8 Best Electronic Shooting Targets – Improve Performance

8 Best Electronic Shooting Targets – Improve Performance

Best Electronic Shooting TargetsThe best electronic shooting targets help increase efficiency in training. Hence, the quicker you do the next set of drills, the more drills you can do per hour.

Additionally, electronic shooting targets work in a variety of ways to give precise, immediate feedback on every shot.

Shooting competitions in Europe have used electronic shooting targets for many years. However, in the United States, they’ve been slower to catch on.

How Do Shooting Targets Work?

Some targets use small sensors attached to target faces, some targets’ entire face acts as the sensor, and some use laser technology to track and mark where shots land.

Each method affects how much the e-target costs and how it performs.

The Concerns 

There are tradeoffs in the debate over electronic shooting targets vs traditional paper targets. If you’re running or participating in a competition, though, it’s hard to argue against e-targets.

There have been some concerns over loss of shooting tradition, cost and doubts over reliability. Still, as technology develops and becomes reliable and more affordable, shooters and competitors in the U.S. are starting to take notice.

The Pros 

They give audiences and participants real-time results that make things more exciting. The cut down on pit duty and maximize time behind the trigger.

Even hobbyists looking to improve will get more practice by using e-targets that track and record each shot instantaneously. 

The increasing popularity in e-targets in the U.S. means that more and more products are popping up for sale. Each promises a lot, but do they deliver? We took a deep dive into the electronic shooting target market and here’s what we found. 


Product Name
Best Feature
MantisX Shooting Performance SystemMantisSmart Phone App
LaserPET Electronic TargetLaser Ammo Training Technologies Standalone laser target (no computer necessary)
Quick Tyme Trainer TargetLaserLyte Embedded with 62 LED lights
SCATT WS1 Shooter Training SystemSCATT Comes with professional software
PIE Electronic Shooting Training Target SystemPIE Intelligent network of 12 shooting targets
Pivotal Trainers Electronic Turning Target SystemTriumph Systems Can be used wirelessly
SAZ-SPORTS  25mG.P.S. Patented laser surface
SAZ-SPORTS 50mG.P.S. Designed for training and competition

1.MantisX Shooting Performance System – Comes with a Free Smart Phone App

MantisX Shooting Performance SystemThis piece of equipment isn’t an electronic shooting target, but it’s a great piece of technology for shooters who want to improve performance.

The MantisX system is a smart sensor that attaches to the rail or rail adapter of your pistol or rifle.

The sensor tracts small movements before, during and after each shot. The data is recorded and uploaded to a smartphone app that you can download for free with each purchase. You can see if you’re swaying left before your pull or if you’re jerking right on recoil. 

A nice benefit of this product is that you can use it during dry fire practice as well.

The data records over time, so you can see how your adjustments are working when you shoot and if you’re getting the results you want. It’s like having a computer coach that tells you what went wrong or right about every shot. 


  • Great training tool


  • Not an electronic shooting target

2.LaserPET Electronic Target – Easy to Use Standalone Laser Training Target

Laser Ammo Training Technologies LaserPET Electronic TargetLaserLyte made its personal electronic target (PET) with the masses in mind. It’s a high-quality laser training target that doesn’t require a computer.

There are three skill modes in the target, so you can try out different shooting scenarios and see how you do. The PET tracks hits can function as a shot timer and track reload times.

The PET gives instant audio feedback when there’s a hit and the screen shows training statistics you want to improve on. 


  • Good for precision shooting practice


  • There’s no option to turn the sound off

3.LaserLyte Quick Tyme Trainer Target – Simple standalone laser target

LASERLYTE trainer target Quick Tyme with 62 LEDsThis target functions the same as a paper target with a ton more functions. The laser trainer has 62 LED lights inside it that light up to show the exact location of your shots.

Each shot is accurately recorded, and the board also has a timer function to track how fast you shoot.

It’s a great system to improve timing and precision. You can use it at home or any other location because it’s powered by batteries that need to be changed every few thousand shots. 


  • Convenient practice system for accuracy and timing


  • Doesn’t include a laser module


4.SCATT WS1 Shooter Training System – Dryfire Target System with Software Support

SCATT WS1 Shooter Training SystemThe WS1 is a nice option for shooters who want something wireless. The dry-fire trainer works on real targets anywhere from five to twelve meters.

It can also simulate shooting up to 1,000 meters. The module comes with an optical sensor that’s mounted onto your gun. The sensor can be recharged on any USB port.

The system comes with an electronic target frame that holds a variety of paper targets. It works great for air guns, small and large caliber weapons and anything else you want to practice with.


  • Good quality and works with a variety of weapons


  • Pricey for personal use


5.PIE Electronic Shooting Training Target System – Best multi-target system

PIE Electronic Shooting Training Target SystemIf you’ve got some cash to spare, the PIE target system is a fun way to work on your shooting. The system uses an intelligent network of 12 shooting targets that all tie into an LED board that shows instant results.

