The 10 Best Canyon Coolers Reviewed [Hunter Approved]

The cooler for all of life’s adventures

Best Canyon Coolers

Canyon Coolers are pressure injected with HUNTX foam insulation, consequently creating an ice retention system without sacrificing interior space.

In this post, we will identify the best canyon coolers, we could find.


What is Canyon Coolers ?

Canyon Coolers are designed with one piece, rotomolded construction.

This process creates a truly tough, durable product. Each cooler is constructed of food-grade, UV resistant kayak plastic*.

The squared design makes packing the cooler, into any vehicle, an easy task. Likewise, the near vertical walls result in more interior storage space.

Interior basket systems (sold separately in most coolers) allow for organization and easy access.

Coolers have truck friendly skid plates for easy loading and unloading. All handles and EZCAM latches, as well as the newly designed no-lose drain plugs, are recessed into the box-like design.

The Outfitter Series coolers come equipped with tie-down points and are IGBC Bear Resistant. Every Canyon Cooler product is backed by an unsurpassed, unlimited lifetime warranty.

The warranty is fully transferrable and covers accidental damage. With various sizes and options, these ice chests fulfill every want and need, from a simple occasion to that once in a lifetime excursion. A Canyon Cooler is the cooler you will use for all your life’s adventures!

Product NameExterior Dimensions
The Outfitter 35 17” Tall
23.75” Wide

15.25” Deep
The Scout 2215” Tall
16.5” Wide

13” Deep
The Prospector 10318.5” Tall
37.5” Wide

21.25” Deep
The Outfitter 5516.25” Tall
27.5” Wide

15.25” Deep
The Outfitter 2213.5” Tall
16.75” Wide

11.5” Deep
The Quest Backpack12” Wide
10” Deep

20” Tall
The Mule 3017” Tall
18” Wide

18” Deep
The Outfitter 7518.25” Tall
29” Wide

17.25” Deep
The Outfitter 12520.25” Tall
34” Wide

20.25” Deep

10 Best Canyon Coolers 

1. The Outfitter 125

In our picks, The Outfitter 125 is last but certainly not least! The Outfitter 125 is an excellent choice for long expeditions, tailgating events, hunting/fishing trips and larger parties. It is priced around $370, making it very competitive when compared to other coolers in its size range.

With a grand capacity of 126-quarts, you can be assured that you’ll have room for all of your food and drinks, no matter how extensive the outing. In addition to the large capacity, the Outfitter 125 has an integrated basket system that allows for the perfect organization all of your items.

For those planning to use the Outfitter 125 in the wilderness, whether a short or long trip, the Outfitter 125 is IGBC Bear Resistant Certified. With this in mind, you’ll have no worries that your food and drinks will fall prey to wildlife snacking on your next meal.

The empty weight of the Outfitter 125 is 40.5lbs. It may not be the best choice to move by yourself when filled.

Ice retention of the Outfitter 125 is 8-13 days, depending on outside ambient air temperature. The cooler is equipped with multiple tie down points that allow easy access even when strapped into your vehicle. This makes four-wheeling and tailgating a breeze!


  • Excellent for long trips,
  • most space offered for food and drink


  • Large
  • may be too much cooler for small trips
  • heavy even when empty and could require two people to move when full.
  • Baskets not included with cooler.  

Canyon Coolers Outfitter 125 white marble
  • 125 Quarts - Max Can Capacity: 98 cans - Ice Retention: 7 to 20 Days
  • 100% Recessed Cam Latch, Integrated Bullet Proof Hinge, No-Lose Drain Plug, Locking Lid


2.The Outfitter 75

The Outfitter 75 is the next-to-largest cooler in the Outfitter series, making it our number 8 pick. The Outfitter 75 has a capacity of 74 quarts. It is an excellent mid-sized cooler for tailgating, four-wheeling, camping, and backyard BBQs.

Similar to the Outfitter 125, the Outfitter 75 has an integrated basket system that holds two baskets to aid in organization of different food and drinks. It includes multiple tie down locations to allow easy access when strapped down to your outdoor vehicle.

With an estimated 5-9 day ice retention, the Outfitter 75 is sure to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold. Weighing in at 30.5lbs empty, the Outfitter 75 is easy to transport.


  • Great size for longer trips
  • A wide variety of uses due to size


  • Heavy even when empty
  • Baskets not included

Canyon Coolers Outfitter 75qt - White Marble
  • 75 Quarts - Max Can Capacity: 64 cans - Ice Retention: 7 to 16 Days
  • 100% Recessed Cam Latch, Integrated Bullet Proof Hinge, No-Lose Drain Plug, Locking Lid

3.The Mule 30 Coooler 

Our number seven pick is unique to all other Canyon Coolers. The Mule 30 has built-in, hard-wearing wheels to aid in the ease of its maneuverability. The Mule 30 is a great choice for the organization fanatic. It’s perfect for a long walk where a lot of gear will need to be carried.

Alongside the convenience of having built-in wheels, the Mule 30 has an integrated bungee system on the top. This feature allows you to strap even more gear to your cooler.

Another big advantage to the Mule 30 is a simple one, this cooler is one of the few Canyon Coolers that includes one basket with the purchase. The ice retention of the Mule 30 is 4-6 days. It is a fantastic choice for small BBQs, camping trips, tailgates, and expeditions as a personal cooler.

Although it has wheels, it weighs in at 26lbs. This is a bit heavy when compared to Canyon Cooler’s other products. 


  • Hard-wearing wheels for easy transport
  • integrated bungee system for additional gear
  • rubber non-skid feet


  • Not bear resistant
  • heavy for its size

4.The Quest Backpack

The Quest 25 Backpack comes in at number six due to the narrow margin of people that will make use of it. The Quest Backpack is a unique cooler in the Canyon Cooler collection. The backpack will not hold ice for long expeditions, but the maneuverability is unmatched.

If you’re planning a day trip with a long walk, the Quest Backpack is for you. With an ice retention of 1-2 days, it is great for hikers, bikers, rock climbers, and even simple days out at the park!

Although it comes in the form of a backpack, rest-assured that this cooler is built tough-as-nails and will hold up when an adventure tries to beat it down.

The Quest Backpack is built with raft-grade, RF welded PVC construction. And don’t worry, if you’re skeptical of a backpack cooler, the Quest Backpack does include Canyon Cooler’s award-winning lifetime warranty. 


  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • lightweight
  • packable


  • Being a soft backpack cooler
  • it will not maintain ice retention as long as a traditional cooler

Quest 25 backpack cooler white
  • 25Qt soft Cooler with semi rigid foam to help it keep its shape.
  • comfortable shoulder straps with a roll down closure on top.

5.The Outfitter 22

The Outfitter 22 model comes in as our number 5 pick. It is the base model cooler designed for ice retention between 24-48 hours depending on ambient outside temperature. The Outfitter 22 is the perfect size for a personal cooler.

It weighs in at only 11lbs empty. With its 22-quart capacity, it can be used for day trips or as a very functional lunch box. The Outfitter 22 includes an adjustable non-slip shoulder strap to make transporting this cooler a breeze.

Priced at just $100, the Outfitter 22 is a sure win when comparing to competitor’s coolers. The Outfitter 22 is the best value on the market for a cooler of its size. 


  • Compact size,
  • adjustable shoulder strap
  • lightweight


  • Won’t hold ice as long as some of the larger coolers

Canyon Coolers Outfitter 22qt- Sandstone
  • 20 qt Lunchbox cooler.
  • Rugged rotomolded construction

Best Selling Canyon Coolers 

6.The Outfitter 55

An easy choice for our number four position, the Outfitter 55 is the cooler with the most versatility in usage. The Outfitter 55 is priced competitively around $230 with an ice retention of around 3-7 days.

Camping, rafting, tailgating, BBQs, you name it and this is the cooler to fit the need. This 55-quart capacity cooler is a mid-sized cooler, weighing in at 25lbs. This is a definite advantage as long as you can handle a cooler without wheels.

The Outfitter 55, alongside the others in the Outfitter series, is IGBC Certified Bear Resistant. It is a great choice for your back-country adventures. It has six easy access tie down points that allow access to the cooler.

It features the integrated basket system that will support up to two baskets. 


  • Versatile size
  • competitive price
  • bear resistant


  • Baskets not included with cooler

Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series 55qt- Sandstone
  • 55 Quarts - Max Can Capacity: 56 cans - Ice Retention: 5 to 14 Days
  • 100% Recessed Cam Latch, Integrated Bullet Proof Hinge, No-Lose Drain Plug, Locking Lid

7.The Prospector 103

The Prospector 103 is our third choice. With a capacity of 103 quarts, you can utilize this cooler for longer trips or outings with multiple people. You’ll never need to be concerned about your provisions, as they will remain fresh and protected in this cooler. 

With the design of the square interior, Canyon Coolers has engineered a dual-level system that can hold up to four baskets (only one included) in the Prospector 103. This cooler is an excellent choice if organization is a deal-maker for you.

It weighs in at 39.5lbs, making it a bit heavy for a typical weekend trip. It includes the same quality tie down system of the Outfitter Series that allows access to the cooler while it’s strapped into your vehicle.

The Prospector 103 has two no-spill/no-leak drain plugs that speed up the cleaning process (compared to one in most other models). The Prospector has a wide range of use, including multi-day trips, hunting trips, tailgating, or backyard BBQs. This model is also bear resistant. 


  • Multi-use size
  •  high-capacity
  • one basket included
  • bear resistant


  • Weight (very heavy for short trips or one person)

Canyon Coolers Prospector 103qt (Sandstone)
  • 103 Qt Capacity, Rotomolded cooler
  • molded in tie down points to secure to your rafting frame, motorhome, or the back of your truck.

8.The Scout 22

The Scout 22 is easily chosen as our second choice. It is the stronger and tougher version of the Outfitter 22 (number 5). We placed this cooler in second place simply due to the capacity being significantly smaller.

The Scout 22 weighs in, empty, at 14lbs. It comes with an adjustable non-slip shoulder pad for easy transport. This alone makes the Scout 22 an excellent choice if you plan to do a lot of traveling with the cooler outside of your vehicle.

The Scout 22 has more insulation than compared to the Outfitter 22. With the additional insulation, this cooler will keep your food and drinks cold for 1-3 days. Although not part of the Outfitter series, the Scout 22 is IGBC Certified Bear Resistant.

It has the same tie down advantages of all the coolers in the Outfitter series. When your trip is over and it’s time to clean up, the Scout 22 comes with a no-leak/no-spill drain plug. The perfect choice for day adventures as well as a job-site lunch box. 


  •  Lightweight
  • bear resistant
  • adjustable non-slip shoulder strap


  • Small (not good for multi day trips)

CANYON COOLERS Scout 22 Quart Adventure Cooler-Sandstone
  • Ice Retention: 1-3 Days
  • Perfect for day adventures away from base camp

9.The Outfitter 35 

The Outfitter 35 comes in number one for us! It has the thickest insulation of the entire Outfitter series, giving it an estimated ice retention time of 6-18 days. You can be assured that all your food and drinks will stay cold!

It is considered one of the toughest coolers in its size range when compared to similar cooler brands. The Outfitter 35 is more than comparable in price to other coolers on the market today. The Outfitter 35 has a capacity of 35 quarts.

In addition, it holds two baskets (not included) to help organize your provisions. The cooler weighs only 22lbs empty, making it easy to transport. Securing the cooler is easily done with the built-in tie downs that allow easy access.

It is also IGBC Bear Resistant Certified. Our number one cooler choice is perfect for camping, tailgating, off-roading, parties and overnight trips. 


  • Versatile size
  • access when strapped down
  • bear resistant


  • Slightly heavy for its size
  • baskets not included

Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series 35qt- White Marble
  • 35 Quarts - Max Can Capacity: 36 cans - Ice Retention: 6-18 Days
  • 100% Recessed Cam Latch, Integrated Bullet Proof Hinge, No-Lose Drain Plug, Locking Lid


All in all, you will never go wrong with any choice of Canyon Cooler! It simply narrows down to preference and application in which you plan to use your new cooler.

