The 10 Best Canyon Coolers Reviewed [Hunter Approved]

The 10 Best Canyon Coolers Reviewed [Hunter Approved]

Best Canyon Coolers

Canyon Coolers are pressure injected with HUNTX foam insulation, consequently creating an ice retention system without sacrificing interior space.

In this post, we will identify the best canyon coolers, we could find.


What is Canyon Coolers ?

Canyon Coolers are designed with one piece, rotomolded construction.

This process creates a truly tough, durable product. Each cooler is constructed of food-grade, UV resistant kayak plastic*.

The squared design makes packing the cooler, into any vehicle, an easy task. Likewise, the near vertical walls result in more interior storage space.

Interior basket systems (sold separately in most coolers) allow for organization and easy access.

Coolers have truck friendly skid plates for easy loading and unloading. All handles and EZCAM latches, as well as the newly designed no-lose drain plugs, are recessed into the box-like design.

The Outfitter Series coolers come equipped with tie-down points and are IGBC Bear Resistant. Every Canyon Cooler product is backed by an unsurpassed, unlimited lifetime warranty.

The warranty is fully transferrable and covers accidental damage. With various sizes and options, these ice chests fulfill every want and need, from a simple occasion to that once in a lifetime excursion. A Canyon Cooler is the cooler you will use for all your life’s adventures!

Product NameExterior Dimensions
The Outfitter 35 17” Tall
23.75” Wide

15.25” Deep
The Scout 2215” Tall
16.5” Wide

13” Deep
The Prospector 10318.5” Tall
37.5” Wide

21.25” Deep
The Outfitter 5516.25” Tall
27.5” Wide

15.25” Deep
The Outfitter 2213.5” Tall
16.75” Wide

11.5” Deep
The Quest Backpack12” Wide
10” Deep

20” Tall
The Mule 3017” Tall
18” Wide

18” Deep
The Outfitter 7518.25” Tall
29” Wide

17.25” Deep
The Outfitter 12520.25” Tall
34” Wide

20.25” Deep

10 Best Canyon Coolers 

1. The Outfitter 125

In our picks, The Outfitter 125 is last but certainly not least! The Outfitter 125 is an excellent choice for long expeditions, tailgating events, hunting/fishing trips and larger parties. It is priced around $370, making it very competitive when compared to other coolers in its size range.

With a grand capacity of 126-quarts, you can be assured that you’ll have room for all of your food and drinks, no matter how extensive the outing. In addition to the large capacity, the Outfitter 125 has an integrated basket system that allows for the perfect organization all of your items.

For those planning to use the Outfitter 125 in the wilderness, whether a short or long trip, the Outfitter 125 is IGBC Bear Resistant Certified. With this in mind, you’ll have no worries that your food and drinks will fall prey to wildlife snacking on your next meal.

The empty weight of the Outfitter 125 is 40.5lbs. It may not be the best choice to move by yourself when filled.

Ice retention of the Outfitter 125 is 8-13 days, depending on outside ambient air temperature. The cooler is equipped with multiple tie down points that allow easy access even when strapped into your vehicle. This makes four-wheeling and tailgating a breeze!


  • Excellent for long trips,
  • most space offered for food and drink


  • Large
  • may be too much cooler for small trips
  • heavy even when empty and could require two people to move when full.
  • Baskets not included with cooler.  

Canyon Coolers Outfitter 125 white marble
  • 125 Quarts - Max Can Capacity: 98 cans - Ice Retention: 7 to 20 Days
  • 100% Recessed Cam Latch, Integrated Bullet Proof Hinge, No-Lose Drain Plug, Locking Lid


2.The Outfitter 75

The Outfitter 75 is the next-to-largest cooler in the Outfitter series, making it our number 8 pick. The Outfitter 75 has a capacity of 74 quarts. It is an excellent mid-sized cooler for tailgating, four-wheeling, camping, and backyard BBQs.

Similar to the Outfitter 125, the Outfitter 75 has an integrated basket system that holds two baskets to aid in organization of different food and drinks. It includes multiple tie down locations to allow easy access when strapped down to your outdoor vehicle.

With an estimated 5-9 day ice retention, the Outfitter 75 is sure to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold. Weighing in at 30.5lbs empty, the Outfitter 75 is easy to transport.


