The 10 Best K2 Coolers of 2019 – Ice Coolers Experts

The 10 Best K2 Coolers of 2019 – Ice Coolers Experts

Best K2 Coolers Are you looking for a cooler with real value for your money and is able to keep items really cold? Well then the K2 cooler is what you need.

When it comes to K2 coolers, they are roto-molded which means that these coolers have the same design. With their even cuts they ensure that you have better quality and a higher rate of ice retention.

The K2 coolers are hard-sided coolers which have the “summit” series as their main and only line. The cooler also has eight different sizes that you can be able to choose from.

In case you are looking for a tough and long-lasting ice chest, then the K2 coolers are ideal for you as they are able to handle outdoor rigors.

When it comes to the K2 coolers, you can be able to get a cooler that is your exact size and different color options that you choose from.

The cooler also allows you to be able to access all the top features that you can have for half the price of a Yeti cooler. In this review, we are going to look at the K2 summit cooler line, that you can go for.

When it comes to purchasing the best’s cooler for yourself, there are factors that you need to consider before purchasing one. We are going to look at some of the factors to consider.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cooler

Product Name
K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler (
K2 Summit 70 Cooler
K2 Summit 60 Cooler Wheeled Series
K2 Coolers Summit 50 Series
K2 Coolers Summit 60 Series Cooler


It is very essential that you put into considerations how rugged the outdoors of your cooler is. Check its handles, lids, hinges and the walls. When looking at its durability, you need to choose between a traditional or a high-end cooler.

The two coolers differ in the material used in their make and their design also. The high-end models are much stronger than the regular coolers; the cooler has UV resistant plastic and the pin style hinges. With the hinge style, your cooler parts are able to remain intact for a long time. Not to forget its lids and walls, they are very rigid giving you a well-built exterior.

For the traditional coolers, they are less durable as they are made of plastic, with screw on plastic hinges and weaker lids and walls.

Cooling Performance

When it comes to coolers, their main function is to cool. A good cooler has UV-insulated materials, with thick inner and outer walls. You should also consider its capabilities of putting in dry ice. Go for a cooler that has premium ice retention capabilities, this is because it will allow you to keep ice for 5 to 7 days instead of 1 to 2 days that ordinary coolers offer.


When you buying a cooler always check its price, this is to ensure that you get the best cooler there is for your dollar. For instance consider whether K2 is more costly than other coolers on the market; you also check the price so that you purchase a cooler that is within your budget.

Size and Capacity

Before going and getting a cooler, consider the size of the cooler that you prefer. That is how big or small do you want it; for instance, if you need one for going fishing alone, the K2 summit 20 series cooler will be ideal for you. The K2 summit 70 series, on the other hand, is more appropriate if you are going out as a family.

Ensure that you know your needs or how much items you will want to fit into the cooler. The size of your cooler is dependent on the number of individuals you are packing for and how long your expedition will last. The size of your cooler affects its insulation performance and portability.

Insulation Capability

When it comes to coolers, they do an excellent job of keeping ice cold. The thick insulated wall which is attached through the roto-molded insulation does a good job. This is because it’s able to keep warm air out and cold air in.

The effective lid, clamp and hinge mechanism together with the airtight gasket are able to keep the exit point which is the lid in check. Your ice chest can remain cold for 6 to 8 days; this is dependent on how frequent you open it, your environment and the size of your cooler.

The capability of a cooler to keep things cold for a longer period is quite exceptional; as it will even allow it to compete with the best coolers in the market.


Coolers are among one of the heaviest things that you will need to carry for your journey, consequently, its portability is very essential. A smaller cooler is much easy to carry when compared to a larger one.

Check the handles of the cooler in order to ascertain its portability and comfort when using it. If you are going for a large cooler, go for one with durable wheels in order to have it easy in its transportation.

Our First Pick: K2 Coolers Summit 20 Coolerthe best small size cooler.

Are you probably going fishing alone? The K2 Summit 20 Cooler is what you need.  They are ideal for paddle boarding or even out on a golf cart. The compact cooler is exceptionally easy to bring along; this is due to its lightweight design as it weighs 14 pounds when empty. The cooler also comes with a shoulder strap which makes carrying it a lot easier.

Despite its small size the K2 Summit 20 cooler; is capable of accommodating extra items in the event that you have company. This cooler is ideal for your beers.  The cooler’s overall height is 19.9 inches by 12.625 inches and 15.3inches, giving you enough space when you are going out. Its internal capacity that is usable is 12.9inches by 9.25inches and 12.125inches.

