The 5 Best AR-15 Slings of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The 5 Best AR 15 Slings of 2019 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

ar 15 slingAnybody who works in the military goes on long hunting trips or treks in the mountains. Therefore, they have to carry rifles for an extended period of time. And, it’s definitely tiring to hold an assault rifle on your hand. This is why having an AR-15 sling is so important.

Therefore, we decided to review the best AR-15 slings on the market. A good, reliable AR-15 sling will come in handy. It will make you less tired while carrying your rifle because the weight can be transferred from shoulder to shoulder. What’s more, a sling can help improve the accuracy of your shots.

There was a rapid decline in the popularity of the AR-15 slings recently, making it a bit of a challenge to find the best products on the market in this niche. To help you make a decision more easily, we’ve listed the top-selling, best-quality AR-15 slings on the market today. We’ve reviewed each one painstakingly, so you do not have to keep looking for a good AR-15 sling.

Top AR-15 Sling Options of 2019

Product Image
Best Feature
Viking Tactics VTAC Wide Padded Sling Black
the padding on the sling is very comfortable
Magpul Two Point MS1 Sling
Very smooth slide mechanism
Two Point Tactical Shoulder Strap/Gun Sling by FreForce
Very tough buckles
Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling by Blue Force Gear
Canvas Webbing Material is Synthetic Cotton (Acrylic)-Rot Resistant
Paracord Survival Two Point Rifle Sling
Durable, easy to put on, reasonable price

Viking Tactics – Best AR-15 Rifle Sling

how to carry ar 15 with slingThis is the new and improved version VTAC-MK2-BK-UG. One thing that makes it different from the previous version is the added textured rubber pull tab. This allows the user to adjust it quickly without putting in too much effort.

The old version also had plastic buckles, and there’s another change in this respect. The newer version is equipped with metal hardware and elastic stow bands.

These two novelties allow for easier mounting, adjustment, and use in general. What is more, the new Viking Tactics version lasts longer and is much more robust and durable. The Padded Sling Black is designed with nylon of one inch on the attachment end and features two inches of tubular nylon in the center.

It also features a metal slider and plastic tri-glides. The shoulder strap is made of closed cell foam for better comfort and convenience of the holder.


  • Metal buckles
  • Textured rubber pull tab
  • Great padding
  • Comfort and convenience for the user
  • Designed with great strength and durability
  • Easy adjustment and mounting



  • Likely to snag

Magpul Two Point – Most Comfortable AR-15 Sling

 ar 15 strapsThe second-best AR-15 Sling on the list is the Magpul Two Point MS1 Sling, a two point sling of superb quality. This product can be adjusted easily to make it more comfortable for you to wear. You can extend the length of the sling if you’re taller and larger or, alternatively, shorten it if you are smaller.

As this sling eliminates risks of tailing, looping, and snags, you can feel free to use it during battles or even casual shooting.

The robust, light Magpul Two Point MS1 Sling is made from top-quality polymer materials. It comes in Black, Coyote, Gray or Ranger colors. The webbing on this sling measures 1 ¼ inch and is made from nylon. The colored webbing on this sling has been treated for Near Infrared to limit infrared signature.

In addition to this, the product is solid and very resistant to wear and tear. It helps avoid chafing, therefore giving the user extra comfort. You can change this sling from being a two-point sling to a one-point sling using an adapter, which is sold separately.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable sling
  • Solid build
  • Reduced infrared signature
  • Several color options
  • Resistant to tails, loops, and snags



  • Costly

Two Point AR 15 Tactical Sling – Best Affordable AR-15 Sling

ar 15 tactical slingThe third AR 15 sling in this review is the Two Point Tactical Shoulder Strap/Gun Sling by FreForce. Its maximum length is a whopping 54 inches. No need to fret – it is adjustable to ensure the maximum comfort of the user.

This product also comes in a range of colors: black, coyote brown, foliage, or olive green. This is a very affordable AR-15 sling, making it ideal for shooters on a budget.

