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best mora knife

Mora knives tend to be more expensive than an average knife. However, these knives are durable and will last you a long time.

Mora knives also called morakniv knifes, come in a wide range of styles, so it’s only right to ensure that you select the one that addresses all your needs. You want to get a model that has a tough, quality fixed blade and a comfortable handle.

In this article, we are going to share our review of the 5 best Mora knives you can currently find on the market.

Comparing The Best Mora Knives 

Product Name
Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade
Bencho 2444 Carpenter Multi-purpose knife
Morakniv Bushcraft Knife
Light My Fire Swedish Fire Knife
Morakniv Clipper 840 Fixed Blade

1.Morakniv Bushcraft Knife – Best Knife For bushcraft

Best Knife For bushcraftMoraKniv actually has a knife called the Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife. There are a couple of amenities that make this knife the best MoraKniv for bushcraft.

Firstoff, there is a high friction rubber grip that is there to prevent slipping of the hands in even the worst conditions. Whether your hands are slippery from precipitation or perspiration this knife will not slip out of your hands. Anytime you use this knife, you will experience great traction in all weather conditions. 

Secondly, this knife comes equipped with a fire starter that is entirely waterproof. After being fully submerged in water this fire starter will still give off sparks of about three thousand degrees fahrenheit. 

These amenities, in conjunction with a sharp and durable knife makes this knife the best knife for bushcraft that this company has to offer.

2.Morakniv Bushcraft Knife – 

This Bushcraft knife blows out all our expectations. It will handle most cutting tasks with ease, even the toughest jobs like batoning.

The Blade 

The first thing you will notice when you look at this knife is its thick blade. It’s a 3.2mm thick carbon steel with a length of 4.3 inches. Additionally, it has a very sharp edge. Even better, the blade is treated with a dark anti-corrosive coating which combined with its robust size, it will hold its edge pretty well.

The Grind & Grip 

The Bushcraft features a scandi grind that runs along the entire length of its blade. This grind helps prevent the knife from getting stuck or from slipping off easily when cutting through tougher materials. It bites into the surface effectively, and the tip is strong and sharp too.

The rubber handle is also very ergonomic. It’s very comfortable and fits perfectly in the hand. When you hold it, the grip is solid and you feel you have total control over the knife.

The Sheath 

Another best thing about this Morakniv knife is the upgraded version of the sheath. You can rotate it to achieve a more comfortable sitting when wearing it. The sheath also comes packed with a good number of accessories like a diamond file sharpener as well as a fire starter.

The Morakniv Bushcraft is no doubt the best-designed knife out there. From it tough blade to the ergonomic handle, everything about this knife is built to the highest standard possible. Although it’s slightly priced higher than the other models, it’s indeed worth every penny.

what we like

  • Thicker, tougher blade with a very sharp edge and tip
  • Comfortable and ergonomically designed handle
  • The knife is light and easy to carry without getting noticed
  • Comes with a belt clip and belt loop
  • Sheath comes with very useful survival tools

what we dislike

  • Falls on the higher price end

3.Frosts 299P Fish Gutting Knife – Best Mora Knife For Fishing 

Knives are rather important when fishing. Lines are bound to get tangles which often requires cutting. Then there is also the aspect of opening clamshells or filleting a fish. 

Of the Mora Knives, the Morakniv Gutting Knife With Spoon is certainly a must-have on fishing trips.

The Blade 

With a 151mm blade made out of high carbon steel, you’ll be able to cut wet objects or fish without the worry of rusting up the entire blade. This high carbon steel blade will last for a long time.

While being sharp, durable, and resistant to both dull and rust, this knife is also lightweight, balanced, and has an excellent grip. This is another grip that will prevent slipping in even the wettest conditions. 

Finally, the knife has a spoon attached for gutting purposes. When you catch a fish and have plans on cooking it, there is a high chance you are going to need to scrape the insides out of the fish. This spoon will help you to gut the fish with ease and it is right there at the end of the knife. 

3. Morakniv Clipper 840 Fixed Blade – Best Knife for Jobs that Require Finesse

This is a classic Mora knife in almost every aspect. It looks very basic and simple but will definitely get the job done. The clipper 840 has 2.0mm thick carbon steel blade with scandi grind throughout.

Full Tang Blade 

The blade is full tang. It’s not the ideal blade for handling heavy-duty jobs like the bushcraft but it’s strong and sharp enough. Therefore, it’s more ideal for general use from cutting vegetables, splitting wood, and even doing some light batoning. It’s very capable of taking great abuse but not as effective as the Bushcraft or Companion model above.

Like all the other Morakniv knives, the handle on this one is ergonomically designed with diamond-patterned high-friction rubber that facilitates a solid grip.
It feels secure plus the palm swell at the middle makes it fit comfortably in the hand when holding it hence giving you optimum control over the knife while cutting.

Better Sheath 

The sheath is also much better than what we saw in the Companion model. It’s a strong plastic retention sheath as opposed to a friction sheath. It does hold the knife securely in place.

