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Car Gun Safe ReviewsLeaving a firearm in a locked car is an open invitation to thieves.  Then there is the question of where do you put it? Under the seat? In the glove box? In this guide, we will review the best car gun safes.

In the trunk? What if you drive an SUV with no trunk? In any of these instances, you are leaving an unsecured and unprotected gun.  

Having a secure and protected means of leaving a firearm in an unattended car is a consideration every gun owner should consider. Some states have legal requirements for securing a gun in a vehicle. Common sense dictates that you must provide some secure means of protecting that gun when it is unattended.

Types of Car Gun Safes

Two types of car gun safes dominate the market, and the big difference is how they are attached to the vehicle. Tethered car gun safes, more appropriately known as portable lockboxes, generally have a security cable that attaches to the lockbox and then to some other object. 

Permanently mounted gun safes bolt to the vehicle and become a permanent part of the car or truck. Each has its advantages and disadvantages

Best Car Gun Safes

1.Bestop Under Seat Lock Box – Best Car Gun Safe Under Seat Mount

If you drive a Jeep Wrangler, your best option for an under-seat car gun safe is the Bestop Under-seat Lock Box.  

The Bestop under seat car safe is engineered specifically for 2007 – 2018 Jeep Wranglers and fits under the passenger side seat. Featuring convenient front opening, the safe is out of sight yet convenient to access.

What We Like

  • Easy to Install
  • Well Built
  • Nice finish

What We DisLike

  • Needs Better Lining
  • Drawer Glides not heavy enough for the drawers

2.Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth  – Best Car Gun Safe Biometric

The Vaultek VT201 is one of the highest-rated portable lockbox style safes on the market. 

Consumers consistently rate high. Among the features that make the Vaultek so popular is the automatic opening door, the biometric keyboard, and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 

If you want a biometric car gun safe and a portable lockbox, the Vaultek VT10i should be on your shopping list.

What We Like

  • Includes a steel cable for tethering to your vehicle.
  • Anti-pry bars and internal hinges
  • Durable powder coat hinges

What We DisLike

  • Biometric locks can be unreliable
  • Expensive

3.BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe – Best Car Gun Safe Bluetooth

Looking for convenience, then the BillConch Biometric Gun Safe may be just what the doctor ordered. 

This gun safe comes with four different ways to open and access the safe. Along with the more traditional key lock and combination lock.

The BillConch Biometric Gin Safe features a biometric sensor lock and a Bluetooth app that allows you to unlock the safe from your smartphone.

What We Like

  • Multiple entry methods including a Bluetooth app
  • Rechargeable lithium-Ion batteries are rechargeable with a USB connection
  • The quick Access fingerprint scanner

What We DisLike

  • Fingerprint scanners can be unreliable
  • Lightweight 18-gauge steel
  • No pre-drilled holes for mounting in your car.

4.Hornady Rapid Gun Safe – Best Car Gun Safe with Cable

Need a way to keep your gun and other valuables safe in your car but also need to have the same repository for those items when you travel?

The Hornady Rapid Gun Safe is the best choice to fill both those needs. A standard key entry, a keypad combination lock. And an RFID Key Fob entry system allow almost instant access to your car gun safe with a touch of a button.  

If you choose not to use the included high-security cable tether to secure the Hornady Rapid Gun Safe in your vehicle. You can use the unique inflatable bladder mounting system included in the package.  This product is truly a multi-functional car gun safe.

What We Like

  • Multiple entry methods including an RFID Fob
  • Easy to move from one vehicle to another
  • Programming is easy and straightforward

What We DisLike

  • Requires batteries or being plugged into a charger
  • The tether cable comes loose when the top is open
  • The bladder installation system is useless and too easy to remove

5.Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification – Best Car Gun Safe Fingerprint Scanner

Quick access to your gun in an emergency is always a concern when storing your firearm in a gun safe. The Awesafe Gun Safe with fingerprint scan technology can make getting to your gun as quick as scanning your fingerprint. 

Equipped with a gas strut that automatically opens the top of the gun safe when the lock opens and an LED interior light to make finding the gun an easy task even in the dark.

An impressive list of features rounds out this Best Car Gun Safe on our list.

