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Tactical swords have applications in hunting, working outdoors, and self-defense. In this detailed buyers’ guide, we identified the best tactical swords for self-defense, home defense, gladius, and many more. Finally, we identify the difference between tactical swords and katanas.

What is A Tactical Sword?

“Tactical” simply refers to having a specific use. Certain blades are made for fighting and others used for cutting rope. It all depends on what you want out of your sword. 

Why Purchase A Tactical Sword?

Tactical Sword by Miller Bros

There’s just something about grasping a sword with two hands, feeling the balance of the blade and how the weight shifts as you move it back and forth. Swords have a very broad fan base. Firearms enthusiasts love them as showpieces in their homes.

They collect swords with historical significance. Martial artists purchase swords that symbolize the discipline and hard work it takes to improve. Different swords hail from cultures across the world, showcasing unique craftsmanship. 

If you own a sword, odds are you’re not going to have to use it under duress. Still, if you’re a fan of collecting nice tactical gear, getting a functional sword can be a nice piece for the collection. Tac Fans Rejoice! 

Best Tactical Swords 

Name Best FeaturePrice
Honshu Broadsword1060 high carbon steel
Tactical Swordhand carved signature
Honshu Spartan Sword and Sheathstainless steel blade
Musha Japanese Military SwordTactical Samurai Sword
Wasteland Gladius SwordGladius Tactical Sword
Full Tang Heavy Duty BayonetTactical Bayonet
Handmade Samurai SwordHandmade Samurai Sword
Tactical Samurai SwordJapanese Tactical Sword
Ninja Sword and KunaiTactical Throwing Sheath

1.Honshu Broadsword – Best Tactical Long Sword

If you’ve ever dreamed of feeling what it’s like to swing a medieval broadsword around, the Honshu Broadsword with Scabbard is about as close as you can get.

This sword is no replica. The 1060 high carbon steel blade has great balance as you swing it and heft it in your hands. It’s got a TPR handle and stainless steel pommel. 

Honshu really hit the mark with this sword. It’s got a wonderful rugged tactical design to go along with exquisite blade work. The tactical grip helps owners keep a firm hold on the sword because it’s razor-sharp.

Reviewers online love how it slices through sheets of paper straight out of the box. It’s big too. The blade measures 43 ½” long and comes with a black wooden scabbard with a leather belt hanger. 

what we like

  • Quality blade that’s very sharp

what we dislike

  • Some buyers said the sword’s crossguard rattles a bit in the scabbard

2.Ryan Tactical Sword – Strong, Durable Outdoor Tactical Sword

The steel on this sword is folded 13 times, making it one of the strongest, sharpest tactical swords on the market. Ryan Sword designed this blade with outdoor survival in mind, so hunters, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will love having this as part of their kit.

The sword blade is fixed onto the blade with copper rivets and has a great choke so it’s perfect for outdoor activities. 

You’ll love cutting through bamboo, small trees, and bushes as you explore and adventure. It’s 33 ½” long, and is flexible, so it can bend when it’s taking a beating. Buyers of the Ryan Sword tactical blade love the high quality.

It comes razor sharp out of the box, each with a hand-carved signature. This is a great sword if you’re a first-time buyer or if you already have a sizeable collection. 

what we like

  • A versatile outdoor sword that looks great

what we dislike

  • Each blade takes a while to make
  • So some people have to wait weeks for delivery

3.Honshu Conqueror Bowie Knife and Sheath – 7Cr13 – Best tactical short sword

Honshu plays to the tactical gear loving crowd this their Spartan Sword. The 23” sword has a stainless steel guard and TPR handle, great for grip and protection while you’re using it.

The curved blade is made out of stainless steel and it works great under most camping or outdoor conditions. The sword is well balanced, but it’s obvious when swinging it that it’s got some heft to it. 

The Honshu Spartan Sword is great for buyers who want something practical with an edgy design. It comes with a leather belt sheath to stow while you’re not cutting through bush outside. When you buy this sword, you get the quality and support that Honshu’s known for. 

what we like

  • Looks awesome
  • works even better

what we dislike

  • It’s a stainless steel blade
  • so functional users beware

4.Musashi Japanese Sword with Full Tang – Best Tactical Samurai Sword 

Musashi’s Japanese Tactical Samurai Sword comes with a full tang hand forged 1060 high carbon steel blade.

The company advertises the sword as being good for a gift or collection, but we love how this rugged and high-quality blade performs. The 40” overall sword comes with a nice scabbard that exposes the 37.5” sword inside. 

There’s a reason the katana is one of the most famous sword designs in the world still today. The slight curve of the blade makes slicing objects easy as it melds into the force of your swing.

This sword is a modern take on the Samurai sword. It’s a formidable weapon for self-defense, but outdoor lovers tote it along on camping trips as well. 

what we like

  • Martial artists and outdoor enthusiasts all love it

what we dislike

  • Not everyone loves the handle material

5.Wasteland Gladius Sword – Sharp Looking 

APOC does its thing again with the Wasteland Gladius Sword. This piece is made in the USA with a full tang 9260 spring steel blade.

It comes stock with a fiberglass hybrid sheath. The Gladius is designed by renowned sword maker Angus Trim. 

