The 4 Best Deep Concealment Holsters [Reviewed]

Deep Concealment Holsters

Deep Concealment HolstersIf you’re a careful and responsible gun owner, you know that once you’ve purchased your gun, one of the most important follow-up decisions you have to make is what holster you’re going to buy.

This can often be just as complex of a decision as which gun works for you. You have to take into account your personal needs and what’s available.

Because there are so many styles and types of holsters out there which all boast different strengths.

It can be difficult to know exactly what to look for or which holster will suit your lifestyle the best.

But what makes it so important to choose the right holster?

Isn’t it just a container, basically, with your gun being the only really important aspect?

Well, think about everything you’re looking for in your holster besides its basic carrying capacity.

It needs to keep your firearm firmly in place, prevent it from discharging, keep you comfortable, and allow you quick and easy access so you can react in a timely manner to potentially dangerous situations.

There’s a lot of care that needs to go into the design and production of a holster in order for it to reliably do its job.

Knowing what characteristics make a good holster is a great place to start. Do you know what you’re looking for in a deep concealment holster?


Best Deep Concealment Holsters

Product NameWeight
ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster7.2 ounces
Active Pro Gear Shoulder Holster2.2 ounces
LINIXU Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster6.6 ounces
FAT MAN – Large DTOM Denim Possum Pouch8 ounces
Pistol Wear Subcompact2.6 pounds


Our Top Pick: ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed CarryIs your current holster uncomfortable, itchy, or limiting to your movement? Are you looking for a holster with the ability to carry different guns in different circumstances?

Introducing: the Ultimate Belly Band Holster.

Most concealed carry holsters require you to wear a belt, which cuts down on the options you have when getting dressed in the morning.

With the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster, that concern is a thing of the past. Feel comfortable carrying while wearing sweats, gym shorts, looser pants, or even under a dress!

If you spend a lot of time looking through options for concealed carry holsters, you’ll find that many of them use elastic in their materials.

Unfortunately, elastic isn’t always the best option; it can fall apart after continued exposure to moisture and can cause uncomfortable pinching and pulling against your body, irritating your skin and muscles.

That’s why the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster is made with Neoprene.

Neoprene is thicker than other materials, and therefore better able to handle the weight of a gun without pulling down on your body.

It’s soft against the skin and will give you a lot more comfort and support while you’re wearing it, making it easy to wear every day or for long periods of time.


  • Allows freedom of movement
  • Doesn’t require specific kinds of clothes


  • Weighs more than other options
  • Containment pouches are very small

Our 2nd Pick: Active Pro Gear Shoulder Holster  

Active Pro Gear Shoulder Holster  Most people can agree that wearing a shoulder holster for concealed carry is one of the sleekest looks you can go for.

Whether you’re emulating 007 or a classic off-duty police look, shoulder holsters have been around for a long time and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Still, most shoulder holsters require a suit or a jacket to be worn over them if you want to have a concealed weapon.

Thankfully, the Active Pro Gear Shoulder Holster makes this concern a thing of the past.

No suit or jacket required this shoulder holster allows you to conceal your medium to small frame pistols and revolvers underneath your normal shirt, with no printing or evidence on the outside.

So no one will know you’re carrying, but you’ll still have quick access to your firearm.

All stress points on this product are double-stitched so that they can remain intact for longer, and you can get even longer-lasting comfort from your holster.

The open muzzle design means that this shoulder holster can work for a variety of different barrel lengths. Therefore, you have even more options for which weapon you can carry.

If you own multiple weapons and cycle through them on a regular basis, this can take care of all of your concealment needs, saving you time and money!

In order to allow you maximum comfort, the Active Pro Gear Shoulder Holster has not one, but two straps. Thus, allowing for the weight distribution to be more stable across your shoulders and back.

So it almost weightless in its feel. It’s made from premium, lightweight, long-lasting, and breathable elastic!

The one-sided plush finish will allow it to feel comfortable against your skin if you plan on an extended all-day carry. It’s possible that you might even forget you’re carrying, it’s so comfortable!


  • Shoulder holster that doesn’t require a jacket
  • Designed for ideal weight distribution
  • Comfortable enough for extended wear


  • Will not work well with larger weapons

Our 3rd Pick: LINIXU Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster

LINIXU Deep Concealment Shoulder HolsterShoulder holsters, as we mentioned before, are generally considered one of the “coolest” ways to holster your gun.