The buckles on this sling are sturdy and durable because they are made from Mil-Spec Metal. The webbing is a full 1 ½ inches wide. It can spread out the weight of the rifle more evenly since it is a two-point AR-15 sling. This is ideally used for rifles with either a long or short frame.


  • Long
  • Several color options
  • Metal buckle
  • Affordably priced
  • Wide webbing



  • Prone to looping

Padded Vickers Combat – Adjustable Rifle Sling

military rifle slingsOur fourth choice is the Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling by Blue Force Gear, which is sold with nylon webbing. This product comes in a full 11 colors. However, it is not a rifle sling for the budget-conscious, so please keep that in mind. We find it’s great value for money and would be happy to pay a bit extra for it. This is one of the most robust, durable AR-15 slings out there. Moreover, it is not prone to snags or looping, making it easier to use.

The Padded Vickers Combat Applications Sling is equipped with a nylon adjuster, molded Acetal, to make sure your sling can be adjusted as fast as possible. What is more, it will allow you to move comfortably as you carry your rifle around. The absence of a quick release feature of the sling ensures optimal safety. This means that the weapon will stay securely in place with the sling unless you choose to take it out yourself.


  • Comes in 11 colors
  • Molded Acetal adjuster
  • Solid nylon webbing
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Secures rifle in place



  • Expensive

Paracord Survival Two Point – Top AR-15 Hunting Sling

Rifle SlingThe last AR 15 Sling on our list is the Paracord Survival Two Point Rifle Sling. This is made from an authentic, commercial, 550 pound Paracord. It also features canvas webbing material, which is synthetic cotton and acrylic, making it resistant to the elements and wear and tear. Like most of the products on this list, it is made in the USA. You can choose from two size options.

One of these slings can fit a swivel with a size of 1.25 inches, and the other an inch of swivel. The cord is more than 25 feet long. It is possible to adjust the Paracord Survival Two Point Rifle Sling to a length of up to 44 inches.

The Paracord Survival Two Point Rifle Sling is designed to protect your rifle from scratching because the tri-glides and loop are made from medical grade plastic materials. As a result, you can wear it comfortably regardless of your height. This is a major advantage because you can move more freely during combat or shooting when the rifle sling is comfortable to wear.


  • Solid build
  • Comfortable to wear around shoulder
  • Resistant to the elements
  • Long sling
  • Keeps weapon scratch-free



  • Complicated to adjust

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an AR-15 Sling

In this section, we’ll outline the main factors to take into consideration before buying an AR-15 Sling. These include padding, comfort, length, and durability.


Ar 15 slingsA sling is intended to help one carry a weapon at work or over long hunting trips and treks. It should also complement the accuracy and visual appeal of your rifle. Ever since they were invented, AR-15 rifles have featured a sturdy carrying handle on the top.

Carrying handles might seem convenient, but they are actually not. They’re good for local shifting, but not combat situations, treks, or hunting trips. You’ll end up having tired, bruised fingers, compromising your shooting ability.

A sling will move the entire weight to your back. Which is better when you need to carry weights for a long period of time. The rifle hangs from your shoulder in the slink and you keep your hands free while you move.

This is a clear advantage as it lets you do more things at a time, like holding a map, flashlights, a compass, or anything else. This capability is crucial in a combat situation, where one has to use and move a lot of things at the same time without losing their weapon.

Improved Accuracy

A good sling is also helpful in that one is able to shoot more accurately with it. The sling can be used to create tension. It works almost like taking a rest as you change position or take long distance shots. Make sure you get the right type of sling for this purpose.

Another innovative and creative aspect of a sling involves the possibility to use it as a life-saving tool in critical circumstances. AR-15 slings can be used to create a makeshift tourniquet to hold wounds. It can be used to create a snare or as a rope for tying up chunks of wood or knots in a shelter. Paracord-type slings are used to create extensive ropes.


Padding refers to how fluffy a sling is. Some slings are mere nylon or leather straps, while others are ergonomically padded with polymer or lumps of cotton to offer better comfort. Carrying a heavy rifle around can be strenuous, especially in summers. Sometimes people get bruises on their shoulders that are unpleasant to deal with. If this is something you’re concerned about, you should get a padded sling.


