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The Best tactical backpacks come with compatibility for a hydration bladder and other external ports for nozzles, radio antenna, or earphones, and tactical knife.

Who Uses Tactical Backpacks?

Tactical backpacks are used by law enforcement, soldiers going on military deployment, hikers going hiking, or other ventures involving high activity.

Tactical Backpack Brands

The Top tactical backpack brands include 5.11, Mystery Ranch, Maxpedition, and Atwood among others. 

American Made Tactical Backpacks

Some of the best-known US-made backpacks are Atwood Rope, ATS Tactical Gear, BDS Tactical Gear, Beez Combat Systems, Blue Force Gear, and Boston Leather among others.

Best Tactical Backpacks

1.RUSH72 Military Backpack – 5.11 tactical backpack

The RUSH72 TacticalBackpack is made designed for 72-hour travel, hence its name.  The bag has a water-repellant design, which is great for outdoor activities.

Large Back Compartment 

Its design includes a large dual-zipper back compartment, a secondary front compartment, and pockets that help you organize the interior.

Many Additional Compartments 

On both sides, there are holding pockets for 2-liter water bottles, while a pouch along the top of the rear compartment can hold a hydration bladder. To improve convenience for travel, it features locking zipper tabs and easy access sunglasses pocket. To accommodate for more accessories, it has bottom lashing straps and MOLLE webbing for added gear attachment.

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2.Tactical Rush 24 Backpack – Best Tactical backpack for Travel

Unlike the Tactical Rush 72 Backpack, this daypack is suited best for 24-hour travel. It comes in at 2,275 cubic inches.

Its features include a reinforced grab-and-go handle, a hydration bladder, a fleece-lined pocket for sunglasses, and MOLLE webbing that allows for more gear attachment.

Thus, the tactical rush 24 is the best tactical backpack for travel. Most mobile travelers would love the storage space. Additionally, the travel-friendly features include three mesh compartments, a zippered side water bottle pocket, and a hook and loop area for flag patches.

Its design includes a durable 1050 nylon material with a water-repellant coating. Meanwhile, compression straps ensure that the pack doesn’t become too bulky. Overall, this is a great choice for a 1-day backpack.

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3.Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack – Extra Padding

The Maxpedition Falcon II is a durable, organized pack. Its modular design is created with 1050 Denier nylon for water and tear resistance. Meanwhile, a Y-shaped midline compression strap distributes the weight-bearing load evenly.

Extra padding on the shoulder, waist, and sternum straps increase comfortability. In addition, side compression buckles give easy access to the central compartment.

Meanwhile, a rear zipper pouch can allow the holding of two 100-ounce water reservoirs. The multi-layer compartments give the user an exceptional amount of space to organize their belongings as they travel.

4.Maxpedition Vulture II 3 Day Pack – Suitable For Heavy Load

At a hefty size of 2,100-cubic inches, the Vulture II is suited for a heavy load. With three large compartments, a 100-ounce (3L) hydration bladder, it can carry a wide range of items. Additionally, PALS webbing along all sides of the pack are compatible with MOLLE accessories for further customization.

To help with comfort, padded shoulder and waist straps are featured, while the waist straps can be folded into the bag when not in use.

An abrasion-resistant bottom improves the durability of this pack. Meanwhile, a front slant catch-all pouch and Y-shaped compression strap with D-ring attachments add versatility to this 3-day pack.

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5.Condor 3 Day Assault Pack – With D Rings Attachments

The Condor 3-day pack is for those who wish to carry an excessive amount of supplies. Overall, it contains a total of seven compartments, with two compartments serving as main storage areas.

These main storage areas include internal gear compression and sorting pockets. Additionally, it can hold 3-liter hydration bladders. Overall, with a storage space of 3038 cubic inches, this is a backpack that can store enough supplies for a whole week.

Other features include horizontal and vertical webbing, D-ring attachments, shoulder straps, and foam-cushion back panels to add ventilation and comfort. Meanwhile, compression straps on both sides reduce your profile and keep the load relatively compact. Overall, this bag is built with quality material. The bag itself is light and allows you to move out quickly.