If you want to, you can buy up to 200 targets that will integrate into one system. The targets change colors and pop up and down depending on what scenario you program in for the day.

There are eight different modules that you can try, each one incrementally more difficult than the last. All the targets are wireless, so it’s a mobile system you can take where you want.


  • A lot of fun, very versatile 


  • Expensive


6.Pivotal Trainers Electronic Turning Target System – Great large, wireless e-target

Pivotal trainerThe Pivotal Trainer is a practice target system that can be set up in just minutes. It’s lightweight and can be taken on the road.

This is a great e-target for people who want to test decision making ability under stress. There is a threat/no threat scenario shooters can use to improve cognitive shooting.

The target runs on a motor and remote. The trainer has been used with live fire, dry fire, laser guns, sims, airsoft, and other weapons. Law enforcement, military, and federal agencies all use the system. 


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple training options


  • The frame is made from plastic and can break

7.SAZ-sports Shooting Timing and Scoring System 25m – Electronic Targets for Long-Range Shooting

SAZ-SPORTS Shooting timing and scoring systemThis e-target is for serious contenders only as you can see from the price. The 25 meters laser meets international competition standards and has an all-digital bullet point calculation method.

These targets are ideal for air rifles and rifles. There are adjustable LEDs installed in the center of the target for brightness and easy to spot hit notifications. 

SAZ-sports is based in Washington State and is a well-known manufacturer of high-end point and tracking systems for basketball, swimming, shooting, and other sports. You’re getting top of the line targets with expensive components.


  • Extremely accurate
  • Meets international standard


  • Price and maintenance requirements are high


8.SAZ-sports Shooting Timing and Scoring System 50m – Electronic Targets for Long-Range Shooting

Saz-Sports Shooting Timing and Scoring This system is essentially the same as the 25-meter version but operates well under longer distances.

One of the main benefits of the SAZ-sports system is that along with the high price comes customizable systems with user-friendly software.

The products can be adapted to your shooting or competition needs.

When you buy this product, you’re getting an e-target, an e-target bullet collector, fixed brackets, an integrated terminal platform for scoring and some electronic target paper. It’s got everything you need. 


  • Complete e-target professional system


  • Advanced-level users only

Best Electronic Shooting Target

So, what’s the best electronic shooting target out there? Sorry to say, but it all depends on what you’re looking for. Different targets are more effective at improving shooting time, and others are better and getting a better aim.

Some targets have fun modules you can use to practice, and others can be used with a variety of weapons. It’s about your training needs and what you can use to get you to the next level. 

Best Steel Shooting Targets

If you’re not interested in only using electronic shooting targets, then you’ll need some steel targets as well. Just like e-targets, not all steel targets are created equally.

You need the targets to be durable and make a nice, pleasing sound when they’re hit. Steel targets are heavy, so you’ll want to hang them on a metal stand with hooks or with a thick metal chain.

You’d hate to hang them from a rope and have to march out to re-hang them if some shrapnel or a bullet cut them down. Check out these steel targets if you’re in the market. 

Product Name
Best Feature
AR500 GongsShootingTargets7Veteran owned, good quality
RMP Gong Swing Target KitRMP Set of 4 different sizes
TSG-GG AR500 Laser Cut GongTactical Scorpion Gear Laser cut for rounded finish
Xsteel 8” GongXsteel Durable, nice sound quality

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who uses electronic shooting targets?

Electronic shooting targets have been used for years by shooters on the European competition circuit. The e-targets are catching on more in the U.S. because they allow shooters to record and analyze performance over time.

How do electronic shooting targets work?

Small sensors are equipped on targets that can register when and where a shot hits the target face. Some target faces operate on an open sensor principle where the entire target acts as the sensor. More recently, some e-targets use lasers to triangulate exactly where a round hits. 

What are some of the best electronic shooting target brands?

As electronic shooting targets become more popular, more companies are starting to make them. Some of the biggest names include SAZ-Sports, Mantis, CMP, and LaserLyte.

How much do electronic shooting target systems cost?

Like any product, electronic shooting targets come in a range of prices. Basic e-targets can cost around $100, but professional-grade targets used in competitions can run into the thousands of dollars range.

How are electronic targets differ from regular targets?

Electronic targets eliminate the need to pull targets and hang new paper targets at the range. This means more time shooting. There’s no pit duty, so people get more trigger time. 

What are the best applications/uses for electronic targets?

Record keeping in shooting competitions is easier and e-targets give people in the audience real-time scoring tallies. Shooters at the range get immediate feedback on each round shot.

If you still feel like you would like to hit the range, check out our post about tactical range bag. Finally, don’t forget, ear protection when shooting

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