10 Best Reloading Benches For Your Garage [Plus Shop Stools]

10 Best Reloading Benches For Your Garage [Plus Shop Stools]

The 10 Best Reloading Benches For Your GarageThe best reloading bench will have lights, drawers and would be a solid table. Furthermore, a decent reloading workbench is a must-have in any gun room.

I decided to write about the reloading benches and the best stools for them. After spending numerous hours looking for the best workbench for my garage.

Reloading benches come in different sizes and have a wide variety of different applications.

Furthermore, some of the most popular models on the market are equipped with lights which makes them very handy when you have to clean out your firearm.

We have established that the most popular reloading bench manufacturers are Seville Classics, K&H Pet Products, WorkPro, and Goplus.

It is hard to tell what the best model is – each user has their own specific requirements in mind and is looking for a specific design to fit his or her garage or workshop.

For this reason, we have ranked them on the basis of their most distinguishing features and uses.

For example, some models have lights on them, others are fitted with drawers for even greater convenience. We’ve also highlighted some of the best models of reloading bench stools. 

Each reloading bench model and each stool has an overview of the features it provides as well as pros/cons based on user reviews we found around the web.

10 Best Reloading Benches For 2019

Product Name
Best Feature
Seville Classics Workbench UHD20206
Seville Classics
Probably the most versatile model on the market
K&H Manufacturing Collapsible Wood Still Cabinet
K&H Manufacturing 
The 3 cabinets provide plenty of storage room
Seville Classics (UHD20271B)
Seville Classics
Wheels and drawers for extra storage and mobility
Goplus Steel Workbench
The pegboard comes in very handy
Seville Classics UltraHD
Seville Classics
Super-bright LED light power strip
Seville Classics (UHD20247B)
Seville Classics
6-outlet power strip
WEN WB4723
Two-year warranty
Garage Workbench
Sturdy and reliable

Seville Classics Heavy Duty Commercial Workbench UHD202061. Seville Classics UHD20206 – Heavy Duty Commercial Workbench 

This versatile UltraHD commercial workbench by Seville Classics will allow you to make the most of your workspace.

The resilient table top features a thick, heavy-duty hardwood work surface that has been sealed with a fancy-looking, scratch-resistant coating. 

Built out of industrial-strength steel, this model’s frame is designed for accommodating and holding heavy equipment. Furthermore, it is protected by a granite epoxy powder-coat.

In addition, this workbench comes with large, rubber-padded leveling feet that provide stability on all surfaces.

Designed for multipurpose use in the workshop, this workbench’s top measures a convenient 6 feet in width and 2 feet in length (72″ x 25″).

Thus, it is perfect for use in the home, garages, workshops, offices, laundry rooms, ironing rooms, butcher shops, and even in professional kitchens.

The workbench’s hardwood surface provides plenty of space to work on. At the same time, its surface will not be damaged if you put super-hot objects, on it, spill machine oil, etc. in fact the plot is sturdy enough to stop a crossbow arrow, fired by your angry wife!


  • 1.75″ solid wood top
  • 6 foot wide top
  • Large padded leveling feet
  • Steel construction
  • Easy assembly


  • Some users have reported that their units have arrived damaged or broken

K&H Manufacturing Collapsible Wood2. K&H Manufacturing Collapsible Wood Top – Reloading Bench with 3 Door Steel Cabinet

This model has been specifically designed for ammunition reloading projects – you can store your shotgun shells, gunpowder, pellets and other stuff of that nature.

Even if the compartments of the cabinets are provided with steel locks, the manufacturer boasts the HMC High-Security Tubular Locking System, we advise against storing your handguns there. The cabinets have not been designed for gun storage.

This reloading bench’s solid frame has been manufactured out of 1 mm-thick cold steel for maximum durability and support. 

The worktop is made of one-and-a-half-inch plywood with 3.2 mm epoxy-polyester powder coat paint finish. The backsplash surface’s pegboard is ideal for hanging up your light tools.

The overhead 3-drawer compartments are fitted with ergonomic plastic handles. On the other hand, the grated lower shelf is designed for storing reasonably-heavy items.

The legs on one side of this model finish with wheels. They have a storage limit of 110 lbs.

On the one hand, that’s good if you want to move the reloading bench around, but on the other, this idea of the designer may cause some serious stability issues. I could not find information if the wheels are secured by brakes.

Best Reloading Benches with Drawers

Below we are going to look at some of the best models of reloading benches with drawers. Drawers, I think are generally more practical than overhead cabinets in terms of storage capacity and safety.

Of course, you’ve got to make sure that the drawers’ chassis and rollers are of good quality.

