Best Tactical Chest Rigs Vests Reviewed [Military Edition]

Best Tactical Chest Rigs Vests Reviewed [Military Edition]

Best Tactical Chest RigTactical enthusiasts know that if there is one thing that is just as important as their weapons, it is their tactical chest rigs vests.

A good Tactical chest rigs Vest provides plenty of space for extra ammo, space for tactical knife and much more.

Best Tactical Chest Rigs Vests Reviewed

Product NameDescription
Loaded Gear Tactical Vest Highly-customizable with loads of Molle space
vAv Yakeda Chest RigNylon fabric ensures durability and plenty of Molle Space
Condor Modular Chest SetConvertible rig offers flexibility for any game type
UTG 547 Tactical VestGreat for new users who want an all-in-one package
Condor Ops Chest Rig Low profile rig and easy to remove

Best Overall – Loaded Gear Tactical Vest and Leg Platforms – $99.96 to $106.96

Loaded Gear’s tactical vest may be the best simply because it uses a molle system and comes with many of the typical pouches an airsoft player might use, including four M4 style pouches.

2 pistol magazine pouches, a dump pouch and radio pouch, two additional pouches for miscellaneous use, and a pistol holster. All of these are removable and can be placed anywhere the user desires.

Plus, there’s plenty of extra space for additional pouches. Loaded Gear’s vest also comes with two leg platforms, which are essentially additional spots to place gear. Both are detachable from an also-included pistol belt.

Ultimately, Loaded Gear’s vest comes with plenty of space for any extra gear.

It is also made from vinyl fabric, meaning it should stand up to the standard wear and tear that is to be expected from playing a sport like airsoft.

The only downside is for those who prefer the low profile setup that a true chest rig provides.

As this is a vest, it does not quite match up with the “low profile” designation, but other users will be happy with the flexibility and compatibility that LoadedGear’s option provides.


  • Detachable Molle Pouches
  • Additional Molle Space
  • Made of strong materials
  • Additional leg platforms offers even more Molle space
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in Black, Green, or Earth


  • May be too bulky for users who prefer small chest rigs


Best Vest or Rig, with Pouches – vAv Yakeda Chest Rig – $69.00

vAv Yakeda Chest Rig The vAv Yakeda Tactical Rapid Assault Chest Rig offers plenty for both experienced and newer airsoft players.

Made of a durable 1001D nylon fabric, the Yakeda vest should be able to handle any airsoft conditions without breaking down.

This particular version of the vest comes with four rifle magazine pouches, which can carry up to eight magazines depending on their capacity.

It also comes with a dump pouch and two additional pouches for various uses. All of these are removable and there is even additional space available.

The best feature of this vest, however, is that it uses a convertible system. This means it can be used as a chest rig or full vest, depending on the user’s preference.

This is handy feature that removes the need for dedicated players to own more than one vest or rig.

The Yakeda comes in two color patterns, black or a multi-cam like camouflage. This could limit its use for those who like to stick to a pure desert or pure woodland look.


  • Comes with six total Molle pouches
  • Durable and weatherproof fabric
  • Velcro straps allow for precise adjusments
  • Convertible


  • Only comes in black or multi-cam like camouflage

Best Vest or Rig, Molle Space only – Condor Modular Chest Set — $47.06

Condor Modular Chest SetFor those who already have pouches or prefer to choose their own setup, Condor’s Outdoor Modular Chest Set offers a lot of flexibility for a relatively low cost.

This convertible vest comes in three colors, black, olive drab, and tan; which should satisfy most users.

The best thing about this best though, is that even with all the Molle space, there is actually six built-in—and almost hidden—rifle magazine pouches.

This means that an airsoft player can use all of that extra space for whatever they want and they can still carry their magazines without worrying.


  • Six built-in magazine pouches
  • Plenty of Molle space
  • Convertible
  • Comes in all of the standard environment colors
  • Lightweight
  • Room for hydration pack


  • While the material quality is great, it may not stand up to LoadedGear’s vinyl fabric

Best for Beginners – UTG 547 Tactical Vest – $41.75 to $54.95

UTG 547 Tactical VestThe UTG 547 is easily the best option for new airsoft players. A variety of built-in pouches will allow new players to store all of their gear securely and in well-organized manner.

In total, there are three rifle magazine pouches that should be able to fit between three and six magazines depending on their capacity; a radio pouch.