Durability is a crucial factor. A rifle sling should hold up to the weight of the rifle reliably and help minimize the jostling as you move. Always check the quality of the buckles, sling attachment clips, and attachment straps because the sling will also take part of the recoil when you shoot. Avoid slings with plastic parts. Go for metal components instead.


You should always check whether you are comfortable with the length of the sling, although most slings on the market feature adjustable straps. Shorter people tend to like shorter slings, so make sure your sling is extendable to your desired length. In addition, length always helps with transitioning so the sling doesn’t hook up with your underarm or neck, causing discomfort.

If you can’t choose, always opt for a longer sling because it will have a larger adjustable length.

1- vs. 2- vs. 3-point slings

There are many different types of slings available on the market. It’s a matter of individual preference as each sling offers a unique level of comfort. From shooting competitions to hunting and sniping, different types of slings serve different purposes. Of course, the type of sling that you will purchase should be your first and foremost consideration.

A single-point sling is the simplest version. It connects to your assault rifle at a single point, enabling you to wear it over your shoulder and keeping your hands free. It is also easy to maneuver a one-point sling if you put it over your chest. This will make it possible to balance the weight more evenly to do away with any wobbliness.

Two-point slings are more popular than one-point slings because they offer your rifle more stability. Furthermore, they are easier to adjust around your body, which keeps it more stable. They are longer and fit more people.

The latest design is the three-point sling. Its name is attributed to the fact that it is connected from two points with an added wedding that is located on the side of the gun. This design helps keep the weapon closer to your body. On the downside, the attachments are very complex, and these slings can be tricky to use. The complexity tends to interfere with the operation of the rifle.

A Video Review of the best AR-15 Rifle Slings

Our Final Take

Thank you for reading our review of the best AR-15 slings. We hope it will be easier for you to make a decision now.

All of the products reviewed here are designed to provide optimal comfort without compromising the stability of the weapon. To assist with functionality, there are numerous AR-15 accessories. All of which, improve its performance, such as handguardsscopes, and slings.

Using an AR-15 sling will assist in operating your rifle for a more extended period of time without bruising or straining your shoulder. Finding an AR-15 sling that fits your unique specifications can be a challenge, but utilizing the list above will help you make an informed decision.

The 5 Best SKS Scope Mounts of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

sks scope mount

The 5 Best SKS Scope Mounts of 2019 There’s a similarity between most Russian scopes and weapons; it seems that all of them hate the concept of optically enhanced rifles. It is apparent in five generations of contemporary battle rifles, such as AK 47,  AK-74, SVT 40, Mosin Nagant, and SKS. Even though the SKS rifles could benefit a lot from a scope, it must be purchased and mounted separately.

No matter what type of SKS mount you choose, it’s supposed to be rock solid as well as free of movement and slop once mounted. In addition, the mount should be able to lock down tightly all the time so as to provide the satisfactory accuracy.

What’s the catch? The SKS rifles are offered without traditional scope-mounting systems. That means you will have to utilize a mount system from another company. Since there is a broad range of these mounts out there, you may have a hard time finding one that works for a long eye relief or traditional optic. We are here to help.

Below you can get familiar with the top 5 SKS scope mounts on the market. Ready? Let’s dig in!

5 Best SKS Scope Mounts 2019

1. UTG Pro SKS Receiver Cover Mount – Best Overall

 UTG Pro SKS Receiver Cover Mount – Best OverallThe main purpose of this UTG Pro mount is to enable the shooters to attach large and powerful optics on their rifle. All you need to do is mount it on the back of the receiver so that the metal section can run over the bolt.

In fact, this small piece of metal serves as a brass deflector that provides reliable operation no matter how powerful and big your scope is. The UTG Pro SKS scope mount features one-piece compact construction that can hold even the heaviest optics. Yet, keep in mind that it will add significant load to your rifle.

On the Picatinny rail, there are a total of 22 slots. That gives plenty of space for large scopes. Another thing you will like is that the mount rides pretty high in order to employ iron sights. This is particularly helpful for close range operations.

