RTIC Cooler Review – 10 Best Soft & Hard Coolers Tested

RTIC Cooler Review – 10 Best Soft & Hard Coolers Tested

RTIC cooler reviewAny outdoorsmen know the importance of a good cooler. In this article, we attempted to identify the best RTIC coolers among 100’s of coolers.

When it comes to RTIC coolers, they are made for your outdoor and camping needs.

RTIC coolers are what you need by your side. One of the best features of RTIC coolers is that they are over-built but not overpriced.

Are you heading to an unfamiliar terrain? Or going to an extended trip?


What To Look For When Buying A Cooler?


When it comes to the durability of your cooler, it is very vital especially if you are going for road trips or extreme adventures. Do not look for a cooler that is only able to sustain the pressure of camping as it poses minimal issues to your cooler.

You cannot be in a place of testing the ruggedness and structure of your cooler when you are on a smooth road.

In the event that you’re trailing on harsh terrains or off roads, it is essential that you’re cooler is able to resist damage-causing elements and shock.

When it comes to the durability of coolers, you will notice most high ends companies design their coolers to have the ability to withstand abuses.

Such coolers come with walls, lids and pin type hinges, making the coolers reliable and rigid. Ensure that your cooler also has a latching mechanism that is tough to a particular extent.

The durability of a cooler is also measured by the presence of drain lugs, large handles and other types of seals.

Ensure that its structure is made of heavy-duty plastic, which is resistant to UV rays and impermeable to any form of harmful element present. A majority of old schooled coolers are cheaper in price but they are not able to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions.

Storage Size

Another aspect to consider while purchasing your cooler is its storage capacity. Coolers capacity today is being rated in quarts, making it easy for you to know its size. When it comes to the size of your cooler, the bigger number shows a larger cooler.

Go for a cooler whose size is able to meet your preference and be able to accommodate your requirements.

In the event, you travel alone in most cases a cooler that is 25 quarts is ideal for you. This is because the cooler is able to handle drinks for one or two individuals.

For coolers that are 40 to 45 quarts, they are great for two to four individuals. You can go for 70 to 100 quarts coolers, which are ideal for a large number of people such as a family or friends outing.

Keep in mind that large coolers are not moveable. This is because they are heavy and quite bulky to carry. You will, therefore, require a lot of muscles for you to be able to carry them. You will also require large trucks or vehicles in order for you to transport them.


Whether you are going for RTIC, Yeti or K2 coolers just to mention a few, it is vital that you forgo a cooler that has optimum insulation capability.

This is important as a cooler ought to keep your drinks and food cold. Hence, ensure that you check and inspect the insulation property of your cooler.

In case you are planning to go for a short trip; an ordinary cooler is fine. These coolers have thin layers of insulation which is capable of keeping your ice cold and in a solid-state for hours, even for an overnight.

However if you are going for long trips, a high-end cooler, for instance, RTIC coolers will be more suitable.

The high-end cooler is capable of keeping your ice-cold for 5 to 10 days. Making your investment in them is advisable as the coolers are able to keep your raw ingredients fresh for a longer period of time. It’s recommended to use dry ice in the event that you are going for a long trip.

When it comes to dry ice they have a long and high melting point. Dry ice has an average temperature of -109.3 F; it’s able to make your cooler an instant freezer.

It is important that you keep in mind, the low temperatures of dry ice are able to cause thermal stress. It is therefore recommended to go for the rugged high-end coolers.


rtic 45 cooler reviewWhen it comes to coolers they are made of; plastic, metal, Styrofoam or fabric. In case you are looking for a cooler to invest in, the Styrofoam cooler should be out of your list.

Metal coolers are heavy, more expensive and can at times be less durable; they are also very well insulated.

Plastic coolers, on the other hand, are also durable and are the most popular coolers available in the market. For the fabric coolers, they are made from canvas type of synthetic material.

The cooler is insulated with flexible foam and design to be able to accommodate few items. When it comes to the make of coolers, plastic coolers are usually recommended; always to go for s cooler that is well constructed.