Five pistol magazine pouches (two are removable), a pistol holster, and a general purpose pouch. Additionally, there is compartment on the back panel that can accompany a hydration pack if the user chooses.

The vest is highly adjustable and should fit most users. There are four color options as well: black, olive drab, army digital, and woodland digital.

The only major downside is that there is not a desert-themed version.


  • Great for new users
  • Plenty of built-in pouches
  • Removable pistol belt


  • No desert option
  • No Molle space

Best on a Budget – Condor Ops Chest Rig – $24.95 or $26.39

 Condor Ops Chest RigCondor Ops makes several appearances on our list and for good reason. Their products are highly-reviewed and tend to offer quality performance without bloated price tags.

This particular rig costs less than $30, which is pretty impressive considering Condor’s largely positive reputation.

Though it does not come with any pouches, the purchase of separate pouches should still be less than most other vests or rigs of similar quality.

The Condor Ops chest rig uses a quick-detach strap system and weighs practically nothing. It comes in both black and coyote brown, which will be good for most users.

Though airsoft players who stick to woodland environments might be disappointed that there is not an olive or woodland version.

Overall, this is a great piece of equipment at a price that is just as good.


  • Plenty of Molle Space for magazines, etc
  • Mesh pocket on interior
  • Quick-release straps
  • Durable material
  • Great price


  • Does not come with pouches
  • No olive drab or woodland variant


Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things to consider when buying a chest rig, with the most obvious being how much it can carry.

Beyond that, a chest rig that is easily compatible with a player’s other gear is going to be much more useful than one that cannot fit any of the user’s magazines or other equipment.

And finally, a chest rig that is built from quality materials will, of course, be of much more use to the player—having a broken chest rig in the middle of a game is definitely not a good thing.

“Real Estate” Space

How much gear a chest rig can carry is not as simple as how many pockets it has. Many chest rigs come equipped with Molle webbing.

Which was originally adopted by the US military, so the users can attach whatever pouches they want instead of being limited to built-in pockets.

Advanced players tend to prefer this style because they can tailor their chest rigs to their exact needs.

However, newer players may not like the idea of having to buy both a rig and accompanying pouches too.

More specifically, some players prefer small rigs that can only carry a few magazines while other players may want massive vests that can carry numerous magazines, airsoft grenades, and so on.

Therefore, each rig will not be necessarily judged by how much it can potentially carry, so much as how well it carries out its intended purpose.

For example, if a heavy rig can only carry four magazines maybe it is not fulfilling the “heavy” part of its function.

Versatility and Compatibility

Versatility is a big factor when it comes to evaluating chest rigs. Even though newer players may prefer the built-in pouches of some vests to buying individual (and sometimes expensive) pouches, the Molle system allows users to airsoft players to choose pouches that fit their playing styles.

To be specific, if a built-in pouch only fits M4 style magazines, it may be useless to a player who uses a G36-style airsoft gun.

Quality of Materials

The durability of a chest rig is equally important as the factors mentioned above. Weather and wear-resistant materials like nylon will certainly be better choices than cheaper fibers like polyester.

However, it is important to note that most companies that make airsoft gear do not make products that meet military specifications.

So do not expect to see high-grade materials like canvas or Kevlar. Those products tend to cost in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars though, which tends to far outside the budget and requirements of most airsoft players.

It is also important to be able to carry all of that extra gear in the first place with plenty of pockets and straps.

Tactical chest rigs can solve both of these problems without sacrificing the mobility of the user.

Rather than carrying huge backpacks—that are also hard to access in the middle of a game—players using a chest rig can have all of their gear easily within reach.

How To Choose The Ultimate Chest Rigs


Ultimately, LoadedGear’s tactical vest comes in as the best overall option. The material quality and its excess of Molle space is hard to beat.

However, those who prefer lighter rigs may want to look to Condor’s Modular Chest Set or even their barebones Ops Chest Rig.

Those who do not mind the weight of the LoadedGear version, but prefer a lower price point can look to vAv Yakeda’s chest rig instead.

Though, desert or woodland players may be disappointed that there are only black and multi-cam like options.

New or casual players who want the simplicity of an all-in-one package ought to check out UTG’s 547 Tactical Vest instead.

Which replaces the potential confusion of the Molle system with a series of built-in pouches.

The most important thing to remember when buying a new tactical chest rig is its intended use.

Players that want a lightweight and speedy setup, should go for a true chest rig or even a convertible option. But airsoft players that have been designated the support guy may opt for a more spacious vest system with plenty of pouches.

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