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The 1-8x Scopes are known to perform well both in short-range combat and long-range hunting. In this buyer’s guide, we reviewed the best 1-8x scopes based on the reticle, dialing turrets, true 1x, and pricing.

Overall, the Vortex Optics Eagle Strike is the best overall. This is the ideal scope to go hunting with. However, to see how I reached that, stay tuned for details.

In a Hurry? Here are my top picks:

  1. Best 1-8X Scope Overall: VORTEX OPTICS STRIKE EAGLE 1-8 X 24 
  2. Best 1-8X Scope for 308: PRIMARY ARMS PLATINUM SERIES 1-8X 
  3. Best 1-8X Scope Illuminated: SHEPHERD SCOPES SERIES 1-8X24 R-MIL RIFLESCOPE


There are two primary ways of mounting your gun. While laying low during hunting, the piece’s body becomes vital. Most importantly, you must mount your gun correctly to have a perfect shot. Now, what are the advantages of a single piece body? For a single piece mount, the scope rings are made out of solid materials.

Due to this solid material, the entire gun cannot be put under undue stress. Besides, small levels of stress can cause inaccuracy. Moreover, it is very vital to use the very best piece of the body.

Essentially, this is because the more durable your equipment, the better hunting gets. Now, straight to what you’ve been expecting. What are my top 5 picks for 1-8X scopes?


PRIMARY ARMS PLATINUM SERIES1-8XACSS Raptor M2 5.563.98” – 3.83”10”
TRIJICON ACCUPOWER 1-8X28 RIFLESCOPES1-8X MOA Dot SPF Crosshair3.2”- 3.8”14.3”
UTG 1-8X28MM 30MM MRC SCOPE1-8X BG45” - 3.35”10”
SHEPHERD SCOPES SERIES 1-8X24 R-MIL RIFLESCOPE1-8XMil Hash with Ranging3.2” – 3.6”10”


Guess my first thought when I was checking out this product. It was, “why does it have such an awesome build-up?” Unlike most of the other scopes, this one hit me differently. Interestingly, the design is five-star and unique.

Without a doubt, you’d notice those basic properties. However, how about the properties you may not see? First, let’s talk about the light performance. Amazingly, the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle has an optimal low light performance. Thanks to its capabilities, you can enjoy its maximum performance and versatility. 

Clear x1

The Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8X is a true 1X on its low end of the entire 8X range. However, how can I be so sure? Unlike other scopes, the Vortex Optics Eagle strike has a clear 1x range. To a large extent, this is just great.

Thanks to its 1x setting, you have a real chance of hitting your target. As a shooter, this is most beneficial to close range and moving targets. However, the scope is a little blurry on its edges. Also, the eye box of this scope is sensitive.

Combat Ready x8

Vortex Optics Eagle strike MountedBesides, a strong point to consider is the 8X setting. Typically, this is when you need to take more precise and accurate shots. In the army and police force, this scope is considered to be combat-ready. However, it is also very suitable for other purposes.

Extra features I appreciate about this product are the eye-relief and the dialup. Amazingly, the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle comes with a quick focus dialup that ensures an always sharp reticle.

As a rifle lover, I usually consider the millimeter tube. For the Vortex, it comes with a 30mm tube that proves to be shock-resistant. So, in times of intense shooting or a sudden impact, everything remains in place. Let’s do a quick dive into the pros and cons of this scope.

What We Like

  • Excellent illumination for different light conditions.
  • The scope is shock resistant.
  • The scope has a precise and reliable performance level.
  • Impressive power and versatility levels.

What We DisLike

  • Blurry scope edges
  • Comes with a relatively tight eye box

2. PRIMARY ARMS PLATINUM SERIES 1-8X 24 – Best 1×8 Scope For 308

Trying out the Platinum Series might start pretty impressive. Interestingly, the build quality is also commendable. For a 1-8X scope, it performs quite well.

From personal experience, it works perfectly. While using this scope in low light conditions, the performance was also commendable.

Compared to other scopes of the same price, I’d give this scope an eight out of ten. Also, the glass quality wasn’t bad. From a little target practice, I was very impressed by my experience. Interestingly, the Primary Arms has an impressively wide field of view. Also, I commend its fast target acquisition. 