They generally wrap around your shoulder, but the piece of the holster which actually holds your gun is going to sit right up against your rib cage, on the support side.

The “support side” is a phrase used to refer to your non-dominant hand, or the hand that you don’t shoot with. So if you’re a righty, your support side is on your left, and vice versa.

The LINIXU Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster comes in two varieties, one for each supporting side.

Most of the time, the people who need to wear a shoulder holster are those who wear a jacket; it’s usually a look sported by undercover police officers or off-duty officers.

But a shoulder holster is about a lot more than looking like a tough guy; there are serious drawbacks that the LINIXU manages to avoid with their Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster.

like a design that keeps you comfortable for even long, extended days of wear.

This product is fully adjustable if you need to fit it to your specific size, so you can be sure that you have a snug and reliable fit.

The holster will distribute the weight of your gun across your shoulders and back evenly to reduce the amount of neck and spinal strain.

Additionally, LINIXU has included some extra padding to give you that extra bit of protection and comfort.


  • Designed here in the United States
  • Adjustable fit for any size
  • More comfortable than typical shoulder holsters


  • Can take a long time to size correctly

Our 4th Pick: FAT MAN – Large DTOM Denim Possum Pouch Crotch Carry Holster

Large DTOM Denim Possum Pouch Crotch Carry HolsterFrom the fine folks at Don’t Tread on Me Conceal and Carry Holsters, comes the Fat Man, a truly magnificent crotch carry holster for anyone who’s a larger size and wants to find a way to safely and comfortably holster their firearm.

This Possum Pouch Crotch Carry Holster can fit a waist size between 40 and 44 inches around and was built for larger guns as well.

When you’re wearing the Fat Man Denim Possum Pouch Crotch Carry Holster, you’re protected and your gun is protected.

The quality of materials and construction that DTOM offers with this product is unparalleled.

Between its tough denim, heavy duty double layer belt made from elastic and velcro, the Fat Man strikes a perfect balance between lightweight mobility and long-lasting quality.

This product has a “Duck Back Water Resistant Layer,” so that even on a hot day or one where you’re moving around a lot, body moisture has no way of getting to your weapon.

This deep concealment holster also offers you total freedom of movement without being limited by tugging and pulling against your body, and without letting other people know that you’re carrying.

If you’re an active guy (or an active gal), this is definitely the best route for you.

It is also ambidextrous, designed to be equally useful for left-handed and right-handed people. Seriously, after you try this holster on, you won’t want to leave home without it.


  • High-quality materials
  • Lightweight
  • Protects gun from moisture
  • Good for active people


  • Only fits people of a larger size
  • Works better with larger firearms

Our 5th Pick: Pistol Wear Subcompact-EXT Trump Card Concealment Holster

Pistol Wear Subcompact-EXT Trump Card Concealment HolsterAre you the type of person who likes to have a lot of options? Do your habits or clothing change on a day-to-day basis?

Is versatility important to you in a concealed carry holster? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then the Pistol Wear Subcompact-EXT Trump Card Concealment Holster might be the best bet for you.

This holster boasts the unique ability to be worn as either a waist carry holster or an underarm carry holster, depending on how you choose to wear it that day.

Pistol Wear Holster can be worn easily be men or women, and can easily be switched between the two options if you change your mind about what manner you want to carry your firearm.

It has been shown that this concealment holster is far safer and offers better performance than many of its “belly band” style counterparts, and on top of it, this holster lasts much longer.

This holster may be more expensive than its competitors, but with that higher price, you also get a much higher standard of quality.

One of the unique aspects of this holster is that it offers a stiff outer pouch wall, which eliminates the possibility of printing against your clothes, but remains comfortable while you’re wearing it.

It offers a perspiration barrier to protect your firearm from coming into contact with bodily moisture.

In addition, this holster includes an (optional) support strap that can be used in multiple locations depending on which style will give you the most comfortable fit.


