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4 Best Lasers for Glock 19Now that you need a laser light for your glock 19 firearm, do you know which to go for? With the right laser sight scope, you can enhance your accuracy while using the gun during the day or under low light conditions.

However, choosing the right one can be a daunting task; you have to consider such aspects as the form of laser scope, consistency of the beam as well as the color of the laser beam they produce. To save you the time and money, here are 4 of the best glock laser lights you can buy today:

4 Best Glock 19 Laser Sights

Product Name
Crimson Trace Laser Grip
Streamlight TLR 4 Light and Laser
LaserMax SPS-R Spartan Laser Sight
LaserMax Guide Rod

1.Crimson Trace Laser Grip

Crimson Trace is one of the renowned manufacturers of laser scopes today. The manufacturer boasts of some of the most effective and widely accepted products in the industry. However, the Glock 19 handgun does not have an interchangeable grip. This being the case, you must be wondering how then can a laser grip be used on the gun, right?

The laser grips produced for glocks by Crimson trace are mounted at the rear side of the grip. These grips feature and extended beavertail to house a laser emitter. This laser light produces an eye-catching, bright laser light that is highly effective during the day as well as during the night.


  • Innovative and lightweight design
  • Bright laser light
  • Easy activation grip mechanism
  • Comes in green and red light options
  • Highly effective in bright and low light conditions

2.Streamlight TLR 4 Light and Laser

Being a rather compact and dependable firearm, the Glock 19 is popular among law enforcers today. Like such professionals, you may not need to keep your weapon concealed.

In such a case, you can opt for a comparatively large laser aiming system, such as the Streamlight TLR 4 Light and Laser. As the name suggests, this accessory features a laser module and a flashlight. It should be mounted on the Picatinny rail of the glock 19.

Although the Steamlight TLR is comparatively large, it is lightweight and produces a very powerful laser beam. In this regard, the scope uses advanced C4 LED technology to emit a bright laser beam and white light. To turn the laser light scope on and off, you should use the trigger figure to activate its ambidextrous on/off switch.

Its 640-660 nm rating means that the unit may be used for long-range aiming. The accessory features controls that allow you to regulate such aspects as the light only, laser only or combined light and laser modes.


  • Optimized to deliver regulated intensity
  • Ideal for long-range shooting
  • Features a flashlight and laser emitter
  • The laser can run for up to 11 hours unfettered

3. LaserMax SPS-R Spartan Laser Sight

If you are familiar with the current trends in the laser lights for guns industry, you probably are aware that LaserMax produces some of the most affordable models. While this is the case, their products are comparatively dependable and effective. One of the desirable aspects of this laser sight is its small and compact design.

If you would like to keep your glock 19 gun compact and concealable, you should consider buying a laser sight that is small in size, yet effective. The LaserMax SPS-R Spartan Laser Sight delivers up to this promise.

Despite the fact that the sight uses a small battery, it is very efficient on power, hence lasts for long. The unit is fitted with easy to reach and operate controls, such as the large and easy to access on/off switch.


  • Large and easy to reach ON/Off switch
  • Small and compact design
  • Relatively long battery life
  • Comparatively affordable

Buyer’s Guide: Things You Must Know 

The Glock 19 is essentially a good handgun. However, there is much more you can do to improve its usability and accuracy. For instance, a good laser aiming device for glocks will make it easier to aim and shoot at your targets.

However, the market is packed with many laser scopes and sight models today. So, which of the available laser aiming devices is ideal for your Glock 19? If you are in the market for a good laser sight for your gun, here are some of the aspects you need to consider:

1. Form of Laser Scopes/Sights

The various laser scope sights available today come in an assortment of forms. To get the right model for your Glock 19 weapon, you should check to see which of the forms is ideal for your skillset.  In this regard, these are the Laser sight scope sight forms you should consider:

Laser Grips
This is the most sophisticated laser scope form today. These sights feature a pressure sensor that is mounted on the grip of the gun. Touching the pressure sensor activates the laser.

Real Laser Sights
These run along the barrel top of the gun and are meant to replace a conventional sight on your gun. The leading models allow you to choose between laser-assisted and manual modes with ease.

Guide Rod Lasers
These are rather sophisticated and often mounted as close to the barrel as possible. As a result, they are considered to be some of the most accurate lasers for Glock 19 guns today.

Rail Mount Lasers
Are you looking for affordable Glock 19 lasers? The rail mount laser scopes are some of the most affordable laser forms today. These are designed to clip to the rail on the frame of your gun. As a result, the scopes are rather accurate, regardless of recoils. However, some of the rail mount lasers may have visibility issues when used under low light conditions.

2. Laser Color

The leading Glock 19 laser manufacturers avail these accessories in two main color options; green and red. While the choice may seem to be an easy one, you need to be careful while choosing between green and red laser scopes. The two options have their unique benefits and downsides, as discussed below:

Green Lasers

Basically, green lasers are modern ones. As you can imagine, the green laser scopes feature a technology that outshines the one used in the red dots. This being the case, you will find the green lasers easier to use during the day as well as during the night. Again, these lasers offer remarkable visibility at longer distances, up to 100 yards away from your target.

You may also love the fact that these green lasers require minimal calibration. They are also known to offer a shooting experience that is more reliable and steadier, as compared to the red lasers. However, the green lasers are comparatively more expensive than the red lasers.

Red Lasers

While these are the traditional option, they still have some desirable aspects that you may like. To begin with, they are cheaper and offer tremendous durability, as compared to the green laser scopes. The red laser scopes feature a wider temperature range. As such, they may be used in cold as well as hot weather conditions.

The various red lasers use a comparatively old technology, which makes them power efficient. This is to say that the red lasers consume less power, as compared to green lasers for Glock 19. However, these lasers have a shorter shooting range, between 20 and 50 yards.

3. Laser Beam Consistency

With regards to ten consistency of the beam produced by a laser scope, you can choose between two laser beam consistency options, as described below:

Pulsating Laser Beam

The pulsating nature of these laser beams may be compared to that of strobe lights. In most models, the light remains on twice as long as it goes off. While this light is visible by humans, it is hard for animals to spot. As such, it is best for hunting purposes.

Constant Laser Beam

These are considered to be more effective when used on real laser sights. As the name suggests, the laser light remains on constantly, once it has been activated. If you are intent to use a constant bean laser scope for hunting, you better have a quick figure on its activation switch.

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Choose Carefully

The options, when it comes to choosing the right laser light for your glock 19 firearm, may seem to be very easy. For instance, choosing between the green and red laser lights or between the constant and the pulsating laser beams may seem to be very easy.

However, you need to be very careful while choosing the right unit for your gun. If you are still confused about the right laser scope, you can choose any of the 5 models reviewed in this guide; they are some of the best today.