Seville Classics (UHD20271B)Seville Classics (UHD20271B)Seville Classics (UHD20271B)3. Seville Classics (UHD20271B) UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench on Wheels

This versatile commercial workbench by Seville Classics has a top surface made of heavy-duty solid wood that is an inch and a half thick. Its frame is made of industrial-strength powder-coated steel.

The manufacturer vows that this model’s maximum weight capacity is the mind-blowing 500 lbs. if evenly distributed. 

This workbench is also equipped with 3-inch rolling casters with two locks. The two steel drawers have stainless steel handles and commercial grade ball bearing sliders.

The two drawer liners guarantee that items won’t move around and clatter when opening and closing the drawers. This model is 24.7-inch deep, 48 inches wide, and 37.4 inches high.

This workbench is as durable, as it is mobile. You can easily move this model around on its heavy-duty wheels with secure locks. Even with locked wheels, I would not load this workbench to its maximum capacity of 500 lbs.

This model’s stylish design makes it a perfect fit not only for the workshop or the garage but also for your child’s room, where it turns into the perfect study table.

You can practically use this workbench as an attractive table or desk wherever you may need it. You can turn it into a mobile kitchen island, or into an auxiliary table in the living room or in the studio.


  • 2 solid steel drawers with ball bearing sliders; 
  • 4 wheels, 2 of them fitted with locking mechanisms
  • 2 non-slip drawer liners
  • Steel frame with graphite finish
  • Incredibly versatile


  • Instances of missing parts have been reported


Goplus Steel Workbench Tool Storage Work Bench Workshop4. Goplus Steel Workbench with Drawers and Peg Board

This model is extremely durable and has 300 Lbs. carrying capacity. The workbench’s backbone is its solid steel frame, while the surface of the heavy-duty MDF panel can endure hard use in the workshop.

Because the height is just right, you can work at this bench standing, as well as seating.

The pegboard has a number of steel hooks, where you can securely hang keys, pocket knives, and other hangable stuff, while the two drawers can easily accommodate a number of small power tools.

If you need to store something heavy, we recommend that you use the lower shelf.

A rusty workbench is no good, but with this model, you have nothing to worry about – its special powder-coated finish makes it 100% water and rust-resistant.

In addition, its rubber-clad feet make the bench extremely stable. The rubber pads will always remind you that you cannot drag the bench around the workshop, scratching your floor.

If you are not a DIY guy, do not worry – this workbench comes with detailed step-by-step assembly instructions! 


  • Very versatile 
  • The Heavy-duty frame made of solid steel is 100% rust resistant
  • Robust MDF top that is water-resistant
  • The back pegboard adds to the workbench’s functionality
  • The two drawers provide extra storage space
  • Quick assembly 


  • This wheel-less model is not very mobile

Best Reloading Benches with Lights 

The following models reloading benches are all equipped with lights. Ammunition reloading requires a certain degree of precision; hence the inbuilt lights can only help make your job easier. Having lights means that these models should be installed against walls with power sockets on them.

Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workbench Red Mart4u5. Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workbench Red Mart4u 

To begin with, this model’s work surface is made of rock-solid beech wood. This makes it far superior to models, whose work surfaces are made of plywood or MDF.

The worktop measures 48 inches, by 24 inches and it is 1.5 inches thick.

 Like all of the other models reviewed above, this reloading bench has a steel frame that is 100% corrosion resistant, because it is powder-coated. It has a powder-coated metal frame that is corrosion-resistant.

The item’s dimensions are 48-inches by 24-inches by 65.5 inches. This particular model of Seville Classics also has a large storage drawer, where you can put your ammo, or other reloading tools that you may need.

The centerpiece of this reloading bench is its super-bright LED light power strip, well-complemented with two USB ports that you can use to charge your mobile phone or tablet. the cantilever shelf and pegboard has got as many as 23 hooks. 

The storage drawer runs smoothly on its chassis thanks to the ball-bearing sliders, while the stainless-steel front is fingerprint and stain-resistant.

Customize the drawer space to meet your storage needs, with two adjustable inner dividers. Few other models feature inner dividers of the drawer, and they allow you to adjust the storage space as you see fit.


  • Relatively compact dimensions: 48″L x 24″W x 65.5″H
  • Never lacks storage space with its 23-count pegboard hooks
  • LED light fixture and power strip with two USB ports


  • Relatively high retail price

Seville Classics (UHD20247B)6. Seville Classics (UHD20247B) UltraHD Lighted Workbench

This UltraHD lighted workbench by Seville Classics will fit nicely in your workshop or garage and will give you the confidence that you need to realize even the most daring of your projects.

This model comes fitted with two cushioned and lined storage drawers to give you extra storage space.

Just like to model reviewed above, this reloading bench comes with fluorescent light with a 6-outlet power strip, cantilever shelves, and a pegboard with 23 hooks on it.