Impressive Glass Quality 

Glass on Primary Arms 1x8 Scope
Impressive Primary Arms 1×8 Scope

The Primary Arms Platinum Riflescope also has an impressive glass quality. However, we need to review its other vital features. Now, let’s start with the lens. At low magnifications, you can have a clear image.

However, images might get a little blurry from magnifications above 5. Fortunately, by following the diopter guidelines, you can beat this problem.

Commendably, this scope has excellent illumination. Moreover, the Primary Arms Platinum goes as high as 11 settings. However, the beginning two settings are specifically for night vision. Although, other settings are good enough for balanced light. For the price, you may find this product rather impressive.


  • Relatively fast and easy target acquisition.
  • Thanks to its premium build quality, reliable for tactical shooters and hunters.
  • Excellent view through the eye relief
  • Great illumination
  • Lucid optics
  • The center dot doesn’t blur out or block your target.


  • Relatively heavy compared to other scopes.


The first thing that may cross your mind when you operate the Trijicon is its balanced structure. Impressively, the Trijicon is easy to use for different target ranges. Interestingly, using the Trijicon AccuPower made me impressed with the adjustment range.

The Trijicon has about 0.1 mm adjustment. 34mm main tube, and 28mm objective lens. Amazingly, it has an adjustment range of 29.6mm. While using this scope, I found its length to be just perfect.

Checking out the length, I realized it was somewhere in-between 10.7 and 10.8 inches. Overall, these were just my first impressions. Now, let’s dive deep into the other things I considered.

Eye Relief & Waterproof

TRIJICON ACCUPOWER 1-8X28 RIFLESCOPES.jpgThe first few things I considered were its eye relief and waterproof feature. First, I considered its precision, functionality, and reliability.

In the area of reliability, I tried it out on several grounds and scenarios. Interestingly, it came out well. Now, I can say it is a versatile scope. In other words, it’s great for sporting and other competitive applications.

The quality of the grip also matters. Although, when you hold this product, you will feel the premium quality. How about the dialing turrets and reticle? While in use, the scope maintains that sharpness.

Thanks to its etched glass reticle, you can make smooth hits. Impressively, this scope works perfectly for a hunting rifle. Not to forget, an essential factor to consider is its waterproof feature. Interestingly, this scope is waterproof for up to ten feet (10ft). For a typical hunter or any other person, this is perfect.

For the Nightcrawlers, this is also not a bad idea. It uses a very high illumination that makes you see correctly at night. During the day, you can always turn off the illumination.

Indeed, this scope is good enough for various applications. For instance, you can use this for tactical reasons and many more. Let’s make a list of the pros and cons of this product to further enlighten you.

What We Like

  • Dialing turret lock is quite easy to do
  • An impressive broad field of view
  • Guarantees a very long precision
  • Works perfectly well

What We DisLike

  • Uncommendable battery life
  • The imperfect setting of reticle brightness adjustment.


Surprisingly, what attracted me to the UTG is its features. As a 1-8X scope, it gives a large number of options. For an AR-style magnification ring, this probably one of your best options.

From 0-500 yards, this is commendably one of the best optics. While I took a grip, I was much impressed by the unique design with the elevation knob.

Moreover, the elevation knob is primarily meant to make up for gravity on the bullet. It has a perfect strength level making it able to withstand a lot of stress. Interestingly, due to this strength level, it can absorb shock and much more.

Is it True 1x?

The first question you should ask is, “is it a True 1X on the low-end?”. To get a much clearer shot at a short distance, a true 1X is vital. The UTG works perfectly well on its 1-8X range.

Asides this factor, you should check out the main tube. For the UTG, it has a classic 30mm tube lens with premium coating. In the area of speed, the UTG is intuitively designed with a BG4 etched glass.

I wasn’t so satisfied with the locking mechanism of the turret. Sadly, the dialing turrets are not so fun to use. Fundamentally, this is because using other dialing turrets gave me a more seamless experience.

Since the reticle comes with BDC, capped dialing turrets will function much better. Finally, the thirty-six colors are unique in style. However, you may use only two primary colors; green and red.

