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best Tactical flashlightsThe best Tactical flashlights are portable electric lights that are either hand-held or mounted on a firearm for low-light target identification. They are primarily designed to help the user to aim at a target and illuminate the target simultaneously. 

The right tactical flashlight should produce 200 to 500 lumens. You also need to get one that is lightweight, reliable, powerful, durable and produces the right light intensity. To get such a product, you need to consider such aspects as the bulb type, battery, price, and brightness of the flashlight. 

Throughout this guide, you will learn what tactical flashlights are, their applications, and how to choose the right one. Reviewed below are the top eight tactical flashlight models. 

What Tactical Flashlight is Good For?

A tactical flashlight may be used for different applications, depending on its specifications. Most of the leading brands have a brightness level of 250 to 500 lumens. This makes them ideal for use with weapons, such as rifles.

In such an application, the tactical light should be mounted on the weapon such that the light beam is parallel to the bore. Tactical Flashlights may also be used to impact non-lethal force, temporarily blinding and disorienting the target. Police may also use these lights as a Billy club, particularly the large Maglite tactical lights that use D batteries. 

Tactical Flashlight Vs. Regular Flashlight

Regular flashlights are often used to illuminate various things in the dark. Although some of them are really bright, conventional flashlights are not suited for tactical applications. Tactical flashlights feature a serrated design and are often used with firearms. 

Tactical Flashlights differ from conventional flashlights in terms of durability, utility, and self-defense capabilities. While conventional flashlights are made of cheap materials, such as plastics, most tactical flashlights feature an aircraft-grade aluminum construction. 

This makes tactical flashlights lighter and more durable than regular flashlights. The leading tactical flashlight models also feature a special coating, such as anodized aluminum, making them more resistant to scratches. Tactical flashlights are also more powerful, and often righter. 

Who Uses Tactical Flashlights?

Depending on its design and specifications, a tactical flashlight may be used by different professionals and civilians for different applications. For instance, they may be used by the police during a night search. Tactical flashlights are commonly used by military professionals for various tasks. 

Some may be mounted on weapons to help with targeting in dark environments. Military personnel may also use a tactical light to temporarily blind, and distract the enemy. Civilians may use these Flashlights for illumination and self-defense applications. 

Range shooters may use them when shooting in dark environments. You may also use a tactical flashlight for illumination when hiking or camping. They are also great for underwater applications, such as scuba diving.

17 Best Tactical Flashlights 

ModelMaterial WeightBrightness Level  
J5 Tactical 300 Lumen Ultra-Bright
Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
2.6 Ounces300 Lumens
Streamlight 88040 ProTacAnodized Aluminum0.64 Ounces750 Lumens
GearLight LED Tactical FlashlightMilitary-Grade Aluminum5.6 Ounces850 Lumens
PeakPlus Rechargeable TacticaAluminum Alloy Lamp Body10.4 Ounces1,000 Lumens
Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90Anodized-Aluminum Body6.2 Ounces 900 Lumens
GearLight S2000High-Strength Aluminum Body11.2 Ounces 1,100 Lumens
BINWO LED Tactical FlashlightAluminum
12 Ounces 2,000 Lumens
Hatori Super Small MiniAluminum Alloy0.8 Ounces150 Lumens

1.J5 Tactical 300 Lumen Ultra-Bright – Best Tactical Flashlight Overall

The J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight offers the perfect blend of affordability, functionality, and efficiency. It is actually the best-selling flashlight model in the J5 Tactical range of products. The light is comparatively bright, producing about 300 lumens. This makes it a great tactical flashlight for indoor, and outdoor use.

It runs on a single AA battery and delivers a remarkable battery efficiency. This may be attributed to its super-charged LED bulbs. It features an adjustable focus range that may be adjusted to get wider illumination or an intense light beam. 

Though compact and lightweight in design, the flashlight produces a strong light beam that can sweep across the length of two football fields. It comes with three adjustable light modes, including Strobe, Low, and High modes.

What We Like 

  • The flashlight is ultra-bright and long-lasting
  • It is fitted with 3 adjustable light modes and light zoom settings 
  • Features rugged construction and is water-resistant 
  • Boast of a compact design and can fit in a pocket
  • Backed by satisfaction guaranteed by the manufacturer

What We Dislike 

  •  power button rather difficult to operate  
  • especially when the flashlight is new 

2. Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 Lumen – Best Tactical Flashlight for Security Guards

The ProTac HL is a compact and comparatively lightweight tactical flashlight that delivers impressive performance. It produces up to 750 lumens of light, flood a large area with light. Such a flashlight will be a great choice for security guards as it allows you to view a large area. 

The Ten Tap Programming functionality present you with three user-selectable program options: high only; high/strobe/low and low/high. The model uses C4 LED technology that has a lifetime of about 50,000 hours. The 88040; ProTac offers three light output levels: high, low and medium.