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6.Vanquest Javelin Pack – Two Hydration Pouches

An exceptional pack, the Vanquest Javelin Pack has an incredible 30 storage compartments. Meanwhile, it includes a laptop sleeve and two hydration pouches to increase storage. It is also quite flexible: this convertible pack allows you to store and access your gear from the top or side.

The Vanquest Javelin Pack is designed so that you can spin it quickly for simple access to segmented compartments. It is also incredibly durable, with 1000-D Cordura nylon, a heavy-duty neoprene padded handle, and an s-shaped zipper tread. This bag comes in a left shoulder and right shoulder sling pack option. The one pictured here is the left shoulder option.

7.Rush MOAB 10 – with headphone ports 

The Rush MOAB 10 is a compact daypack that comes in at 1093-cubic inches. The defining feature of this pack is the single ergonomic cross-body shoulder strap, which can be switched for ambidextrous purposes and also contains quick access zippered shoulder pockets featuring headphone ports.

The dual compartment opening ensures that there is easy packing and unloading; meanwhile, the rear pocket let you store items covertly.

The pack also comes with fleece-lined sunglass pouch, a hydration pocket with an external port, and a MOLLE–compatible exterior webbing that allows you to arrange accessories. Finally, if you already have a RUSH-series bag, the Rush MOAB bag can be attached to it for pack integration.

8.Eberlstock Halftrack Backpack-  Military Tactical Backpacks

The thin Eberlstock Halftrack backpack comes in at a compact size of 2150 cubic inches of storage. With a panel that has a variety of PALS compatible webbing, Velcro badge attachment, and a tall zipper front pouch, you can easily customize the storage structure of this pack.

Featuring a top modular pouch to go along with dual hydration pouches, this allows for quick and easy access even when you are mobile. Meanwhile, side compression straps help control your load-bearing. This helps minimize your profile. To combat the weather, a rain cover can be pulled out from a bottom compartment to reduce water damage.

9.Hazard 4 Evac Plan B Sling Pack – Flexible Bag

The slim Hazard 4 Evac Plan B Sling pack is a flexible tactical backpack. With an ambidextrous shoulder strap and a high-capacity carry potential, you can use the Hazard 4 in multiple conditions.

It comes in at 1,080 cubic inches of gear storage, with MOLLE webbing on both sides of the pack that allow for accessory customization. Meanwhile, a 3-liter hydration bladder allows for cool refreshment.

Comfort is also a selling point. A padded thermos back offers a comfortable fit, while a clip-on stabilizer strap keeps the pack in place during heavy activity. Its design also ensures that the pack spins forward for comfort and easy access.

10.Blackhawk Cyane Dynamic Tactical Pack

The Blackhawk Cyane is a unique backpack in the tactical backpack industry. Created with tear-resistant 500 Denier nylon, it is a tough daypack that can endure for a long time. Additionally, it has a beaver-tail style front design that allows you to store objects that are irregularly shaped.

The Cyane features front zipper pouches, open-air middle storage, and a central real compartment as its main storage ares. Gear such as bedrolls, jackets, and helmets can fit with ease into this day pack.

It also has MOLLE webbing along the side, front, and straps for customized attachments. Additionally, it can carry a 100-ounce water pouch with elastic-covered tube ports for the hydration hose. A mesh padded back piece with a sternum strap keeps the load easy to secure and manage.

11.Tactical All Hazards Prime Backpack

The Tactical All Hazards Prime Backpack prepares you for all situations. Recommended for professionals, it has 1,768 cubic inches of storage that can hold many irregularly shaped items.

With side-mounted lanyard and three-sided MOLLE webbing, you can have it customized for your preference. Meanwhile, the interior compartment has a padded laptop sleeve and hydration-system storage.

For emergencies, tear out pouches and webbing for medical supplies give you the change to prepare appropriately for each and every situation. Additionally, the front clamshell compartment is lined with a high-visibility orange that will quickly alert emergency responders in times of crisis.