  • Great size for longer trips
  • A wide variety of uses due to size


  • Heavy even when empty
  • Baskets not included

Canyon Coolers Outfitter 75qt - White Marble
  • 75 Quarts - Max Can Capacity: 64 cans - Ice Retention: 7 to 16 Days
  • 100% Recessed Cam Latch, Integrated Bullet Proof Hinge, No-Lose Drain Plug, Locking Lid

3.The Mule 30 Coooler 

Our number seven pick is unique to all other Canyon Coolers. The Mule 30 has built-in, hard-wearing wheels to aid in the ease of its maneuverability. The Mule 30 is a great choice for the organization fanatic. It’s perfect for a long walk where a lot of gear will need to be carried.

Alongside the convenience of having built-in wheels, the Mule 30 has an integrated bungee system on the top. This feature allows you to strap even more gear to your cooler.

Another big advantage to the Mule 30 is a simple one, this cooler is one of the few Canyon Coolers that includes one basket with the purchase. The ice retention of the Mule 30 is 4-6 days. It is a fantastic choice for small BBQs, camping trips, tailgates, and expeditions as a personal cooler.

Although it has wheels, it weighs in at 26lbs. This is a bit heavy when compared to Canyon Cooler’s other products. 


  • Hard-wearing wheels for easy transport
  • integrated bungee system for additional gear
  • rubber non-skid feet


  • Not bear resistant
  • heavy for its size

4.The Quest Backpack

The Quest 25 Backpack comes in at number six due to the narrow margin of people that will make use of it. The Quest Backpack is a unique cooler in the Canyon Cooler collection. The backpack will not hold ice for long expeditions, but the maneuverability is unmatched.

If you’re planning a day trip with a long walk, the Quest Backpack is for you. With an ice retention of 1-2 days, it is great for hikers, bikers, rock climbers, and even simple days out at the park!

Although it comes in the form of a backpack, rest-assured that this cooler is built tough-as-nails and will hold up when an adventure tries to beat it down.

The Quest Backpack is built with raft-grade, RF welded PVC construction. And don’t worry, if you’re skeptical of a backpack cooler, the Quest Backpack does include Canyon Cooler’s award-winning lifetime warranty. 


  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • lightweight
  • packable


  • Being a soft backpack cooler
  • it will not maintain ice retention as long as a traditional cooler

Quest 25 backpack cooler white
  • 25Qt soft Cooler with semi rigid foam to help it keep its shape.
  • comfortable shoulder straps with a roll down closure on top.

5.The Outfitter 22

The Outfitter 22 model comes in as our number 5 pick. It is the base model cooler designed for ice retention between 24-48 hours depending on ambient outside temperature. The Outfitter 22 is the perfect size for a personal cooler.

It weighs in at only 11lbs empty. With its 22-quart capacity, it can be used for day trips or as a very functional lunch box. The Outfitter 22 includes an adjustable non-slip shoulder strap to make transporting this cooler a breeze.

Priced at just $100, the Outfitter 22 is a sure win when comparing to competitor’s coolers. The Outfitter 22 is the best value on the market for a cooler of its size. 


  • Compact size,
  • adjustable shoulder strap
  • lightweight


  • Won’t hold ice as long as some of the larger coolers

Canyon Coolers Outfitter 22qt- Sandstone
  • 20 qt Lunchbox cooler.
  • Rugged rotomolded construction

Best Selling Canyon Coolers 

6.The Outfitter 55

An easy choice for our number four position, the Outfitter 55 is the cooler with the most versatility in usage. The Outfitter 55 is priced competitively around $230 with an ice retention of around 3-7 days.

Camping, rafting, tailgating, BBQs, you name it and this is the cooler to fit the need. This 55-quart capacity cooler is a mid-sized cooler, weighing in at 25lbs. This is a definite advantage as long as you can handle a cooler without wheels.

The Outfitter 55, alongside the others in the Outfitter series, is IGBC Certified Bear Resistant. It is a great choice for your back-country adventures. It has six easy access tie down points that allow access to the cooler.

It features the integrated basket system that will support up to two baskets. 