  • Can be worn outside or inside the waistband
  • Adjustable strap and location; can be worn on waist or underarm
  • Made by USA allies, not in China
  • Stiff outer pouch wall reduces the likelihood of printing


  • More expensive than other potential options

Video Review

Holsters Buyers Guide 

Trigger Coverage

The characteristics that should be most important when looking for a holster are safety. You keep a weapon on you for protection, so you don’t want it going off unless you’re in control of the weapon.

Having an uncovered trigger means a heightened risk of accidental firing from the holster. If there’s any danger of an accidental gunshot fired at your hip or under your shoulder, it puts you and those around you in danger.

More and more modern holsters are being designed to cover the trigger when it is worn.  So the only time your firearm goes off is in the exact moment you intend.

Durable Materials

How long do you want to use your holster for? Realistically, probably a long time.

Nobody likes the idea of having to buy a new concealment holster every six months, especially if you plan to get a lot of extended daily wear out of it.

Because of this, it’s important to pay special attention to the materials used.

Some products offer double-stitching at specific stress points, meaning that you get more mobility on a day-to-day basis, and your movement won’t cause your holster to start falling apart.

Reliable Concealment

If you plan to have a concealed weapon, a lot of the holsters available won’t even work for you because they are meant to be worn outside the clothing. Therefore, this ends up making it obvious for everyone around you that you’re carrying a weapon.

Many of them will even say that they are concealed holsters, but will end up printing against your shirt so much that it’s barely concealed at all.

If you take time and carefully choose your firearms, but you skip out on the effort it takes to select a good holster, then you could be setting yourself up for failure.

Quick and Easy Access

If you ever need to use your firearm, you want to be able to access it without issue.

Finding a holster that is positioned to allow you quick and easy access is paramount; after all, in an emergency situation.

A couple of seconds could mean the difference between life and death. Thus, you would want to be able to access your gun as quickly as safely as possible should the need arise.

For your benefit, we’ve taken the time to review some of the most popular products available for concealed carry and compared their strengths and weaknesses.


When it comes to choosing the right deep concealment holster, you have to be cautious and informed before making a purchase.

Depending on lifestyle choices, physical size, and what you wear on a day-to-day basis, any of multiple styles and types of holsters could be the best option for you.

Whether you’re looking to have your firearm on your person every day, something that is built for weapon versatility, or one that is especially comfortable, there is definitely a holster out there for you.

The Best Concealed Carry Holsters of 2019 [Top 5 Reviewed]

concealed carry holsters

Best Concealed Carry HolsterIf you are searching for the best-concealed carry holster look no further. We have compiled a list of the top 5 holsters of 2019.  

If you plan to conceal carry, you need a holster in order to help with drawing the firearm, shooting it, and also to prevent accidental discharge.  

But what is the best holster for you to use? Well, read on and learn about our top picks for this.

Why do you Need a Concealed Carry holster?

You need a concealed carry holder in order to carry a gun in a safe manner. Concealed carry holsters help with protecting the firearm by holding it into a safe place, prevent accidental discharge, allows for quick access.

Since you only have milliseconds to act in a situation like that, and also prevent theft or loss, since you’ll be carrying it on you at all times.

A good holster is very important since it needs to fit the gun in an accurate manner, and in a way that’s comfortable for you.  

It also protects the firearm, prevents discharge, and also provides quick access and stops theft in its tracks.

You should with your holster, be able to holster your gun and draw easily, and you should practice this in order to master this.

The Best Concealed Carry Holster for You

Product NameWeight
Belly Band Holster by 10X tactical6 oz
Alien Gear IWB Cloak Tuck Holster6 oz
CYA Supply IWB Holsters64 oz
Lirisy Ankle holster6 oz
BlackHawk Serpa Concealment holster8 oz

Factors to Consider

The factors to consider when choosing a gun include many different aspects, and we’ll touch n them here.

Total trigger coverage: You need to make sure that your holster completely holds the gun in, but allows you to access the gun trigger in order to draw during an encounter.

Material needed

you also want a material that is sturdy. Kydex, for example, is a great holster because they’re made to last.

You don’t want it falling apart and then accidentally firing and potentially hurting someone. Retention: This is how well the gun stays put.  

If you turn it upside down, does it fall out? If it comes out, you need to adjust the retention or get a different holster.