With regards to quality, it features a durable anodized machined aircraft aluminum construction, and O ring sealed glass lens. It is also waterproof up to a depth of one meter for 30minutes. 

What We Like 

  • Applies the durable C4 LED technology 
  • Offers a maximum illumination of 750 lumens 
  • beam distance of up to 270 m
  • It is impact resistant up to a height of one meter
  • Offers 3 adjustable light output levels 
  • Comes with two 3V CR123A lithium batteries and nylon holster

What We Dislike 

  • The batteries will continue to discharge
  • Even when the flashlight is not in use and
  • Does not have a low-battery warning.

3.GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 Handheld Light – Best Tactical Flashlight for Home Defense

Are you looking for a powerful and practical flashlight for general purpose use? You should consider getting the GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000. The tough military-grade aluminum construction makes it ideal for use in extreme indoor and outdoor conditions.

It will come in handy during emergencies, such as during power outages, floods, and other disasters. The unit is small and portable and can fit in a bag, the glove box in your car, or even a surgical kit. The flash and SOS functionality may be used as live savers during roadside repairs or when signaling for help.

What We Like 

  • Has a low battery consumption, extending battery life
  • Is equipped with adjustable zoom settings
  • Uses an LED bulb, which is more efficient and longer-lasting
  • The flashlight is water weather and shock-resistant
  • Fitted with a tactical rail switch for convenient one-handed operation

What We Dislike

  • With time, the lens may accumulate scratches affecting light output quality

4.PeakPlus Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight LFX1000 – Best Tactical Flashlight for Self Defense

The PeakPlus rechargeable tactical flashlight offers a great value for money. It comes Super-bright LED flashlight, the sleeve, one rechargeable battery, and its charger. You will also get a carry case with each purchase, making it convenient to carry around. 

Despite being an affordable model, the LFX1000 flashlight is comparatively bright, up to ten times more than traditional incandescent flashlights. For enhanced versatility, the flashlight can use either 3 size AAA batteries or a single rechargeable battery.  

It features heavy-duty construction that is resistant to water, and abrasion. The skid-proof design of the flashlight is compact enough to fit into the top pocket. It may be used for illumination while hiking, fishing, camping or even at home as an emergency light.  

What We Like 

  • Backed by a one-year money-back warranty by the manufacturer
  • Features a sturdy, and a durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Fitted with adjustable zoom, brightness dimming, and beam range settings
  • May use size AAA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack
  • Comes with all the accessories you need

What We Dislike 

  • The rechargeable battery pack that comes with this flashlight charges rather slowly, can take up to 12 hours to charge fully. 

5.Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90 LED Pocket-Sized Flashlight – Best Tactical Flashlight for Police

The best tactical flashlight for a police officer needs to be bright enough to temporarily blind the target. In addition to this, the Anker Bolder LC90 LED Pocket-Sized Flashlight also offers tactical support. It features an extra-long handle and a scalloped-bezel that are suited for striking.

With regard to performance, the flashlight delivers non-fading light brightness. This may be attributed to its intelligent illumination driver, and a dedicated integrated circuit. The all-metal body construction of the unit makes it resistant to scratching and chipping. 

The model applies advanced battery technologies by the manufacturer. As such, it offers the best efficiency, capacity, safety, and reliability in its class. The flashlight is fitted with a purpose-built chip for a safer battery charging experience. 

What We Like

  • Couples a Super-bright light Performance to handy zoom settings for better versatility
  • Offers multiple light modes
  • Features intuitive, and well-positioned controls
  • Made of high-quality parts and components for enhanced durability and performance
  • Backed by a worry-free warranty by the manufacturer

What We Dislike 

  • To charge the flashlight, you need to unscrew the switch from the back of the light in order to expose the micro USB charging port.
  • Some users find this to be inconveniencing and time-consuming. 

6.GearLight High-Powered LED Flashlight S2000 – Best Tactical Flashlight Under $50

Its tough, high-strength aluminum body makes it suitable for extreme conditions both indoors and outdoors. It will come in handy as an emergency source of light in your home or car. 

The portable design of the unit allows it to fit into your bag, camping gear, or survival kit. It offers several light settings, including flash, and SOS lighting that may be used as lifesavers. This powerful, compact and efficient tactical flashlight has been proven to be ideal for hiking, camping, and hunting in the dark. 

What We Like 

  • Features XM-L2 LED bulbs for brighter and more efficient lighting
  • Offers multiple light functions 
  • Allows you to alter zoom settings
  • This tactical flashlight is water, weather, and shock-resistant
  • Comes with a one-year return policy, should it fail to meet the expectations

What We Dislike 

  • batteries relatively hard to replace

Possible Drawbacks

As compared to the other flashlights reviewed in this guide, the S2000 GearLight flashlight is rather bulky. You may also find the batteries relatively hard to replace. 

