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Tactical shooters love ghost ring sights because they help with rapid target acquisition and long-range accuracy. When looking down the barrel, the ring “ghosts”, or fuzzes out of focus, while keeping in alignment with the front sight.

 Ghost Ring Sights Shooters can focus on shifting the barrel to the target faster for better performance.  Originally designed and intended for shotguns and rifles, today you can find ghost rings for pretty much any type of gun.

Ghost rings for pistols are available but are met with mixed reviews from users. Some gun owners report that ghost rings on pistols constantly draw their eyes to the rear sight. The debate over the effectiveness of ghost rings boils down to user preference and the gun’s intended purpose.

Best Ghost Ring Sights

Product Name
Trijicon 3 DotTrijiconBest for Remington 870
XS Sight Systems MB-1002-4XS Sight Systems Best for Mossberg Shotguns
TRUGLO TFX Pro TritiumTRUGLO Best for Glocks
SeeALL Open SightSeeALL Best All Around for Shotguns
Ameriglo Glock Ghost RingAmeriGlo Best All Around for Pistols
MagpulUSA MBUS Gen 2 247-248Magpul Best for AR 15
ML-0012-5 Ghost Right WSXS Sight SystemsBest for Marlin
Feyachi Flip Up Iron Sight Front Rear SightFeyachi Gold Best for Picatinny Rail
TRUGLO Muzzle-Brite XtremeTRUGLO Good for in-line muzzleloaders
KNS Siwtch Sight for Glock BLKSNK Honorable Mention for Glocks

1.Trijicon 3 Dot – Best Ring Sights for Remington 870

Trijicon claims that its ghost ring can improve night-fire shooting significantly without the use of batteries. The sight is housed in a metal frame with silicone rubber cushioning.

They’re perfect for dulling the impact of heavy recoil. The Trijicon sights come with a signature design ideal for a variety of scenarios and uses. If you’re looking for something tough that fits great on your Remington shotgun, give this one a try. 

2.XS Sight Systems MB-1002-4 – Ideal Ghost Ring Sights for Mossberg 500

Mossberg shotgun owners love the XS Sight Systems MB-1002-4. The white on black front post works well in different light conditions and the white stripe draws quick focus from the eyes.

It’s great for fast target spotting and shooting accuracy. The XS Sight Systems ghost ring is large than a lot of other products on the market, so the field of vision is wider and helps rapid targeting. The sight can be adjusted for wind and elevation to help take your shotgun shooting to the next level. 

3.TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium – Best Ghost Ring Sights for Glock

The Tritium sights get rave reviews for their brightness levels that work in even the darkest environments. People love how fast they can zero in on a target. Even people who have eye trouble or difficulty seeing at night report marked improvement after installing these sights. 

The sights surprise many with just how fast a sight picture appears on draw. TRUGLO keeps the build quality top-notch with this product, and a lot of people who carry for work prefer them on all of the Glocks. 

4.SeeAll Open Sight – New Gen 2 – Top Ghost Ring Sights for Shotgun

The SeeAll Open Sight relies on its bright “edge-glow” technology that presents gun owners with a clear picture in low light environments. These sights are manufactured in the USA, and the company boasts that they’re extremely durable.

SeeALL claims the sights will function in any weather conditions, and even when wet or after being dropped. Ease of use with the Open Sight lets shooters spend more time focusing on targets instead of the front post. 

This sight’s all about convenience. It installs in minutes and sets firmly, so you’re not constantly having to adjust its settings. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every buyer. It will mount on anything with a MIL-STD-1913 rail, so it’s a good option for most shotgun owners. 

Users give the sight good reviews, saying it helped them with target acquisition speeds and was a fun addition to their weapon.

5.Ameriglo Glock Ghost Ring Grn/Grn – Best Ghost Ring Sights for Pistols

The Ameriglo Ghost Ring is a versatile sight that fits many different pistol models with good results. It’s made of polymer colored to look like steel. Pistol owners love the fact that the Ameriglo sight offers a fast, intuitive sight picture.

It’s a sturdy sight that sits in place after the installation, so shooters don’t have to worry about adjusting for accuracy on a regular basis. The sights work great in low or full light situations, perfect for professionals or people passionate about self-defense.

Overall a great option for people looking for a shorter time to sight in on a target.  

6.Magpul Industries MBUS 247-248 – Ghost Ring Sights for AR-15

The Magpul Industries MBUS sights are known for their stability and durability.People who shoot rifles don’t want to have to deal with play in their sights every time they set down their rifles.

The windage system sits firmly to avoid movement and keep adjustments in place.  The front sight has a tool to adjust the height of the post as well, so it’s a great custom option for AR-15 owners who want more adjustment options. These are lightweight, easy to put on, and work well to give a great sight picture. 

7.XS Sight Systems ML-0012-5 – Best Ghost Ring Sights for Marlin

These are known as the XS Ghost Ring hunting sights and give hunters one of the best fields of view available on the market.

They’re ideal for people who hunt in heavily wooded or busy terrain because they allow for a faster and easier focus on intended targets. 

