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Are you looking for innovation, quality, value, and service from the company you buy your optics? The Leapers UTG mission is to offer innovative optics on which you can rely. The business started in a garage in Michigan in 1992.

They have since grown too have plants and distribution centers around the world. So, we decided to review some of their scopes to see what all the fuss was about.  

The best UTG scope for air rifles:

Popular with both hunters and target shooters, air rifles come in either .22 or .177 caliber. Depending on the pellets you buy, they can be relatively cheaper than .22 cartridges. However, air rifles have a double kickback action that makes them especially hard on scopes. It is a wise idea to buy a scope that has rugged, durable parts. The Leapers UTG Bugbuster Scope meets these needs.



There are two magnifications available to meet your needs. They are 3-9x and 3-12x. Either one is good for shots up to and beyond 300 yards.  


Light, Clarity, and nitrogen filled

The UTG Bugbuster comes with the latest features found on more expensive scopes. To enhance maximum clarity and light transmission, UTG coats the lenses with emeralds on the outside of the glass. The 1-inch tube is also filled with nitrogen to be fogproof, rainproof, and shockproof.  


Build /weight/Mounting

Made of aluminum and sealed with O-rings, the Bugbuster is compact and thin. You will not find it awkward and adding a lot of weight to your air rifle. In addition, this air rifle scope comes with either Picatinny or Dovetail mounts.   



 It may take some patience to learn, but the Tactical Range Estimating Mil-Dot reticle makes for extreme accuracy and performance. On the Bugbuster, you also have the option of the reticle coming in standard black, red-green-black, or a 36 color IE. Adjusting the reticle for easier viewing on dark targets is easy.



The side wheel adjustable, tactical (SWAT) turrets are easy to adjust for windage and elevation.  The clicks are solid and easy to determine. Each click registers 1/3 MOA.


Final thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you are shooting as close as 3 yards or way beyond, the UTG Bugbuster will meet the needs of your air rifle. You will experience a bright clear image, with the ability to make precise adjustments to meet your varmint hunting or target shooting needs. We recommend the UTG Bugbuster for your air rifle scope needs.  


Best UTG scope for 300 Blackout:


Are you in need of a scope that will help you make those accurate shots at a variety of distances with your 300 Blackout? The Leapers UTG Accushot 3-12×44 30 mm scope is definitely worth considering.  



With a magnification of 3-12X, this UTG Accushot will enable you to make close distance shots of 10 yards up to long-distance shots of 300 yards, 400 yards, or even further.  This flexibility is terrific for those of us who are unsure of what distance shots will be required.   


Light, Clarity, and nitrogen filled

As we have grown to expect from Leaper scopes, the UTG Accushot 3-12×44 has emerald coated lenses to enhance maximum clarity and light transmission.  The picture of the target is bright and clear in most lighting situations.  


The inside of the 33mm tube is filled with nitrogen to be fog proof, rainproof, and shockproof for a durable scope that can withstand rugged terrain.  



You will have to get used to a little extra weight on your rifle because this scope weighs in at two pounds. That doesn’t sound like much, but if you have to carry your gun for long treks through the woods, it is something to consider.  


Non- Illuminated Reticle

The second focal plane, wire mil-dot reticle is non-illuminated. This can make it harder to see if the conditions or target are dark. However, the mil-dot range estimating system makes it easier to adjust to the distance of the target.    



Once you have this scope for your 300 Blackout zeroed in, the locking turrets will keep it there. The Zero Resettable Turrets can be adjusted for windage and elevation at ¼ MOA per click at 100 yards. The side parallax adjustment is for 10 yards to infinity. These knobs can be hard to work, especially if you have gloves on, but Leaper has an Add-on Index Wheel available for this reason.  


Final Thoughts

The Leapers UTG Accushot 3-12×44 is an accurate and durable scope for a 300 Blackout rifle. The ability to adjust for shots from 10 yards to infinity makes it an excellent scope for all kinds for shooting situations and environments. The Zero Resettable Turrets can relieve a lot of frustration after the gun is sighted in. 

Leapers UTG Accushot 3-12×44 30 mm scope is definitely worth considering putting on your 300 Blackout rifles.  


Best UTG Scope for AR15:


You bit the bullet, so to speak, and invested in an AR15 rifle. Now is the time to decide on which optics to use. Most shooters like the AR15 platform because of its versatility and modern look. The UTG 3-12×44 Compact scope is not only versatile, accurate, and durable; it is designed to enhance the unique characteristics of the AR15 rifle.



The 3-12 magnification makes this UTG Compact scope live up to the versatility you expect from your AR15 rifle.  


Light, Clarity, and nitrogen filled

As we would expect from Leaper UTG scopes, this scope provides a bright clear picture of the target. This is because Leaper coats the outside lens with emeralds for maximum light transmission and clarity. The tube is built on a True Strength Platform, completely sealed, and filled with nitrogen. The results are a durable scope that is not only shockproof, and fogproof, but also has a waterproof rating of IPX7.   



With a total weight of 21.2 ounces, the UTG 3-12×44 Compact scope is not as heavy as some scopes but definitely not as light as others either. However, the sturdiness makes up for a little extra weight. There is no need to spend extra money on scope mounts because Leaper sends Picatinny or Dovetail Mounts with the scope.  



36 Color UMOA Range estimating Etched Glass Reticle shows precise marks for bullet drop and wind drift compensation as well as range estimation. You can easily adjust the color and brightness to your needs.  



You can adjust the parallax with Side Wheel Adjustable Turret (SWAT) for 10 yards to infinity. The Low Top Zero Lockable and Resettable Target Turrets allow for precise adjustments of ¼ MOA for each Click. Then they lock in to stay in position.


Final Thoughts

Leaper developed a scope that enhances the unique characteristics of the AR15 rifle that is accurate and reliable. If you want a scope that is as versatile and durable as your AR15 rifle, then we recommend the Leaper UTG 3-12-44 Compact scope.