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Security is of great concern to many women. A Concealed carry purse can help with that issue. However, the best concealed carry purses are also cute, durable and of course affordable.

Best Concealed Carry Purses

Name Best Feature Price
Browning PU Leather CCWBest concealed carry purse – best overall
Lady Conceal YKK Cutest concealed carry purse
Purse King Magnum CC BagCheapest concealed carry purse
GTM Gun Tote’n MamaBest designer concealed carry purse
Don’t Tread on MeBest leather crossbody concealed carry purse
Roma Leathers Locking Concealment Purse Best western concealed carry purse

1.Browning PU Leather CCW – Best Concealed Carry Purse

Our number one pick is an excellent quality, well thought out concealed carry purse. The best things about it: 15 different color options, making it easy to pair depending on the occasion, a locking holster which can easily be reached, and easy and fast to open.

Safe carry is guaranteed with a branded keyring lock on the holster. The separate holster compartment makes sure that your weapon will always be in a certain spot, which adds security. 

Apart from the holster, there are many inside pockets which are fairly large and would allow for all the basics, such as your wallet, credit cards, cell phone, and ID documents. The purse will stand vertically because it has been designed to have a wide base. The company has done away with the issue of concealed carry purses that do not stand up. 

The straps are comfortable and soft, which are both neat features because women who conceal carry want their purses to be with them at all times. This means extra wear on the shoulder. Comfort is ensured with the hand-softened straps. Finally, the purse is medium-size. It is slightly bigger to accommodate your possessions, but still only 13” x 15” x 10”. 

what we like

  • Soft, comfy straps 
  • Lots of inside pockets 
  • Stands vertically 
  • Comes with Holster 

what we dislike

  • Expensive 

2.Lady Conceal YKKBest Cheap Concealed Carry Purse

Lady Conceal YKK Locking Satchel is cute and very well designed. This purse is made of high-quality fake leather with laced sides. The versatile adjustable straps also allow it to be carried crossbody.

The zipper at the top of the purse opens into the satin-lined spacious compartment. There are two big pockets and a large zippered pocket for personal belongings inside the bag.

The dual-sided YKK locking zippers open to 8.5 x 7-inch pocket with a universal holster. This makes the purse great for right handed or left handed women.

what we like

  • Faux leather with a wide base
  • Dual side gun compartment access 
  • Includes universal holster and adjustable straps​
  • YKK locking zippers with 4 keys included

what we dislike

  • Expensive 

3.Purse King Magnum CC Bag  – cute concealed carry purse

Magnum CC is a great choice if you’re looking for an elegant and cheap concealed carry purse. The adjustable straps are long enough for shoulder or crossbody carry. You can choose from more than 10 colors.

The front zipper pocket serves as an organizer for credit cards, cell phones, glasses, or other small items. On the downside, there is one way to get your gun. Users have to make sure they practice the fastest way to access their weapon if they are left-handed and choose this product.

You need to buy a holster separately if you want to use this purse because there is no holster inside the zipper.

Without a holster, your firearm will not be secured. Another issue some people have had is that the logo is on the purse, which defeats the purpose of concealment, but we don’t believe the logo is recognizable. Overall, the purse is great value for money.

what we like

  • Wide and comfortable straps
  • Crossbody capable
  • Soft and minimalistic

what we dislike

  • Does not lock
  • No gun holster
  • Straps are not slash-proof

4.GTM Gun Tote’n Mama – designer concealed carry handbag

The GTM brand is world-recognized for making some of the best-concealed carry handbags on the market, and the product is one of their top-rated. This is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a small conceal and carry a purse – just don’t look any farther! In terms of design and overall quality.

This purse is a close second to the Browning, our number one choice. The purse has a rear zipper gun compartment instead of zippers on the front face of the bag. It is very well made and very soft. It is also highly durable and comfortable to carry.

what we like

  • Great design 
  • Includes removable holster
  • Slash resistant (wire reinforced strap)
  • Velcro holds holster in place 
  • Rear zipper compartment – single access 

what we dislike

  • Not lockable 
  • Limited storage space

5.Roma Leathers Women’s Concealed Carry Purse

When it comes to good Western concealment, this handbag purse is just the thing. There are no markings on the outside of the purse that will give it away as a conceal carry purse.

