The Best Gun Safe Under $500 – Top 5 Models [Reviewed]

The Best Gun Safe Under $500 – Top 5 Models [Reviewed]

Best Gun Safe Under 500 It is now a requirement by the law, in most states, for gun owners to keep their firearms locked away whenever they are not using them. This is usually where the search for the best gun safe under 500 bucks comes in. This being the case, you need to buy a good safe to store the firearm. However, do you know what to look for in the best gun safe today?

To begin with, the right gun safe should offer the weapon the right level of protection against theft and fire. Therefore, it is important for your preferred gun safe to have steel walls, frame, and doors that are of the right thickness.

You also need to choose the right locking mechanism while shopping for the right unit for your home. If you are too busy to compare the various products available today, here are 5 of the best gun safes under $500 you can choose from.

Best Gun Safes Under $500

Product Name
Stack-On GCB-908 Steel Security Cabinet
Barska Biometric Rifle Safe
Stack On Convertible Double Door Gun Safe
HomeGear 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe
American Security Defense Vault

Stack-On GCB-908 Steel Security Cabinet – Best Gun Safe Overall

best gun safesIf you are looking for a tough safe that can accommodate both shotguns and long guns, very few options can compare to the Stack-On GCB-908 safe today. With regards to the size, this cabinet measures 4.5 feet tall. This being the case, it can accommodate up to eight long guns. In addition to the main storage compartment, this storage unit features a top shelf.

This shelf may be used to store shotguns or gun accessories, such as ammunition and earmuffs. If you do not wish to store such additional accessories in your gun safe, you may as well remove the removable shelf to create more room for storing more of the long guns.

In order to protect your guns against impact and scratches or any other forms of wear and tear, the cabinet has foam padding throughout its interior walls. The safe is fitted with a full-length hinge that is welded to the steel door and main body. This, in addition to its three point locking system, offers enough protection against burglary.


  • Can store both shotguns and long guns
  • Fitted with full-length hinges
  • Uses a three-point locking system
  • Foam-lined interior surfaces




Barska Biometric Safe – Best Small Gun Safe

gun safe reviews When it comes to making some of the best biometric gun safes today, Barska is one of the well-renowned manufacturers today. As the name suggests, biometric safes have a locking mechanism that requires one of your unique biological traits, such as DNA or fingerprints to unlock. The locking mechanism in these Barska gun safes mainly rely on fingerprints to unlock.

With fingerprints recognition, you do not have to enter dial or even number combinations to unlock your safe. Upon recognizing your fingerprints, the safe will automatically unlock. This makes them easier and comparatively fast to open. Additionally, the safe has enough space for up to 6 shotguns or full sized rifles.

If you want to, you can add shelves to this safe in order to create additional storage for pistols, gun accessories, and even tactical knives. The fingerprints scanner used on this unit can be calibrated to accept up to 120 different fingerprints.


  • Unique and modern biometric scanner
  • Allows multiple people to access the safe
  • Large enough to hold 6 full sized guns
  • Features appealing modern aesthetics
  • Strong construction
  • Reliable lock




Stack On Double Door – Best Total Defense Firearm Safe

cheap gun safes If you are updated on the gun safe industry, you probably are aware that Stack on is one of the best manufacturers. With regards to functionality, security, and durability, the Convertible Double Door Gun Safe by this manufacturer is rated one of the best today. Being a big safe, this unit is relatively heavy—weighing over a hundred pounds. This alone is enough to deter burglars.

The two doors on the safe open to a large storage compartment that can hold up to 8 full sized guns, in a standing position. The interior of this safe is adjustable to suit the kind of guns you would like to store. For instance, you covert one side of the cabinet into a dedicated space for holding shotguns, ammunition and other gun accessories.

Alternatively, you may customize the interior of the safe to hold conventional, overly-large firearms or the modern sporting rifles. For the purpose of security, the safe features double doors and a three-point locking system. To unlock the safe and access your guns, you need to use the electronic keypad combination, hence is a fool-proof system.


  • Reliable three-point locking mechanism
  • Features an electronic keypad
  • Has a solid construction
  • Features double doors
  • Large interior space
  • Flexible storage space.




HomeGear – Best Electronic Gun Safe

Electronic Gun SafeIn addition to a large storage compartment with a capacity to hold 5 full-sized guns, this safe comes with a dedicated compartment for storing your valuables, such as jewelry. The remaining space may be used to store up to 5 shotguns or full sized guns. Even so, you will still have some space left for storing ammunition as well as other gun accessories, such as night vision scopes in the safe.

The HomeGear Electronic safe is made of heavy-duty steel with 2 mm thick walls and a door thickness of 4 mm. the locking mechanism of the gun safe is easy and quick to access, using an electronic keypad. To access your guns, you just need to punch in the right code and then turn the lever on the safe door.