Before you purchase the cooler of your choice, lift the cooler and knock its exterior. This is done to check if the cooler is well insulated or if it’s hollow. The more insulated your cooler is the longer it will be able to retain your ice.

Check the lid of the cooler by tapping on it, open and close it to ensure that it’s properly insulated and it has seals that are tight. Go for a cooler that has metal hinges as this shows the solid construction that your cooler has.

Ice Retention

The ice retention capability of your cooler is very vital; this is because it enables you to be able to go for a day or night outing.  In most cases the smaller your cooler is the thinner and softer its walls are. This consequently makes your cooler have a shorter ice retention capability.

Are you looking for a cooler for your weekend excursion? A more expensive model would be ideal for you other than a cheaper model, as a cheaper model will have a lower ice retention capability.

Know the kind of ice retention that you require from your cooler before getting one. That is, is it for day, 4 to 5 days or even for a week?

As a buyer you want to go for a cooler that has a higher ice retention capability, this will cost you a bit more but it is worth it.


In simple terms, a cooler that is filled with ice serves as a mobile refrigerator. It is therefore very vital that you consider portability when it comes to coolers.

Smaller or lighter cooler are considerably more portable; although a coolers weight should not prevent you from getting the cooler as its weight makes the cooler have a better insulation property; thus being able to keep ice for a longer period of time.

With the fact that large coolers tend to be cumbersome, manufacturers are ensuring to have them less cumbersome.

Therefore, making large coolers have handles and wheels which makes them quite easy to transport around.

The portability of your cooler is also dependent of the need of your cooler; do not let your cooler slow you down.


It is vital that you go for a cooler that you are able to afford; go for one that is within your budget as you do not want to end up overspending.

Get the best cooler there is for your dollar; for instance you can go for RTIC coolers instead of the more expensive Yeti coolers.

Go for coolers that are not quite costly irrespective of their features, this is mainly due to the fact that every item is prone to failure  that you may not see coming. Purchase a product that justifies its cost and will not put a hole into your pocket.


Why Get An RTIC Cooler?

When you compare the price of an RTIC cooler, they are less expensive by half when you compare it to a Yeti cooler. This feature does not mean in any way that Yeti coolers are shabby as it has exceptional features and quality.

RTIC coolers are an excellent combination of good pricing, excellent features, and exceptional performance. The coolers are available in different colors, specifications, and sizes. The RTIC brand ensures that you get good quality coolers despite the kind of RTIC cooler you get.

RTIC coolers are manufactured in China by a company owned by two brothers; that is John and Jim Jacobsen. You can be able to purchase your cooler from Amazon, the company or other online stores.

RTIC coolers is dependent on the kind of cooler that you have for instance; the hard and soft-sided coolers have a one year warranty, for stainless steel and day coolers they have a warranty of 90 days.


10 Best RTIC Coolers

Product NameBest Feature
RTIC Cooler (RTIC 20)The cooler has a rotomolded construction which gives the cooler its durability and ruggedness.
RTIC Cooler (RTIC 45)The cooler has shock defense and an excellent impact resistance, which is great in preventing damages due to accidental blows and drops.
RTIC Cooler (RTIC 65)This cooler has multiple ergonomic features which makes it ideal for your outdoor adventures.
RTIC Cooler (RTIC 110)It has an impact resistance, long lasting ice retention capability and it’s durable.
RTIC Cooler (RTIC 145)This cooler is mostly used as  an ultimate back up refrigerator
RTIC Soft Pack 20It’s leak proof properties; doesn’t allow seeping out of water even in the event that you move energetically.
RTIC Day CoolerThe RTIC Day Cooler is design in a way to be able to perfectly balance, allowing it to distribute its weight on your upper body equally
Soft Pack 8 coolerIts insulation of 2 inches of closed cell foam, makes the cooler retain ice for up to 5 days
RTIC 30 Soft Pak Soft Sided Cooler BagThe cooler is able to keep your drinks and food cool for up to 5 days without any pre-chilling.
RTIC 40 Soft Pak CoolerIts interior has an anti-microbial water proof liner which is able to protect your bag cooler from mildew formation

1. RTIC Cooler (RTIC 20) The Best Budget-Friendly Cooler

Budget Friendly RTIC Cooler

When you need a cooler for a simple yet practical application, this RTIC cooler is what you need. It goes at an affordable price its quality not depreciated.