It’s quite simple to install; when installed properly, there is zero wiggle room. So it’s the thumbs up for UTG Pro. A big plus of this product is that it works with any aftermarket stock. That’s because it can smoothly bolt onto the gun. All of these characteristics make it one of the best mounts for SKS scopes nowadays.


  • Can support larger optics
  • Steel bade with matte black anodizing
  • Integral shell deflector
  • High strength base
  • Zero wiggle room
  • Easy to install



  • It is bulky and adds significant weight to the rifle
  • Expensive

2. Bumlon AK Mount Rail for Scope Sight – Best Picatinny-Style Scope Mount

Bumlon AK Mount Rail for Scope Sight – Best Picatinny-Style Scope MountIf you are searching for a low-priced SKS scope mount that includes a rail, stop here for a moment and feast your eyes on this simple device from Bumlon. Many shooters like this scope mount because it’s easy to install and perfectly works with almost all AK-styled rifles.

It is actually meant to replace the rear sight leaf spring on either an SKS or AK assault rifle with a Picatinny rail. Although it has been originally designed for powerful bolt action rifles in particular, its concept also includes handy carbines equipped with long eye relief scopes. The SKS belongs to those weapons for sure.

In addition to the simplicity and stability of this mount system, we like that it doesn’t modify a collectible rifle forever, so it can be reversed as needed. That only takes five minutes or so.


  • Perfect for handling recoil
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Anodized well
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Very cheap



  • It requires lots of milling to get a good fit
  • Weak lateral stability, so the alignment suffers a lot

3. Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical SKS – Best All-Inclusive Package

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical SKS – Best All-Inclusive PackageIn a nutshell, this is a hunting sniper scope that comes with see-through lens caps. Aside from this, it is fitted with a mil-dot reticle, SKS scope mount, lens cover, and cleaning kit. So, you get an all-inclusive package with your purchase.

The multi-coated lenses make the scope fully adjustable, allowing for both windage and elevation adjustments. It’s quite easy to mount iron sights thanks to a see-through cover design. With the high-profile mount, you will benefit from supreme stability while firing your rifle.

The product in question is made of tough and strong alloy steel, while the scope mount features a matte black finish for extra durability. This high-profile mount includes Weaver Picatinny rail, meaning you’ll be able to connect your scope to the rifle without a hitch.

There’s also an Allen wrench included. Take advantage of it to remove the rail and make use of the locking mechanism. It’s advisable to apply some high performance adhesives (like Loctite) to ensure easy and smooth adjustment with the help of screw. This is especially recommended after multiple rounds.


  • All-inclusive package
  • Great replacement mount
  • Solid one-piece design
  • See-through cover
  • Instantly zeroing of the scope



  • Receiver cover isn’t square
  • Poor quality casting

4. Global Sportsman SKS See-Thru Scope Mount – Best See-Through Design Mount

Global Sportsman SKS See-Thru Scope Mount – Best See-Through Design MountWhat makes the Global Sportsman SKS mount a popular choice is the fact it fits any SKS variants and models. The body of this see-through style mount is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and it’s topped with an all-black matte anodized finish.

Weighing about 8 ounces, this scope mount adds extra weight to your weapon. The SKS See-Thru Scope Mount is equipped with a bottom slot which has a special notch to hold a foldable bayonet.

When it comes to performance, there is one thing that sets this mount apart from the rest. Unlike most SKS scope mounts on the market, the Global Sportsman SKS mount doesn’t have to be raised in order to use the original sights. That is because of its strategical design that implies see-through holes. Therefore, you can use the original iron sights if needed.

We only have one little criticism regarding the mount length. It’s a little bit longer which is why you should carefully position your scope if you want to get a good eye relief.


  • See-through design
  • Universal fit
  • Durable body
  • Can accommodate a bayonet
  • Holds zero very well



  • The great length may come at a price to eye relief
  • Too much modification needed

5. Matador SKS Full Length Optic Rail Mount – Best Full Length Receiver Mount

 Matador SKS Full Length Optic Rail Mount – Best Full Length Receiver MountDo you wanna scope your beloved old rifle without altering it for good? If so, this SKS scope mount from Matador Arms will help you to do that.