What We Like

  • Easy to program the fingerprint scanner
  • Memory will hold up to 30 different fingerprint scans to give other members of your family access to the safe
  • Thick foam interior padding

What We DisLike

  • Doesn’t come with a tether for portable use.
  • Biometric readers and sensors can be unreliable
  • The only source for this safe is Amazon.  Customer service is spotty

6.Hornady 98190 RAPiD Safe AR Rifle Gun locker – Best Car Guns Safe Trunk-Mount

If you need more storage space that is highly secure, a trunk-mounted car gun safe may be an option. The Hornady 98190 Rapid Safe gives you a range of options for storing guns or valuables in an out of the way secure package. 

The great thing about the Hornady 98190 car gun safe is the ability to store two rifles securely, several handguns, or almost anything else you need to keep safe in your car.

What We Like

  • Huge and roomy.  Able to store more than just guns.
  • RFID Access for quick opening and easy retrieval of guns
  • Great customer service from Hornady

What We DisLike

  • No interior lining or padding
  • Hard to close properly
  • Foam blocks for storing rifles don’t fit well and often move.

7.Tuffy 285-01 Under Rear Seat Lockbox for F-150  – Best car gun safe Rifles

Ford F150 Crew Cab pickup drivers know there is a tone of space under the rear seat that goes to waste except to collect trash. 

Enter the Tuffy 285-01 Under Rear Seat Lockbox. One of the great features is the mounting system that doesn’t require any drilling. The Tuffy safe mounts using existing hardware and is easy to install in your Ford F150 pickup.  

What We Like

  • Easy mounting and access with the top opening door.
  • Large enough to store a wide array of valuables in an out of the way place
  • Sturdy construction

What We DisLike

  • No gun mounts included and no interior padding.  Just a steel box.
  • The mounts seem a little flimsy
  • Only fits under the driver’s side of the F150 crew cab.  The box will only fit shorter rifles.

8.SentrySafe PP1K Portable Pistol Safe – Best Car Gun Safe for Glock Pistols

Many of the portable lock boxes on the market aren’t large enough to hold anything but a sub-compact pistol. 

If you carry a larger gun on a routine basis, finding a portable lockbox or car gun safe large enough to hold your medium or large from Glock is a challenge.  

The SentrySafe PP1K solves that problem. The generous size of the SentrySafe PP1K can handle even a full-size Glock with ease and still have room for an extra magazine.

What We Like

  • Large enough inside for a full-sized pistol
  • Has a carry handle that makes moving the safe easier.
  • Included steel cable tether for securing the safe 

What We DisLike

  • Lock mechanism seems prone to failure
  • No automatic lid opener
  • Customer service is sketchy

9.RPNB Gun Security Safe   – Best Car Gun Safe Quick Access

Getting to your gun quickly when needed yet maintaining it securely and safely is always the challenge. The PRNB Gun Security Safe rises to this challenge with its multi-locking system safe.

The RPNB safe features a 3-point locking system that allows access with an RFID key fob, a backlit keypad, or a manual key lock. 

The RPNB is a tough and rugged car gun safe that will protect your guns and valuables for years to come.

What We Like

  • Spring-loaded automatic opening door for quick access
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting
  • Large enough for multiple pistols or other accessories such as an extra magazine, flashlight, or first aid kit. 

What We DisLike

  • Biometric locks require batteries and are prone to unreliable behaviors
  • no foam padding inside the box
  • Customer service contact is questionable.

10.Fort Knox Pistol Box – Best Car Gun Safe Best Built

Fort Knox is known for building heavy duty extremely secure lockboxes.  Their original Fort Knox pistol box gets high ratings among consumers who have purchased lock boxes. 

The Fort Knox Pistol Box is one of the few lock boxes on the market made in the USA. The Fort Knox Pistol Box doesn’t have all the fancy electronic locks. 

It does bring the most secure and reliable operation available. The Fort Knox Pistol Box design will provide years of trouble-free service.

What We Like

  • Heavy-duty construction using 10-gauge steel
  • Simplex mechanical lock for reliable and trouble-free operation
  • Predrilled for easy installation and has a gas strut opener on the door. 