  • Secure electronic keypad
  • Weights about 75 pounds
  • Easy and fast to unlock
  • Relatively large storage room
  • Dedicated storage box for valuables




American Security Defense Vault – Best Hidden Gun Safe 

best gun VaultBeing an American brand, you should expect nothing short of the best security features from this unit. Basically, the unit is considered to be a superior gun storage option for gun owners living in apartments. The size and weight restrictions of apartment floors restrict the usage of a large scale firearm safe. In this regard, the AmSec Defense rifle safe offers the concealable, lightweight storage solution you need for your apartment building.

Regardless of its compact design, this safe is large enough for storing relatively large guns. Since the model is meant to be hidden under something, such as the bed, the guns are stored in a horizontal position. The unit features a convenient digital keypad to operate the locking mechanism. As you can imagine, this allows for easy and quick access to your guns.


  • Large enough to accommodate a full sized AR 15 firearm
  • Compact AND Tough construction
  • Concealable
  • Features a digital keypad
  • Fitted with a reliable locking mechanism



Things You Must Know Before Buying a Gun Safe

As a gun owner, you need to keep your gun away from the reach of children. Additionally, you do not want it to fall into the hands of burglars, right? With such considerations in mind, buying a gun safe makes sense, doesn’t it?

However, you will find that there are numerous types and models of gun safes to choose from in the market. Looking forward to buying the best-secured vault for your gun? Here are some of the aspects that you need to consider:

1. Size of the Safe

Do not buy a gun safe just because it is compact, it may be too small for your handgun. Again, you do not want to end up with a safe that is too big, hence is occupying unnecessary space in your home.

It is important that you buy a safe of the right size and capacity for your gun(s). In this regard, you should first consider the number of guns you would like to keep in the safe.

If you have multiple firearms or intend to acquire more in the future, it is advisable to buy a safe that has multiple storage slots. Again, you need to measure everything you intend to store in the safe physically, including the non-gun items.

Once you have this figure, it will be easier for you to select a safe of the right capacity and size. Just to be on the safe size, you should go a size larger than the actual space you need for your gun(s).

2. Fire Protection

The fire rating is a measure of how hot the inside of the safe can become when exposed to high temperatures over a certain period. Based on statistical findings, one on every six homes is likely to experience a fire.

This being the case, you need to ensure that the gun safe you buy is resistant to fire. Basically, the more resistant a safe is against fire, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Again the different safe models available today are not tested for fire resistance in the same way. So, how do you know how resistant a safe is against fire? To see if a certain safe will keep its contents safe when exposed to a fire, there are several things that you need to consider. If left unchecked, a house will burn to the ground in about 60 minutes.

However, the first responders may arrive in 10 to 15 means. This means that it will take about an hour for the house to cool down. When a house is burning, the temperature can rise to between 1,100 and 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit.

If a safe can keep the gun intact when exposed to a temperature of 1,300 degrees, for about an hour, then the model is fire resistant. This is the kind of rating you should go for when looking for the right safe for your guns.

3. Thickness

How tough is your preferred safe? This is another aspect you need to consider while shopping for the ideal unit for your firearms. The average toughness of these units is mainly determined by the thickness of their walls. Therefore, you need to consider the thickness of the steel used in constructing your preferred gun safe.

However, the numbers used to express the thickness of steel in these units can be a little confusing. In this regard, the figures used to express the thickness of steelwork in reverse, similar to bore sizes in shotguns. For instance, a safe with a 10-gauge steel sheet has thicker walls than one that has a 12-gauge sheet.

For the purpose of home storage of your gun, the thinnest steel thickness you should opt for in your safe should be 10-gauge steel. In addition to the thickness of the safe walls, you should also consider the thickness of the sheet used on its frame and door.

4. Locking Mechanisms

Since a safe is meant to offer secure storage for your gun, you need to ensure that the one you use uses a reliable and secure locking mechanism. What you need to bear in mind, in this regard, is the level of theft resistance the unit offers.

Therefore, you should choose a locking mechanism based on how secure your home is. For instance, you do not need a safe with many redundancies and bolts, if you are to use the safe in the basement of a home that has a security system in place.

While choosing the locking mechanism, these are the two options you should consider:

  • Mechanical/Spin Dial Locks – Although this is the traditional option, it is a simple, less expensive, yet reliable locking mechanism for a gun safe. With each lock having about a million potential combinations, this mechanism will keep burglars off. However, mechanical locks are comparatively slow to open.
  • Electronic Locks – rather than having a dial, electronic lock used on gun safes today feature a pad. As such, they have a higher number of possible combinations, of about to 1.2 million. You may love the fact that safes with electronic locks are easier to open, which comes in handy when you are under duress. Some of the leading manufacturers today also have fingerprint scanners on their electronic locks. This further boost the level of security offered by the locks.


 A Video Comparison of the Best Gun Safes Under $500

Our Final Review

Not only will a good firearm safe keep the gun away from the kids in the house, but it also ensures that it does not fall into the hands of bunglers.

With a good fire rating, a safe can also keep the firearm intact in the event of a fire. Finding the best gun safe under 500 dollars that meets your needs, doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Do not leave your gun lying around in the house, get yourself any of the best gun safes reviewed in this guide today.

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