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 Tactical Range Bag Every gun owner loves a great bag. No one wants to fumble around at the range looking for a magazine or earplugs. The best Tactical bag is designed to help make your time at the range, clay shooting, or whatever other shooting activity you’re on more fun and more efficient.

Having the right bag will mean you will be ready with all the ammo and/or accessories you need. They’re called tactical bags because they’re designed to help organize your gear, so you know where things are when you need them. They get the job done.

There are a lot of choices out there for tactical bags. Some scream that you’re carrying firearms inside while others are more discreet.

A lot of bags have a ton of compartments, and others focus on padding, security, and being able to carry more. With tactical bags, it’s all about personal preference. Here’s a list of some of the best range bags out there. Best Range Bags For Every Type of Shooter

Best Tactical Range Bags

Product Name
Best Feature
Tactical Gun Range Bag Deluxe PistolREEBOW Tacticalbest range bag for the money
G.P.S. Sporting Clays BagG.P.S. best range bag for sporting clays
Exos Range BagExosbest range bag for trap shooting
G.P.S. Handgunner BackpackG.P.S.best range bag for 4 pistols
BOW-TAC Double Long Rifle Gun Case BagBOW-TACbest range bag for an AR-15
Savior Equipment American ClassicSaviorbest rifle range bag
Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag for HandgunsOrcaorca tactical range bag
G.P.S. Tactical Range BackpackG.P.S. gps tactical range bag
ZERO-Point Range Bags for HandgunsZERO-Point Blanktactical range bag ammo tote insert
Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-InchExplorerbest range bags for pistols and supplies

1.REEBOW Tactical Gun Range Bag Deluxe Pistol Shooting – Best Range Bag for the Money

REEBOW Gear has been in the tactical business for years, and the company’s known for delivering value. That’s what you get with this tactical gun range bag that’s big enough to handle what you’ll need at the range without being so large it’s unwieldy.

There are compartments to store goggles, earmuffs, ammo, and multiple handguns, as well as any other accessories you might need at the range. 

The tactical bag is made of 600D nylon that’s water-resistant and very durable. For this affordable price, you won’t have to worry about buying another range bag for years.The compartments are padded to keep all your firearms and accessories safe, and the bag’s got a lifetime warranty. This can be the only range bag you need. 

what we like

  • Lifetime warranty

what we dislike

  • Some reviewers felt the handle straps were too long

2.G.P.S. Sporting Clays Bag – Best Range Bag for Sporting Clays

GPS makes higher-end bags in the tactical space. What you get for your extra money, though, is excellent quality with thoughtful design. The company stays true to its legacy with the sporting clays bag that’s got a pull-out rain cover for unpredictable weather and lockable heavy-duty zippers.

It’s a medium-sized bag designed specifically for clay pigeon shooting. The bag will hold up to 10 boxes of shotgun shells, and the bag has marked compartments for things like keys, earmuffs, safety glasses and more. it is almost like you can fit everything on your reloading bench into this bag.

Up to seven choke tubes can be stored in the clear tubes in the front pocket. It’s easy to use and will stand up to wet weather. 

what we like

  • Waterproof cover
  • Marked pockets for easy use

what we dislike

  • Some buyers complained that stitching came loose if the bag is carrying a lot of weight 

3.Exos Range Bag – Best Range Bag for Trap Shooting

Elevate your trapshooting experience with a bad designed to help speed up your shooting and keep everything organized.

Exos’ Range Bag is a great value with an affordable price and quality build. The bag is made of 600D nylon that’s weather-resistant and the dual zippers keep items secure. 

Each side of the bag has an external pocket and there are multiple internal components as well. The bag’s got exterior webbing and two Velcro loops for attaching accessories. 

what we like

  • Affordable price
  • Gets the job done

what we dislike

  • There is no padding inside the exterior pockets

4.G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack – Best Range Bag for 4 Pistols

When it’s range day, you want to be able to use multiple weapons without having to carry a bunch of bags. That’s why four-pistol range bags are so popular.

But which one is the best? GPS’ Handgunner backpack is a serious contender because it looks like a normal backpack with some seriously secure storage inside. 

High-density foam walls are located at the base of the backpack. The removable cradle for the pistols slides in and out for easy access to your weapons that are positioned vertically.

Take it out and set it on a table or keep it inside the backpack, it’s up to you. The bag has twin pockets on either side that hold six magazines each. 

what we like

  • Removable foam cradle for pistols

what we dislike

  • Not the best if you’re shooting a ton of rounds because compartments aren’t huge

5.BOW-TAC Double Case Bag – Best Range Bag for an AR-15

The BOW-TAC rifle case comes in three sizes, that’s why the price varies. Buyers can choose a 36”, 42” or 46” bag that comes in black or tan. It’s a good price for what BOW-TAC delivers.

The inside is soft and gives plenty of padding for your AR-15 or any other rifles you want to carry. The bag also has several storage compartments for accessories and range supplies.

Inside the compartments are elastic bands that can be adjusted depending on what you want to store inside. For carrying, the bag offers backpack straps, a shoulder strap, and regular handles. 

what we like

  • Great value for the price

what we dislike

  • Some reviewers complained about the quality of interior stitching

6.Savior Equipment American Classic – Best Rifle Range Bag

Savior Equipment offers an elite rifle range bag for all levels of shooters. The bag comes in multiple sizes depending on your hardware.

You can buy the bag in anything from 36” to 55”. It’s made from 600D nylon and holds two rifles, two pistols, and has multiple storage compartments with straps and clips to keep everything locked in place. 