You can be able to use the RTIC 20 for your outdoor activities such as; fishing, hunting, and camping. The cooler is exceptionally light in its weight as it can be lifted by an individual.

The cooler is able to accommodate 24 cans and a fill-up of ice; it’s also able to handle a good volume of raw ingredients, drinks, and food.

The RTIC 20 is the perfect cooler for your day to day activities due to its simplicity and compactness. The cooler has an excellent ice retention capability due to its good temperature retention.

This cooler has a handle that is of industrial grade stainless steel; the handle can be locked at an upright position to allow a one handle lifting.

The cooler also has a rotomolded construction which gives the cooler its durability and ruggedness. It’s also resistant to bear scratches and heavy impacts.

RTIC 20 cooler has a capacity of 24 cans or 22 quarts, 5.5 gallons. The cooler has a weight of 17.5pounds; its interior measurement being; 13.75inches by 10.87 inches by 8.75inches. The exterior measurement of the cooler are; 20inches by 15inches by 13.75inches.


  • It has an excellent locking system which ensures the content inside remain safe.
  • The cooler features a traction lid that can work as a casting platform.
  • The cooler provides commercial grade insulation on its wall
  • It has rubber T-latches for a smooth closing
  • The cooler comes with a compact and portable size


  • You cannot be able to lock the handle in its place all the time
  • The cooler has limited internal space.


2.RTIC Cooler (RTIC 45) – Ideal Ice Retention Capabilities 

Are you going for an extreme adventure? The RTIC 45 cooler is an excellent choice for you.

The cooler’s structure is made in a way that it’s able to resist extreme elements and weather conditions; it also very durable.

The cooler has shock defense and excellent impact resistance, which is great in preventing damages due to accidental blows and drops.

RTIC 45 cooler is made in a way to ensure that the ice in the cooler is able to last for a long while. Its rotomolded design prevents your ice from turning to water quickly.

Its intuitive locking system that is on the setup allows the RTIC 45 to have its products uncompromised and unharmed.

Easy Lift Features 

The handle of the cooler has an easy lift feature; you can also be able to carry the cooler by yourself.

You can use the RTIC 45 cooler for different activities for instance; camping, fishing, and boating. This cooler is excellent for simple backyard cookouts or tailgate party.

The cooler also has a non-slip base which prevents the cooler from moving around.

The RTIC 45 cooler has a weight capacity of 25pounds; a capacity of 36 cans 11.25 gallons or 45 quarts. The cooler has an interior measurement of 19.37inches by 11.87inches by 10.50inches. Its exterior measurements is; 26.50inches by 15.87inches by 16.50inches.




  • The outside exterior isn’t susceptible to sweating
  • The cooler has tie-down slots which are for anchoring the cooler
  • The cooler has a bear-resistant exterior
  • It’s able to keep the internal temperatures cold
  • The drain outlet is integrated into the cooler


  • Its rubber strap can at times get in the way when you are closing the lid


3.RTIC Cooler (RTIC 65) – An Indestructible Cooler 

The RTIC 65 cooler is an excellent choice in case you require a cooler; that is able to give an extra space for your drinks, food and other items.

This cooler has multiple ergonomic features which makes it ideal for your outdoor adventures.

This cooler is able to hold items without the items having to lose its coldness; this is because the cooler is able to maintain its internal temperatures for a longer period of time.

Two Men Team Carry 

The RTIC 65 cooler can be carried by two individuals. Its design is balanced; you will therefore not strain your body. Its structure is made to be durable and rigid. This cooler is ideal for your extreme outdoor activities; this is due to its rotomolded construction, which also makes the cooler indestructible.

The RTIC cooler has a V-Drain System which makes the cooler hassle-free when using it. You won’t have to strain yourself when you are draining water, ice or any other residues.

The cooler also has a drain outlet which removes water from your cooler while you are still using it.

