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Whether it is for sporting or tactical purposes, shooting at night is incredibly difficult for any shooter. Do not miss the target entirely; buy the best night sight for glocks to improve your accuracy under low light conditions.

Choosing the right one can be a bit confusing. Not only are there many models to choose from, you still have to consider such aspects as the sights types, shooting range and intended application while shopping for one. To ensure that you buy the best, we have reviewed 4 of the best night sights available today.

4 Best Night Sights for Glock 19

1.Trijicon GL101O HD Glock HD Night Sight Set

If you are conversant with the current trends in the night sights industry, you probably are aware that Trijicon is one of the leading manufacturers.

Just as is the case with the other Trijicon products, the reliability and quality of optics on the GL101O HD Glock HD night sight are simply unquestionable. In this regard, the sights feature 3 round lamps that have been proven to last long.

The lamps on these sights use Tritium, an isotope of hydrogen that is renowned for outstanding brightness and reliability. For enhanced durability, the lamps are then covered in sapphire jewel. In addition to protecting the lamps, the sapphire jewels also play a role in distributing the light evenly.

The body of these night sights is entirely constructed using aircraft-grade aluminum. This offers substantial protection for the lamps, whilst ensuring that your Glock 19 gun is light enough. As a matter of fact, the outer body of these sights is designed for heavy-duty use, hence is remarkably durable. The silicon rubber fitted around the housing of each of the 3 lamps is meant to offer additional cushioning against shock.

The Trijicon GL101O HD features a big dot on its front sight. This dot allows you to acquire your target fast and with ease, both in bright and low light conditions. To back its unmatched construction quality and effectiveness, the manufacturer offers a 12-year warranty on this product.


  • 3 Bright and long-lasting tritium lamps
  • Made in the USA
  • Self-illuminating lamps
  • Large dot on the front sight for accurate aiming
  • Lightweight and protective body
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Accurate from short to a medium shooting range

2.The Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sight

Meprolight is another renowned brand in the industry today. Just like Trijicon, Meprolight uses radioactive tritium in their night sights to allow for a battery-free performance.

This being the case, you will not need any ambient light to make the night sights on your Glock 19 gun glow. Currently, the Meprolight Tru-Dot is one of the most preferred night sights in the military and law enforcement agencies in the country.

This is a testament to its reliable performance in both bright and low light conditions, compact and sturdy construction as well as bright battery-free illumination. The outer casing of the night sight is made of rugged metal for extended durability. This night sight package has been proven to offer about 15 years of usable light. While this is the case, the unit is about 30 percent cheaper than its competitors.


  • Durable metal construction
  • Bright tritium illumination
  • Lasting performance, up to 15 years
  • Reputable model among military personnel
  • Comparatively affordable

3.TruGlo Brite  Site Sight

Are you looking for a night sight that is versatile, performance-oriented, unique, durability guaranteed, and of high quality? If so, you should consider buying the TruGlo Bright-Site night sight today.

The unit features solid construction, that features both tritium and fiber optic technologies. This being the case, of this nigh sight is not only tough and durable; it is also relatively lightweight and will not affect the overall weight of your gun.

In addition to a sleek and sturdy construction, the product also delivers an impressive illumination performance. As a matter of fact, it is considered to be one of the most versatile Glock 19 gun sights for use during the day or night.

Again, the manufacturer also uses one of the toughest outer casings in the industry today for this product. In this regard, the TruGlo Bright-Site night sight housing is strengthened using CNC machined steel.


  • Durable, snug-free construction
  • Easily concealable design
  • Comparatively easy to use
  • Remarkable battery-free tritium illumination
  • Can withstand harsh conditions

4.Ameriglo Pro-IDOT Night Sights

This is one of the best I-Dot sights you can find in the market today. The night sight is suited for people in law enforcement as well as for self-defense applications. If you would like to be able to draw out your gun quickly, aim, and shoot more accurately, this is the night sight you should buy.

Being a rater popular model, you should expect nothing short of the best from the Pro-IDOT sight. For instance, its outer casing is made of steel and features an intriguing black oxide finish.

This gives the night sight its appealing Midas touch and enhances its resistance from scratches and corrosion. For enhanced protection, the product is also fitted with a sapphire screen to protect its self-illuminating tritium insert.


  • Uses Tritium self-illuminating inserts
  • Features a large circular dot for easier target acquisition
  • The tritium lamps can last for up to 20 years
  • Comparatively affordable

Things You Need to Know Before Buying

Now that you have a Glock 19 pistol, what accessories do you need to buy? Among the accessories commonly purchased with these pistols is a good night sight. High-quality night sights will allow you to have a better view of the target and be more accurate while shooting under low-light conditions.

However, not all night sights available today are good at what they are meant to do. To ensure that you buy the best night sights for your Glock 19 pistol, here are some of the key considerations you should make:

1. Type of Night Sights

The various sights meant for the Glock 19 may be categorized into 5 groups. The perfect type of sights will mainly depend on your intended application. In this regard, these are the types you should consider:

  • 2-Dot Night Sights – this type of sights display 2 dots, a small one at its rear sight, just beneath the notch and a bigger dot on its front sight. The larger dot is highly visible, which allows you to acquire targets fast.
  • 3-Dot Night Sights – These feature 3 dots, one on the front and two on its rear sight. Rather than having paint, most of the leading 3-dot night sights today feature titanium or fiber optic inserts.
  • I-Dot Sights – As the name suggests, these only have one dot—on the front sight. Additionally, they also have a painted line just below the notch, on their rear sight.
  • U Shaped Rear Sights – This is a preferred sights option for shooters entering shooting competitions. These sights are particularly designed to help you acquire the target more accurately from a long distance.
  • Sight Ledges – The rear sight in these night sights for Glock 19 is slightly elevated while the front sight forms a triangular shape. These sights are better suited for shooters undergoing training for one-hand operation of their handguns. 
2. Intended Application

How do you intend to use your Glock 19? This is something you need to establish before you decide on which night sight to buy. Depending on the intended use, the right night sight for your gun may differ, as explained below:

  • Daily Carry Weapon – the weapon you carry around every day should be able to function optimally in all situations. In this regard, you need to buy night sights that can glow brightly under low light conditions, feature a sturdy construction and are relatively visible in the darkness.
  • Range Practice – To overcome your limits every time you go for target practice, you should consider buying sights that allow you to shoot faster and more accurately at longer distances.
3. Shooting Range

Every night sight designed for the Glock 19 has a unique aiming capability. As such, you need to consider the distance, from which you will be shooting your targets, as discussed below:

  • Long Distance – if you are looking for a night sight that will give you a better view and improve your accuracy, while shooting from distances longer than 50 yards, you should get the best 3-Dot or 2-Dot sights.
  • Short Distance Aiming – there are certain Glock 19 sights that are specifically designed for short distance aiming. These include the I-Dot Sights and are ideal for guns meant for home defense.
  • Medium to Long Distance – Most of the medium to long distance range sights available today use the 3-Dot, 2-Dot or Sight Ledge set ups. With such sights, you can accurately shoot a target 40 yards away and under low light conditions.
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Final Thoughts

You probably are a good shooter, but you will not be as accurate while shooting under low light conditions. To ensure that you are just as accurate at night as you would be during the day, you should buy a good night sight for your Glock 19 weapon. With these considerations in mind, the night sights reviewed in this guide are some of the best today. Get one and save yourself time and money.