12.Red Rock Large Assault Pack – Best Military Tactical Backpack Look

A standard tactical pack, the Red Rock Assault Pack holds up to 2,135 cubic inches of gear. For extra storage, it contains MOLLE webbing alongside its front and side panels.

To increase your convenience, a padded and ventilated back piece shields a zipper compartment that can hold a 2.5-liter hydration bladder. This will allow you to drink even when moving.

It has adjustable sternum, shoulder, and waist straps that can help stabilize your pack for carrying. Meanwhile, compression buckles help compress the bulk of the bag. For easier access, D-ring connections points are lined along the shoulder straps.

13.Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack

The Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack is a small tactical pack that is to be used either while attached to a larger MOLLE-compatible bag or carried solo as an everyday 1,178 cubic inch pack.

This is a bag that is extremely durable. Created with 1000-denier Cordura nylon, it has high-tensile durability. Its design is strikingly simple. With only two main compartments and a 3-liter hydration pouch, it is made to give the user a light load.

Its exterior include MOLLE webbing and a bungee system to attach irregularly shaped items. Meanwhile, padded shoulder straps and waist belts can be tucked away for packing or bag attachment.

14.Sandpiper of California – Long Range Bugout Backpack

The Sandpiper pack is designed specifically for multi-day expeditions. It can hold an incredible amount of 5,600 cubic inches. However, it is also made with 1000-denier abrasion-resistant nylon and heavy-duty compression straps. Thus, the Long Range Bugout Backpack can also be carried in a compact fashion.

Reinforced with aluminum backstays, a shoulder harness, and a comfy waist belt, this backpack is sturdy. Customizable storage is also a feature, with an expandable main compartment, hydration pouch, and MOLLE webbing featured on the exterior.

Meanwhile, a front compartment can hold smaller items. Thus, this makes this pack useful in everyday situations.

15.Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E Cyclone Pack

The Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E Cyclone Pack is built for durability and speed. It is made with water-resistant nylon and features eights rows of exterior webbing. It comes in at a size of 1,800 cubic inches. The pack has a 100-ounce hydration reservoir made with Microban antimicrobial technology.

Additionally, with a tube system covered in weather-resistant gear, it will make hydration on the go easier.

For ease of travel, a rubber lift handle and side compression straps are featured. With padded straps, a sturdy waist belt, and a flexible sternum strap, you can use this pack for a high-volume carry. Meanwhile, a soft-shell back can help regulate body temperature and increase comfort.


What is The Best Tactical Backpack?

The best tactical backpack is Mystery Ranch’s latest product, the Assault Pack, is also one of its most versatile and lightest. Its capacity is 27 liters, making it big enough to hold gear for a long weekend at the campsite.

At the same time, it is lightweight enough (3 pounds) to not weigh you down as you travel. It also comes with YKK zippers, a padded laptop sleeve, and a durable 500D Cordura construction. The 5.11 Rush 72 water repellant 3-day pack can be used daily, but it’s also suitable for military use.

The layout includes interior organizer pockets, a large dual-zipper rear compartment, and a secondary front compartment. The side zipper pockets each hold a 2-liter water bottle. The backpack contains additional small-item organization pouches.

Maxpedition’s latest product, Falcon II, features a modular design made with 1050 Denier nylon for tear-resistant and water-resistant durability. The foam-padded waist, shoulder, and sternum straps eliminate pressure points, while the unique Y-shaped compression strap at the midline helps distribute weight evenly. Quick-release compression buckles to the side open the way to the central compartment.

Tactical Backpack Review

Comparing Them

Buyers’ Guide: What To Look For?

This section has details on what to look for when buying a tactical backpack. Important factors include the material, durability, accessories, zippers, capacity and functionality among others. 

When it comes to durability, not all packs are made equal. Some are made with high-quality construction and materials. One way to compare them is by denier count in terms of the quality of the fabric used. In general, a higher denier count means a more durable pack. 

Some materials with a higher denier count can actually be less resistant to tears and scratches than a different material with a lower denier count. Before choosing a tactical backpack, it pays to research fabric strength and quality more closely. 