The RTIC 65 has a weight of 36.5 pounds; you can be able to fill it with 16, 25 gallons or 65 quarts. With an interior measurement of; 24.75inches by 13inches by 11.75inches; its exterior measurement is; 32.25inches by 17.12inches by18.50inches.




  • The lid has a freezer-style gasket for snugly sealing
  • The cooler is able to keep ice frozen for up to 10 days
  • It has three-inch walls which have a foam layer for maximum insulation.
  • Non-slip base for your outdoor stability
  • Hinges are full length allowing you to open and close the cooler easily.




  • The cooler is notably heavy

4. RTIC (110) – Best Insulation Capacity

The RTIC 110 cooler is able to retain ice for up to 10 days which is quite a huge insulation capacity. The cooler is therefore considered by many as a mini freezer.

The cooler also has three layers of insulation. You can go for an extreme excursion with the RTIC 110 cooler as it has impact resistance, long-lasting ice retention and its durable.

You can also be able to use this RTIC cooler as your bench, tabletop, an extra cutting board, and a non-slip step stool and still be in a position of keeping your ice, important supplies and perishables goods cold.

The Rotomolded Construction 

The RTIC 110 cooler has the following features; a virtually indestructible rotomolded construction, 10 days of ice retention, it’s made to be able not to get bears scratches with its bear resistance design.  The cooler also has an easy lift lid handle, heavy-duty rubber T-latches, and a traction lid.

The RTIC 110 has a weight of 48.5 pounds; its capacity is 110 cans, 110quarts or 27.5 gallons. It has interior measurements of; 27.75inches by16.25inches by 14.12inches; its exterior measurements are; 35.37inches by 19.87inches by 20inches.


  • The cooler has an easy flow drain outlet which lets water out keeping the ice in.
  • The cooler has a cool lift design which lifts the cooler above the hot surface
  • Its rapid V-Drain System allows a quick draining of water
  • It has up to three inches of insulated walls
  • The cooler also has an integrated locking system
  • It’s able to keep your ice cold for up to 10 days


  • The cooler is much heavier than other models by ARTIC
  • The cooler also costs more when you compare it, other RTIC models,

5.RTIC Cooler (RTIC 145) – Bear Resistant Cooler 

When it comes to the RTIC 145 cooler it’s able to survive in extremes; as it has long-lasting ice retention, durability to impact resistance. This cooler is ideal for hunting, camping or fishing as its ability to keep your drinks and food cold for a longer period of time when you compare it with its competitors.

This cooler is mostly used as an ultimate back up the refrigerator for offshore fishing, extended camping trips or for hunting bigger game.

The cooler has a rotomolded construction making it virtually indestructible. The cooler is able to retain ice for a period of 10 days the same way a portable freezer does.

Bear Resistance 

The RTIC 145 is made in a way to be able to resist bear scratches keeping the bears out. With its non-slip feet, you can have your cooler in place. The cooler is made of up to 3inches of insulated walls that is the commercial-grade insulating foam. Not to forget its marine-grade ropes and textured grips

The RTIC 145 cooler has a weight of 59.5pounds; it has a capacity of 145 cans, 145 quarts or 36.25 gallons. Its interior measurements are 34.12inches by 17.25inches by 14,12inches; its exterior measurement being 41.62inches by 20.87inches by 20inches.


  • The cooler has a rotomolded construction that is virtually indestructible
  • It’s able to keep ice cold for up to 10 days thus known as a mini freezer
  • It has a freezer style lid gasket which provides a tight seal
  • The cooler has a rapid V-Drain System which gives a quick drain
  • It doesn’t have a sweat exterior allowing your cooler to remain dry
  • The cooler also has an easy flow drain outlet which lets water out of the cooler easily.


  • Its cost is higher than the previous model by RTIC
  • It also weighs a lot making it heavier.

6.RTIC Soft Pack 20– The Best Soft Pack Cooler 

Best Soft Pack Cooler

The RTIC 20 Soft Pack cooler is one of the top-notch coolers in the market especially due to its portability.

This cooler is great in case you are going camping or  backpacking with friends.

The RTIC Soft Pack 20 cooler is able to hold up to 20 cans or water bottle including the extra space for filling.