The ball bearing glides on the two drawers ensure quiet and easy pullout. The weight capacity of the drawers is 60 lbs.

And again, the work surface is made from beautifully-polished beech wood that creates a warm and cozy feeling in the user.

The top is 1.5 inches thick and is also water and stain-resistant. The metal frame is made of high-standard steel, powder-coated and resistant to corrosion. 

The reloading bench itself measures 48-inches by 24-inches it is 37.5 inches high. Added the pegged backsplash with the lights, the total height goes up to 65.5 inches.

This model’s total weight capacity is 500 lbs., which means that it can effortlessly hold anything around 450 lbs. in weight. 


  • Beautiful beech worktop
  • Two easily-sliding drawers for extra storage space
  • 23-hook pegboard 
  • 6-outlet power strip with 2 USB ports


  • This model’s total weight is 113 lbs.


WEN WB4723 48-Inch Workbench with Power Outlets and Light7. WEN WB4723 48-Inch Workbench with Power Outlets and Light

With this model, WEN offers a reliable and attractive storage solution for your garage or workshop.

This workbench promises to put an end to the chaos in your professional life.

The total height of this model is 62 inches, a bit lower than the two Seville Classics’ models reviewed above.

It is also 25 inches wide and 47.4 inches long.-inch footprint. 

The tabletop measures 47 by 23 inches, and the two drawers – 20 by 18 inches. You can put all sorts of tools and materials in them.

The manufacturer promises that the worktop can hold up to 220 pounds, which is far less by the two models reviewed above. In addition, the worktop is enamel-coated for more practicality.

 The overhead fluorescent lightbulb illuminates your workspace while the three side-mounted 120V 13-amp outlets provide extra power supply whenever you may need it needed.

Here I’d like to point out that most of Seville Classics’ models feature six outlets, or by 50% more than the ones on this model.

The heavy-duty bottom shelf is designed to hold up to 200 pounds of weight, giving you extra storage right below your workspace.

This reloading bench by WEN is backed by a two-year warranty.


  • Heavy-duty lower shelf for storing heavy objects
  • 2-year warranty
  • Enamel-coated tabletop


  • Only 3 power outlets
  • Users have reported missing or broken parts in the package. 

Garage Workbench with Light Wood Steel Work Bench Tools Table Home Workshop8. Garage Workbench with Light Wood Steel Work Bench

This appears to be a sturdy and reliable reloading bench model by WorkPro – the professionals in the field.

It’s got lights and a multi-hook pegboard, but how many the pegs are exactly I can’t tell you.

Its solid frame is made of steel with black powder coating. 

It must also have some power outlets, where you can charge your power tools’ removable batteries, but there is no info as to their exact number.

There are two drawers with metal handles, but they appear a bit shallow, on this picture at least.

From the QA section on the page, we learn that this workbench is 47.5 inches long, 23.5 inches deep, and the table height is 35.5 inches with the top shelf standing at 62 inches.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best value for money


  • Scarce info about this product

Best Reloading Bench Stools

In order to work at your reloading bench, whichever you may choose from the models above, you’ve got to sit on something.

Well, you can work standing on smaller projects and do some tiny jobs, but that’s not an option when you’ve got to reload a whole cartridge belt full of ammo.

So, pick up one of the cool reloading bench stools that are reviewed below.

The ScopeBest FeaturePrice
Hornady 99103 Reloading Bench StoolSuper-durable steel frame
Grace & Grace Height Adjustable Rolling Swivel Stool Adjustable height and wheels for ultimate mobility
WORKPRO W112010AAdjustable hydraulic seat

Hornady 99103 Reloading Bench Stool1. Hornady 99103 Reloading Bench Stool

This item is sexy, period. In fact, I can close my eyes and see Jenna Jameson sitting on it in a tight turquoise dress….

Look at that red leather-upholstered seat with a white rim and the manufacturer’s logo on it! it looks amazing and, believe me, it feels so, too!

Its shining, chromed-steel frame appears sturdy even without the metal screws that reinforce it.

I’d rather use this stool at my kitchen island or pool bar, rather than in the garage! I mean, if it’s in the workshop or the garage, you would want to open a beer each time you sit down to do something.

My final verdict is: buy it, but for your kitchen island, or pool bar. It’s too sexy for your garage! 


  • Perfect design
  • Made of high-quality leather and steel
  • Super-durable steel frame


  • This reloading bench stool is a bit expensive

Grace & Grace Height Adjustable Rolling Swivel Stool Chair2. Grace & Grace Height Adjustable Rolling Swivel Stool

When you enjoy your seat, you will also enjoy your work – that’s what Grace & Grace assure their customers.

