their gear which can be vital in harsh conditions while still providing Leupold’s industry-leading durability.


Weight: 11.20 oz

Length: 12.60 in

Elevation Adjustment Range: 52 MOA

Windage Adjustment Range: 52 MOA

Mounting Space: 5.6 in

Eyepiece Diameter: 1.6 in

Objective Diameter:1.8 in

 Leupold vs. Vortex

Both Leupold and its top competitor, Vortex provide scopes with the necessary imaging and accuracy for an experienced hunter to use either with great success. Leupold seems to have a slight edge in the quality of the glass itself which may provide it with an ever so slight advantage in clarity.

Both companies claim to be made in the United States of America however Vortex does outsource to other countries like China for example. This may give Leupold a slight market edge over vortex as many shooters prefer Leupold’s made in the USA business model. Many marksmen seem to believe that Leupolds American craftsmanship allows for its products to handle recoil better than Vortex scopes.

Both Vortex and Leupold offer versions of Lifetime guarantees. These guarantees vary in the way they are worded making it somewhat unclear as to which company provides more backing for its products. However, it is clear that both companies do stand by the quality of their products and make assurances to their customers in that regard.

Quality vs. Price

In terms of price, Vortex tends to provide its products as a cheaper alternative to the Leupold line of scopes. Vortex is a much newer company and does not yet have the marketplace credibility that Leupold has been garnering since the end of World War II.

Leupold stands as the standard-bearer in the industry, providing scopes of the highest quality that are made in America. Many marksmen prefer to pay up for this slight edge in quality relying on the brand name recognition that comes with all Leupold products.

Vortex does provide quality products at a somewhat discounted price in comparison to Leupold. For now, however, it seems Leupold remains the atop the rifle scope mountain top.


The Leupold VX-2 is yet another high-quality scope in a long line to top-notch products from the leader in the industry. The VX-2’s imagery, reliability, durability, and user-friendly features make it the top choice for marksmen on the market today.