Ability to Conceal

A good holster is one that’s discreet that won’t be seen by the average public eye. Unless your state allows open carry, you will need to use a concealed means to carry the firearms.

How it protects the handgun: Your holster needs to protect the gun as well.

Some of the harder materials cause marks on the finish of guns, and stiff holsters can affect the state of your gun too.

How it protects the body: In a similar vein, a holster that’s stiff and uncomfortable is going to rub and chafe the skin, and it won’t be fun to hold onto.  

Some holsters can even rub so much against your clothing that it can cause holes in your clothes, which is never fun.

Positive grip

Finally, there is grip. If your holster doesn’t give you the ability to have a full grip on your gun, you need a better holster.

You need a high grip, so that you can deactivate the safety and shoot one-handed if needed.

Your holster should give you the option to fire from any position, and I suggest a position where you can reach with your weak hand too.

Types of holsters

best concealed carry holstersThere are popular holster types that matter in the grand scheme of conceal carrying, and understanding the nuances of each one is important.

The different types of holsters determine how you’ll carry your concealed carry.  

IWB: Inside the waistband, which goes into your underwear and pants and helps to keep the gun close to your body. They also don’t print as much.

OWB: Over the waistband, which is when it rests on the outside of the pants, anchored by the belt, but they might attach differently.

it’s less concealable and tends to print a bit more, but it’s also comfortable because there isn’t anything poking you.

Belly Band: These literally go around your belly, and are like a belt.  You need one that covers the trigger, and as of note, it can get a little bit sweaty when wearing it.

Shoulder holsters: Ones that wrap around the shoulder, and they hold the gun on the upper side’s rib area.

It doesn’t squeeze and is stable, but it is more likely to fall off, and probably not the best for concealing because once you take off your jacket, it will be printing obviously.

Ankle: This is a method which is great if you want to conceal in a deeper manner, or for when you need a backup means.

The only way this will print, is if you’re wearing pants that are tight and nobody will know that you’re holding onto a gun unless you show them.

However, every method has their drawbacks, since the gun can be hard to access, and it can be uncomfortable to the level where you can feel it chafing your skin unless you wrap it against a boot or some high socks.

All of these holsters have their pros and cons, and honestly, the best way to decide whether or not you should invest in one holster or not is based on the comfort and type of carrying you’d like to do.

If you prefer carrying against your waist then do that. If you want to carry on your shoulders, you can as well.

The waist holsters and the belly band holsters tend to be the ideal means of carrying. However, how you choose to carry your gun is ultimately up to you and what you feel is personally easy for you.

Top Pick: Belly Band Holster by 10X Tactical  – Most Comfortable Concealed Carry Holster

Most Comfortable Concealed Carry HolsterThis is probably our best pick because of the versatility, and the comfort that this has.

Belly bands are your top pick usually due to the comfort and the fact that they’re versatile, with the one drawback being you might get a bit sweaty when you have this on.

 But, this one holds clips and buttons, along with straps to keep your holster firmly against your pants.

It has a quick strap that is right over the grip of the gun. This allows for a faster release. In essence, you just pull the trigger and then draw in the event of an emergency.  

The other really great part of this is the versatility of it. If you’re running into the issue of you have too many holsters due to the number of guns, this is the answer since it can support practically every pistol you need, so if you opt for a smaller carry due to a tighter shirt, this won’t be an issue. Especially if we are talking about the holster for LCR. 

It also works for semi-autos, compact and full-size handguns, revolvers, and pistols. It’s pretty nice, and it allows you to hold your gun pretty easily.

Second Pick: Alien Gear IWB Cloak Tuck 3.5Best IWB Holster 

Best IWB Holster If you want an award-winning holster, then look no further. it’s an IWB holster that’s made with a neoprene back to it in order to enhance the comfort.  

The retention can be custom made for any type of model and gun that you plan to carry, and it allows you to choose the right draw right away.

The best part is, you don’t need to factor in the break-in time either. Once you take it out of the box, it’s worth it. Plus, for the price that it is, it’s certainly worth it.

 It has a lifetime warranty, and it’s also waterproof too. So you don’t need to worry about it getting loose due to sweat.

It also includes a ride height, retention, and cant that are all adjustable to help you house your gun.

If you’re smaller, this is a really good one, since it conceals for skinny people well. It doesn’t move around either, so you won’t have to worry about that.  