This fantastic comfortable classic stool is designed to support you during your daily work.

The manufacturer is so sure of that their product will meet all of your expectations that they generously provide one full year of a money-back guarantee.

While sitting on this stool, you can roll around your workshop and work on multiple projects at the same time.

In addition, the 360-degree rotating seat allows you to reach even the farthest items on your worktop.

Do not worry if you put on weight – the manufacturer vows that this stool can hold up to 400 pounds!

The comfort of the seat is achieved by means of permanently molded foam coated in long-lasting synthetic leather. Besides, the heavy-duty iron frame base and premier casters make it perfect for the garage, as well as for the beauty parlor. 

Yes, you read it right – this product is also used by professional beauticians and hairdressers! An anti-explosion plate attached under the cushion guarantees the safety of the sitter.

The stool’s adjustable height means you can comfortably work at reloading benches of different heights.  

Grace&Grace are among China’s top manufacturers of furniture for the home and the office, and their products are well-known in the USA, Europe and even in Australia.

Regarding this particular product of theirs, you can assemble it with your bare hands in a matter of minutes!


  • 360-degree rotating seat
  • The frame can hold up to 400 lbs.
  • Anti-explosion plate fixed under the cushion


  • Some users have complained of issues with the wheels

WORKPRO W112010A3. WORKPRO W112010A Heavy Duty Adjustable Hydraulic Shop Stool

This is a truly bad-ass design! I especially like the support mechanisms under the seat, although they appear rather complicated to assemble.

The padded soft seat appears a bit too glossy, though. As if you could slip off the stool while immersed in whatever you may be doing.

It has a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs., while the hydraulic seat adjusts from 29 to 34 inches to and rotates at full 360 degrees to give you extra freedom while reloading your shells.

Assembly may take some time, so familiarize yourself with the instructions first!


  • Beautiful design
  • Rotates at 360 degrees
  • Adjustable seat


  • Assembly may turn out tricky

Reloading Bench Buyer’s Guide

So, you want to buy a reloading bench, but do not know what to look for in one? Here are some things to keep in mind.

First, pick up one that can hold up to 500 lbs. The workbench is like your workhorse in the garage and it should be able to hold the weight of seriously heavy items.

At the same time, the item itself should be lightweight and easy to take apart, should you need to move place.

About the reloading benches with drawers, the best advice I can give you is to pick one with three, not two drawers, and the drawers should have adjustable compartments. Also, pick up models with pegboards.

If you work in the evening or at night, you need a model fitted with led lights.

Most of these models have two USB ports, but some come with only three power strip outlets, while others come with six. Needless to say, you’ve got to choose some of the latter.

Also, some reloading bench models have two wheels for better mobility.

If you fancy this design, check the brakes on these wheels – they should be of superb quality, or else you may get injured while working!

Reloading Bench Stool Buying Guide

A few words about reloading bench stools now. Please, do not buy one that looks like the barstool of an NYC pimp, because it most probably is one!

Rather, buy a workbench stool with a hydraulic adjustable seat that rotates at 360 degrees.

I also like the models that have wheels, as you can roll your ass around your huge workshop like an old-time cowboy!

Next, make sure that the wheels, the hydraulic system and the seat of your stool are made to last because workbench stools are not things that you want to replace every once in a while.

Rather, the stool you choose should serve you for at least a decade.

Extra Mobility is Key

The reloading bench, as I said above, is the workhorse in your workshop or garage, so it should be designed with sturdiness and durability in mind.

Some of the models above are fitted with wheels, for extra mobility.

Others feature huge pegboards and different numbers of drawers or cabinets for extra storage space.

Besides, almost all of the models reviewed above have a lower shelf that can hold super-heavy stuff.

We can also see that all reloading benches with lights have a power strip with three to six power outlets and two USB ports, where the owner can charge their smart devices.

Because the models reviewed above have different features and best applications, we cannot say which one takes the lead in this field.

Yet, a glimpse at the table above reveals that the field this year is dominated by Seville Classics. 

This manufacturer has been making shelves, storage solutions, airlift furniture, and UltraHD storage cabinets for more than three decades now.

Their products are known for their supreme design and lifelong durability. 

If we look at the stools’ chart above, we can see that one manufacturer, WorkPro, appears there, as well as in the reloading benches’ table.

They have specialized in creating seating solutions for all environments, as well as reloading benches.

Although only three stool models have been reviewed above, the ones you should be looking at are those with rotating seats and hydraulic adjustable height systems, because they offer extra mobility.

Equipped with our thoughtful insights and expert-wise tips, you can now go out and buy the reloading bench model and stool for it that will best meet your particular needs. Now that you have decided on your reloading bench, it is time to purchase a good gun cleaner.


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