Whether it’s lunch at your job-site, a hike through the Appalachian Mountains, trout fishing the Colorado River, a trek in Grapevine Canyon or simply a family gathering, a Canyon Cooler will be there for every one of life’s adventure!

10 Best Grizzly Coolers For Tactical Activity

Best Grizzly CoolersFounded in 1983, Grizzly Coolers has consistently upped its game to become one of the leading manufacturers in the highly competitive market of portable coolers

No one can deny that life has become more stressful for individuals and families alike. As a result, people are looking for easier, quicker ways to relax and reconnect.

Participation in outdoor recreation activities such as camping, hiking, and even eco-tourism have skyrocketed lately. (Footnote)

Regardless of the choice of activity, if you are going to be spending time outside, you are going to need beverages and food.

If it is for an extended period of time, you are going to need a way to keep those items cool, and outdoor portable coolers are the way to go. But there are so many out there, how do you choose one?

With several different sizes and colors to choose from, how do you know which are the best Grizzly coolers? Read on to see what Grizzly has to offer.

Product NameBest Feature
Grizzly 40 QuartTall enough to stand bottles upright
Grizzly 60 QuartGreat storage; easily cleaned
Grizzly 20 QuartFits neatly on passenger floor board
Grizzly 15 QuartAdjustable strap makes it easy to carry
Grizzly 75 Quart30” ruler on lid great for fishing
Grizzly 100 QuartSturdy enough to use for sitting
Grizzly 165 QuartIncredible storage space

10 Best Grizzly Coolers

1.Grizzly 40 Quart

Grizzly 40 Quart Tan/Cooler
  • Large 2 inch drain
  • Non-skid rubber feet

This cooler was the most popular, and most highly rated cooler, with an average 4.5 out of 5 star rating (with 81% being full 5 stars) over 42 reviews. Consumers loved the size, stating that it fit perfectly on the floor board on the passenger side of a Mini Cooper.

Other users commented on the ice retention and how easy it was to clean. With a 40 quart capacity, it is roughly 24 lbs when empty, so really loading it up could make it heavy. But with all of the standard Grizzly features and its capacity, this easily becomes the top choice.


  • Holds 56 – 12 oz cans; tall enough to stand bottled beer and sodas upright
  • comes in 10 colors
  • molded-in heavy duty handles
  • rope handle with nylon sleeved rubber handle area
  • standard Grizzly cooler features


  • some reports of it not holding ice


2.Grizzly 60 Quart

Grizzly 60 quart Rotomolded Cooler
  • True 60 quart capacity
  • Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty

Coming in a close second, the 60 quart Grizzly obtained a 4.4 out of 5 star rating over 25 reviews, with 84% of those at 5 stars.  One reviewer noted that after a crawfish boil, the cooler cleaned up extremely well, with no fishy smell left behind.

As with the 40 quart, the 60 quart can be heavy. It weighs in at 30 lbs when empty, filling it up with 3 cases of drinks plus ice could very well make it too heavy to move (unless you have some linebackers with you). Being realistic about its use could make this a top buy.  


  • Holds 72 – 12 oz. cans
  • Can be locked
  • Size allows for multiple sized items and cooling methods
  • Comes in 10 colors
  • Standard Grizzly cooler features


  • Too heavy for long distance manual portability

3.Grizzly 20 Quart

Grizzly 20 Quart Red/Cooler
  • Stainless steel carry handle
  • Non-skid rubber feet

With a 4.3 out of 5 star rating over 43 reviews, the 20 quart seems to be one of the more popular sizes of cooler. The two 20 quart size enables the user to cool two cases of canned beverages and 10 lbs of ice easily.

The 20 quart has molded in heavy duty handles, as well as a stainless steel handle with a foam grip for individual portability. At 16 lbs when empty, the smaller size also allows for this cooler to be carried for longer distances, either by one or two people. The 17” embossed ruler on the lid makes this the perfect size for fishermen to store their catch.   


  • Holds 24 – 12 oz. cans
  • Fits nicely on passenger side floor board of most cars
  • Comes in 10 colors
  • Standard Grizzly features


  • Not tall enough to stack two 12 oz.
  • Cans on top of each other
  • Handle does not lock
  • Rubber feet aren’t adjustable

4.Grizzly 15 Quart

Grizzly 15 Quart Red/Cooler, Red
  • Molded handle with tie down point
  • Non-skid rubber feet

The smallest of the Grizzly’s hard-sided coolers, the 15 quart still has everything the bigger ones have, plus its own benefits. The size enables you to take it from your car to your outdoor adventure easily.

The heavy-duty 2” adjustable shoulder strap with a molded carry handle makes it ideal for one person carrying. With a 4.2 out of 5 average rating over 36 reviews, it is obvious that although small, the capacity is still big enough to make this the perfect overnight or short trip cooler.  


  • Holds up to 20 – 12 oz. cans
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Strap;
  • Easy to secure latches
  • Comfortable to carry even when full
  • Comes in 10 colors
  • Standard Grizzly features


  • Small interior size given large
  • Bulky exterior
  • Size prohibits usage for more than 2-3 days
  • Not big enough to hold taller containers upright.

5.Grizzly 75 Quart

Grizzly 75 Quart Tan/Cooler
  • Dual 2 inch drains
  • Non-skid rubber feet

The last three coolers on the list are almost a class of their own, because their sizes make them more useful as stationary coolers. The 75 Quart weighs 31 lbs when empty, meaning it is almost double the weight of the 15 quart, even before adding items!

The size makes it ideal for leaving in the back of a truck when tailgating or camping, but forget about trying to hike in to a campsite with it.

Overall height top to bottom is 18”, so many taller beverage containers can be stood upright, reducing internal spillage. Three reviewers gave this an average of 4.5 stars, so if you are looking for a sturdy cooler that won’t be moved, this is an excellent choice.


  • Holds up to 80 – 12 oz.
  • molded in heavy duty handles
  • Rope handle with nylon sleeved rubber handle embossed 30″
  • ruler on lid
  • Standard Grizzly features


  • Size even when empty makes carrying prohibitive
  • only comes in two colors.

6.Grizzly 100 Quart

Grizzly 100 Quart Tan/Cooler
  • RotoTough rotationally molded construction
  • Dual 2 inch drain plug for easy, quick draining with full length drain channels for complete draining

Grizzly products are so consistent, there isn’t honestly much to be said about the 100 quart that hasn’t already been discussed. Coming with all of the standard Grizzly features, including the dual 2” drain plug, this cooler is ideal for using as a stationary cooler.

At 38 lbs when empty, its size and sturdiness also allow for it to be an additional seat around the campfire, providing the person sitting on it doesn’t mind getting up repeatedly! If you have a lot of people to feed and keep hydrated, this is the size for you.


  • Holds up 130 – 12 oz. cans
  • Rope handle with nylon sleeved rubber handle
  • Standard Grizzly features


  • Can only be carried short distance even when empty
  • Only comes in two colors

7.Grizzly 165 Quart

Grizzly 165 quart Rotomolded Cooler
  • 165 quart capacity
  • Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty

The Big Daddy of the Grizzly coolers (only the limited availability 400 is bigger), the weight when empty is 62lbs, so this guy isn’t moving anywhere! However, with the capacity to hold just over 6 cases of 12 oz cans as well as 50 lbs of ice, why would you want to be able to move? Have a seat and enjoy all of the standard Grizzly cooler features you have become familiar with.


  • Can hold up to 152 – 12 oz
  • Beverage cans plus 50 lbs of ice
  • Huge capacity for food
  • cooling method for multiple days.


  • Very difficult to carry any distance
  • Only comes in two colors.

Grizzly Coolers

About The Company

Grizzly Coolers CompanyFor 35 years, Grizzly Coolers has produced high quality, sturdy, portable coolers. One of their biggest attractions is that their products are American-made, as everything from concept to production occurs in Decorah, Iowa.

With such long-standing in the marketplace, they know what people want in a cooler, and they know how to make coolers at the top of the line. They also know that having different sized coolers doesn’t have to mean different features.

This is really something that sets them apart, because regardless of the size, you’ll be getting the same quality product.

Standard Features

Grizzly coolers offer many standard features from their smallest 15 quart to their largest 165 quart (NOTE: They do make a whopping 400 quart cooler, but that size is not readily available in online markets.

As a result, it will not be included in this review). Knowing that you aren’t being cheated out of a feature because of the size of the cooler instills more product confidence.

Body and Drainage

Let’s start with their trademarked “RotoTough” rotationally molded construction. This simply means that the body is all in one piece, allowing fewer areas for air to enter the cooler. The rotational molding ensures equal thickness of all walls. When combined with the environmentally friendly insulation, the Grizzly provides unparalleled ice and cold retention (more on that later).

Draining water out of a cooler can be a frustrating experience, and Grizzly addresses that handily. Except for the smallest 15 quart, all of their coolers have a 2” drain plug for quick and easy draining. In addition, the six largest coolers have full length drain channels, and the three largest models have dual drain plugs to speed drainage even more.

Interior and Exterior

Grizzly coolers are measured inside to inside, not to the outer walls like some others. This means that you are getting a true quart capacity, allowing you to store more in the space provided. This can make a big difference once you start adding ice to cool everything.

All models come with a dry goods tray. We have all had that experience of something needing to be refrigerated, but the packaging (and therefore the product) being ruined by touching the ice. This tray alleviates that, while not taking up that much space in the interior.

The lid of a Grizzly cooler has a molded-in hinge with a stainless steel pin, which stands up to even repeated opening and closing. The rubber gasket provides a sturdy seal, and the trademarked BearClaw Latches (which do not require hardware for installation) keep a secure grip. These three aspects work together seamlessly to keep coolness in and hot air out.    

On the exterior, Grizzly coolers come with 2” tiedown slots and non-marking, non-slip rubber feet. These provide more stability. They also all have embossed rulers on the lid, allowing fishermen to check their catch immediately, thereby saving insulation inside the cooler.

Ice and Cold Retention

which are the best Grizzly coolersGrizzly boasts one of the longest ice retention rates in the industry, at an incredible 19 days.

This, of course, is dependent on the size of the cooler and the amount of ice you start with (a 165 quart cooler will hold more ice than a 20 quart, allowing for more ice to stay solid).

Practical testing and consumer reports show an ice-retention rate of 8-10 days, which is still impressive.  

Grizzly coolers go through a rigorous testing process in a 90 degree climate controlled room. Ice levels are monitored twice a day, with increasing frequency as the ice eventually starts to melt.

This testing ensure that your cooler will stay insulated ice will remain solid even on long trips and hot days. Grizzly coolers are also dry ice compatible, giving you more cooling options.

It is important to note that most complaints about the Grizzly coolers revolve around ice retention. It is obvious that the more a cooler is opened and closed, the more chances there are for hot air to seep in.

In addition, if the cooler is too packed with items that there can’t be enough ice added, items will not remain as cool as necessary. Common practice is a 2-to-1 ice to drink ratio for best results.     

Certifications and Warranties

If you are taking your cooler into the wild (and we mean the forest, not the parking lot of the stadium), certification by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) is a must.

The IGBC tests include both the sturdiness of the product and safety for bears (so they don’t ingest toxic materials). All of Grizzly’s coolers are IGBC certified.

As mentioned, all Grizzly coolers are made in the USA and they offer a Lifetime Warranty on their product. Because of the wear and tear that coolers often receive, this makes the Grizzly brand especially attractive.

Individual Comparisons

So, if all of this comes standard on all Grizzly coolers, how do you determine which ones are the best Grizzly coolers?

