The 5 Best Gun Vises for Sighting In [Reviewed]

The 5 Best Gun Vises for Sighting In [Reviewed]

The 5 Best Gun Vises for SightingWhen using a gun or firearm, you will always view the target and the sights in a straight line. Bullets, however, do not travel in that same line. When you pull the trigger, bullets leave the muzzle at a relatively upward angle and rises to a point when gravity pulls them back in the angle line towards the ground.

Some bullets can even rise higher depending on the distance of your target from the muzzle. It means that if you were shooting at a long distance, obstacles like tree branches and limbs would hinder you to hit your target.

Sighting in your gun appropriately in these kinds of situations will help you make more shots that are accurate. To achieve a precise and an appropriate sight in you will need a proper gun vise.

Go through this article to find out what gun vises you need and the factors you should consider when buying one.

Our Best Gun Vise for Sighting In

Product Image
Tipton 110011 Ultra Gun Vise
13.6 pounds
Stainless Steel
Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled Dft 2 Gun Vise
24 pounds
Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise
4 pounds
Ctk p3 Ultimate Gun Vise
2.1 pounds
Heavy-duty Steel
MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest
5.9 pounds

1. Tipton 110011 Ultra Gun Vise – A Reliable Gun Protector

Tipton 110011 Ultra Gun Vise – A Reliable Gun ProtectorWhen sighting in or handling your gun with your gun vise, you should be always aware that the guns get damaged sometimes due to certain reasons. Contact pads could be one of the reasons.

The Tipton 110011 Ultra gun vise however has rubber cover pads that protect your guns from damage. The contact pads are made of rubber and do not damage your guns. The rubber pads are over-molded in a way that they protect any kind of damage to your guns.

The gun vise is also made with adjustable components to handle a number of weapons in your possession. When you acquire this gun vise, you need not to worry about the compatibility of the weapons in your possession.

The amazing feature with this gun vise is that it can be used for other purposes like gun-smithing and cleaning. Tipton 110011 Ultra gun vise has a solvent resistant rigid steel frame that makes it last a while.


  • Very durable due to the solvent resistant
  • Adjustable lengths and heights
  • The rubber pads hold the gun smoothly
  • Can act as a cleaner



  • The up and down posts do not hold

2. Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled Dft 2 – Best Recoil Reduction System

 Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled Dft 2 – Best Recoil Reduction SystemThe new Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled Dft2 gun vises have been re-designed in a way that they provide the system with one of the best if not the best recoil reduction. Apart from recoil reduction, these gun vises are versatile in a way that they can fit virtually all rifles or shotguns.

The versatility coupled with the recoil reduction have been built in a way to achieve a precise shooting platform. The new Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled dft2 has a double frame, which offers the best recoil energy. With this feature, you will feel your gun is easier to use.

The gun vise also offers frame alignment. This is a feature makes the gun vise more versatile and so able to use a number of guns regardless of their sizes.

The windage and elevation adjustments are finely tuned. This will get you a good position when handling your gun during sighting in. There are a baffle system and a tray on this gun vise. The two work hand in hand to disperse weight during shooting sessions.

The Caldwell 336677 Lead Sled will offer you a rear elevation, which is indispensable when you have to stay in a fixed position when sighting in.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to set up
  • Perfect for long range shooting
  • Elevation and windage are fine for fast zeroing in



  • They are a little bit heavy

3. Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise  – A Multi-Purpose Alternative

Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise  - A Multi-Purpose AlternativeSometimes, while working on your gun, you may need many tools around you, and the Hyskore Cleaning & sighting vise does provide a tray in which you can place your tools. It is built with a tray that provides a surface where you can place the rest of your accessories you need.

The unique feature about this gun vise is the three shot sighting. Therefore, you will have to choose the one sighting you like from the three available shots. Other than the 3 shot sighting, the Hyskore Cleaning & sighting vise is made of adjustable movable parts that can handle different length and gun sizes.

The Hyskore Cleaning & sighting is constructed to offer the best functionality. The frames of the gun vise are constructed from steel and to provide strong support for the guns.


  • Has 3 slots of sighting system
  • Has a metal construction that makes it strong and durable
  • Can act as a gun modifier
  • Can be adjusted for various gun lengths



  • Low quality sighting rest

4. Ctk p3 ultimate gun vise – Best Padded Vise

Ctk p3 ultimate gun vise - Best Padded ViseWhen you are looking for a gun vise that is flexible in a way that both left handed and right handed people can use, then this is the gun vise to go for. Left-handed people will especially love the comfortability it offers which is as good as it gets.

However, the best feature of this gun is the padding. Ctk p3 ultimate gun vise has a PVC foam padding that protects it from rust. The PVC works as a safe solvent material and keeps a smooth finish for this system.