What We DisLike

  • Plastic mounts on the locking mechanism are prone to failure and wear
  • The box doesn’t come with any padding.
  • Requires drilling on your car to mount

What To Look For When Buying Car Gun Safes?

Best Car Gun SafesBuying a car gun safe can be confusing at best. When you begin investigating the options, you quickly learn that there is more to selecting a car gun safe than just buying a metal box with a lock.

If it were that simple, I wouldn’t be writing this article.  Let’s consider the types and styles of car gun safes and the options.


Since the tethered lockbox doesn’t permanently attach to your vehicle, it has many other uses. Many models of tethered lockboxes come equipped with TSA approved locks and meet the TSA requirements for checking a firearm through security in the US. 

The tether is handy for securing a lockbox in a hotel room if you need to leave a gun or other valuables unattended.


Car Gun SafesMany tethered lock boxes on the market today are small enough to carry easily in one hand. They can be slipped into a briefcase or backpack, making them accessible whenever they are needed.

The small size and lightweight allow you to carry valuables or a gun in a much more secure manner than just dropping it into a bag or backpack.


It is possible to spend big bucks on a tethered portable lockbox, but it isn’t necessary. Many available models from a wide variety of manufacturers can be purchased readily for less than $75. 

Many of these models meet state requirements for secure storage and come equipped with TSA approved locks.

Ease of Use 

One of the main considerations in choosing a car gun safe is the ease of use it presents. A car gun safe that is hard to access or difficult to open doesn’t get used.A tethered lockbox can fit into a seat console, a glove box, or even under a seat, and the tether device is quick to secure to a vehicle.

Types of Car Gun Safes

Best Car Gun Safes 1Two types of car gun safes dominate the market, and the big difference is how they are attached to the vehicle. Tethered car gun safes, more appropriately known as portable lockboxes, generally have a security cable that attaches to the lockbox and then to some other object. 

Permanently mounted gun safes bolt to the vehicle and become a permanent part of the car or truck. Each has its advantages and disadvantages

Tethered Portable Lock Boxes

Tethered portable lock boxes are probably the most popular type of lockbox used as a car gun safe for many reasons. Tethered portable lock boxes offer many advantages that take them beyond just being a car gun safe. There are disadvantages to choosing a tethered lockbox as a portable car gun safe.

Light Weight

To keep the weight manageable, many manufacturers use thinner steel on their tethered lockboxes.  Thinner steel makes these lockboxes easier to open.  

Easier to Remove 

The tether systems on these portable lock boxes are intended to stop casual pilfering and not deter a determined thief.  The cables and attachment systems make the portable lockbox more vulnerable to some simple tools. 

Finding Attachment Points

In many newer models of cars and trucks, there doesn’t seem to be many places around which to loop the security tether. 

Finding Attachment Points

To make a secure connection, you must fumble around under a seat to find a seat frame around which to attach the tether.  


Depending on the size of the gun you carry as your concealed choice; you may have trouble finding a portable lock box big enough. 

You may opt to carry a smaller gun but, in states that require you to have your pistol secured in a lock box while transporting it.

If you shoot a large-frame pistol or revolver a portable tethered lock box may not fit your needs.

Permanently Mounted Car Gun Safes

Permanently mounted car gun safes offer more security and a higher level of protection for your firearm or other valuables you might wish to keep secure. 

Some of the advantages you will gain by installing a permanently mounted car gun safe are:


Permanently Mounted Car Gun SafesPermanently mounted car gun safes aren’t portable.  Non-portability removes the need to manage weight, and that allows manufacturers to build stringer more durable boxes. 

Heavier gauge steel, better hinges, and tougher locks are the hallmarks of permanently mounted car gun safes.


The simple act of bolting the permanently mounted car gun safe to your vehicle adds a lot of security. 

In most instances, removing the safe from the vehicle is not an option for a snatch and run thief.


Permanently mounted car gun safes are typically roomier than their tethered counterparts. 

Best Car Gun Safes Size

More space provides you room to store more than just your gun. Important documents and other valuables now have a much safer place to ride than in a console or the glove box.

With advantages always come disadvantages and permanently mounted car gun safes are no different.  