That becomes a matter of preference, and what the cooler will be used for. Let’s take a look at what makes each cooler unique, and at overall customer satisfaction.

For our purposes, we took the number of reviews on each product into consideration when determining the order of best to “worst.” (NOTE: Price ranges reflect color choice of model; base price is lowest price).

Wrapping It Up

As you can tell by the comparisons, Grizzly is one of the most consistent products out there.

Because of its industry-leading standards, you can be certain that you will be getting a top of the line cooler with the same standard features regardless of what size you need.

So take a look at what you want to use the cooler for, and find the Grizzly that best suits your purpose!

What to Look For When Choosing Polar Bear Coolers

Soft Polar Bear Coolers

Soft Polar Bear CoolersNeed something to keep those drinks cool on hot summer days? Look no further than Polar Bear Coolers in this complete buyers guide of what to look for when choosing Polar Bear Coolers.

With a variety of coolers out there, it is important to look at the quality of materials alongside your intentions for use. Choosing a cooler for the beach may look different from a cooler for hiking which is why this guide will help you decide which is the best for you.

All of the products from Polar Bear have the same longevity when it comes to keeping drinks cold, in addition, there is the same durability with all of the products, so with that in mind, all of the pros and cons will be based on usability.

This is why when choosing a cooler you should always choose a Polar Bear Cooler because no matter which you choose you’ll receive a quality product with the best materials and durability.


Different Types of Polar Coolers

Polar Coolers come in three different lines: Nylon, UV, and Waterproof. Nylon coolers are made with double coated nylon which is consumer safe with perishable items. It has luggage grade double hemmed zippers on the outer shell along with an antimicrobial interior lining.

There is room on the side pocket for a monogrammed logo as well. The UV line has UV resistant nylon on the outer shell along with the same features the Nylon line has.

Finally, there is a waterproof line which also has the features of the other two, but is a waterproof shell. None of the coolers sweat or leak ice!

What to Look For When Purchasing a Polar Cooler

When purchasing a cooler, ask yourself what you will be using it for as well as what weight limit you’re willing to manage. If you are going on a one day trip, a smaller cooler would suffice. If it is an extended camping trip, the larger cooler would suit your needs.

A hike through the woods or mountains would mean the backpack would be the best. All of the coolers available are made with the same materials as in luggage grade outer shell, antimicrobial interior lining, heavy-duty and double hemmed zipper, along with a no-sweat exterior.

Another thing to look for is the price. If this is something you’re going to be using often, splurge on the higher-priced one because you’ll get your money’s worth without a doubt. Regardless all of them are great choices.

Product NameBest Feature
6 Pack Soft CoolerLight weight easily transportable
Polar Bear Cooler 48 PackHolds the most
Polar Bear Cooler 12 PackComes in multiple lines- Nylon, UV, and Waterproof
Polar Bear Cooler 24 PackPerfect size and weight
Polar Bear Cooler 18 Back PackBackpack straps

Number 1 has to be Polar Bear Coolers 6 Pack Soft Cooler

This is the smallest of coolers that Polar Bear makes. The reason for its top five spot is the size. Other than it’s small stature it has great durability with the quality materials used.

With the price sitting at a mere $39.00 this is great if you’re looking to spend a few hours out and want something small, lightweight, and easily transportable. It keeps cold for 24 plus hours in 100 degree weather so while this may be just a little guy, he packs a lot of punch.

There is an anti-Microbial FDA Food-Grade TPU double coated nylon liner. It is consumer safe for perishable storage and it’s the most durable and longest-lasting liner ever built into a soft cooler.

The outer shell is made with luggage grade nylon and all seams are double hemmed, which makes this incredibly sturdy and there is a heavy duty zipper which is rust proof.


  • Small-
  • easily transportable


  • doesn’t fit a lot.

Number 2 on the list is the Polar Bear Cooler 48 Pack

Red Polar Bear Cooler

Similar to its little brother, the Polar Bear Cooler 48 Pack is the largest of the Polar Bear Coolers. It is made with the same materials of Nylon, anti-microbial liner, double hemmed, and rust proof zipper.

This monster holds 48 cans or 36 bottles with 20lbs of ice. It’ll stay cold for over 24 hours in 100 degree heat and comes in the Nylon, UV, and Waterproof line. These range from $100- $238 depending on which line you choose.

The waterproof line holds ice for longer so if you’re going on an extended trip that’ll cause you to brave the elements, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to splurge on the largest cooler.

The reason for its number four spot is the size which could be a determining factor for many people. As it stands, it has a 4.5 star review on Amazon, which is no surprise since it is a quality product.


  • holds the most cans and ice May be too large


  • Will get heavy with ice and drinks

Number 3 is Polar Bear Cooler 12 Pack

Here we have the middle child. Exactly like the other products, this pack is made with the same materials and has the same features as the 6 Pack and the 48 Pack, however he only holds 12 cans, 8 bottles, and 5lbs of ice.

There isn’t anything exceptionally special about this one compared to it’s siblings. It still keeps drinks cold for over 24 hours in 100 degree weather, and has a strap for carrying.

This ranges from $60- $106 depending on the line you go with whether Nylon, UV, or Waterproof. It has a 4.4 out of 5 stars so while it’s a great cooler, it isn’t getting it’s work hung on the fridge because there are other coolers that do better.


  • Great size
  • Great Price


  • No real con

Number 4 has to be the Polar Bear Cooler 24 Pack

This hits the number two spot for its size and quality. Not only does Polar Bear have this in the Nylon line, but it also has a UV resistant and Waterproof line in this size as well, along with all of the other durability and quality materials used with the other products.

What makes this a great pack is the availability to place 24 cans and 18 bottles along with 10lbs of ice. This might not be good for those long hikes, but a stationary camping adventure makes piece of equipment necessary.

Instead of spending more money on ice you can purchase more of those drinks you love. The water resistant line keeps ice for 72 plus hours in 100 degree heat which makes the steep cost of $179.95 worth it!


  • Holds a good amount of drinks Pricey


  • Won’t get too heavy

#5 spot is the Polar Bear Cooler 18 Back Pack

The top spot is awarded to the Polar Bear Cooler 18 Can Back Pack. What makes this the number one is not only the amount of cans and ice that can be housed, but the convenience of the back pack straps which are padded along with a padded backrest support.

It sits at a comfortable $100.00 with five color options, which isn’t terrible for the quality you’re receiving. There is both a nylon and UV product with the only difference being the type of hardware used.

Nylon has heavy-duty hardware while the UV line has all-metal hardware. Regardless which you choose, it holds 18 cans or 12 bottles and 7lbs of ice.

All of your beverages will stay icy cold for 24 plus hours in 100-degree heat. The durability, accessibility, and convenience of the straps make this the number one product you could choose especially for days where you’re up and move.


  • BackPack Straps Size
  • The biggest it comes in is 18 cans.


  • No Cons

Soft Polar Bear Are Very Useful

I am sure many people believe a soft cooler review does not belong in a tactical website. However, I found the soft polar bear coolers to be very useful. Therefore I consider them useful for a tactical fan. 

I hope you enjoyed this buyers guide. If you have any comments or concerns, feel free to drop them bellow.


Best Coleman Coolers Reviewed – Soft & Vintage Edition

Review of the Best Coleman Coolers

Review of the Best Coleman CoolersAre you heading out for weekend camping, the beach, enjoying a picnic or an overnight?

Whatever it may be, you will want one of the coleman coolers to tag alone. Whether it will for keeping your beverages cold and preserving your food. What better way of doing this than using Coleman brand coolers.

When it comes to coolers, it is not enough to simply have one; instead, you need one that is able to retain ice for as long as required.  Coleman coolers are among the most common and popular coolers in the market.

When it comes to Coleman coolers there are a good number of selections that you choose from that is from their prices and sizes. In this review, we will look at the top 8 models that you can go for.

Coleman coolers are known for their durability, their ability to retain ice for longer periods of time, the high-quality products and a reliable manufacturer’s name. You simply cannot go wrong with a Coleman cooler.


Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Cooler


When it comes to coolers, they are mainly made for your outdoor activities. They are not gilded lilies which fall off when you have your cooler exposed to the rain for some time.

Different coolers have different amount of endurance that they are able to endure. For instance the Coleman, which we are reviewing, is well built for your outdoor endeavors.

You will notice a loss in durability in coolers, which are probably less expensive than other coolers due to the quality of material used.

The material used in making a cooler is very vital as it’s the backbone for the durability of your cooler.

When it comes to the hardware and the handles, they are the most probable places where a cooler will betray itself. It is therefore recommended that you check the handles and the hardware before making a purchase.

Its cost

When getting a cooler, everything eventually lead to its price. You ought to balance on what you want and what you are able to afford.

This helps you in getting a cooler that is able to meet your needs and won’t put a hole in your pocket. In case money is no object then you go for any cooler.

In most cases, a portable cooler that goes for $400 can be a stretch; therefore, look for a cooler that is able to meet your budget.

When it comes to the price of a cooler, it is important that you are aware that when it comes to a larger cooler and one that is able to retain ice for of longer time; they cost more than your average cooler.

Its capacity

What are you planning to use your cooler for? In the event that you are to supply cold drinks to a small group of individuals at a tailgate party, then you will require something big for instance the Coleman 70 quart.

In case you will be required to carry a few cold drinks not to forget the hot dogs, to a picnic which is for low key get together; then the Coleman 16 can soft sided cooler is what you need.

Before you decide on a cooler, you need to really think on these lines; as it will determine the kind of cooler that you will be getting. Considering the capacity of your cooler, will help you avoid having an overstock and overstressed shoulder job or a nearly empty cooler.

Smaller coolers are ideal for day trips, but in case you are up for a long trip, then consider bigger coolers such as 48 quarts and above. This is because they have multiple uses and are more versatile.

Ice retention capacity

When it comes to features that a cooler offers; be very keen this is because; the smaller the cooler, the softer and thinner its walls are and the lower the price of your cooler, the shorter its ice retention capability.

In the event that you need a cooler that is able to last for a weekend, go for the more expensive model. This is because such models have a capacity of retaining ice for a longer period of time.

For instance when you go for the shoulder coolers that have rigid walls which pop out; they are not only affordable but convenient to.

In case you are going for them, do not expect them to hold ice for more than 2 to 3 days. Ensure that you are aware of the kind of ice retention that you need before purchasing a cooler.

A Comparison Table of the Best Coleman Coolers

Product NameBest Feature
Coleman 9-Can Soft CoolerThe cooler has a removable hard liner which makes it more versatile and easy to clean
Coleman 16-Can Soft CoolerThe cooler is able to fit 6 tall bottles of soda and still have some space for ice filling.
Coleman Xtreme CoolerThe cooler has an excellent ice retention capability. This is due to its thick insulation and plastic walls that do a great job in retaining ice
Coleman 48-Quart CoolerThere is a drain plug which is leak resistant allowing you to empty the cooler
Coleman Xtreme 50-Quart Wheeled CoolerThe cooler has an extending handle and wheels which makes it easy to transport it around.
Coleman 100qt Wheeled CoolerThe cooler has wheels and tow handle which makes it much easier to transport the cooler especially when it is full and heavy.
Coleman Steel Belted CoolerThe cooler has a stainless steel handles, hinges that are heavy duty; therefore you will not find the handles and latches ripping off.
Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme CoolerOn the opposite end of the wheels there is a tow handle, which allows you to be able to easily pull the cooler instead of carrying it

Our First Pick: Coleman 9-Can Soft Coolerthe best soft coolers

When it comes to the Coleman 9-Cans Cooler, it has a size that is able to fit 9 standard sized aluminum cans. The cooler weighs 1.2 pounds; it has a removable hard liner which makes it more versatile and easy to clean. The cooler has an adjustable shoulder strap, bungees and zippers that offer an extra storage; the cooler also comes in four different colors.