In general, you should look for a tactical backpack with a denier count in the range of 500 to 1200. Keep an eye out for Cordura nylon fabric. Another good option is X-Pac (or XV) fabric. We do recommend avoiding packs made from just polyester or Kodra (even though it sounds cool).

Durable and Waterproof 

Waterproof backpacks will weather any storm and if there’s one thing you need in a tactical backpack, it is that. As for durability, we can only name some of the best products in this category, which are: 

  • Prometheus Design Werx S.H.A.D.O.
  • Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed
  • 5.11 Tactical RUSH72
  • Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault.
  • Arc’teryx LEAF DryPack 25.


Tactical backpacks are heavier than backpacking bags and hiking bags for the volume they provide, because they have more compartments and pockets and are made of more durable materials. Nevertheless, a tactical backpack should be as light as possible. Lightweight gear allows you to move faster by reducing muscle strain.

Of course, you should never cut corners on quality. Manufacturers make backpacks lighter by using lightweight, cutting-edge materials that provide superb durability and resistance to abrasion. Your backpack should weigh less than 6 pounds in every case.


Tactical Backpacks are either made from nylon, or polyester. They are both synthetic fibers, but nylon is a little stronger.

However, you must also consider the “denier,” which is a measure of thickness of the fiber.It is symbolized by the capital letter D, with a higher denier value meaning higher thickness and thus higher strength.


The size of the backpack you choose depends on the gear you plan to take. Unless you absolutely need one, we do not recommend buying a very big backpack.  To be stable on your back, it needs to be relatively full, and it will get quite heavy. If it’s not full, items in it move around and compromise your balance. 


The back panel of a backpack should be well-padded and ergonomically shaped. Furthermore, it must also have ventilation channels so that the sweat evaporates from your back.

Tactical backpacks normally have foam back panels. Often, larger tactical backpacks have aluminum stays behind the panels. Aluminum stays are very useful when you are carrying a lot of weight as they efficiently transfer the weight to your hips from your shoulders via the hip belt.

MOLLE Compatibility

It is a major advantage if a tactical backpack is MOLLE compatible. The webbing allows you to attach other MOLLE gear easily, such as pouches. The system consists of nylon rows stitched to the main fabric. 


Zippers play an important role in overall durability. A lot of designers of outdoor and tactical gear use YKK zippers. These zippers are generally considered to be high-quality. Yet, YKK is not the only brand to look for. Other zipper brands you should take into account include TiZip, ITW Nexus, and AustriAlpin.


The single main compartment is not enough. A tactical backpack should have a lot of internal and external pockets in different sizes. Compartments and pockets allow you to organize your gear easily. It is critical that you know where every piece of your gear is at any moment as this lets you react quickly in various situations. 

Accessories and Add-Ons

Last but not least, a solid tactical backpack needs certain add-ons, like a hydration system. Backpacks that are compatible with such a system have a pocket or a sleeve for a water reservoir and an opening for a tube at the top. Here you can find more sports and outdoor accessories product of best brand.

You can get hydrated without having to take off your backpack first to unpack water bottles. Think about only accessories you need. It’s a mistake to go overboard with these as they will only hike the price up. 

What is a MOLLE Backpack 

MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. This abbreviation defines the latest-generation of backpacks and load-bearing equipment used by a number of NATO armed forces, including the US Army. 

How It’s Related to Tactical Backpacks

The MOLLE system’s modularity stems from the use of PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing equipment as lines of heavy-duty nylon stitched onto the vest to make attaching different accessories possible.

This method of attachment has replaced ALICE (All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment), becoming the prevailing standard for modular tactical gear.

How We Chose

Based on this list, you can choose a wide variety of tactical backpacks that have an incredible range of features. Which one is the right one? It depends. When making a trip to the outdoors, consider the intensity and duration of your activity, the predicted climate, and what items you need to bring along.

All these factors will force you to act accordingly, and you want the right tactical backpack at your side. No matter what, the best one will be the one that will always keep you one step ahead and prepared for your next journey in the great outdoors.