The RTIC Soft Pack 20 is exceptionally easy to carry; you won’t strain your body even if you end up carrying it for a long time.

Leak-Proof Feature 

The cooler also has a to die for a feature that is leak-proof properties; you won’t have water seeping out even in the event that moves energetically.

There are no presences of seams or gaps in the structure of the cooler. The cooler is also impervious from any punctures that are due to happen.  

The cooler has liners that have antimicrobial properties, which is able to offer exceptional resistance that is against fog and mildew.

The mentioned features make the RTIC Soft Pack 20 cooler appropriate for your outdoor adventures. You can also use the cooler for your daily excursions. The walls of the cooler have foam insulation that keeps ice from melting for up to 5 days.


  • The cooler has an easy to carry mechanism which makes it easy for transportation.
  • The cooler is extremely compact and portable
  • It has mold resistance
  • It has a heavy duty nylon shell construction
  • It’s capable of retaining ice for 5 days.


  • The cooler has a limited carrying capacity
  • It’s not an ideal choice for long camping trips

7. RTIC Day Cooler– Most Lightweight Cooler 

The RTIC Day Cooler is an excellent choice in case you are looking for a lightweight and portable cooler. The cooler is compact and small in size making it a great choice for your day to day travel.

With this cooler, you do not need to have big muscles for you to be able to carry it. The cooler is made in a way that every chic can use it on the go.

As any other RTIC product, the RTIC Day Cooler is able to keep your drinks and food cool and fresh. The cooler is 100% impermeable to punctures and leak proof. The cooler has a size capacity of 8 cans of beverages.

The RTIC Day Cooler is designed in a way to be able to perfectly balance, allowing it to distribute its weight on your upper body equally. With the addition of the adjustable strap, the overall ergonomics of the cooler is improved. Therefore when it comes to carrying the RTIC Day cooler, it isn’t problematic.


  • The cooler is lightweight making it ideal for a solo camping
  • The cooler is FDA approved construction
  • It’s able to keep your goods fresh and chilled
  • Its interior comes with insulation
  • It’s also crafted from heavy-duty polyester




  • The cooler has a limited storage space

8. RTIC Soft Pack 8– Camo Soft Cooler 

Soft Cooler For Hunting

This cooler is the size of a lunch box; it’s your personal cooler that is able to hold 8 cans of beverages. The cooler is 100% leak proof and puncture resistant.

The Anti Microbial Protection 

The cooler also has an anti-microbial liner that is able to resist the growth of mildew. The Soft pack 8 cooler is quite useful for your everyday hunting, fishing, work or camping.

This cooler is able to keep your drinks and food cold for a longer period of time. This is possible due to its insulation by 2 inches of closed cell foam, which retains ice for up to 5 days.  

The cooler can be used for common activities such as; boating, fishing, small game, and tailgating. The dimensions of this coolers are; 10inches by 12 inches by 9.5inches with a weight of 2.0 pounds. It has 5.5 quarts and 1.37 gallons.

The following are features that you will find in the Soft Pack 8 RTIC cooler. They have a Stay Dry material that makes them 100% waterproof. It has an easy access lid with a flip top for easy access; with waterproof zippers that is leak proof.

Its heavy duty nylon shell is tear and puncture resistant; its closed cell insulation has 2 inches on top and an inch on the sides locks.


  • The cooler is light in weight and it’s also durable due to the tough laminated fabric and the welded seams.
  • The cooler is sweat resistant, you will, therefore, have your exterior staying dry
  • It has an anti-microbial liner that is able to resist molds




  • Some reviewers require a prerelease option which the cooler does not have.
  • Some reviewers claim that it’s usually out of stock
  • The cooler requires a handle and an accessory pouch

9.RTIC 30 Soft Pack Soft Sided Cooler Bag– 20 Can Soft Cooler 

When it comes to the Soft Pack 30 cooler it’s a golden mean that is between the 20 quart and 40-quart soft coolers.

This cooler is a midsize bag which is able to withstand extreme heat conditions; therefore, accompanying you on the tailgate, outdoor activity, and road trips.