The Coleman 9-Can Soft Coolers has a poor ice retention capability. The cooler was not design to be able to hold large amount of ice. The cooler is suited for ensuring that your lunch or snack stays cool. As mentioned earlier the cooler is able to accommodate 9 cans leaving some space that you can fill with ice, which wouldn’t last for more than a day.

The Coleman 9-Can cooler is small enough to be able to fit in a working refrigerator up to your lunch time hours. With its hard plastic liner, you can be able to utilize the regular ice inside the cooler. In the event that you prefer to use ice substitutes, remove the liner and use the cooler without the presence of the hardliner.

This cooler also has heat welded seams which prevents your cooler from leaking water. This feature is especially vital in case you have packed your cooler using regular ice, as you won’t have water leaking from the cooler. The cooler has a low cost, lower than the average cost of a Coleman brand coolers. This is because of its small size as it costs way less to make it.


  • It has an interior liner that is antimicrobial which keeps the inside of the cooler from smelling
  • There is a removable hard liner which allows you use regular ice with the cooler


  • The cooler is small in size
  • Some users have reported that the cooler keeps their items cold for only three hours
  • The cooler is not the best when it comes to holding ice

Our Second Pick: Coleman 16-Can Soft CoolerEasy to clean cooler

The Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler is able to fit 16 standard sized aluminum cans or in other words, the cooler is able to fit 6 tall bottles of soda and still have some space left. The cooler weighs 2 pounds with a removable hard liner. The cooler is also exceptionally easy to clean with a shoulder strap; it has bungees and zippers for an exterior storage.

The Coleman 16-Can Cooler comes in blue and red colors, some reviewers would prefer addition of more colors. This cooler is great for a lunch of two, for instance a sports outing. The Coleman 16-Cans Cooler is poor in its ice retention. This cooler was not design to be able to store ice for a long period of time. The cooler is only able to keep your drinks cold for a day.

When you compare this cooler with its predecessor, its sleek design, outer grip and the updated handles are a nice addition. When it comes to this model, it has a higher price range online with a low quality make, when you compare with other companies that offer products at the same price range.


  • The cooler is exceptionally easy to clean, it has EZ-Clean top which is able to wipe easily.
  • The cooler has good insulation
  • The cooler has durable integrated lid hinges


  • The cooler is only able to allow 16 cans to fit with spaces for ice
  • The cooler is tight squeeze with an ice pack

Our Third Pick: Coleman Xtreme Coolerthe best ice retention cooler

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler has a size of 28inches by 18nches by 16inches. The cooler is able to fit 100 can or in other words 40pounds of ice.

It weighs 14 pounds, it has cup holders on the lid, drain spout, a versatile size, thick plastic handles, its lid is able to support up to 250 pounds and the cooler comes in three different colors.

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler has an excellent ice retention capability. This is due to its thick insulation and plastic walls that do a great job in retaining ice.

The cooler is able to retain ice for 4 to 5 days, although for day 5 it could be a bit of a stretch for the cooler, it’s dependent on how frequent you opened your lid. Therefore, having day 5 of ice retention is possible when you have ideal conditions.

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler lid is attached to two hinges, which with time it starts to wear out and becomes damaged. The cooler is ideal for your weekend trips, boating, day trips and beach days and so much more.


  • The cooler is excellent when it comes to ice retention
  • The cooler is able to fit up to 100 cans inside it
  • The cooler is able to keep your items cold for 4 to 5 days


  • The cooler does not have a rubber gasket for a tight seal
  • The cooler can be heavy when its full and it does not have wheels to make it easy to transport

Our Fourth Pick: Coleman 48-Quart Cooler– the best affordable cooler

When it comes to the Coleman 48-Quart Cooler it has a size of 48 quarts. It’s able to hold up to 63 cans when it’s stacked. The cooler is tall enough to be able to fit up to 2 liter pop bottles that are at an upright position. The Coleman 48-Quart Cooler has a weight of 8 pounds.

The cooler has an average ice retention capability, its insulation is not the greatest, and its plastic insulation is not that thick especially when you compare it with Yeti.

When it comes to this cooler, you will be able to still have your drinks cold for a day at the beach with the cooler under the sun. In case you want to use it for an overnight, you will notice a lot of ice loss.

The cooler has some of the following features such as; versatile size, lid that is able to close tightly, presence of a drain spout.

The cooler is available in different colors blue or red and the cooler is also quite affordable. When it comes to the  Coleman 48-Quart Cooler it is great for an overnight trip, picnics, thawing meat, beach days and hosting of parties.


  • There is a drain plug which is leak resistant allowing you to empty the cooler
  • The cooler is able to retain ice for up to three days
  • The lid is hinged therefore allowing you to open and close the cooler with ease
  • The cooler is made with eco-friendly manufacturing process, which reduces carbon monoxide emissions from manufacturing foam.


  • The cooler has thin plastic walls which is not great for ice retention
  • Its handle sand hinges are weakly attached
  • The cooler does not have a lid gasket

Our Fifth Pick:  Coleman Xtreme 50-Quart Wheeled Coolerbest wheeled cooler

The Coleman Xtreme 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler is 23inches by 18inchs and 18inches. It’s able to hold up to 84 cans and has a weight of 11 pounds. The cooler has an extending handle and wheels which makes it easy to move it around.

Its lid is able to support up to 250 pounds of weight, it also has cup holders on its lid. Its lid hinge and attachment is better than that of the 70-quart model. The cooler has a versatile size; it’s excellent for an overnight, beach or camping getaway.

The Coleman Xtreme cooler has an excellent ice retention capability; it’s able to keep your goods cold for 4 to 5 days. Its plastic walls and thick insulation does a great job in retaining ice. Its lid is firmly attached; you will therefore not have any issues with the lid.


  • The cooler has wheels enabling you to pull it from behind as you move, this eases transportation
  • The cooler has a capacity of 50 quarts and 84 beverage cans, this shows that it has a lot of room.
  • The cooler has 4 cup holders mounted on its lid, giving you a place to rest your drink.
  • Its lid is insulated allowing the cooler to retain its ice for 5 days
  • It has a telescoping handle which makes it easy for you pull the cooler around


  • This cooler can be a bit small for some families
  • It doesn’t have a rubber gasket
  • Some users have had issues of the wheels breaking off when pulling the cooler
  • Sand can be able to get into the wheels, it is therefore essential that that you wash it after use.

Our Sixth Pick: Coleman 100qt Wheeled cooler– the best wheeled and affordable cooler

The Coleman 100qt Wheeled Cooler has a size of 36inches by 17inches and 16inches. It’s able to fit 160 cans; its weight is 18pounds and is able to contain 100 quarts.

The cooler has wheels and tow handle which makes it much easier to transport the cooler especially when it is full and heavy.

Its lid is able to support up to 250 pounds, the cup holder that is on the lid is also quite affordable. This cooler is great for a weekend getaway, you can be able to use it for long trips, parties, entertainment and big family gatherings just to mention a few.

The Coleman 100qt Wheeled Cooler has an excellent ice retention capacity, its insulation being very good. With this cooler you can have up to 4 days of ice retention, in case you have good weather conditions its ice retention capacity can go for more days.


  • The cooler is exceptionally easy to use
  • It has hefty hinges
  • The cooler is able to hold ice for 5 days
  • It’s the Best Buy Award winning cooler
  • The cooler is available in different sizes


  • Presence of plastic lid hinges which are not the best quality
  • The cooler does not have a rubber lid gasket
  • Other reviewers noted that its handles are not that comfortable

Our Seventh Pick: Coleman Steel Belted Coolerbest day trip cooler with stainless steel

When it comes to the Coleman Steel Belted Cooler, its size is 16inches by 24inches and 24 inches. It is tall enough to be able to hold 2liter bottles in an upright position. The cooler has a can capacity of 85 with a weight of 18 pounds.

When it comes to ice retention of this cooler, it is good but it is recommended to be used for day trips and not overnights. This is because; the cooler is able to keep your goods cold for 36 hours, making it go for more than 48 hours  will be pushing hard the capability of the cooler.

With its old fashioned style, the Coleman Steel Belted Cooler looks great. The cooler is available in 6 additional colors which includes; red, stainless steel and black. The cooler has a stainless steel handles, hinges that are heavy duty; therefore you will not find the handles and latches ripping off. The cooler also has an in-built bottle opener which is just excellent.

The Coleman Steel Belted Cooler also has a 6 year limited warranty, making it a great choice for your money.


  • The cooler has a great look due to its old fashion design
  • The cooler is available in different colors
  • The cooler has a 6 year warranty
  • Its hinges and stainless steel handles are heavy duty, therefore they do not easily rip off
  • The cooler has an in-built bottle opener


  • The cooler is heavy in its weight as it weighs 18 pounds
  • The cooler does not have a rubber lid gasket

Our Eighth Pick: Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme Cooler– the best wheeled for any terrain cooler

When it comes to the Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme Cooler, it is the perfect cooler for a large family or friends outings. This cooler has the capability of storing ice for up to 5 days at temperatures of 90F. With this feature, you do not need to worry about your beverages or food getting warm.

This cooler has wheels which makes it easy for you to transport your cooler form one place to another. The wheels of the cooler are of all terrain, with the wheels you do not have to carry your cooler instead you can simply pull it behind you. The wheels also allow you to transport the cooler when you have filled it to its capacity.

On the opposite end of the wheels there is a tow handle which allows you to be able to easily pull the cooler instead of carrying it.  

This is being considerate to the user of the cooler especially when it’s full to its capacity. When it comes to this cooler, you ought to be ready to pay more than the average cost of a cooler.

Its high price rate is justified by the presence of wheels, its superior insulation and its large capacity which make this cooler to be a premium product.


  • The cooler has a large capacity that allows it to hold up to 85 cans with spaces filled with ice.
  • The wheels of the cooler are made from a hard  plastic, which makes the cooler traverse all terrain without having to brake
  • The cooler is able to retain ice for up to 5 days at temperatures of 90F making it  ideal for the summer season
  • Its lid has slots that are for holding up of 4 drinks securely and maintaining them cold
  • The cooler has a tow handle that you can use to pull the cooler behind you


  • Some reviewers have reported that its drain plug leaks water creating a mess
  • Other reviewers have reported that the cooler is not able to retain ice for as long as it’s advertised.


The review above is to help you in deciding which Coleman cooler is best for you. When it comes to Coleman coolers they speak for themselves and are among the best coolers available in the market.

In the event that you are going for a long excursion such as camping, the Coleman Xtreme coolers will be more appropriate for you. This is because; the coolers guarantee that you will have cold drinks and your food preserved throughout your excursion.

Coleman Xtreme coolers also give you an easier time in transportation with their wheels. It is essential that you have in mind that these coolers are best for overnights or day trips and are not easy to carry around.

This review also deals with factors that you ought to consider before purchasing a cooler, for instance its durability, ice retention and cost among others. Be sure to look at this factors be for you get yourself a cooler.

Best ORCA Coolers With Wheels – Top Ice Retention Coolers

Best ORCA Coolers

ORCA Coolers With WheelsThe global camping cooler market has skyrocketed over the past few years. In 2017, it was valued at USD 621.8 million, and it is expected to continue climbing. OCRA Coolers were are market leaders. 

However, with so many manufacturers competing for your dollars, how do you find the best coolers?

ORCA (Outdoor Recreation Company of America) was established in 2012, and they have been giving better-known companies a serious run for their money ever since.

We’re going to tell you the best ORCA coolers on the market, and why you should choose them. But first, just a few reminders of what to look for in a cooler.