The zippers of the gun compartment are hidden by a leather strap. We also love that the vertical zipper is hidden by a leather panel. Vertical zippers are something that can give away that it is a concealed carry purse, particularly if you know where to look.

There are two YKK lockable zippers on each side of the gun compartment pouch. These open into the 10 by 7.5 inch compartment, lined with Velcro to hold the holster in place.

The bilateral zippers make it easy to draw your gun regardless of whether you’re right or left-handed, or both (ambidextrous). A big advantage of this product is also that the two lockable zipper compartments come with 4 keys and each of those keys works on each compartment. The look and feel of this purse are both great. Users are also very happy with it.

what we like

  • Real leather and outstanding Western-style design
  • Lockable zipper
  • Easy access zipper compartment (dual side) 
  • Removable Velcro positioning holster
  • Soft cloth inner lining
  • Many color configurations available
  • Thick and sturdy straps

what we dislike

  • Straps are not slash-proof

6. Don’t Tread on Me 

The quirkily named Don’t Tread on Me is a small, compact, leather crossbody purse. It also has a universal holster. The wide crossbody strap makes users feel safe and comfortable.

Please keep in mind that this product might not work for you if you carry a large handgun. It will be what you’re looking for if your gun is small or medium-sized. The crossbody strap (22-44 inches) is adjustable and made from strong leather. The lockable compartment has a great locking zipper with multiple keys.

This purse isn’t optimal for left-handed shooters. Choose another purse if you are left-handed. 

what we like

  • High-quality leather
  • Adjustable cross-body strap
  • Small, compact, highly adjustable
  • Lockable gun compartment
  • Adjustable purse holster included

what we dislike

  • Not good for large handguns
  • Not designed for left-handed shooters
  • The strap is not slash-proof

Buyers’ Guide 

This section has tips and suggestions on what to look for in a concealed carry purse. These involve the position and location of the zipper, pockets, holsters, and more. 

Zipper Place and Location

Leather Locking Concealment Purse - CCW Concealed Carry Gun Shoulder Bag

To be effective, you need to be able to produce and utilize your firearm fast. It shouldn’t be inside a zipper pocket inside of another zipper pocket, inside another pocket…you get the point.

A well-made product lets the user access the firearm through a single exterior zipper. It takes too long to unzip more than one zipper, given that in a situation where you would need to draw your gun, you might be shaking from nerves. Perpetrators have also learned to watch for women reaching into their purses. Drawing attention to your struggles with the zipper is the last thing you want to do. 

Zipper Should Pull Down

The zipper should pull down, not up. This is logical and most gun purse manufacturers have already considered this in their design. Still, it’s always good to be careful.

If the zipper pulls up and not down, you can’t use your body weight to pull it down and the purse might get out of control. This will also obstruct the one-handed operation. A zipper that pulls down won’t need your other hand to hold it in place. This will save you time and won’t make your actions obvious. 

Dedicated Gun Pocket

Dedicated Gun Pocket 

We recommend concealed carry purses with a dedicated gun pocket. A dedicated gun pocket prevents things from getting stuck between the trigger guard and trigger. It also ensures you don’t pull out something else instead of the gun, like…well…say a brush. That’s just comical and awkward.

It might even be more dangerous. Believe us, things like that happen due to panic or confusion. Your gun pocket should be big enough to accommodate your weapon, so make sure the pocket is the right size.

To ensure an optimal fit, the frame size should be about the same as the pocket size. Frame sizes can vary: medium, compact, sub-compact, full size, and more. If it’s too big, the gun will move around or even fall out. If it’s too small, the gun won’t fit. 

Removable Holster Compartment 

We recommend getting a separate pocket holster if your purse doesn’t come with one. It should be secure and fit into the pocket properly. The best option is just getting a purse that has a pocket holster.