What We Like

  • An impressive broad field of view
  • Guarantees a very long precision
  • Works perfectly well

What We DisLike

  • Turret dialing lock mechanism is not great enough
  • Comes with a little edge distortion


For me, first impressions matter. With these, I decide whether to purchase a product. Unlike other scopes, the reticle of the shepherd is bright and full. Indeed, the dialing turret is also much more accurate, precise, and tactical.

Holding the scope, you will observe that the flip caps are thick and quality. Turning the dialup, I noticed just enough friction. From my perspective, that was just the perfect texture.

Thanks to the multicoating, users can have a clearer picture of the target. Now, let’s jump straight to the top points of consideration.

Dialing Turrets 

Let’s consider how the dialing turrets appear. Also, we should consider its functionality. For this scope, the turrets are fantastic for tactical and accurate target practice.

Impressively, the flip cap also has a solid build. When in use, the dialing turrets are perfectly good and able to have a smooth turn. While turning the dialing turrets, you’d experience just enough resistance.

Lens Clarity 

How about the clarity of the lens? Interestingly, to a large extent, I was impressed with the clarity and appearance of the target. Undoubtedly, this is a feature that everyone should consider.

Surprisingly, the lens is multi-coated as well. Unlike the most other scopes, this one allows you to shoot as far as a thousand yards. For its price, this is a great scope to have this feature. Interestingly, the scope is light-weight for the structures built into it. Thanks to the bullet drop compensator, you can comfortably hit targets from different ranges.

What We Like

  • The scope has a True 1X
  • Guaranteed high transmission optics
  • Comes with an ultra-bright light
  • Premium reticle design

What We DisLike

  • A little bit high on the price

First focal Plane vs. Second Focal Plane 

When purchasing a scope, the focal plane is the first point of consideration. Fundamentally, there are two types of focal planes (first focal plane and the second focal plane). However, what are the differences between them?

BEST 1-8X SCOPESEvery scope uses either the first focal plane or the second focal plane. Also, these two focal planes are different and unique. Surprisingly, the significant disparity between these two focal planes is its appearance after magnification. 

For the second focal plane (SPF), it remains just the same. On the other hand, the first focal plane (FFP), changes.  Although, if you’re familiar with scopes, you should know I’m referring to their reticles. So, while choosing a scope, do well to consider that factor.

pros & cons of two focal planes 

BEST 1-8X SCOPES ReviewFrom my experience, the short focal plane scopes work great for long-range and short-range shooting. In essence, this means you can still use an SPF scope for high magnification.

To be clear, by high magnification, I mean the highest possible magnification. Interestingly, it doesn’t stop at that. Moreover, SPF is a robust reticle you can use even at extremely low magnification.

On the other hand, the FFP reticle works differently. When using the FFP reticle, it gets thicker at high power and thinner at low power. For every hunter, this is not the best setting.

In other words, you may find it hard to see a target at its lowest setting. However, at its highest setting, accuracy becomes a problem. Moreover, don’t forget that accuracy is more important than precision. So, when the FFP gets thicker, it covers your target.



Trijicon 8xWhen buying a riflescope, there are a few standard things to consider. Written below are few of them:

True 1x

A True 1x rifle scope is suitable for short-range/close distance targets. Moreover, a true 1x scope gives a much clearer shot at a short distance.


The reticle accuracy for any shooting range. Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose different kinds of reticles.

Dialing Turrets 

The dialing turret of a riflescope must not be overly sensitive. In other words, it must have adequate resistance and a smooth turn.

Adjustment Ranges 

In most cases, the adjustment ranges should be close to 1/4″ per click adjustment. However, it’s best to check it out yourself.


Trijicon 8x manEvery 1-8X scope should have certain features to pass as standard. However, scopes may differ due to their prices. As a gun lover, you may also need to know a true 1X scope.

For short-range targets, the 1X magnification is vital. In this write-up, each of the scopes mentioned has unique characteristics. In other words, some are built to be better at the waterproof feature.

On the other hand, some are built to be better at other things. Ultimately, your choice of scope depends on your taste. Fortunately, this article has everything you need.