The one downside is that it may be a little hard to get on a belt, and the clicks could be a bit stronger, but for the price you’re paying, it’s a great, affordable holster.

Third Pick: CYA Supply IWB – Best Concealed Carry Holster For S&W Shield

Best Concealed Carry Holster For S&W ShieldThis is our second pick, and it’s a top-quality holster for an amazing price, with a smooth draw, easy re-holstering, and is made of super-strong material, and even has adjustable retention.

 It is made from boltaron. Which is a sturdy material, and you won’t have to worry about friction with this holster.

It is made with a sturdy and wide belt clip, but the holster itself is slim. Small enough that your gun will be concealed pretty well.

It’s also lightweight. So for carriers that don’t want to be weighed down by the way that their gun sits on their body, this is the best option.

The one downside is that if you do draw, it tends to move the holster, so you probably won’t be able to move it back until it’s over.

Fourth Pick: Lirisy ankle with Calf Strap Best Concealed Carry Holster for Sitting

Best Concealed Carry Holster for Sittingif you’re looking to ankle carry, which has the benefit of super easy concealment, this is a great one.

The retention is great, and the extra calf strap keeps it in place no matter what your activity levels are.

It’s also got a comfortable design that feels great, which is what sets it apart from other holsters out there.

It is made of neoprene material, which makes it soft, so you won’t have to worry about chafing skin.

There is also a foam pad that goes beyond the barrel area of the holster. Which means that it won’t pinch, poke, nor will it rub the wearer in ways that they don’t want to be hurt.

The best part is this one fits a wide range of guns. So if you don’t want to buy a ton of holsters, this is a great option. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Meaning that it will last a lifetime, and you don’t need to worry about it breaking down either.  

Fifth Pick: BlackHawk Serpa – Best Concealed Carry Holster for Glock 19 

Best Concealed Carry Holster for Glock 19 This is our fifth pick due to the unique design. It features a unique type of speed cut design that allows you to draw smoothly and easily re-holster this.  

It has an auto-lock system which is a little different from the others. This allows for your handgun to be securely fastened against your body. It can be positioned to help with facilitating the drawing system.

BlackHawk also features a full grip reinforcement. The audible lock that you hear when you re-holster is great for this. It also comes with belt loops with platforms that paddle as well.

It has got an adjustable cant, and it fits pretty well. It’s also quite durable in comparison to other models out there too, and for its price, it’s worth it.  

The belt clip is hard to get on and off. If you compare it to the others, it’s a little bit bulkier.

Plus, the clothes can get caught on this when you re-holster. So, if you plan to wear bigger shirts that are bulkier, this may not be the ideal option.

A video review of the top 2019 concealed carry holsters.


There are tons of holster options out there. You can choose a fanny pack holster all the way to deep concealment options. Remember that this is a decision based on your own personal preferences. Especially with how you want to carry.

There are many options, and finding the correct one is important since you’ll want to carry this every single day.

If you’re not comfortable with the holster, you won’t want to carry it.  

When choosing a concealed carry, always have your own preferences in mind. Also, choose an option that best fits your personal tastes as well.

The 5 Best Holsters of 2019 [Field Tested & Reviewed]

best holsters 2019

The 5 Best Holsters of 2019Which product offers the best value for money? The decision on which holster you’re going to buy is the most important ones you can make after buying a gun.

There is a wide variety of types and styles of holsters on the market right now, but they’re not all perfect for concealed carry. So what makes a reliable concealed carry holster?

The concept of safety always comes first.  As a gun owner, you can’t have missed the safety rules by now, but if this is the case: treat every weapon like it’s loaded, don’t point it at anything you can risk destroying, and don’t touch the trigger until you intend to fire, with your finger or anything else.

The trigger could get caught and the gun could go off by accident, and that’s the last thing you want. Weapons have discharged when being holstered because something got caught in the trigger and pulled it.

This is why it is crucial that you learn how to safely re-holster your handgun to make sure you know how it is done. Don’t rush it. You should always take care to ensure your gun’s path is clear of any foreign objects, including your own hands, before holstering it.