The K2 Summit 20 cooler is available in three colors that are; duck boat green, glacier white and steel gray. The model goes for an average cost of $150 to $170 which is $135 less than Yeti Tundra 20.


  • It’s shoulder strap enhances comfort
  • Has an excellent design
  • It’s very light in weight


  • The cooler is quite bulky
  • The cooler is not able to cool for a longer time when you compare it to the large coolers.


Our Second Pick: K2 Summit 70 Coolerthe best cooler overall

When it comes to the K2 Summit 70 cooler, it is able to keep your drinks cold just the way you like it. This is made possible with its superior ice retention feature. The cooler is able to store a lot of items and beverages for your entire family due to its large rectangular build. This is one of the most ideal coolers that you can use if you are going out as a family.

Note that this is one of the largest cooler that K2 cooler’s has to offer; its capacity holding is 49 to 12-ounce cans. The cooler is 33.875inches by 17 inches and 18inches tall on the outside. The inside of the cooler is 27inches by 12.25inches and 14.125inches tall. The cooler has a weight of 32lbs. when it is empty.

The K2 Summit 70 series cooler comes in three different colors; the steel gray, glacier white and duck boat green. The cooler’s price ranges from $360 to $390; this costs less than the Yeti Tundra 65-quart which goes for $520.


  • It’s able to keep your food and beverages cold for a longer period of time
  • It’s ideal for family use


  • Its lid is subject to scratching
  • The cooler has some durability issues with the drain plug



Our Third Pick: K2 Summit 60 Cooler Wheeled Seriesbest wheeled cooler

The K2 Summit 60 cooler has a lot more options on how you can carry it. The Summit 60 series comes with wheels, which enhances portability as you won’t have to carry it.  Its handles are quite durable and the cooler also comes with a removable axle for more flexibility.

The cooler is a 60 quart cooler which has a traditional size design.  Its design composes of two inset heavy duty oversized wheels on one of its ends; a swing up pull handle on the other end. On the wheeled end of your cooler, there is another handle at the end which can be used as a pull or carry option.

The cooler has a rate of 44 to 12 ounce cans; its exterior size is 31.5inches by 17.375inches and 16.9inches tall. Its fill line is 11.9inches with an interior size of 24.625inches by 12.25inches and 11.9inches; the cooler’s weight when empty is 33lbs.

The price of the Summit 60 wheeled cooler is under $425, this is a great deal when you compare it with $520 of the Yeti Tundra 65 quart, which has no wheels for pulling.




  • The cooler has a superior ice retention capabilities
  • The cooler comes with wheel and handles for convenience
  • The cooler also has removable axle which adds to its flexibility


  • It could have featured rope handles instead
  • The wheels could be prone to detachment as the material is quite light.


Our Fourth Pick: K2 Coolers Summit 50 Seriesthe best looking cooler.

The K2 Coolers Summit 50 is quite attractive with an appearance of a treasure trove with jewelry inside. The cooler has a capacity of being able to fit more than 30 cans. With its sleek brown design, the cooler has an appealing aesthetic look. This cooler does not only have great looks but it also has an excellent cooling performance.

The cooler weighs 26 pounds when empty; its measurements are 29.25inches by 17inches and 16.4inches, the cooler goes for $265.99


  • The material utilized in its exterior design is durable and strong
  • The cooler has a limited edition color with an appealing design


  • Its drain plug leaks a bit
  • The cooler is quite difficult when you are carrying it, its handles are also a challenge and they do not come with a shoulder strap.


Our Fifth Pick: K2 Coolers Summit 60 Series Coolerpreferred choice than the longer style coolers

The K2 Summit 60 Series cooler have a different design compared to other coolers. They tend to have a more of a square shape; they are an excellent choice in case the longer style cooler does not fit into your cargo space.  It has a capacity of 44 cans and a weight of 30 pounds when it’s empty.

The Summit 60 series external measurement of the cooler are; 23.4inches by 21.5inches and 19.25inches. Their internal measurements are 16.5inches by 17.13inches and 15.375 with a fill line of 13.875. The cooler goes for $359.




  • It has a 1 piece roto-molded construction for maximum toughness and durability
  • It’s made of food grade materials that is the DryIce compatible and UV resistant


  • It’s a bit costly



When it comes to the K2 hard sided coolers the company stands with its coolers, this is seen by its 7 years warranty. This is therefore among the longest warranties available in the market making it an ideal long term investment. The K2 coolers are exceptional especially with their ice retention capability.

It is also important to note that they are quite affordable especially when you compare them with Yeti coolers. With the review above, you can be able to decide on which cooler suits your needs. Before you actually purchase one ensure that consider the factors such as durability, cost and portability just to mention a few.


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