The Top OCRA Coolers On The Market 

Product NameBest FeatureModel
ORCA 75 quart (Extendable flex grip handles for solo or dual carryingORCG075
ORCA 40 Quart CoolerrGreat capacity that still doesn’t make it too heavy.TP0400
ORCA 20 Quart CoolerPersonalization OptionsORCBK/BK020-P
ORCA 58 Quart Cooler
More portable than the 75 Quart,
ORCA Pod Backpack CoolerLight, easy backpack transportORCPODBL
ORCA 140 Quart CoolerLarge capacity for multiple usesORCW140
ORCA 26 Quart CoolerPortabilityORCCR/WH026
ORCA Podster Lightweight, can still carry a good amountORCPDSTRRTM5

Our Top Pick: ORCA 75 Quart Cooler – The Largest Cooler Yet

This is by far the highest rated ORCA cooler on Amazon. With a combined 4 and 5 star rating of 95%, and zero 1-star ratings, it is obvious that this is the ORCA cooler of choice.  The best feature on this cooler is the extendable flex grip handles. Many Large Coolers like RTIC Coolers, do not offer this feature. 

This means it can be easily carried by one or two people. Reviewers especially liked the firm gasket, and the cargo net attachment for added storage. The only negative is there were reports of the lid being warped, thereby negating the gasket seal. With over 10 colors to choose from, there is something for every style.


  • Lid gasket for perfect seal
  • Extendable flex grip handles for comfortable solo or tandem portage
  • cargo net attachment for added storage
  • Holds roughly 63 12oz cans or 96 pounds of ice (or combo of two accordingly)


  • Reports of lids being warped
  • 96 lbs of anything can be heavy to carry if moving the cooler long distances.  

Our 2nd Pick: ORCA 40 Quart Cooler – Padded Carrying Handles 

This cooler runs a very close second to the 75 quart cooler, with a combined 4 and 5 star rating of 92%.  Comes in the same colors as the 75 quart, although you can special order coolers of this size with your favorite NFL, MLB or NHL team logo on the cover. Padded carrying handles make it easier to carry, and with the same ice retention and other features, this could be the perfect size for whatever your needs may be.


  • ORCA standard lid gasket
  • sturdily built
  • flex grip handles for easier carrying
  • cargo net attachment for extra storage
  • ORCA standard ice/cold retention.


  • Reports of it being too heavy even before ice or drinks are added.

Our 3rd Pick: ORCA 20 Quart Cooler – Customized Coolers – Sports Teams Edition

The ratings are not as high on this cooler, with a combined 4 and 5 star of 87%, but that is largely due to the sheer number of reviews. This cooler is still popular, as it can hold roughly 24 cans making it a perfect size for a simple party cooler.

In addition, this size has the most personalization options. Aside from coming in the standard colors, the 20 Quart also comes with the logos of your favorite NCAA, NFL, MLB, or NHL team on the lid, as well as other team colors.

This size also has a special “First Responders” line.


  • Best ratio of storage amount to portability
  • most personalization options.


  • Top handle not as strong as side handles of larger ORCA coolers


Our 4th Pick: ORCA 58 Quart Cooler – Easy Drainage Cooler 

With a combined 4 and 5 star rating of 80%, we see that ORCA coolers are fairly consistent no matter what size you choose. As with the 75 Quart, the 58 comes with the extendable flex-grip handles.

The easy flow drainage spout (standard in all ORCA coolers) also makes draining melted ice more efficient, as there is no need to open the lid to do so.  Comes in the same standard colors as the others.


  • Excellent ice retention; easy to carry handles


  • Can get heavy when fully loaded; not ideal for long transport

Our 5th Pick: ORCA Pod Backpack Cooler – The Backpack Style Cooler 

This is the smaller of the two “backpack style” coolers that ORCA has to offer. With a combined 4 and 5 star rating of 80%, it has the same approval as the bigger 58 Quart (see number 4) and the 140 Quart (see number 6).

It has a maximum load of 59.5 lbs, which is pretty heavy if you’re going to be carrying it on your back. But, if you are hiking in to an overnight campsite, this is a good alternative to dragging or carrying a larger cooler all of the way.

The padded shoulder straps provide cushion, and the compact design is less bulky than other backpack coolers. Because it is not made of hard material, there have been reports of it leaking, but on a hot day, that extra water might not feel too bad!


  • Decent load weight
  • compact design
  • Small enough to meet TSA carry on standards if needed for transporting refrigerated medicine (check with airlines before using as such)


  • Material allows for leakage
  • Not big enough for more than a day trip.  

Our 6th Pick: ORCA 140 Quart Cooler – Can Hold 5 Cases of Beverage 

Here we have another cooler with a combined 4 and 5 star rating of 80%. This is the grand-daddy of all ORCA coolers. The large size makes it ideal for house parties or tailgates (providing you leave it in the back of the truck!) With the ability to hold nearly 5 cases of beverages, you won’t need anything else for your drinks.

Obviously the larger size makes it somewhat impractical for camping or activities that require mobility, unless you can park at your campsite. It would certainly be ideal as an outdoor refrigerator for a multi-day camping trip.


  • Large storage capacity; extendable flex-grip handles; good for outdoor kitchen usage
  • Cargo net for additional storage


  • When filled
  • Could be too heavy for portability
  • Reports of lids warping

Our 7th Pick: ORCA 26 Quart Cooler – XL Hunting Cooler

With a combined 4 and 5 star rating of 74%, this is the least popular of ORCA’s hard-sided coolers, but there is still plenty to like. Standard in ORCA coolers, you still get the lid gasket that ensures a perfect seal, and you also get the 10 day ice/cold retention.

The 26 Quart comes with a single flex-grip stainless steel handle, making it easy for one person to carry. In fact, portability is one of the biggest benefits of this size cooler.

 Another benefit is just like the 20 quart, you can get the 26 in team colors or with NCAA team logos on the lid. This is the perfect size for a BYOB gathering.


  •  Easily portable even when filled with ice and drinks
  • Compact style allows for consolidated cooling
  • keeping ice frozen even in 90+ degree outside temperature


  • Lacking mid secure point to make strapping down easier
  • Some reports of faulty handle when cooler is fully loaded.

8. ORCA Podster (28.5 lbs – 14.25 Quart )

With a combined 4 and 5 star rating of 73%, this one comes in last when compared to other ORCA coolers. To be fair though, this cooler, along with the Pod (see number 5) are unique to the line.

The ORCA Podster is the smallest portable coolers that ORCA offers. With a maximum weight of 28.5 lbs, this cooler is compact, but can still hold enough food and drinks for a day.

Its stylish design makes it an attractive addition to camping gear, and multiple handles give you many options for carrying.

If you are looking to use it on a longer hike, 28 lbs can feel a lot heavier in the 4th mile than the 1st.

The shape can also limit what types of icepacks you use for cooling. But overall, this isn’t a bad choice for a backpack cooler.


  • Stylish design
  • compact but plenty of room
  • multiple handles for varied carrying
  • padded shoulder straps
  • water and leak proof
  • unique flip top eliminates zipper abrasion


  • Can get heavy when fully loaded
  • size limits what you can carry
  • shape may prohibit types of ice packs that can be used.

What To Look For When Purchasing OCRA Cooler?

Cold and Ice Retention

This is obviously the first thing you want to look for in a beverage cooler. What is the point of buying one that won’t keep your drinks cool, or allows ice to melt too quickly?

Beware: there are several reviews out there that complain about coolers not having enough cold retention.

Air is the enemy of ice; if you are opening and closing the cooler a lot, of course, the ice is going to melt faster.

However, if you are going to be keeping items for a longer period of time (i.e. refrigerated items on a camping trip), your cold retention will remain higher.

Know the difference between ice retention and cold retention. How long will ice stay in the cooler before melting? After it has melted, does the cooler maintain a cold temperature, or does it warm faster?


Whether you are taking your cooler to the ballpark or on a rugged camping trip, you want to have one that will withstand both the elements and everyday wear and tear. Heavy duty, weather-proof materials are best, but you have to be careful to find ones that do not make the cooler too heavy to carry.

That is another thing to consider: what will you be using it for? If you are camping, you’ll want something that has good storage, but is portable. Smaller coolers are better for tailgating and/or hiking. There are other factors that are cosmetic: how many colors does it come in, can it be personalized, and (of course) price point.

It seems like a lot to consider, but fortunately, ORCA has products that fit any need you may have for a cooler, so now let’s take a closer look at them.

Materials and Composition

ORCA coolers are made of roto-molded polyethylene. This simply means that the cooler shell is one continuous piece, so there are fewer (if any) pockets for air to get in. The walls and lid also have roughly the same thickness, which aids in cold retention.

All ORCA coolers also have a heavy duty gasket between the lid and the walls that give the cooler an extra seal of protection, stopping air from getting in. The clasps on the coolers close tightly, really locking that seal and keeping the hot air out.

Ice and Cold Retention

As mentioned above, 10 days of ice retention seems like a dream, and we are going to be realistic about it. It is obvious that the more ice you can put in a cooler, the longer the ice will stay frozen.

Likewise, if you are going to be doing fall camping, and the outside temperature is going to be in the 60s, you are going to have better ice retention than a cooler sitting in 95 degree heat at a baseball game.

You also want to ensure that you have the proper ice-to-drink ratio. If you fill your cooler with drinks, but do not leave enough room for ice, you aren’t going to be keeping those drinks very cool. ORCA recommends a 2:1 ice-to-drink ratio for optimal cooling and retention.

Lastly, the number of times the lid is opened will have a direct impact on how long your cooler stays cool. Opening it multiple times for beverages? You are going to lose the cold faster. Leaving it mostly closed as an outdoor refrigerator will retain the cold for much longer.

So if all of ORCA’s coolers have the same features, how do you can you tell which one is best? Read on to see our analysis.

OCRA VS Yeti Coolers

First off, one of the most attractive aspects of ORCA for many buyers is that they are based in Nashville, TN and their products are American-made.

ORCA produces hard-sided coolers that come in six different sizes, from 20 quart up to 140 quart.  OCRA offers two different smaller, backpack sized coolers that are perfect for a day hike.

All of ORCA’s coolers boast the same high ice and cold retention rates. In the best settings, ORCA coolers can retain ice for up to 10 days. This may seem impossible, but let’s look at a few things that actually make it possible.

So there you have it, the best ORCA coolers you can buy! As you can tell from the comparisons, there is a lot to like about ORCA coolers. All of the hard-sided coolers offer the same general features, and then it becomes a matter of preference.

Ultimately, your choice should be based on what you will be using the cooler for; once you decide that, you will be able to figure out the best size for your needs.


The 10 Best K2 Coolers of 2019 – Ice Coolers Experts

K2 coolers review

Best K2 Coolers Are you looking for a cooler with real value for your money and is able to keep items really cold? Well then the K2 cooler is what you need.

When it comes to K2 coolers, they are roto-molded which means that these coolers have the same design. With their even cuts they ensure that you have better quality and a higher rate of ice retention.

The K2 coolers are hard-sided coolers which have the “summit” series as their main and only line. The cooler also has eight different sizes that you can be able to choose from.

In case you are looking for a tough and long-lasting ice chest, then the K2 coolers are ideal for you as they are able to handle outdoor rigors.

When it comes to the K2 coolers, you can be able to get a cooler that is your exact size and different color options that you choose from.

The cooler also allows you to be able to access all the top features that you can have for half the price of a Yeti cooler. In this review, we are going to look at the K2 summit cooler line, that you can go for.

When it comes to purchasing the best’s cooler for yourself, there are factors that you need to consider before purchasing one. We are going to look at some of the factors to consider.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cooler

Product Name
K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler (
K2 Summit 70 Cooler
K2 Summit 60 Cooler Wheeled Series
K2 Coolers Summit 50 Series
K2 Coolers Summit 60 Series Cooler


It is very essential that you put into considerations how rugged the outdoors of your cooler is. Check its handles, lids, hinges and the walls. When looking at its durability, you need to choose between a traditional or a high-end cooler.

The two coolers differ in the material used in their make and their design also. The high-end models are much stronger than the regular coolers; the cooler has UV resistant plastic and the pin style hinges. With the hinge style, your cooler parts are able to remain intact for a long time. Not to forget its lids and walls, they are very rigid giving you a well-built exterior.