Finding a location to mount a car gun safe can be a challenge in many of today’s vehicles.  Smaller cars mean fewer places to put accessories that are both accessible and concealed.

Ease of Access 

Along with the challenge of finding a place to mount a car gun safe in many vehicles is the challenge of accessing it when you need it.

A location that is both easy to access and keeps the gun safe out of the way and out of sight is problematic in many car models.


Permanently mounted car gun safes are typically more expensive than a tethered portable lock box. 

Installation and mounting can also add to the expense if you aren’t comfortable drilling holes in your automobile to mount the safe.

Many Styles, Many Option

Styles and options can add to the confusion when trying to decide on what car gun safe best fits your needs.  Understanding the pros and cons of each style can make the decision easier.

Car Gun Safe Lock Types

The lock is the key (pun intended) to the security of any car gun safe.  Typically, the lock is the weakest point in the system, and the place thieves will attach first.

Car Gun Safe Lock Types

Therefore, a quality locking system is a must when considering your selection of a car gun safe. Options for locks fall into four basic categories:

Keyed locks

Keyed locks are the traditional standby.  When dealing with portable lock boxes, especially those used for gun storage, it is important to look for the best quality lock available. 

For portable lock boxes, key locks with a tubular pin key are more pick resistant than standard key locks.

If you travel and want to carry your gun on an airline, you should look for a portable lock box with a TSA compliant lock.

Combination Locks  

Combination locks are popular on any gun safe.  Many people believe they are faster to access in an emergency since you don’t have to fumble around looking for a key. 

Combination Locks  

Many combination locks on portable lock boxes feature an ergonomic design that makes it even easier to open the lock in the dark. 

Again, some combination locks have TSA certifications.

Biometric Locks  

Biometric locks have been on the market now for many years. 

They rely on a sensor that looks at your fingerprint and compares it to a known sample.  If the two fingerprints match, the box opens.

There are some inherent downsides to biometric locks.  Under some circumstances, they will not read the sensor correctly and if the battery fails, you are still searching for the key.

RFID Locks 

Just like the key fob for your car, you can unlock your car gun safe with a remote device. 

RFID Locks 

Remote access is certainly convenient but comes with the same risks as having your car unlocked inadvertently or by thieves using a scamming device. 

The RFID locks also depend on battery power to operate and if the battery dies, the box is locked until you use the key.

A Few Words of Caution

Before going any further with this discussion, we must stop and deal with a few issues. 

Every state in this great nation has its own set of laws, regulations, and rules governing the transportation and carry of guns, both handguns, and long guns. 

You must be knowledgeable of those laws, regulations, and rules in any state in which you intend to travel with your firearm.

The best method is to consult an attorney who is conversant with the laws of the states in which you intend to travel and transport a firearm. 

The next best option is to talk to a trained and certified instructor in your state. Don’t ever assume that because you are just passing through a state that you won’t run afoul of their laws.

Features and Option to Consider

The manufacturers of car gun safes and portable lock boxes are constantly bringing new and different options.  There are models that, when the lid opens, the gun moves out to a ready position.

Different thicknesses and qualities of steel are used in the manufacture of car gun safes.

The thicker and harder the steel, the more tamper-resistant the box.  The downside is the greater weight that is involved.

Carry handles on portable lockboxes are a nice feature.  Another thing to consider is the lining in the box.

Most people prefer a foam lining that holds whatever is inside securely. 

Some boxes have a carpet like material that can allow guns and other things to slide or bounce inside the box when the vehicle moves.

At least one manufacturer sells boxes in multiple sets keyed alike.   If you have several vehicles, this can be a boon.

Having to keep track of only one key, one combination, or one key fob is much more efficient.

It Just Makes Sense

If you routinely carry a concealed gun, it just makes sense to have a safe and secure place to store that gun in your vehicle for those situations when you must leave it in the car.  A car gun safe is one of those accessories that every concealed carry permitted gun owner should have available.  

With the information provided in this article, you should have a basic understanding of how to look at car gun safes and what kinds of things to consider when making a purchase. 

I hope that this gets you on your way confident in what you need and what to select in a good car gun safe for your needs.