Gun Compartment Size

Make sure the gun isn’t too hard to draw and that you can get your hand around the grip even if your handgun fits in the dedicated gun pocket.

You need something that will keep your gun in the same position it was left in. This is so that you can locate the grip as soon as you reach in and draw your weapon in the right direction. 

Go for a Neutral StyleGun Compartment Size

It’s just plain silly to buy a purse that matches every outfit you own. It’s also costly. Go for a neutral style and color that will match any outfit. If it stands out, someone might realize what it really is.

You have to actually like this product. If you don’t, you likely won’t bring it with you. In general, women find they don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. 


Most concealed carry purses cost a lot of money, so make sure the one you’re getting is made from durable, high-quality materials. There is a large variety of purses to choose from on the market right now, and many of them are made from high-quality leather and nylon.

We recommend a purse that’s as thick and sturdy as possible to protect your gun from the occasional dings and bangs of normal everyday life occurrences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our last section covers the most commonly asked questions related to concealed carry purses, such as which the best ones are and the aspects of actually carrying a gun around.  

What is the best-concealed carry purse?

As the number of concealed carry licenses being issued skyrockets, the industry has responded with the development of a variety of kinds and styles of handgun carrying platforms.

As a result, gun owners have become able to move their guns from the traditional side carry positions to the more creative carry positions. Purse carry is the most natural way of gun-carrying for most women even though any type of on-body holster has its ups and downs.

Most women who carry guns wouldn’t do so if they couldn’t carry them in their purses. Referred to as OBC (Off Body Carry), this method includes not only handbags and purses, but also planners, fanny packs, and briefcases. 

We believe all of our choices here will offer you the full advantages of this carrying technique. Whichever one you choose, you have to practice carry purse draw techniques to ensure an effective, timely draw.

Can I carry a gun in my purse? Should I? carry a gun

A purse is meant to hold useful things a woman might need, and that description is as true for a gun as it would be for anything else.

In this final part of the present section, we’ll look at the shortcomings of purse carry and ways to get beyond them. 

First and foremost, a gun in a purse is not as secure as a gun strapped to the body. Purse snatchings and theft happen all the time. Having your belt stolen on the street? Definitely more rarely.

You have to be very, very careful if there’s a gun in your purse. At work, keep it close to you or under lock and key. Keep it well hidden in restaurant booths.

When sitting on a chair, do the trick with the chair leg through the strap. Also, purse carry isn’t for you if you’re the type of person who forgets her purse now and then. 

The Dangers of OFF Body Carry 

Guns in purses are not as accessible, especially with IFWA (In-Fight Weapon Access).

The purse should be designed to carry the gun with a separate compartment holding a properly sized holster that covers the trigger and is affixed to the interior of the compartment.

This makes sure the gun is always oriented where your hand can find it. What is more, it prevents a packet of gum or a mascara tube from getting inside the trigger guard. Talk about a memorable experience at the grocery store!

As for accessibility, a concealed carry purse can have some advantages in some situations. For example, you can walk through a dark parking lot with your hand actually on your gun.

To someone who is also there, it will look like you’re just hugging your purse close to your body. This is very comforting!  

Some women prefer purses with hidden gun compartments disguised in a pleat or seam and held closed with hook-and-loop. Others don’t because they have to worry about children and where their little hands are going.

Normally, it’s where they shouldn’t be going. The presence of children changes everything. Having a purse with a locking zipper that stays locked is the only way to have a gun in a purse in that case.

Then, accessibility of the firearm is reduced to the point where it’s just a nice thing to have if you get a flat tire or run out of gas. 

Purse carry may have its downsides, but if the alternative is being unarmed, then it’s the better idea. With practice, training, and quality equipment, you will know the limitations and the weaknesses and be able to overcome them. 


As the world becomes more and more dangerous, women become more vulnerable than ever, and a concealed carry purse is something many of us need to have. Your safety is always the most important thing.

We thank you for reading our review of the best-concealed carry purses currently on the market. We hope you found it helpful and that you find the right product for your needs. Good luck and stay safe!