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Best Triple Beam ScalesTriple beam scales are essential for anyone that is serious about reloading their own ammo. They offer highly accurate readings, which is crucial when reloading.

If you would like to reload a massive amount of ammo, you are better off with progressive reloading press.

What is a triple beam scale?

A triple beam scale is an instrument used to measure mass with very high precision and accuracy. The device has a reading error of just +/- 0.05 grams.

It is called a triple beam scale because the device has three beams. The far beam is smallest, and the middle beam is the biggest. The front beam is in-between these in size. 

Why use a triple beam scale?

Best Triple Beam Scales for ReloadingTriple beam scales are highly accurate, measuring exactly down to a hundredth of a gram. Notwithstanding this fact, the double beam is no more accurate than the smallest weight you are using. If you have a 2-gram weight as your smallest weight, the weight of an object can only be estimated to the nearest 2 grams.

Are triple beam scales illegal?

Are triple beam scales illegalNo. What could be illegal are the things some people use it to weigh, like coke or weed. Possession of these and other narcotic substances is illegal in most countries, but the triple beam scale itself is not. It is a legitimate subject that one can own privately – or publicly if the property of a school or lab. 

Best Triple Beam Scales

1.Triple Beam Mechanical Balance Scale 

Our first choice is a CE approved, practical, and precise mechanical triple beam balance. The product is of very high-quality aluminum alloy build. You weigh the item on a 6″ diameter platform made of stainless steel.

Thanks to the knife edges mark, it is possible to make accurate and repeatable results. The product is sold with two 1000-gram and one 500-gram attachment weights. The scale weighs 2610 g. One of its main advantages is its affordable price.

The traditional mechanical scale can help you to weigh items quickly and accurately with durable aluminum alloy construction, stainless steel platform, attachment weight set and clear reading. 

The capacity without attachment weights is 610 g. The maximum weight capacity is 2610 grams with two 1000-gram attachment weights. The scale can hang two attachment weights at the same time. Thanks to built-in magnetic dampening, the balance of the pointer can be retained after a minimum of swing for fastest results.

What We Like

  • Affordable 
  • Three attachment weights to increase the capacity from 610g to 2610g.
  • Zero adjustment knob for zeroing the scale.
  • No need for power supply.
  • Ideal for use in both classrooms and labs

What We DisLike

  • The scales are a little sticky on scaling light weight.
  • Walter Products B-300-W-O Economy Triple Beam Balance with Tare and Weight Set, 2610 g Capacity

2.Walter Products B-300-W-O Economy Triple Beam Balance with Tare and Weight Set

This product features a notched and tiered beam with 0.1 g sensitivity for front beam calibration. The middle beam is 500g x 100g and the rear beam is 100g x 10g.  The size of the platform is 15cm in diameter, while the weight set included with this model is 2 x 1000g and 1 x 500g. 

This affordable item features a rugged die-cast construction, dual magnetic damping system to slow oscillation, precision ground edges, and a large stainless steel weighing platform.

It comes with a limited five-year warranty. It has capacity of 610g with an optional weight set extending it to 2610 g. You don’t need batteries to use this scale. It will not switch off automatically upon delay of whatever kind on your part.

When you use it for cooking, the last weight is still recorded when you remove the dish. The scale features very sturdy build quality and extremely high accuracy. It will pick up even the smallest weight. 

What We Like

  • Highly accurate 
  • No batteries needed 
  • Precision ground edges
  • Easy to use, high quality weighing platform
  • Five year warranty

What We DisLike

  • Need adjustment to zero out properly
  • Parco Scientific PA0070 Triple Beam Balance 

3. Parco Scientific PA0070 Triple Beam Balance

The Parco Scientific PA0070 features a notched and tiered beam with 0.1 g front beam calibration sensitivity. The middle beam and rear beam are 500g x 100g and 100g x 10g respectively and the diameter of the platform is 15cm. 

This affordable mechanical balance comes equipped with a capacity of 610g, a sturdy die-cast construction, highly accurately ground edges. And a dual magnetic damping system to limit swinging. The large weighing platform is made of stainless steel. 

What We Like

  • Very high quality 
  • Highly accurate 
  • User-friendly 

What We DisLike

  • Very sensitive
  • Nua Dua 2610gX0.1g Triple Beam Pan Mechanical Triple Beam Balance Scale for Laboratories and Classrooms

4.Nua Dua 2610gX0.1g Triple Beam Pan Mechanical Triple Beam

This is a higher-grade, professional triple beam mechanical balance. The balance of the pointer is regulated via inbuilt magnetic dampening. The product comes with an extra weight set, with which you can elevate the capacity to 2610g. 

The triple beam balance can be used in a wide variety of industries, including mining, electronics, the medical industry, textile, food industry, agriculture, scientific research institutions, schools, universities, and more.

What We Like

  • Applicable in many industries, highly versatile 
  • Top-quality 
  • Professional grade 

What We DisLike

  • A bit costly 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Best Triple Beam ScalesWelcome to our FAQ section. We will answer the most common questions people have about triple beam scales, mechanical vs. digital scales, legality issues, and more. 

How are the 3 beams on a triple beam balance different?

Each of the three beams on a triple beam balance gives an accurate reading of mass. Each is marked with different gram increments. The biggest beam uses increments of 100 grams, while the middle beam uses one of 10 grams. The weights you attach to each beam can be moved back and forth.

Is a triple beam scale a mechanical reloading scale?

Yes, it is. It does not require batteries or other power supply. This is one of its biggest pros.  

Are mechanical scales better than digital scales? 

Mechanical scales are a more conventional way of weight measurement, while digital scales are more modern. Which ones are more accurate? It’s hard to say because there are so many different models out there, but in general, digital electronic weighing scales are more accurate. 

What kind of scale is the most accurate?

Researchers tested different types of scales and determined that the EatSmart Precision CalPal, a type of digital bathroom scale, was the most accurate. Finally, you would want to check out our post about reloading dies.