For the traditional coolers, they are less durable as they are made of plastic, with screw on plastic hinges and weaker lids and walls.

Cooling Performance

When it comes to coolers, their main function is to cool. A good cooler has UV-insulated materials, with thick inner and outer walls. You should also consider its capabilities of putting in dry ice. Go for a cooler that has premium ice retention capabilities, this is because it will allow you to keep ice for 5 to 7 days instead of 1 to 2 days that ordinary coolers offer.


When you buying a cooler always check its price, this is to ensure that you get the best cooler there is for your dollar. For instance consider whether K2 is more costly than other coolers on the market; you also check the price so that you purchase a cooler that is within your budget.

Size and Capacity

Before going and getting a cooler, consider the size of the cooler that you prefer. That is how big or small do you want it; for instance, if you need one for going fishing alone, the K2 summit 20 series cooler will be ideal for you. The K2 summit 70 series, on the other hand, is more appropriate if you are going out as a family.

Ensure that you know your needs or how much items you will want to fit into the cooler. The size of your cooler is dependent on the number of individuals you are packing for and how long your expedition will last. The size of your cooler affects its insulation performance and portability.

Insulation Capability

When it comes to coolers, they do an excellent job of keeping ice cold. The thick insulated wall which is attached through the roto-molded insulation does a good job. This is because it’s able to keep warm air out and cold air in.

The effective lid, clamp and hinge mechanism together with the airtight gasket are able to keep the exit point which is the lid in check. Your ice chest can remain cold for 6 to 8 days; this is dependent on how frequent you open it, your environment and the size of your cooler.

The capability of a cooler to keep things cold for a longer period is quite exceptional; as it will even allow it to compete with the best coolers in the market.


Coolers are among one of the heaviest things that you will need to carry for your journey, consequently, its portability is very essential. A smaller cooler is much easy to carry when compared to a larger one.

Check the handles of the cooler in order to ascertain its portability and comfort when using it. If you are going for a large cooler, go for one with durable wheels in order to have it easy in its transportation.

Our First Pick: K2 Coolers Summit 20 Coolerthe best small size cooler.

Are you probably going fishing alone? The K2 Summit 20 Cooler is what you need.  They are ideal for paddle boarding or even out on a golf cart. The compact cooler is exceptionally easy to bring along; this is due to its lightweight design as it weighs 14 pounds when empty. The cooler also comes with a shoulder strap which makes carrying it a lot easier.

Despite its small size the K2 Summit 20 cooler; is capable of accommodating extra items in the event that you have company. This cooler is ideal for your beers.  The cooler’s overall height is 19.9 inches by 12.625 inches and 15.3inches, giving you enough space when you are going out. Its internal capacity that is usable is 12.9inches by 9.25inches and 12.125inches.

The K2 Summit 20 cooler is available in three colors that are; duck boat green, glacier white and steel gray. The model goes for an average cost of $150 to $170 which is $135 less than Yeti Tundra 20.


  • It’s shoulder strap enhances comfort
  • Has an excellent design
  • It’s very light in weight


  • The cooler is quite bulky
  • The cooler is not able to cool for a longer time when you compare it to the large coolers.


Our Second Pick: K2 Summit 70 Coolerthe best cooler overall

When it comes to the K2 Summit 70 cooler, it is able to keep your drinks cold just the way you like it. This is made possible with its superior ice retention feature. The cooler is able to store a lot of items and beverages for your entire family due to its large rectangular build. This is one of the most ideal coolers that you can use if you are going out as a family.

Note that this is one of the largest cooler that K2 cooler’s has to offer; its capacity holding is 49 to 12-ounce cans. The cooler is 33.875inches by 17 inches and 18inches tall on the outside. The inside of the cooler is 27inches by 12.25inches and 14.125inches tall. The cooler has a weight of 32lbs. when it is empty.

The K2 Summit 70 series cooler comes in three different colors; the steel gray, glacier white and duck boat green. The cooler’s price ranges from $360 to $390; this costs less than the Yeti Tundra 65-quart which goes for $520.


  • It’s able to keep your food and beverages cold for a longer period of time
  • It’s ideal for family use


  • Its lid is subject to scratching
  • The cooler has some durability issues with the drain plug



Our Third Pick: K2 Summit 60 Cooler Wheeled Seriesbest wheeled cooler

The K2 Summit 60 cooler has a lot more options on how you can carry it. The Summit 60 series comes with wheels, which enhances portability as you won’t have to carry it.  Its handles are quite durable and the cooler also comes with a removable axle for more flexibility.

The cooler is a 60 quart cooler which has a traditional size design.  Its design composes of two inset heavy duty oversized wheels on one of its ends; a swing up pull handle on the other end. On the wheeled end of your cooler, there is another handle at the end which can be used as a pull or carry option.

The cooler has a rate of 44 to 12 ounce cans; its exterior size is 31.5inches by 17.375inches and 16.9inches tall. Its fill line is 11.9inches with an interior size of 24.625inches by 12.25inches and 11.9inches; the cooler’s weight when empty is 33lbs.

The price of the Summit 60 wheeled cooler is under $425, this is a great deal when you compare it with $520 of the Yeti Tundra 65 quart, which has no wheels for pulling.




  • The cooler has a superior ice retention capabilities
  • The cooler comes with wheel and handles for convenience
  • The cooler also has removable axle which adds to its flexibility


  • It could have featured rope handles instead
  • The wheels could be prone to detachment as the material is quite light.


Our Fourth Pick: K2 Coolers Summit 50 Seriesthe best looking cooler.

The K2 Coolers Summit 50 is quite attractive with an appearance of a treasure trove with jewelry inside. The cooler has a capacity of being able to fit more than 30 cans. With its sleek brown design, the cooler has an appealing aesthetic look. This cooler does not only have great looks but it also has an excellent cooling performance.

The cooler weighs 26 pounds when empty; its measurements are 29.25inches by 17inches and 16.4inches, the cooler goes for $265.99


  • The material utilized in its exterior design is durable and strong
  • The cooler has a limited edition color with an appealing design


  • Its drain plug leaks a bit
  • The cooler is quite difficult when you are carrying it, its handles are also a challenge and they do not come with a shoulder strap.


Our Fifth Pick: K2 Coolers Summit 60 Series Coolerpreferred choice than the longer style coolers

The K2 Summit 60 Series cooler have a different design compared to other coolers. They tend to have a more of a square shape; they are an excellent choice in case the longer style cooler does not fit into your cargo space.  It has a capacity of 44 cans and a weight of 30 pounds when it’s empty.

The Summit 60 series external measurement of the cooler are; 23.4inches by 21.5inches and 19.25inches. Their internal measurements are 16.5inches by 17.13inches and 15.375 with a fill line of 13.875. The cooler goes for $359.




  • It has a 1 piece roto-molded construction for maximum toughness and durability
  • It’s made of food grade materials that is the DryIce compatible and UV resistant


  • It’s a bit costly



When it comes to the K2 hard sided coolers the company stands with its coolers, this is seen by its 7 years warranty. This is therefore among the longest warranties available in the market making it an ideal long term investment. The K2 coolers are exceptional especially with their ice retention capability.

It is also important to note that they are quite affordable especially when you compare them with Yeti coolers. With the review above, you can be able to decide on which cooler suits your needs. Before you actually purchase one ensure that consider the factors such as durability, cost and portability just to mention a few.


RTIC Cooler Review – 10 Best Soft & Hard Coolers Tested

RTIC cooler review

RTIC cooler reviewAny outdoorsmen know the importance of a good cooler. In this article, we attempted to identify the best RTIC coolers among 100’s of coolers.

When it comes to RTIC coolers, they are made for your outdoor and camping needs.

RTIC coolers are what you need by your side. One of the best features of RTIC coolers is that they are over-built but not overpriced.

Are you heading to an unfamiliar terrain? Or going to an extended trip?


What To Look For When Buying A Cooler?


When it comes to the durability of your cooler, it is very vital especially if you are going for road trips or extreme adventures. Do not look for a cooler that is only able to sustain the pressure of camping as it poses minimal issues to your cooler.

You cannot be in a place of testing the ruggedness and structure of your cooler when you are on a smooth road.

In the event that you’re trailing on harsh terrains or off roads, it is essential that you’re cooler is able to resist damage-causing elements and shock.

When it comes to the durability of coolers, you will notice most high ends companies design their coolers to have the ability to withstand abuses.

Such coolers come with walls, lids and pin type hinges, making the coolers reliable and rigid. Ensure that your cooler also has a latching mechanism that is tough to a particular extent.

The durability of a cooler is also measured by the presence of drain lugs, large handles and other types of seals.

Ensure that its structure is made of heavy-duty plastic, which is resistant to UV rays and impermeable to any form of harmful element present. A majority of old schooled coolers are cheaper in price but they are not able to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions.

Storage Size

Another aspect to consider while purchasing your cooler is its storage capacity. Coolers capacity today is being rated in quarts, making it easy for you to know its size. When it comes to the size of your cooler, the bigger number shows a larger cooler.

Go for a cooler whose size is able to meet your preference and be able to accommodate your requirements.

In the event, you travel alone in most cases a cooler that is 25 quarts is ideal for you. This is because the cooler is able to handle drinks for one or two individuals.

For coolers that are 40 to 45 quarts, they are great for two to four individuals. You can go for 70 to 100 quarts coolers, which are ideal for a large number of people such as a family or friends outing.

Keep in mind that large coolers are not moveable. This is because they are heavy and quite bulky to carry. You will, therefore, require a lot of muscles for you to be able to carry them. You will also require large trucks or vehicles in order for you to transport them.


Whether you are going for RTIC, Yeti or K2 coolers just to mention a few, it is vital that you forgo a cooler that has optimum insulation capability.

This is important as a cooler ought to keep your drinks and food cold. Hence, ensure that you check and inspect the insulation property of your cooler.

In case you are planning to go for a short trip; an ordinary cooler is fine. These coolers have thin layers of insulation which is capable of keeping your ice cold and in a solid-state for hours, even for an overnight.

However if you are going for long trips, a high-end cooler, for instance, RTIC coolers will be more suitable.

The high-end cooler is capable of keeping your ice-cold for 5 to 10 days. Making your investment in them is advisable as the coolers are able to keep your raw ingredients fresh for a longer period of time. It’s recommended to use dry ice in the event that you are going for a long trip.

When it comes to dry ice they have a long and high melting point. Dry ice has an average temperature of -109.3 F; it’s able to make your cooler an instant freezer.

It is important that you keep in mind, the low temperatures of dry ice are able to cause thermal stress. It is therefore recommended to go for the rugged high-end coolers.


rtic 45 cooler reviewWhen it comes to coolers they are made of; plastic, metal, Styrofoam or fabric. In case you are looking for a cooler to invest in, the Styrofoam cooler should be out of your list.

Metal coolers are heavy, more expensive and can at times be less durable; they are also very well insulated.

Plastic coolers, on the other hand, are also durable and are the most popular coolers available in the market. For the fabric coolers, they are made from canvas type of synthetic material.

The cooler is insulated with flexible foam and design to be able to accommodate few items. When it comes to the make of coolers, plastic coolers are usually recommended; always to go for s cooler that is well constructed.

Before you purchase the cooler of your choice, lift the cooler and knock its exterior. This is done to check if the cooler is well insulated or if it’s hollow. The more insulated your cooler is the longer it will be able to retain your ice.

Check the lid of the cooler by tapping on it, open and close it to ensure that it’s properly insulated and it has seals that are tight. Go for a cooler that has metal hinges as this shows the solid construction that your cooler has.

Ice Retention

The ice retention capability of your cooler is very vital; this is because it enables you to be able to go for a day or night outing.  In most cases the smaller your cooler is the thinner and softer its walls are. This consequently makes your cooler have a shorter ice retention capability.