  • Versatile size
  • competitive price
  • bear resistant


  • Baskets not included with cooler

Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series 55qt- Sandstone
  • 55 Quarts - Max Can Capacity: 56 cans - Ice Retention: 5 to 14 Days
  • 100% Recessed Cam Latch, Integrated Bullet Proof Hinge, No-Lose Drain Plug, Locking Lid

7.The Prospector 103

The Prospector 103 is our third choice. With a capacity of 103 quarts, you can utilize this cooler for longer trips or outings with multiple people. You’ll never need to be concerned about your provisions, as they will remain fresh and protected in this cooler. 

With the design of the square interior, Canyon Coolers has engineered a dual-level system that can hold up to four baskets (only one included) in the Prospector 103. This cooler is an excellent choice if organization is a deal-maker for you.

It weighs in at 39.5lbs, making it a bit heavy for a typical weekend trip. It includes the same quality tie down system of the Outfitter Series that allows access to the cooler while it’s strapped into your vehicle.

The Prospector 103 has two no-spill/no-leak drain plugs that speed up the cleaning process (compared to one in most other models). The Prospector has a wide range of use, including multi-day trips, hunting trips, tailgating, or backyard BBQs. This model is also bear resistant. 


  • Multi-use size
  •  high-capacity
  • one basket included
  • bear resistant


  • Weight (very heavy for short trips or one person)

Canyon Coolers Prospector 103qt (Sandstone)
  • 103 Qt Capacity, Rotomolded cooler
  • molded in tie down points to secure to your rafting frame, motorhome, or the back of your truck.

8.The Scout 22

The Scout 22 is easily chosen as our second choice. It is the stronger and tougher version of the Outfitter 22 (number 5). We placed this cooler in second place simply due to the capacity being significantly smaller.

The Scout 22 weighs in, empty, at 14lbs. It comes with an adjustable non-slip shoulder pad for easy transport. This alone makes the Scout 22 an excellent choice if you plan to do a lot of traveling with the cooler outside of your vehicle.

The Scout 22 has more insulation than compared to the Outfitter 22. With the additional insulation, this cooler will keep your food and drinks cold for 1-3 days. Although not part of the Outfitter series, the Scout 22 is IGBC Certified Bear Resistant.

It has the same tie down advantages of all the coolers in the Outfitter series. When your trip is over and it’s time to clean up, the Scout 22 comes with a no-leak/no-spill drain plug. The perfect choice for day adventures as well as a job-site lunch box. 


  •  Lightweight
  • bear resistant
  • adjustable non-slip shoulder strap


  • Small (not good for multi day trips)

CANYON COOLERS Scout 22 Quart Adventure Cooler-Sandstone
  • Ice Retention: 1-3 Days
  • Perfect for day adventures away from base camp

9.The Outfitter 35 

The Outfitter 35 comes in number one for us! It has the thickest insulation of the entire Outfitter series, giving it an estimated ice retention time of 6-18 days. You can be assured that all your food and drinks will stay cold!

It is considered one of the toughest coolers in its size range when compared to similar cooler brands. The Outfitter 35 is more than comparable in price to other coolers on the market today. The Outfitter 35 has a capacity of 35 quarts.

In addition, it holds two baskets (not included) to help organize your provisions. The cooler weighs only 22lbs empty, making it easy to transport. Securing the cooler is easily done with the built-in tie downs that allow easy access.

It is also IGBC Bear Resistant Certified. Our number one cooler choice is perfect for camping, tailgating, off-roading, parties and overnight trips. 


  • Versatile size
  • access when strapped down
  • bear resistant


  • Slightly heavy for its size
  • baskets not included

Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series 35qt- White Marble
  • 35 Quarts - Max Can Capacity: 36 cans - Ice Retention: 6-18 Days
  • 100% Recessed Cam Latch, Integrated Bullet Proof Hinge, No-Lose Drain Plug, Locking Lid


All in all, you will never go wrong with any choice of Canyon Cooler! It simply narrows down to preference and application in which you plan to use your new cooler.

Whether it’s lunch at your job-site, a hike through the Appalachian Mountains, trout fishing the Colorado River, a trek in Grapevine Canyon or simply a family gathering, a Canyon Cooler will be there for every one of life’s adventure!

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