Generally, despite the fact that it might not be able to handle the toughest of jobs, the Clipper 840 is a solidly built knife that can give you years of service.  Its low profile design allows you to cut items with great precision and the blade is strong, so it will hold its edge pretty well.

what we like

  • Strong, sharp blade ideal for general use
  • Ergonomic handle with a firm, comfortable grip
  • Sheath is solid and well-designed
  • The knife is lightweight and can last long
  • Features a thrummer rail to facilitate easier drawing
  • Features also a belt clip as well as a draining hole

what we dislike

  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cutting jobs

4. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade – Best Overall 

Made right out of Sweden, the Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade is a tough, versatile Morakniv knife designed to handle a wide variety of tasks. This knife can be considered best for tractical, hunting , fishing and spoon carving. However, we prefer this knife for skinning activity.

Morakniv is a very reputable brand so naturally, every knife they are making could be used for any activity. However, this knife offers strong material composition.

One of the major highlights of this knife is its 4.1 inch stainless steel blade. This Sandvik 12C27 steel blade is very tough and provides excellent edge performance. It will handle some heavy tasks like batoning, making tinder or even cutting wood.

Blade Edge & Carbon Steel 

The edge of the blade is razor-sharp right out of the box and requires very little force when doing push cuts and slicing jobs. The fact that it’s made from strong stainless steel means that it will remain sharp much longer than some of the toughest carbon steel blades out there.

The 0.1 inch blade is also highly resistant to corrosion, so it’s safe for handling food and will serve you for a long time. It’s an ideal cutting tool for outdoor adventures like camping and hiking.

The ergonomic TPE rubber handle design is another feature that really stands out on this Morakniv knife. The high-friction, patterned design feels very comfortable in the hand and offers a firm grip.

It won’t easily slip out of the hand even when working in wet or cold conditions. The handle sits comfortably in the hand giving you great control over the blade.

If you like going out a lot for camps or any other outdoor activities, then the Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade is the knife for you. It’s easy to carry and handle, plus you can cut almost everything with it.

what we like

  • Looks stylish with a matching sheath
  • Sharp, strong and highly durable blade
  • The handle offers solid grip and feels comfortable in the hand
  • The clip belt makes carrying it more convenient
  • Lightweight and multipurpose knife

what we dislike

  • The protective sheath is not that snug. The knife tend to hung loose

5.Bencho 2444 Carpenter Multi-purpose knife – Best Mora Knife For The Money

The Bencho 2444 is not a high end models like most of Morakniv knives but nonetheless, it’s a quality model ideal for fishing trips, hunting expeditions or for carrying out light and heavy tasks at home in the garden.

If you are on a budget, and still want quality for your money, then this might be the best Mora knife for you. To kick-off, the knife is very sturdy and well made. The blade is a 2mm thick high-quality stainless steel. It’s pretty dang sharp, not razor but it’s very strong. It will handle all but the toughest tasks.

Plus considering that it’s thick stainless steel, it will hold the edge pretty well even when you throw all kinds of abuse at it.

Grooved Center Knife 

With a nicely grooved center and soft sides, the handle of this Becho knife feels comfortable to hold and the grip is solid.

The treaded pattern of the rubber at the center is quite effective at keeping the knife stiff in your hand when dealing with tough tasks. It’s firm and comfortable for long use.The sheath is simple but secures the blade pretty well. It a strong plastic material and features a belt clip that will fit any typical wide leather belt.

Generally, this Bencho 2444 Mora knife is nothing but the best bang for your money if you are on a tight budget. It’s tough and well made with a very comfortable handle.

what we like

  • Thick and strong stainless steel blade
  • The blade is sharp enough for a wide variety of tasks
  • Comfortable handle with superb grip
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Sheath effectively secures the blade
  • Comes at quite an affordable price

what we dislike

  • Not ideal for tougher cutting jobs

6.Light My Fire Swedish Fire Knife – Best Mora Knife Medium Cutting Tasks

Although not a premium grade Mora knife, this Swedish Fireknife model from Light my Fire is a quality, versatile and multipurpose hand knife. Made from Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel with a thickness of 1.9mm, the blade of this knife is tough enough to handle most cutting tasks.

The blade features a special profile-grounded tip that’s quite strong and extremely sharp. Therefore, you will be able to easily make tinder, curve wood or make thin slices with this knife.

The tip is very sharp and can penetrate through almost any texture. The fact that the whole blade is Sandvik 12C27 steel means that you can expect high moisture and corrosion resistance.

It will give you service for a long time even with regular use. The knife feels fairly solid in your hand with the soft, slightly textured handle providing sufficient grip and comfort when holding it.

The sheath is well designed unlike that of the other models. It’s a hard plastic and the knife fits snugly into it, so it’ very secure and unlikely to slip out accidentally. Like the Bushcraft above, this Light My Fire Mora knife comes with an integrated fire starter that’s locked and inserted in the back.

This is a more convenient design that that of the Bushcraft. It lengthens the handle just a little bit but won’t affect your work. To sum it all, this is a nicely designed Mora knife with a decent blade quality and ergonomic handle.