The sights have a windage system that’s versatile and easy to use. Every 180-degree turn shifts bullet impact one inch at 100 yards, so it’s easy to keep a frame of reference when you’re outdoors.

This sight fits on any caliber weapon as long as it’s the marlin 1894 or 336. Most owners report that installation is super easy. Buyers are often impressed at just how big the two sets of ghost sights are, and how well they work once they’re outside. Moving between targets feels smooth and easy. 

8.Feyachi Flip Up Iron Sight Front Rear Sight – Best Ghost Right Sights for Picatinny Rail

These are full metal construction sights. They stand out from a lot of the polymer and other plastic products on the market. The actual iron build evokes a feeling of great quality and durability for gun owners. The sights are easy to install on any Picatinny rail.

They come with a provided Allen key, so everything you need is in the box. The windage and elevation adjustments have positive stops that make changes fast and effective. 

The sturdy build quality of the Feyachi sights makes sure there’s no front or back wiggle when they’re locked into place. They come at a bargain for the quality you get on delivery. Buyers have seen great results using this at close range and long distances. 

9.TRUGLO Muzzle-Brite Xtreme – Great for In-Line Muzzleloaders

The TRUGLO Muzzle-Brite X is one of the best sights on the market for in-line muzzleloaders. It fits practically any .50 caliber muzzleloader because it comes with different screws and settings that adjust to necessary size requirements. 

Once the sights are adjusted the sit firmly in place for improved accuracy and reliability. The ghost site helps target focus at distance in a lot of varying light conditions. 

10.KNS Switch Sight for Glock BLK

The KNS Switch Sight comes in stainless steel with a black nitride finish. The build quality ensures that they’ll take a beating and keep working the way you want them to.

The Switch Sight works with gun owners’ current holster and optics, so they have more options for hand setups. The Switch Sight is ideal for people who want options when they shoot with a silencer and need low profile sights when the silencer is not attached.

This sight gives you both settings all in one package. The sight’s also a great backup for the red dot sight on your Glock. They can be rapidly deployed in the event your red dot fails. 

What is a Ghost Ring Sight?

When people carry guns for self-defense, hunting, and other shooting scenarios, they want to be able to aim their firearm at their target quickly and shoot with high accuracy.

One issue some gun owners encounter is the time it takes for them to line up the front sight post with the rear sights. Ghost rings have a front post similar to stock sights, but where the rear sights are positioned sits a larger ring made of polymer, metal or silicone.

Looking through the ring helps shooters line up the front post on targets faster. Sighting is simpler and shooting is more precise. It’s great for people worried about having to act fast fighting off a home intruder or getting sights on a turkey running around in a bush.

Ghost rings come specified to different gun types and models. Ghost rings for pistols are different than for shotguns, but the basic premise of faster target acquisition and improved accuracy are the same. 

The Ultimate Ghost Right Guide: Get the Most Out of Your Sights

If the sight helps gun owners focus on front sights and hit targets with greater accuracy than standard sights, then they can be a great tool in the arsenal.

Here we breakdown some of the best ghost rings, offering pros and cons for each so gun owners can make the best decision for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs) on Ghost Rings

Are Ghost Ring Sights Accurate?

Yes, ghost rings are accurate. More importantly, they’re more accurate when things need to happen fast. Ghost rings are widely considered the fastest kind of aperture sight because it’s easy to use and the back sight disappears, letting shooters focus more on their targets. 

They’re designed for high-pressure situations, which is why they’re installed on a lot of riot police shotguns and other weapons. Most ghost ring sights are large and durable, so getting knocked around doesn’t impact them much. Over time, their durability leads to increased accuracy when compared to more sensitive sights. 

Most gun owners report having to adjust to ghost rings a bit before they see improved results. However, after a bit of practice, most see a decent improvement at close and medium range.

How to Use Ghost Ring Sights?

Ghost Ring SightsOne of the most misunderstood components of a gun is the sights. A lot of sights are installed improperly. They’re either too far forward, too loose, or the wrong sight is on the wrong gun. 

A lot of people have problems using ghost rings because the sight is too far away from where the shooter’s eye is.

If it’s not close enough, the ghosting effect won’t work the way it should, and you’ll end up with more things that distract you from a good shot. 

You can know if you’re using ghost ring sights correctly if, when you sight down the gun, the ring fuzzes out from your field of view. Instead, your eyes will focus on the post more quickly and easily for effective target recognition. 

Installation is Key 

The right installation of ghost rings and other aperture sights grants gun owners fast target acquisition and accurate shooting.

These ten sights are some of the best available options for sale. There’s something out there for every gun owner depending on shooting preference, what kind of gun you own, and what results from you’re looking for. 

Ghost ring sights come in a variety of styles, materials and price points. Don’t be afraid to buy something and try them out to see if they’re for you.

Most gun owners report positive results from ghost rings. They’re easy to install and fun to work with. Gun owners of all levels are constantly looking for ways to advanced up the skill tree in their shooting. Ghost rings are great because the mechanics take advantage of your unconscious brain response to guide your eye and weapon to your target.