Are you looking for a cooler for your weekend excursion? A more expensive model would be ideal for you other than a cheaper model, as a cheaper model will have a lower ice retention capability.

Know the kind of ice retention that you require from your cooler before getting one. That is, is it for day, 4 to 5 days or even for a week?

As a buyer you want to go for a cooler that has a higher ice retention capability, this will cost you a bit more but it is worth it.


In simple terms, a cooler that is filled with ice serves as a mobile refrigerator. It is therefore very vital that you consider portability when it comes to coolers.

Smaller or lighter cooler are considerably more portable; although a coolers weight should not prevent you from getting the cooler as its weight makes the cooler have a better insulation property; thus being able to keep ice for a longer period of time.

With the fact that large coolers tend to be cumbersome, manufacturers are ensuring to have them less cumbersome.

Therefore, making large coolers have handles and wheels which makes them quite easy to transport around.

The portability of your cooler is also dependent of the need of your cooler; do not let your cooler slow you down.


It is vital that you go for a cooler that you are able to afford; go for one that is within your budget as you do not want to end up overspending.

Get the best cooler there is for your dollar; for instance you can go for RTIC coolers instead of the more expensive Yeti coolers.

Go for coolers that are not quite costly irrespective of their features, this is mainly due to the fact that every item is prone to failure  that you may not see coming. Purchase a product that justifies its cost and will not put a hole into your pocket.


Why Get An RTIC Cooler?

When you compare the price of an RTIC cooler, they are less expensive by half when you compare it to a Yeti cooler. This feature does not mean in any way that Yeti coolers are shabby as it has exceptional features and quality.

RTIC coolers are an excellent combination of good pricing, excellent features, and exceptional performance. The coolers are available in different colors, specifications, and sizes. The RTIC brand ensures that you get good quality coolers despite the kind of RTIC cooler you get.

RTIC coolers are manufactured in China by a company owned by two brothers; that is John and Jim Jacobsen. You can be able to purchase your cooler from Amazon, the company or other online stores.

RTIC coolers is dependent on the kind of cooler that you have for instance; the hard and soft-sided coolers have a one year warranty, for stainless steel and day coolers they have a warranty of 90 days.


10 Best RTIC Coolers

Product NameBest Feature
RTIC Cooler (RTIC 20)The cooler has a rotomolded construction which gives the cooler its durability and ruggedness.
RTIC Cooler (RTIC 45)The cooler has shock defense and an excellent impact resistance, which is great in preventing damages due to accidental blows and drops.
RTIC Cooler (RTIC 65)This cooler has multiple ergonomic features which makes it ideal for your outdoor adventures.
RTIC Cooler (RTIC 110)It has an impact resistance, long lasting ice retention capability and it’s durable.
RTIC Cooler (RTIC 145)This cooler is mostly used as  an ultimate back up refrigerator
RTIC Soft Pack 20It’s leak proof properties; doesn’t allow seeping out of water even in the event that you move energetically.
RTIC Day CoolerThe RTIC Day Cooler is design in a way to be able to perfectly balance, allowing it to distribute its weight on your upper body equally
Soft Pack 8 coolerIts insulation of 2 inches of closed cell foam, makes the cooler retain ice for up to 5 days
RTIC 30 Soft Pak Soft Sided Cooler BagThe cooler is able to keep your drinks and food cool for up to 5 days without any pre-chilling.
RTIC 40 Soft Pak CoolerIts interior has an anti-microbial water proof liner which is able to protect your bag cooler from mildew formation

1. RTIC Cooler (RTIC 20) The Best Budget-Friendly Cooler

Budget Friendly RTIC Cooler

When you need a cooler for a simple yet practical application, this RTIC cooler is what you need. It goes at an affordable price its quality not depreciated.

You can be able to use the RTIC 20 for your outdoor activities such as; fishing, hunting, and camping. The cooler is exceptionally light in its weight as it can be lifted by an individual.

The cooler is able to accommodate 24 cans and a fill-up of ice; it’s also able to handle a good volume of raw ingredients, drinks, and food.

The RTIC 20 is the perfect cooler for your day to day activities due to its simplicity and compactness. The cooler has an excellent ice retention capability due to its good temperature retention.

This cooler has a handle that is of industrial grade stainless steel; the handle can be locked at an upright position to allow a one handle lifting.

The cooler also has a rotomolded construction which gives the cooler its durability and ruggedness. It’s also resistant to bear scratches and heavy impacts.

RTIC 20 cooler has a capacity of 24 cans or 22 quarts, 5.5 gallons. The cooler has a weight of 17.5pounds; its interior measurement being; 13.75inches by 10.87 inches by 8.75inches. The exterior measurement of the cooler are; 20inches by 15inches by 13.75inches.


  • It has an excellent locking system which ensures the content inside remain safe.
  • The cooler features a traction lid that can work as a casting platform.
  • The cooler provides commercial grade insulation on its wall
  • It has rubber T-latches for a smooth closing
  • The cooler comes with a compact and portable size


  • You cannot be able to lock the handle in its place all the time
  • The cooler has limited internal space.


2.RTIC Cooler (RTIC 45) – Ideal Ice Retention Capabilities 

Are you going for an extreme adventure? The RTIC 45 cooler is an excellent choice for you.

The cooler’s structure is made in a way that it’s able to resist extreme elements and weather conditions; it also very durable.

The cooler has shock defense and excellent impact resistance, which is great in preventing damages due to accidental blows and drops.

RTIC 45 cooler is made in a way to ensure that the ice in the cooler is able to last for a long while. Its rotomolded design prevents your ice from turning to water quickly.

Its intuitive locking system that is on the setup allows the RTIC 45 to have its products uncompromised and unharmed.

Easy Lift Features 

The handle of the cooler has an easy lift feature; you can also be able to carry the cooler by yourself.

You can use the RTIC 45 cooler for different activities for instance; camping, fishing, and boating. This cooler is excellent for simple backyard cookouts or tailgate party.

The cooler also has a non-slip base which prevents the cooler from moving around.

The RTIC 45 cooler has a weight capacity of 25pounds; a capacity of 36 cans 11.25 gallons or 45 quarts. The cooler has an interior measurement of 19.37inches by 11.87inches by 10.50inches. Its exterior measurements is; 26.50inches by 15.87inches by 16.50inches.




  • The outside exterior isn’t susceptible to sweating
  • The cooler has tie-down slots which are for anchoring the cooler
  • The cooler has a bear-resistant exterior
  • It’s able to keep the internal temperatures cold
  • The drain outlet is integrated into the cooler


  • Its rubber strap can at times get in the way when you are closing the lid


3.RTIC Cooler (RTIC 65) – An Indestructible Cooler 

The RTIC 65 cooler is an excellent choice in case you require a cooler; that is able to give an extra space for your drinks, food and other items.

This cooler has multiple ergonomic features which makes it ideal for your outdoor adventures.

This cooler is able to hold items without the items having to lose its coldness; this is because the cooler is able to maintain its internal temperatures for a longer period of time.

Two Men Team Carry 

The RTIC 65 cooler can be carried by two individuals. Its design is balanced; you will therefore not strain your body. Its structure is made to be durable and rigid. This cooler is ideal for your extreme outdoor activities; this is due to its rotomolded construction, which also makes the cooler indestructible.

The RTIC cooler has a V-Drain System which makes the cooler hassle-free when using it. You won’t have to strain yourself when you are draining water, ice or any other residues.

The cooler also has a drain outlet which removes water from your cooler while you are still using it.

The RTIC 65 has a weight of 36.5 pounds; you can be able to fill it with 16, 25 gallons or 65 quarts. With an interior measurement of; 24.75inches by 13inches by 11.75inches; its exterior measurement is; 32.25inches by 17.12inches by18.50inches.




  • The lid has a freezer-style gasket for snugly sealing
  • The cooler is able to keep ice frozen for up to 10 days
  • It has three-inch walls which have a foam layer for maximum insulation.
  • Non-slip base for your outdoor stability
  • Hinges are full length allowing you to open and close the cooler easily.




  • The cooler is notably heavy

4. RTIC (110) – Best Insulation Capacity

The RTIC 110 cooler is able to retain ice for up to 10 days which is quite a huge insulation capacity. The cooler is therefore considered by many as a mini freezer.

The cooler also has three layers of insulation. You can go for an extreme excursion with the RTIC 110 cooler as it has impact resistance, long-lasting ice retention and its durable.

You can also be able to use this RTIC cooler as your bench, tabletop, an extra cutting board, and a non-slip step stool and still be in a position of keeping your ice, important supplies and perishables goods cold.

The Rotomolded Construction 

The RTIC 110 cooler has the following features; a virtually indestructible rotomolded construction, 10 days of ice retention, it’s made to be able not to get bears scratches with its bear resistance design.  The cooler also has an easy lift lid handle, heavy-duty rubber T-latches, and a traction lid.

The RTIC 110 has a weight of 48.5 pounds; its capacity is 110 cans, 110quarts or 27.5 gallons. It has interior measurements of; 27.75inches by16.25inches by 14.12inches; its exterior measurements are; 35.37inches by 19.87inches by 20inches.


  • The cooler has an easy flow drain outlet which lets water out keeping the ice in.
  • The cooler has a cool lift design which lifts the cooler above the hot surface
  • Its rapid V-Drain System allows a quick draining of water
  • It has up to three inches of insulated walls
  • The cooler also has an integrated locking system
  • It’s able to keep your ice cold for up to 10 days


  • The cooler is much heavier than other models by ARTIC
  • The cooler also costs more when you compare it, other RTIC models,

5.RTIC Cooler (RTIC 145) – Bear Resistant Cooler 

When it comes to the RTIC 145 cooler it’s able to survive in extremes; as it has long-lasting ice retention, durability to impact resistance. This cooler is ideal for hunting, camping or fishing as its ability to keep your drinks and food cold for a longer period of time when you compare it with its competitors.

This cooler is mostly used as an ultimate back up the refrigerator for offshore fishing, extended camping trips or for hunting bigger game.

The cooler has a rotomolded construction making it virtually indestructible. The cooler is able to retain ice for a period of 10 days the same way a portable freezer does.

Bear Resistance 

The RTIC 145 is made in a way to be able to resist bear scratches keeping the bears out. With its non-slip feet, you can have your cooler in place. The cooler is made of up to 3inches of insulated walls that is the commercial-grade insulating foam. Not to forget its marine-grade ropes and textured grips

The RTIC 145 cooler has a weight of 59.5pounds; it has a capacity of 145 cans, 145 quarts or 36.25 gallons. Its interior measurements are 34.12inches by 17.25inches by 14,12inches; its exterior measurement being 41.62inches by 20.87inches by 20inches.


  • The cooler has a rotomolded construction that is virtually indestructible
  • It’s able to keep ice cold for up to 10 days thus known as a mini freezer
  • It has a freezer style lid gasket which provides a tight seal
  • The cooler has a rapid V-Drain System which gives a quick drain
  • It doesn’t have a sweat exterior allowing your cooler to remain dry
  • The cooler also has an easy flow drain outlet which lets water out of the cooler easily.


  • Its cost is higher than the previous model by RTIC
  • It also weighs a lot making it heavier.

6.RTIC Soft Pack 20– The Best Soft Pack Cooler 

Best Soft Pack Cooler

The RTIC 20 Soft Pack cooler is one of the top-notch coolers in the market especially due to its portability.

This cooler is great in case you are going camping or  backpacking with friends.

The RTIC Soft Pack 20 cooler is able to hold up to 20 cans or water bottle including the extra space for filling.

The RTIC Soft Pack 20 is exceptionally easy to carry; you won’t strain your body even if you end up carrying it for a long time.

Leak-Proof Feature 

The cooler also has a to die for a feature that is leak-proof properties; you won’t have water seeping out even in the event that moves energetically.