The Gladius sword is a modern take on swords Roman soldiers used to carry around in ancient times. It’s 21 3/8” long, so large enough to do the job, but small enough to carry around.

Survival enthusiasts love this blade because it has a great rugged design and the sheath can latch on to a belt or sling. The handle is over 9” long, so it’s suitable for one or two-handed swinging. The pommel doubles as a skull cracker or glass breaker and the point of the blade is a powerful piercer.

APOC-Wasteland Gladius Tactical Sword

what we like

  • Comes with a nice PVC case
  • Sharp out of the box

what we dislike

  • You’ll want to buy more from APOC

6.Full Tang Heavy Duty Bayonet – Tactical Duty Bayonet

If you’re looking for something smaller that can fit snugly on a belt, then think about Snake Eye Tactical’s Heavy Duty Bayonet.

This piece is shorter than most other tactical swords at just 12.5” long (the blade is 7.5” long). The bayonet fits on AR-15, M-16, and M1 mounts. 

The small size makes it very versatile. Buyers love how quickly the 1lb blade is deployed. You can use it for heavy-duty outdoor work or daily tasks around the garage or hide under your reloading bench

The stainless steel components make it very durable, and buyers gush online about how good the quality is. 

what we like

  • Fast deployment
  • versatile blade

what we dislike

  • Smaller in size

7.Handmade Samurai Sword – Beautiful Sword for the Connoisseur 

Eventually, every sword enthusiast is going to want a handmade blade. JZ Swords delivers with their Ninja Sword that’s fully handmade with 1060 high carbon steel. It’s double edge sharpened, so it’s not your average katana.

The center’s also concave, giving it a unique look that’s pleasing to the eye. This blade beckons to sword making in days gone by. JZ Sword uses a 100% handmade process to create each sword.

These are perfect on display around the house. The intricate details of the guard and handle indicate how much thought and effort goes into each one.  JZ Sword has been in business for over 100 years in LongQuan China, where sword making is one of the town’s landmark industries. 

what we like

  • Wonderful on display
  • piece of art

what we dislike

  • It’s sharp, but not the best for practical use

8. Musha Japanese Military Sword – A Military Grade Tactical Katana

The Musha Japanese Military Tactical Hand Forged Samurai Sword is a beautiful cross between military-grade build with the style of a katana.

The sword is 39” long with a full tang blade made from 1045 carbon steel. It’s a near-perfect replica of a modern military samurai sword. The tactical sword is great as either part of a collection or to be used in the outdoors. It’s durable and easy to handle. 

what we like

  • Great mix of style and practicality 

what we dislike

  • It’s a long sword,
  • so not good for compact kits

9.Snake Eye Tactical Ninja Sword and Kunai – Throwing Knife Combo Set

Snake Eye Tactical offers sword lovers a sweet deal on the affordable Ninja Sword and Kunai tactical set.

The 27” tactical sword comes with three 6” throwing knives that are a ton of fun for throwing practice outback or on a weekend camping trip in the woods. For a great price, buyers get a good quality blade with a nylon sheath and the extra throwing blades all in one. 

Buyers report that the tactical sword keeps its blade for years, and the throwing knives have excellent balance, so they’re a good place for beginners to start practicing. The kit has a cool design that looks modern but still evokes a certain ruggedness. 

what we like

  • Great design
  • Added fun from the throwing knives

what we dislike

  • Some people but a lot of stress on the blade and reported bends or chips

10.Honshu 3pc Tac Set – Collector’s Oriental Set

This Honshu 3pc Tactical Set by United Cutlery is for the high-end sword enthusiast who’s able to drop some coin on his or her collection.

This set isn’t something you want to take out and use on a regularly. It goes great, though, as a centerpiece in an office or workshop. Wherever it is, it’ll be a signature piece that draws a lot of eyes and conversation. The set comes in black with golden accents. The three blades come in three sizes.

There’s a 21 ¼” overall tactical tanto with a 14 ½” blade, a wakizashi that measures 30 3/8” overall with a 19 ¾” blade, and a large katana that’s 41” overall and has a 31 ½” blade. Purchase includes a display stand. 

The blades are each made out of high carbon stainless steel with full tang and a polished brass handle. They look and feel great in the hand. United Cutlery does offer some financing options, so check them out if this is something you’re interested in. 

what we like

  • Looks great
  • high-end craftmanship

what we dislike

  • Expensive 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are stainless steel swords functional?

Stainless steel swords are more brittle than high carbon steel swords, so they’re considered to be more suitable for decoration or fun. Using them as functional swords can break them. 

Which is the strongest sword in the world?

The strongest swords in the world are made out of high carbon steel. There are different grades to high carbon steel, each giving it a different mix of strength vs flexibility. 

Are swords still used in combat?

Yes, even though modern weapons have made swords less common in combat, close-quarters combat training still involves some element of knife and sword training. 

The difference between Machetes to a sword?

Generally, swords are thought of as a fighting tool and machetes are thought of as working tools. 

What is Tactical Katana and how it compares to the above tactical swords?

best tactical swordsKatanas are typically made from the harder steel, so they’re able to keep a sharper cutting edge. They’re more brittle, though, so are more prone to breaking. 

We hope you enjoyed the list of tactical swords. If you have any comments feel free to leave them below so we can improve.