7.BINWO LED Tactical Flashlight – Best Tactical Flashlight for the Money

Get two powerful flashlights at the price of one. Despite being this affordable, the BINWO S2000 high-quality CREE LED flashlight offers a long beam range of about 65 feet. This range is adjustable using the head-pulling zoom and easy mode-switch. 

The flashlights offer a convenient, and dependable lighting tools suited for cycling, hiking, camping, and home emergency lighting applications.

This flashlight model applies the latest durable CREE XML T6 LED chip, delivering a bright light beam. Such adjustments allow you to alter light properties to suit your presence and intended application. Many users find Binwo XML T6 LED Flashlights suited for distant observations as well. 

What We Like

  • Uses a powerful, and highly efficient CREE XM-L T6 LED bulb
  • The Power switch is located at the tail cap for easy Operation
  • Equipped with an aluminum reflector, for extended range 
  • The flashlights are comparatively durable, with a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours
  • The inner circuit adopts efficient constant-current output circuits

What We Dislike 

  • When set to the low light setting, you may start to see a weird line that may broaden the beam and affect the light quality. 

8.Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight – Best Tactical Flashlight for Glock 19

Need a small, lightweight tactical flashlight that may be mounted on a Glock 19 firearm? The Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight will be a great choice. The flashlight may be mounted on the firearm for easier target acquisition and to get better visibility of the target.

It may also be used for fishing, hunting, and hiking applications as well. Its compact and lightweight construction makes it easy to carry around. The device offers industry-standard quality, and performance. The extra-hard anodized-aluminum body resists scratching and chipping. This not only maintains the sleek appearance of the light but bit also enhances the grip.

What We Like 

  • Comparatively bright, and consistent lighting performance of up to 150 lumens 
  • Features a compact, lightweight design 
  • The flashlight may be used with a clip to serve as a cap light
  • Features tough water-resistant, and skid-resistant construction
  • Backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee

What We DisLike 

  • None

9.EcoGear FX

What you can be absolutely sure about is that the EcoGear FX is no joke. And while this flashlight is quite economical, it surely doesn’t lack in any other aspect. The unit comes with two completely rechargeable batteries, as well as a particularly quick and rapid charging station. A quick charge is undoubtedly one of the things that you want to consider, but this specific flashlight offers even more features.

Furthermore, the LED lighting is also of high-quality CREE T6 and it is conveniently stored within an anti-shock as well as an anti-abrasion tough casing on the outside, made of aluminum which is, of course, military-grade. This particular flashlight is also a bit longer – about ¾ of an inch longer than the majority of the items on the market. This adds quite a lot of convenience in terms of gripping capabilities. The shaft is also a bit longer, hence allowing for a proper striking surface area.

What We Like 

  • Extremely strong and bright LED
  • Nice, tough and long housing
  • Durable bezel designed for self-defense
  • Excellent pricing

What We Dislike 

  • The lanyard could be a bit better in comparison

10. Streamlight 88061

If you are looking for a particularly bright tactical flashlight, the Streamlight 88061 is the obvious choice. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket yet large enough to help you in any kind of emergency and self-defense situations. This is always something that you want to be looking out for when it comes to it.

Now, it’s also worth noting that it combines convenient C4 LED Technology which gives the user a perfectly lit beam of light for a pocket flashlight. Furthermore, it’s crafted from aluminum with machined aircraft-quality, guaranteeing that this is a particularly extruded unit. It’s easy to handle and it is designed with high-performance and durability in mind.

What We Like 

  • Stellar pricing
  • High quality clip of the belt
  • 3 different options in terms of colors
  • Entirely waterproof
  • Powerful LED

What We dislike 

  • It takes advantage of the C4 led and not the C6 which is newer
  • The battery life could be extended

11.Surefire G2X Series

When it comes to tactical flashlights, SureFire is a brand which is well-established, reputed and trusted. They’ve been on the market for quite some time and they always seem to be able to produce units of the highest quality.

This particular one comes with 320 lumens on the highest setting and it comes in 6 different colors. The body is extruded with anodized aluminum bezel. In case you are wondering – this is flawless for self-defense.

Furthermore, it’s designed with the needs of different professionals such as law-enforcement officers in mind. It is durable yet lightweight, making it the perfectly portable option that you’d want to use. At the same time, the features that it boasts are convenient and prominent.

What We Like 

  • Reliable and recognized brand
  • Amazing reviews on behalf of users
  • Variety of color options
  • Tough outer body made out of anodized aluminum

What We Dislike  

  • It’s not as bright as you’d want it to be
  • It’s a bit short and harder to use for self-defense

12. J5 Tactical

The V1-Pro Flashlight is a product that is well-known for being an original 300 lumens tactical flashlight. It is named after the official one which was brought by Carl Edwards and Joe Gibbs.