Best Holsters 2019

Product Image
Best Feature
Glock 26 ShapeShift Starter Kit
Flexibility, designed for optimal performance
CYA Supply Co IWB Holster Fits Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm
Quality material, easy to adjust
Glock 19 ShapeShift Starter Kit
Compact and versatile
CarryGear Advanced Breathable belly Band Holster
Top quality neoprene material
ComfortTac Ultimate Belly band Holster
Flexibility and stability

1. Glock 26 ShapeShift Starter Kit

Glock 26 ShapeShift Starter KitThe Glock 26 ShapeShift Starter Kit is our top choice because it can easily be converted to a full-size pistol as it can accept larger magazines. This isn’t to say it can’t accept shorter magazines and function as a subcompact, ideal for concealed carry.

That’s some much-needed flexibility and versatility, which is also why a Glock 26 ShapeShift Starter Kit is the ideal choice. The starter kit lets the owner conceal his gun via multiple methods, and it’s suitable for open carry as well.

You can conceal the weapon with a traditional IWB or appendix carry holster or with the belt slide holster with an OWB. Alternatively, you could carry it openly with the paddle holster. The Glock 26 itself can be used in various different ways, so we’re not surprised this holster has become a best-seller.

This holster is designed for optimal performance. It offers great comfort to the user and can be carried over an extended period of time. It is made of real leather, which makes it strong and durable.

It combines function, durability, and comfort to give the user a product they can rely on for a long time. This IWB holster ensures concealed carry plus comfort at a relatively high price compared to analogical products. We find it is great value for money because it is reliable, sturdy, and form-fitting, making it easy to offer concealed carry and fast access. The flexible holster is the perfect choice for people who carry their guns every day.


  • High quality
  • Sturdy and wide
  • Slim
  • Lightweight
  • Conceals well



  • Expensive

2. CYA Supply Co IWB Holster

 CYA Supply Co IWB HolsterThe CYA Supply Co IWB Holster Fits Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm/ .40 S&W is made in the USA by a veteran-owned company. This concealed carry holster is worn inside the waistband (IWB) and guarantees concealed carry. Designed with the user’s comfort in mind, the design and materials used are tailored to meet the needs of many gun owners.

If you choose to use this holster, quality is guaranteed. It is made of a Boltaron material of .08 inches thickness. The whole body is made of stainless steel black oxide hardware. The belt clips are 1.5 inches wide. On the downside, it can only fit a few firearms.

Its retention is really good, and the holster is easily adjustable. This means that you can set its carry angle from 0 to 15 degrees and the retention pressure as per your comfort level.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Great retention
  • Stable
  • Sweat shield works quite well



  • Fits only a few firearm models

3. Glock 19 ShapeShift Starter Kit

Glock 19 ShapeShift Starter KitThe Glock 19 is the perfect combination of a weapon that is compact enough for concealed carry, yet big enough for use on duty. This is why the Glock 19 ShapeShift Starter Kit is on our top 5 list. This holster package gives a user almost everything they could need for carrying.

The Appendix Carry Holster and 4.0 IWB configurations allow for an unimaginably comfortable carry. The Belt Slide OWB is perfect for easy outside-waistband concealment and you just won’t find as durable, versatile, or customizable an OWB as this Paddle Holster. The variety of carrying options is perfect for the Glock 19, as you can carry the pistol any way you want.

This is an innovate, creative product with four comfortable carry styles for both open and concealed carry in one tool-free, integrated, and customizable system.

It begins with the Shift Shell, which is made of a robust polymer injection-molded to the shape of your handgun. This is actually the same type of polymersome semi-automatic weapons are produced with.

The backer of the holster is made from four materials: ballistic nylon providing extraordinary durability, soft perforated neoprene limiting sweat from the holster, a thermoplastic elastomer front lending overall resilience to the holster, and spring steel in the holster core, guaranteeing excellent stability.


  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable cant and ride height
  • High quality
  • Affordable
  • Holds the gun in place



  • Free 30-day trial doesn’t include shipping costs
  • No clear assembly instructions

4. CarryGear Advanced Breathable Belly Band Holster

This is another of our great choices for concealed carry. It is a one-size-fits-all belly band holster, which is why it can be worn by men and women alike. It was designed to fit gun owners up to 47 inches in size measured around the belly button.