The cooler is able to accommodate up to 20 cans with spaces available for ice filling.

The cooler is made of a high-density nylon fabric and closed cell insulation.

The RTIC 30 Soft pack cooler also has the following features; an easy access lid, adjustable shoulder strap, mesh pocket, additional zippered pocket, leak-proof zipper, and 10 Do-ring tie-down points.

The cooler has interior dimensions of; 15.5inches by 11.5inches by 12.75 inches and a one year warranty.

The cooler is able to keep your drinks and food cool for up to 5 days without any pre-chilling. Its thick layer of insulation prevents ice from melting even if the cooler is left on direct sunlight.




  • The cooler has an anti-microbial liner which minimizes the risk of mold and bacteria appearance
  • Cleaning of the bag along the liner is a breeze
  • The cooler is leak free and smell proof; this means that no leaks and odor will leak out.
  • The cooler is stronger than most soft-sided bags as it’s made of heavy-duty vinyl shell.
  • It’s highly resistant to damage and UV rays.
  • This cooler is available in several designs in order to be able to meet up with your style.




  • Its zippers is too stiff

10. RTIC 40 Soft Pack Cooler– Most Portable RTIC Cooler 

The RTIC 40 Soft Pack cooler is ideal for short trips; this is mainly due to its lightweight and small size feature. The cooler gives you enough space to be able to store up to 27 cans, which are 12oz each and some food for the weekend or a boat trip.

The cooler is able to accommodate goods for 2 to 3 individuals; it’s not for solo excursions.

Its material is made of closed-cell insulation and high-density nylon fabric. The RTIC 40 soft pack has dimensions of 18.5inches by 12 inches by 17inches.  

East Access Lid 

The cooler also has; an easy access lid, adjustable shoulder strap, additional zippered pocket, mesh pocket and leak-proof zippers; the cooler has a year warranty.

The cooler is able to keep your drinks and food cool and fresh for 5 days as long as you do not open the zippers often.

This RTIC cooler is not only durable but it’s also quite comfortable to use; its durability is irrespective of the weather condition. This cooler’s flip flop lid is able to open up wide enough for you to either pack or unpack goods from your cooler.

RTIC cooler’s sturdy carrying handles that are on the side and the additional shoulder straps make hauling of this cooler exceptionally easy. Its interior has an anti-microbial waterproof liner, which is able to protect your cooler from mildew formation. This cooler’s liner is also easy to wipe after each and every single use.

If you are looking for a cooler bag that is convenient in hauling around, simple to load and unload and easy to maintain, look no further the RTIC 40 Soft Pack Cooler is what you need.




  • Its easy access lid is able to open wide enough to allow you to quickly get your drink or meal.
  • It’s made in a way that allows you to easily load bulky food.
  • The cooler is waterproof, leak proof, sweat proof, and puncture and tear resistant.
  • It has waterproof zippers which prevents your cooler from leaking liquids
  • It has welded seams which are extremely tough.
  • The cooler  is supplied with special zippers lubrication


  • The cooler may have a plastic smell to it when you open it for the first time.
  • With the many zippers present on the cooler you may have the RTIC zippers stuck from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are RTIC coolers any good?

RTIC coolers have many great qualities and features. They are shipped in plastic bags that cover them completely. This way, scratches are prevented and the coolers can withstand the shipping transport. RTIC coolers are fully assembled with the T latches, rope handles and feet. This truly makes it ready to go once you open the box.

RTIC coolers utilize Roto-Molding, a molding method that guarantees high quality. This method necessitates an exact cut and thickness within the wall, as well as all around the cooler which produces no imperfections.

It provides two levels of protection and quality, which means the ability to withstand heavy abuse on the outside and maximizing the amount of ice retention time on the inside.
There are many sizes to choose from, so you can provide an option for a big group on a camping trip or an individual weekend away.

Insulation quality is very high with two-inch-thick polyurethane foam insulation. The lids are up to three inches thick. You get great ice retention time thanks to the lift design that keeps your cooler above hot surfaces.