Now, this is undoubtedly amongst the best-selling products currently on the market. It features a LED light and it is run on a single AA battery. You can alternatively use a 14500 rechargeable one. The product is designated to be long-lasting and particularly convenient.

The beam of light could easily reach out to about 600 feet, provided that the night is clearer. This is about 2 football fields in length, to put it in a comprehensive perspective. It also comes with three brightness settings – strobe, low and high. The first one is designed for cycling.

13. OxyLED Super Bright – CREE T6

The first thing that’s worth noting and represents significant interest for most people is the fact that the OxyLED Super Bright flashlight could be purchased in an inexpensive bundle. It comes with an AC charger, charger base, a tube for fixing your battery, and a couple of rechargeable batteries. This is particularly convenient.

The flashlight is built out of a very durable aluminum alloy which is of aircraft grade quality. It’s also worth noting that it’s covered with an anti-reflective coat in order to ensure maximum brightness – regarding the lenses. It can also be used when it’s raining outside as it has very high water resistance levels.

There is also convenient built-in protection in case you want to immerse it in water. This shouldn’t cause any issues. You can choose 18650 rechargeable Li-ons or you can go for three AAA batteries – depending on your preferences. In all cases, this is a product worth taking into account.

Buyer’s Guide: What To look For 

While shopping for the right tactical flashlight, you should get one that is ideal for the intended application. Basically, it is advisable to get one that is bright enough, offers a decent downrange and is compact in design. To get the best tactical flashlight, here are some of the key considerations you need to make: 

The Weight

Obviously, you need something which is compact and convenient and it’s going to ensure that it’s not an imposition in your pocket. When it comes to it, you need to look for something of relatively lightweight. However, this doesn’t meant that it would jeopardize the sturdiness as we’ve pointed out in some of the reviews above.

Light Bulb Type 

Different manufacturers use different types of bulbs in their tactical flashlights. The right bulb type will mainly depend on the desired brightness, efficiency and durability. Here are the three main tactical flashlight bulb types: 

Fluorescent Bulbs 

Fluorescent tubes have pressurized gases and mercury vapor sealed within a glass tube. Tactical flashlights that use fluorescent bulbs are comparatively affordable than LED bulbs, but not as bright as efficient.  As compared to incandescent bulbs reviewed below, fluorescent bulbs are brighter and generate less amounts of heat when in use. 

Incandescent Bulbs 

J5Theseof a wire filament thanks enclosed within a bulb in the absence of oxygen. When current passes through the filament, it glows emitting the required light. Although most traditional flashlights used such bulbs, they are less common today. 

Although they are more affordable, incandescent tactical flashlights produce a lot of heat, hence are less durable. They are also known to break rather easily. 

Self-Defense Capabilities

Now, we are putting this as a last on the list of priorities but it’s something that you might want to consider. You are buying a tactical flashlight, afterwards, and if you are a law-enforcement officer, self-defense should obviously be a priority.

LED Tactical Flashlights 

Light emitting diodes (LED) are the commonest type of bulbs used in modern tactical flashlights. Their preference over the other bulb types may be attributed to their intensity, brightness and longevity. Again, the latest LED technologies have Ben proven to be highly efficient on the battery, offering about 20 times longer battery life. Since LED lights produce less heat, they tend to last longer than other bulb types. 

Brightness Level

The level of brightness offered by a tactical flashlight is expressed using lumens. Lumens express the total amount of light coming out-the-front (OTF) of a flashlight. This light output rating will also give you an idea of how efficient the flashlight is. 

Most general purposes LED flashlights to produce between 20 and 80 lumens, while high-output LED flashlights to deliver 200 to 500 lumens. If you are looking for an ultra-high-output tactical flashlight, it is advisable for those with a brightness level of 500+ lumens.


The price of tactical flashlights varies from one model to another, and is often determined by the quality of the unit. If  ou want a simple flashlight for emergency lighting in your home, a simple model may suffice. Most of such tactical flashlights are priced below $30.  If you want a more powerful flashlight with superior light qualities, you should expect to spend between $30 and $50.

Casing Material

The casing is the thing that protects the internal components of the flashlight. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are getting a unit with high-quality and durable material. Military-grade aluminum, as well as anodized aluminum, are usually preferred because they are also quite light in weight.

Making The Final Decision 

Tactical flashlights come in a myriad of shapes and sizes to suit different applications and needs. Whether you need a mounted flashlight or just a handheld model, you should not settle for anything short of the best. 

In this regard, you should consider the brightness level, light beam distance, adjustable settings, price, and bulb type. Regardless of your specific needs, this guide will help you choose the best tactical flashlight. Check out our best tactical knives to compliment your flashlight.