If you are looking for an attractive, durable knife that’s capable of handling a variety of tasks without digging deep into your pocket, then this is another great option to consider.

what we like

  • Blade is strong, sharp and fairly thick
  • Extremely sharp, profile-ground tip ideal for intricate tasks
  • Slip-resistance handle with a comfortable grip
  • Knife fits securely into a solid sheath
  • The fire starter is well designed and works effectively
  • Very compact compared to the other models

what we dislike

  • Might not handle very heavy tasks

What makes Mora knives so valuable?

These knives are created out of high carbon steel which is highly durable. High carbon steel is more than 0.60% carbon. The increased percentage of carbon is what makes steel so durable. It is evident that these knives are made to last.

Other knives that are made with weaker metals have higher chances of bending or breaking when being used. The knives that are made over at Mora, are guaranteed to be durable. 

Mora knives do tend to be more expensive than any average knife however as stated above, these knives are durable and will last you a long time. In essence, you are paying higher but you’re getting a higher-quality knife as opposed to having to buy cheaper knives often because they are continually damaged. 

Another interesting quality of the Mora knife is the grip. These knives are equipped with rubber molded handles and can be used with ease by both right and left handed people.

What To Look For 

When it comes to purchasing a Mora knife, there isn’t many factors to consider, but nonetheless, it’s always worthwhile to take a little care when making your decision. To help you find the best deal, here are some of the key things you need to look at when weighing different options.

The Size of the Knife

best mora knivesThe first thing you should check out is the size. You want to pick a model whose size will best fit your needs. Generally, Mora knives come in a wide variety of sizes. They can either be too long or too short.

However, since you will often have to attach it to your belt or carry it on your pocket, selecting a long knife might be obstructive to your actions and movements. It can also cause unexpected collisions or incidents.

A shorter knife, on the other hand, might be discreet and easy to carry in your pocket, but it’s more likely to physically provide less power.  Due to its limited range and power, it would be difficult to perform tasks like batoning or cutting and even defending yourself from wild threats.

Therefore, you need to pick a size that will allow you to perform a wide range of tasks. In this case, you want to consider models with a blade size that ranges between 3.5 to 6 inches. This way you will have a knife that’s small enough to carry and perform typical camp work but also long enough to handle heavy-duty tasks like batoning and splitting smaller sized logs.

Blade Material

The next thing to look at is the type of blade used in making the blade. Here, you want to pick a knife that has a thick, solid, and durable steel.

The most common options you will find in the market is either stainless steel or carbon steel.

Stainless steel is most popular in medium-ranged models and unlike carbon steel, it offers more resistance to rust. Its toughness will largely depend on the blade thickness and length.

Nonetheless, it’s quite strong for general purpose work and the best part is that they are able to hold the edge very well.

In contrast, carbon steel tend to be more susceptible to corrosion, however, they are the toughest material for blades.

They are very solid and ideal for performing heavy tasks. With this kind of blade you will be able to baton or cut a piece of wood with much ease.

Generally, if you want a knife that can be used extensively for general purpose work, then stainless

steel blade is better plus it’s much easier to maintain. On the other end, if you want a knife for heavy duty works, then you should go with carbon steel.

Design of the Handle

best mora knives aaeeThe design of the handle is equally important when it comes to selecting a Mora knife. You don’t want to pick a knife that’s going to slip out of the hands and ending up causing your to cut yourself.

Therefore, you want something that has a strong handle that feels comfortable and gives you a solid grip. In this case, the base option would be handles made using rubber or polymers.

A rubber handle with nicely grooved pattern can offer ample friction or traction to help hold the knife firmly, even when your hands get sweaty.

Furthermore, they are soft and tend to hold on well to the palm reducing had fatigue and making it a lot comfortable to use the knife for prolonged periods.

The last thing you want also to consider is the sheath that houses the knife. This will come in a wide variety of styles, but the key thing is to ensure it’s made from a strong plastic or leather material that securely holds the knife in place.

Our Final Verdict

best mora knivesGenerally, choosing a Mora knife will largely depend on your particular needs and the budget you are working with.

You can find models that are ideal for general purpose use while others can handle both tough jobs as well as other typical cutting tasks.

The bottom line though is to ensure that whatever option you pick features a thick, strong blade and has a comfortable handle that offers a firm grip both in dry and wet conditions.

You also want to ensure that it comes with a solid sheath that provides a snug fit to ensure your safety when carrying the knife. In the five models we’ve reviewed above, our best pick would be the Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade due to its robust blade design, ergonomic handle and wider application.

Moreover, it comes at quite an affordable price. However, the other four options are excellent too. Therefore, it’s a matter of choosing the one that will best suit your needs. In essence, you are paying higher but you’re getting a higher-quality knife as opposed to having to buy cheaper knives often because they are continually damaged. 

With a rigid, sharp, fixed blade and a compact size, Mora style knives are one of the best and most common small tactical cutting tools you will find in the market. These knives place function before style.

 From preparing food to carving or cutting wood, these portable knives can fulfill almost any task, both light and heavy. They are the perfect tools for all-purpose, general-use cutting. If you are in the market looking to get one of these handy knives, then we are here to help you pick the best model that your money can buy.