RTIC was founded after Yeti and marketed itself as a “Yeti for half the price”. The first attempt to compete was the Roto molded cooler design. The designs are almost identical. If you take a closer look, however, you’ll find there are some differences in terms of material quality.

Is RTIC really as good as Yeti?

RTIC skimps in the unsealed gasket which faces the risk of peeling off. In comparison, these are fully sealed in YETI. YETI has rubber handles while RTIC has foam handles. RTIC’s warranty terms are confusing, while YETI offers a 5-year defect protection agreement.

In terms of appearance, the two coolers look almost identical. Both have thick insulation, thick rubber latches, tie-downs, drain spouts, rubber lid gaskets, and non-stick feet. They are equal as far as ice retention is concerned.

RTIC is the clear winner as far as price goes, although the original RTICs have gotten more expensive due to limited supply. Why is it limited? YETI filed a lawsuit against RTIC and won the case. The court obligated RTIC to change their design and cease manufacturing. All in all, you’ll get the same performance at a fraction of the cost if you find an RTIC at a reasonable price.

Quality of Plastic 

Both brands are similar as far as the quality of cooler plastic. That’s not really surprising because it is plastic in most cases, molded over gasket insulation.

Both cooler brands are sturdy and reliable.
RTIC coolers are usually available in tan or white. YETI have a bigger range with tan, white, light blue, and sea foam green. Blue or green are decent opti

ons if you aren’t a fan of the classic desert tan and don’t want white because it stains easily.
The rubber on the RTIC is of lower quality. The YETI’s latches are harder to snap into place. This is actually not an advantage because over time, the rubber on the RTIC will wear out, compromising the lid’s seal.

Extensive Wear Test 

It’s not easy to notice and you can always replace them in cases of extensive wear and tear. Moreover, RTIC’s rubber lid gasket is flimsier and slightly thinner than YETI’s. The gasket is neither joined nor sealed, so there is a small gap where the two ends meet. If you decide to get a RTIC for whatever reason, fill the gap with some epoxy or superglue to prevent any issues with it coming off the ice chest.

How long does the RTIC cooler hold ice?

You can expect ice retention times of up to 10 days according to the website. It’s like a portable freezer.

Yeti Vs. RTIC : Are Yeti and RTIC made by the same company?

RTIC was founded in 2014 by two brothers, James and John Jacobsen. They took advantage of the hot new roto-molded ice chest market and started making coolers that were very similar to YETI’s, but at a lower price.

YETI was founded in 2006 in Austin, Texas, also by two brothers – Ryan and Roy Seiders.

The Seider brothers decided to start the company because they found that the quality of coolers available on the market was very poor.

They were active, went out often, and needed coolers themselves. Ultimately, they founded the high-end cooler company. In 2016, its sales exceeded $470 million. Flip Pallot, Cameron Hanes, and several other pro athletes endorse YETI.

Who invented RTIC coolers?

RTIC was founded by twin brothers John and Jim Jacobsen. What some refer to as the YETI knockoff has generated about $200 million in revenue since September 2015.

Where are RTIC coolers made?

The company is American, but RTIC coolers are made in China, as are YETI coolers for that matter.


The Design, Warranty & Final Review  

When it comes to RTIC coolers they are among the best coolers available in the market and you will not regret getting one for yourself.

Its roto-molded design makes it a heavy built, the cooler is able to resist breaks, drops and even cracks. Its thick insulated walls are very efficient in retaining your ice in a solid-state and keeping water stored in the cooler cool.

The Warranty 

The warranty feature of RTIC coolers is not that great, as a result, it is recommended that you check for any form of damage on the cooler within a thirty-day return period.  

The size and build of the cooler is able to match other coolers available in the market. Only its price differentiates it from the rest of the coolers.

When it comes to the quality and price of RTIC coolers you simply cannot go wrong with them. The review above comprises of some of the best models of RTIC coolers in the market that you can go for. Check its features and what the cooler has to offer if it meets your needs before you actually purchase one.

This review also has a buyer’s guide in helping you know and understand some of the aspects that you ought to consider in a cooler. Ensure that the cooler of your choice is, for instance, durable, has a good ice retention capability and insulation among others. Always go for a cooler that is within your budget.

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