This holster is designed and made from top-quality perforated neoprene. This material is breathable, which helps reduce sweat and enhances the comfort level. This would make it a great choice for you if you have to carry your guns for longer periods of time. The quality isn’t the only notable factor. So is the right- and left-hand draw provision. The holster can be rotated from top to bottom and then drawn from the left to the right-hand side.

You can also wear it inside or outside the waistband, depending on what is more comfortable for you.


  • Adjustable cant
  • Fits great
  • Holds gun in place
  • Durable



  • The belt clip can be hard to handle
  • Clothes can get caught in the process of holstering

5. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band HolsterThis is another one size fits all type of product made from outstanding neoprene. It can be adjusted and stretches to fit belly sizes of up to 44 inches. The material is very soft and as a result comfortable enough to wear directly on the skin. Like the previous one, it can be worn by men and women.  It is flexible and elastic and can fit small and compact, subcompact, and larger revolvers and pistols.

It can be worn in any position chosen by the user – inside or outside the waistband, appendix, cross draw, behind the hip, on the small of the back, and upon the shoulder. Concealed carry is guaranteed regardless of the position you choose. It also provides both right and left-hand draw.


  • Flexible
  • Stable
  • Robust



  • Expensive

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Concealed Carry Holster

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are a lot of different types and styles of concealed carry holsters on the market. However, some of them are dangerous, and not suitable for concealed carry for this reason.

When you pick out a holster, make sure it is made of robust, sturdy material and features total trigger coverage, good retention, handgun protection, good conceal-ability, a positive grip, and skin protection. We’ll go into each of these factors in depth.

Good Retention

Another way of saying retention is that your gun needs to “stay put.” A good test…if you stick your gun in your holster and turn it upside down, will it fall out? If it comes out, the retention of it needs to be adjusted (usually via a screw) or you need a different method of carrying. It needs to be strong enough that it keeps your firearm in place until you tug it out on purpose.

Trigger and Material

There are a lot of holsters on the market where the trigger is covered by a flimsy material or not covered at all. To be as secure and safe as possible, we advise buying a holster that is made of a sturdy material that covers the trigger fully.  A gun owner must make every effort to keep the gun from going off accidentally.

A good example of sturdy and reliable material is leather or Kydex.  Both do a really good job of protecting the trigger. Basically, Kydex is a polymer composite material designed based on the shape of your gun with a few properties that help it be as effective as a possibility. Some holsters feature both leather and Kydex, with a Kydex shell on top of a leather backing.

Another material we can recommend is crossbred super tuck with XDs. There are quite a few companies making great-quality holsters out of this material.  You can’t go wrong here.


If you don’t want to carry your gun openly, you’ll want it in a discreet position where it won’t be noticed. IWB holsters offer a better degree of concealment than OWB.  As far as IWB holsters go, appendix IWB offers the most concealment, generally speaking. Imagine appendix carry as starting directly in front of the belly button and ending on the pelvic bone.

Don’t forget that it can depend on body type, and every one is unique when it comes to that.  What conceals well for one gun owner may not be a good option for another.

It may be best to play around with the holster a bit to find the right balance between concealment and comfort.


The grip is an absolutely crucial factor.  If your holster doesn’t give you the ability to keep a full, steady grip on your gun when you draw, it isn’t the right one for you. A high grip can deactivate safeties and is able to shoot one-handed.

A user should be able to draw and fire irrespective of their position, including right off-body if their assailant is on top of them. Ideally, the holster should be in a position where you can draw with your weak hand as well.


The holster needs to protect your gun and you. Don’t forget that some of the harder materials can cause marks on the finish of the gun over time. At the same time, some of the stiffer products can cause skin damage, rubbing, scars. This becomes a problem if you need to carry your gun every day. The wrong type of holster can also damage your clothes.


Metal clips can wear holes in your clothes with time. While not as strong and reliable, plastic clips can do a great job and are gentler on clothing than metal ones.

Video Reveiw

Our Final Take

No matter which method of concealed carry you choose, we recommend you practice your draw and holster often to make sure you’re good at it. When it comes to holsters, you might need to try a few out to see which one feels and fits the best.

Which is your favorite concealed carry holster of the ones we’ve reviewed? Share your answer with us in the comment section below!