There are no presences of seams or gaps in the structure of the cooler. The cooler is also impervious from any punctures that are due to happen.  

The cooler has liners that have antimicrobial properties, which is able to offer exceptional resistance that is against fog and mildew.

The mentioned features make the RTIC Soft Pack 20 cooler appropriate for your outdoor adventures. You can also use the cooler for your daily excursions. The walls of the cooler have foam insulation that keeps ice from melting for up to 5 days.


  • The cooler has an easy to carry mechanism which makes it easy for transportation.
  • The cooler is extremely compact and portable
  • It has mold resistance
  • It has a heavy duty nylon shell construction
  • It’s capable of retaining ice for 5 days.


  • The cooler has a limited carrying capacity
  • It’s not an ideal choice for long camping trips

7. RTIC Day Cooler– Most Lightweight Cooler 

The RTIC Day Cooler is an excellent choice in case you are looking for a lightweight and portable cooler. The cooler is compact and small in size making it a great choice for your day to day travel.

With this cooler, you do not need to have big muscles for you to be able to carry it. The cooler is made in a way that every chic can use it on the go.

As any other RTIC product, the RTIC Day Cooler is able to keep your drinks and food cool and fresh. The cooler is 100% impermeable to punctures and leak proof. The cooler has a size capacity of 8 cans of beverages.

The RTIC Day Cooler is designed in a way to be able to perfectly balance, allowing it to distribute its weight on your upper body equally. With the addition of the adjustable strap, the overall ergonomics of the cooler is improved. Therefore when it comes to carrying the RTIC Day cooler, it isn’t problematic.


  • The cooler is lightweight making it ideal for a solo camping
  • The cooler is FDA approved construction
  • It’s able to keep your goods fresh and chilled
  • Its interior comes with insulation
  • It’s also crafted from heavy-duty polyester




  • The cooler has a limited storage space

8. RTIC Soft Pack 8– Camo Soft Cooler 

Soft Cooler For Hunting

This cooler is the size of a lunch box; it’s your personal cooler that is able to hold 8 cans of beverages. The cooler is 100% leak proof and puncture resistant.

The Anti Microbial Protection 

The cooler also has an anti-microbial liner that is able to resist the growth of mildew. The Soft pack 8 cooler is quite useful for your everyday hunting, fishing, work or camping.

This cooler is able to keep your drinks and food cold for a longer period of time. This is possible due to its insulation by 2 inches of closed cell foam, which retains ice for up to 5 days.  

The cooler can be used for common activities such as; boating, fishing, small game, and tailgating. The dimensions of this coolers are; 10inches by 12 inches by 9.5inches with a weight of 2.0 pounds. It has 5.5 quarts and 1.37 gallons.

The following are features that you will find in the Soft Pack 8 RTIC cooler. They have a Stay Dry material that makes them 100% waterproof. It has an easy access lid with a flip top for easy access; with waterproof zippers that is leak proof.

Its heavy duty nylon shell is tear and puncture resistant; its closed cell insulation has 2 inches on top and an inch on the sides locks.


  • The cooler is light in weight and it’s also durable due to the tough laminated fabric and the welded seams.
  • The cooler is sweat resistant, you will, therefore, have your exterior staying dry
  • It has an anti-microbial liner that is able to resist molds




  • Some reviewers require a prerelease option which the cooler does not have.
  • Some reviewers claim that it’s usually out of stock
  • The cooler requires a handle and an accessory pouch

9.RTIC 30 Soft Pack Soft Sided Cooler Bag– 20 Can Soft Cooler 

When it comes to the Soft Pack 30 cooler it’s a golden mean that is between the 20 quart and 40-quart soft coolers.

This cooler is a midsize bag which is able to withstand extreme heat conditions; therefore, accompanying you on the tailgate, outdoor activity, and road trips.

The cooler is able to accommodate up to 20 cans with spaces available for ice filling.

The cooler is made of a high-density nylon fabric and closed cell insulation.

The RTIC 30 Soft pack cooler also has the following features; an easy access lid, adjustable shoulder strap, mesh pocket, additional zippered pocket, leak-proof zipper, and 10 Do-ring tie-down points.

The cooler has interior dimensions of; 15.5inches by 11.5inches by 12.75 inches and a one year warranty.

The cooler is able to keep your drinks and food cool for up to 5 days without any pre-chilling. Its thick layer of insulation prevents ice from melting even if the cooler is left on direct sunlight.




  • The cooler has an anti-microbial liner which minimizes the risk of mold and bacteria appearance
  • Cleaning of the bag along the liner is a breeze
  • The cooler is leak free and smell proof; this means that no leaks and odor will leak out.
  • The cooler is stronger than most soft-sided bags as it’s made of heavy-duty vinyl shell.
  • It’s highly resistant to damage and UV rays.
  • This cooler is available in several designs in order to be able to meet up with your style.




  • Its zippers is too stiff

10. RTIC 40 Soft Pack Cooler– Most Portable RTIC Cooler 

The RTIC 40 Soft Pack cooler is ideal for short trips; this is mainly due to its lightweight and small size feature. The cooler gives you enough space to be able to store up to 27 cans, which are 12oz each and some food for the weekend or a boat trip.

The cooler is able to accommodate goods for 2 to 3 individuals; it’s not for solo excursions.

Its material is made of closed-cell insulation and high-density nylon fabric. The RTIC 40 soft pack has dimensions of 18.5inches by 12 inches by 17inches.  

East Access Lid 

The cooler also has; an easy access lid, adjustable shoulder strap, additional zippered pocket, mesh pocket and leak-proof zippers; the cooler has a year warranty.

The cooler is able to keep your drinks and food cool and fresh for 5 days as long as you do not open the zippers often.

This RTIC cooler is not only durable but it’s also quite comfortable to use; its durability is irrespective of the weather condition. This cooler’s flip flop lid is able to open up wide enough for you to either pack or unpack goods from your cooler.

RTIC cooler’s sturdy carrying handles that are on the side and the additional shoulder straps make hauling of this cooler exceptionally easy. Its interior has an anti-microbial waterproof liner, which is able to protect your cooler from mildew formation. This cooler’s liner is also easy to wipe after each and every single use.

If you are looking for a cooler bag that is convenient in hauling around, simple to load and unload and easy to maintain, look no further the RTIC 40 Soft Pack Cooler is what you need.




  • Its easy access lid is able to open wide enough to allow you to quickly get your drink or meal.
  • It’s made in a way that allows you to easily load bulky food.
  • The cooler is waterproof, leak proof, sweat proof, and puncture and tear resistant.
  • It has waterproof zippers which prevents your cooler from leaking liquids
  • It has welded seams which are extremely tough.
  • The cooler  is supplied with special zippers lubrication


  • The cooler may have a plastic smell to it when you open it for the first time.
  • With the many zippers present on the cooler you may have the RTIC zippers stuck from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are RTIC coolers any good?

RTIC coolers have many great qualities and features. They are shipped in plastic bags that cover them completely. This way, scratches are prevented and the coolers can withstand the shipping transport. RTIC coolers are fully assembled with the T latches, rope handles and feet. This truly makes it ready to go once you open the box.

RTIC coolers utilize Roto-Molding, a molding method that guarantees high quality. This method necessitates an exact cut and thickness within the wall, as well as all around the cooler which produces no imperfections.

It provides two levels of protection and quality, which means the ability to withstand heavy abuse on the outside and maximizing the amount of ice retention time on the inside.
There are many sizes to choose from, so you can provide an option for a big group on a camping trip or an individual weekend away.

Insulation quality is very high with two-inch-thick polyurethane foam insulation. The lids are up to three inches thick. You get great ice retention time thanks to the lift design that keeps your cooler above hot surfaces.

RTIC was founded after Yeti and marketed itself as a “Yeti for half the price”. The first attempt to compete was the Roto molded cooler design. The designs are almost identical. If you take a closer look, however, you’ll find there are some differences in terms of material quality.

Is RTIC really as good as Yeti?

RTIC skimps in the unsealed gasket which faces the risk of peeling off. In comparison, these are fully sealed in YETI. YETI has rubber handles while RTIC has foam handles. RTIC’s warranty terms are confusing, while YETI offers a 5-year defect protection agreement.

In terms of appearance, the two coolers look almost identical. Both have thick insulation, thick rubber latches, tie-downs, drain spouts, rubber lid gaskets, and non-stick feet. They are equal as far as ice retention is concerned.

RTIC is the clear winner as far as price goes, although the original RTICs have gotten more expensive due to limited supply. Why is it limited? YETI filed a lawsuit against RTIC and won the case. The court obligated RTIC to change their design and cease manufacturing. All in all, you’ll get the same performance at a fraction of the cost if you find an RTIC at a reasonable price.

Quality of Plastic 

Both brands are similar as far as the quality of cooler plastic. That’s not really surprising because it is plastic in most cases, molded over gasket insulation.

Both cooler brands are sturdy and reliable.
RTIC coolers are usually available in tan or white. YETI have a bigger range with tan, white, light blue, and sea foam green. Blue or green are decent opti

ons if you aren’t a fan of the classic desert tan and don’t want white because it stains easily.
The rubber on the RTIC is of lower quality. The YETI’s latches are harder to snap into place. This is actually not an advantage because over time, the rubber on the RTIC will wear out, compromising the lid’s seal.

Extensive Wear Test 

It’s not easy to notice and you can always replace them in cases of extensive wear and tear. Moreover, RTIC’s rubber lid gasket is flimsier and slightly thinner than YETI’s. The gasket is neither joined nor sealed, so there is a small gap where the two ends meet. If you decide to get a RTIC for whatever reason, fill the gap with some epoxy or superglue to prevent any issues with it coming off the ice chest.

How long does the RTIC cooler hold ice?

You can expect ice retention times of up to 10 days according to the website. It’s like a portable freezer.

Yeti Vs. RTIC : Are Yeti and RTIC made by the same company?

RTIC was founded in 2014 by two brothers, James and John Jacobsen. They took advantage of the hot new roto-molded ice chest market and started making coolers that were very similar to YETI’s, but at a lower price.

YETI was founded in 2006 in Austin, Texas, also by two brothers – Ryan and Roy Seiders.

The Seider brothers decided to start the company because they found that the quality of coolers available on the market was very poor.

They were active, went out often, and needed coolers themselves. Ultimately, they founded the high-end cooler company. In 2016, its sales exceeded $470 million. Flip Pallot, Cameron Hanes, and several other pro athletes endorse YETI.

Who invented RTIC coolers?

RTIC was founded by twin brothers John and Jim Jacobsen. What some refer to as the YETI knockoff has generated about $200 million in revenue since September 2015.

Where are RTIC coolers made?

The company is American, but RTIC coolers are made in China, as are YETI coolers for that matter.


The Design, Warranty & Final Review  

When it comes to RTIC coolers they are among the best coolers available in the market and you will not regret getting one for yourself.

Its roto-molded design makes it a heavy built, the cooler is able to resist breaks, drops and even cracks. Its thick insulated walls are very efficient in retaining your ice in a solid-state and keeping water stored in the cooler cool.

The Warranty 

The warranty feature of RTIC coolers is not that great, as a result, it is recommended that you check for any form of damage on the cooler within a thirty-day return period.  

The size and build of the cooler is able to match other coolers available in the market. Only its price differentiates it from the rest of the coolers.

When it comes to the quality and price of RTIC coolers you simply cannot go wrong with them. The review above comprises of some of the best models of RTIC coolers in the market that you can go for. Check its features and what the cooler has to offer if it meets your needs before you actually purchase one.

This review also has a buyer’s guide in helping you know and understand some of the aspects that you ought to consider in a cooler. Ensure that the cooler of your choice is, for instance, durable, has a good ice retention capability and insulation among others. Always go for a cooler that is within your budget.