The padding can also form different shapes to handle a variety of guns in your possession. The gun vise is constructed in a tubular and square like manner, which makes it durable.

While you can as well fold it during storage, it is also made with special telescoping rear vises that lie vertically and horizontally. These help in adjusting your Ctk p3 ultimate gun vise to a multiple positions.


  • PVC foam prevents gun damage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile for multiple gun shapes
  • Both left and right handed can use it
  • Can be used on an uneven surface



  • Weak due to the plastic material

5. MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest  – Highly Versatile Gun Vise

MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest  - Highly Versatile Gun ViseThe MTM K-ZONE Shooting rest expands perfectly to fit a variety of weapons. It has a handgun pad that can be removed to allow it to be adjusted and accommodate a variety of guns. This feature is essential because the gun vise can handle any guns ranging from pistols to handguns and even rugged rifles.

The rear and the front both have shooting pads. The shooting pads have non-marring rubbers as in-built material. The gun vise by this feature provides maximum protection for your guns.

The gun vise is suitable for heavy-duty weapons as well. Despite the fact that it handles heavy-duty guns, the gun vise is very light in weight. Therefore, easily portable or they are easy to lift.

The gun vise also has a precisely dialed screw that provides a position in which to place your gun.


  • Have a dialed screw that helps in adjusting heights.
  • Fully adjustable
  • Light but can support heavy duty firearms
  • Can be adjusted for different sizes of guns
  • They are able to withstand heavy calibers



  • Some guns may not fit as expected

What to Consider When Buying a Gun Vise for Sighting In

Construction Material

There are two type of materials used to make a gun vise. They include; plastic materials and the metallic materials.

Plastic gun vises are light in weight and as much as it may seem not to be a good feature, being light makes them easily portable. Plastic gun vises may seem unsteady during sighting in. to keep them steady; you can easily add some lead or a little sand.

In terms of durability, plastic gun vises may seem less durable, but in a real sense, they are as durable as metallic ones. They are also made with adjustable components, which are attached to them and therefore very flexible in handling any gun sizes regardless of how big they are.

On the other hand, metallic vises are similar and have equivalent features. The only difference is that they are heavier due to the metallic materials and a little bit more expensive because of the same reason.

While on the market, it is therefore easy to decide on what type of gun vise you need in terms of its material.


Versatility is very important when to consider when buying a gun vise. In this case, it means the ability of the gun vise to accommodate a number of guns when sighting in. A good gun vise will be able to handle different types of weapons.

Different people have different preferences in terms of weapons. That determines the type of gun vise you will need in terms of versatility. Gun vises have been made for every category of weapons.

For instance, a certain kind of gun vise can be used for both shotguns and rifles. These kinds of gun vises have made with adjustable parts where the buttstock of these guns (rifles and shotguns) easily fits in during sighting in. These kinds of gun vises are constructed from metal or plastic, and they do not have a lot of rotating or moving parts and in the end very durable.

There are other kinds of gun vises constructed in a way that they can be used for virtually all weapons that you would have in your possession when sighting in. They are advantageous because you will not need to get other gun vises for the variety of weapons in your position.

However, they have a lot of rotating and moving components which can lead to a number of issues like breaking and that reduces their durability.

Vise Types

When you have identified the material and the versatility of the gun vise you need for sighting in, the type of vise is the final factor to consider. There are two types of gun vises. Fixed gun vises and rotating gun vises. Both types are important in different cases.

Manufacturers have however designed most of their gun vises in a fixed way. Fixed vises allow you to tightly clamp your gun. They allow your gun to be steady for a long time when sighting in without worrying about movement. Regardless of the force or pressure you apply on your gun during sighting in, the fixed vises will keep very steady.

They also have legs covered in rubber, which increase stability. Some are even screwed directly to the bench to provide enough stability during sighting in.

For rotating gun vises, they are not so popular. Manufacturers do not produce much of them, but they definitely have their own advantages. The main advantages being that you are able to sight in your gun from different angles. The ability to rotate makes it easy for you to make precise adjustments, which would take relatively longer time during sighting in with a fixed gun vise.

However, from the fact that they use more of moving parts means these models may not be as durable as the fixed gun vises. There is also the risk of causing permanent damage to the vise when you apply a lot of pressure when sighting in.

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Final Verdict

There are a variety of gun vises in the market. If you are looking for the best gun vises for sighting in, this article should be able to provide you with important tips and reviews on how to go about.

While shopping for the best gun vise, however, always consider the material the gun vise is made of. The versatility in terms of how many weapons the gun vise can handle in regards to the weapons in your possession is also a vital factor and finally, the vise type. That will help you choose the right gun vises suitable for you when sighting in.

From the gun vises mentioned above, which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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