Savior Equipment offers a lifetime warranty on the bag, so you know the company stands by its product. Several buyers commented on the superior stitching, the zippers, the straps, and other small details in the Savior bag. 

what we like

  • One of the best rifle bags you can buy

what we dislike

  • Not many complaints. Some buyers wish it had more magazine storage

7.Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag for Handguns 

Orca’s tactical range bag for handguns is a high-end option that’s comfortable to use and will last a lifetime.It’s got large storage pockets in a military-grade package that gun owners love. It can fit three handguns and a ton of gear.

The bag is padded all around in compartments. The strap and carry handle are well-built, so it can even do double-duty as a daily driver for work, as a go-bag, or at the gym. 

what we like

  • Top-quality build

what we dislike

  • More expensive than some other options

8.G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack 

GPS gives gun owners an excellent selection for the best tactical range bag on the market. Their tac backpack hits on all the key points in an excellent range bag.

On the inside, there’s a honeycomb frame for stability. The molle webbing system is triple-stitched. It’s made out of 1000D nylon with Teflon coating, so it will stand up to basically any beating you can give it. 

The inside’s got three separate pistol case bags that are each removable. It’s also got a waterproof pull-out flap. There are a chest strap and padded waist belt in case you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. 

what we like

  • Great attention to detail in design

what we dislike

  • The price is on the higher end for range bags

9.ZERO-Point Range Bags for Handguns – Tactical Range Bag Ammo Tote Insert

For people looking for a range back with an inserted ammo tote bag, look no further than the Zero-Point range bag for handguns.

Aside from the tote, the bag’s built from premium materials that will keep your pistols in great condition. It’s made from 1200D nylon, so it’s rugged and stays upright when you set it down. 

It’s got two padded pistol cases, mag holders that will hold AR and standard magazines, a padded exterior bottom and it is moisture resistant. The spent cartridge bag fits easily inside one of the internal compartments. 

what we like

  • Sturdy and compartments well designed

what we dislike

  • Some buyers said the stitching came loose when they overloaded the bag

10.Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-Inch – Range Bags for Pistols and Supplies

If you want the best range bag regardless of the cost, take a look at Explorer’s tactical range ready bag. It’s a highly rated bag that holds seven magazines in front and four in back.

The interior compartment has two zippered handgun cases. The bag looks and carries like a normal duffel bag that you’d take on vacation. Open the bag, though, and it’s all tac. 

In all, there are 14 padded compartments for whatever you need.It comes in different colors, so there’s more than one option. It was built with law enforcement and operators in mind, so there’s proof of theory with this bag. 

what we like

  • Best overall range bag

what we dislike

  • Some buyers reported issues with getting replacement bags if something was faulty

Buyers Guide

tactical range bagIf you’re wondering how we compiled our list, we’ve put together this basic buyer’s guide on what you should look for in a tactical bag.

Each of these build components is an important part of owning a great tactical bag. 


Most tactical bags are made from polyester. There are different grades of nylon that indicate how strong the material is. That helps buyers know how it stands up to weight and how it responds to being tossed around a lot. 


Space matters with tactical bags. You want a good balance of enough compartments without having to sacrifice too much space. Padding, lining and nice to have compartments eat up valuable storage space. Think about what you need to store and go from there. 


Prices for tactical bags are all over the place. You can go for something that costs less, but you might be buying another bag in a few months.

It might hurt to spend a bit more, but maybe the bag comes with a lifetime warranty.


You want to be able to hold and carry your range and tactical bags comfortably.

A bag can look cool, but if the straps dig into your hands or shoulders, then you’ll be looking to toss it really quickly. Buy something with quality handles and straps so you can heft it easily. 


Inserts are great in tactical bags. They are nice ways to compartmentalize gear in a way that’s specific to your equipment and use case.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a range bag?

A range bag is a bag that holds all of your shooting gear to make going to the range easy and more fun.

It’s a convenient bag that carries everything you need like earplugs, ammunition, magazines, safety glasses and other things you’ll need for a successful day at the range. 

What is the best range bag?

There’s no one size fits all answer to this question. The best range pack will be determined by personal preference and what you’ll be shooting. There’s a reason there are so many tactical bags for sale. Everyone works a bit differently when they’re at the range. 

What do you use for a range bag?

Which range bag you choose will ultimately depend on what gun or guns you’re using at the range. More compact bags are more suitable for pistol practice. If you’re shooting rifles, then you’ll probably need something bigger. 

What do you carry in a tactical bag?tactical bag

Most people who like tactical bags carry everyday items like a computer, charging cords, pens, sunglasses, and other items.

A lot of people pack trauma kits or first aid items in case something happens that they need to respond to. Some carry their weapons and firearms supplies in them. It all depends on what you need to carry to get the job done.  

What is the best range back under $100?

What makes a backpack tactical?

There’s no specific tactical certification for bags. In general, tactical means that the bag is durable and is capable of carrying enough items efficiently so a job can get done effectively.

Tactical bags tend to have more separate pockets so people can stow and access items faster than if they were all thrown into the same large pocket. 

How to properly Pack A Tactical Backpack?

When you pack your tactical backpack, think about the items you use most frequently. Those you be in the easiest to access places.

Then, if you are a responder or work in security or a related field, you might want to place first aid supplies like a tourniquet or a trauma kit in a prominent position in the bag. When you’re packing, place heavier, less-used items in the bottom of pockets. Work your way up by placing commonly used items closer to the top.