Designed as a full-length receiver mount, it can completely replace your rear sight with ease. Note that the mount is pretty long to offer enough space for bigger scopes. You will only need to take about five minutes of your time for installation. There is also plenty of room for magnifier combo and red dot alike. Besides, you can also attach either a thermal device or night vision ahead of the optic.

In regard to the rails, the Matador SKS scope mount comes with standard Picatinny. That makes it a universal product in the present-day scope market and increases its application. The embedded shell deflector is meant to prevent steel cases from bumping into optics, which may cause scratches.


  • Solid built
  • Quick installation
  • Retains zero just fine
  • Deflector protects aluminum optics
  • Picatinny rails



  • The front rolling pin vibrates a bit
  • Overpriced

Things You Must Know Before Buying an SKS Scope Mount

Things You Must Know Before Buying an SKS Scope MountIn order to make a right decision when picking out the mount for your scope, take into account the following factors.


The majority of rail scope mount systems are available either as Weaver or Picatinny mounts. With regard to the weaver-style rails, they are primarily intended for shooters looking for a low-profile mount. The picatinny rails differ from them in respect of slots placement and number of slots. These allow for a generous surface area when mounting the rings. This makes a big difference.

Bear in mind that the vast majority of mounts have a see-through design. That’s because it is very useful for iron sights on the rifle. As for the looks, most of the SKS scope mounts feature black matte finish, which gives them a rugged yet simple appearance. These mounts are typically made from strong hard metal to be extremely durable. Besides, anodizing makes them long-lasting and flawless.

Aside from that, there are also models that come with a built-in shell deflector. They are specially designed with user’s security in mind. This extra feature assures the safe use of the rifle by shielding the face during shooting. It also protects your optics from damage.


The construction of your scope mount determines how long-lasting and durable it is. Strong construction makes the scope capable of withstanding the recoil effect.

Most mount systems are constructed from either alloy steel or aluminum. Furthermore, the mounts are usually anodized to enhance the thickness of the external oxide layer. Not only does it increase the durability of the SKS scope mount but also makes it corrosion a water resistant. This eventually prolongs the shelf life of your mount.


Make sure your scope mount is precisely and correctly aligned with your rifle all the while. This is very important because a well-aligned mount can repeatedly absorb the shocks caused by recoil. Moreover, such a mount enables you to easily and quickly sight in your rifle scope so that you will be able to aim better with high accuracy.

Be sure to consider the alignment when you’re doing any kind of modification. For instance, you need to file your mount at a constant angle so as not to ruin the alignment.


Things You Must Know Before Buying an SKS Scope MountThe fit plays a critical role in selecting a scope mount. A tight fit means that the scope and rifle are securely attached together. That minimizes the movement of the rifle scope and thus maintains the overall stability of your firearm. Ultimately, this will improve the consistency and accuracy of your shots.

You have purchased a new mount that doesn’t fit your scope. Don’t worry! Lucky for you, it’s possible to make additional modifications (like tapping drilling, and filing) that can slightly alter the receiver sides and thus provide a tighter fit.

Some SKS scope mounts are manufactured to be somewhat longer and bigger with the aim to accommodate just about any aftermarket stock.


The last, but certainly not least important factor you should consider before buying an SKS scope mount is its weight.

You are advised to choose a scope mount that is not too heavy because it’s going to be difficult to adjust when the need arises. The right weight of a mount compensates the weight of scope and rifle as well. That way you get a stable, well-balanced unit that allows you to have better aiming. It also prevents your rifle from toppling over.

Video Reveiw

Our Final Review for the Best SKS Scope Mounts

Your optic could be useless without a solid high-quality mounting system. A scope mount ensures that your scope fits securely onto the rifle. This way it minimizes movement of the scope and improves your aiming. As a result, your shots have high consistency and accuracy.

When buying an SKS scope mount, you need to take a number of factors into consideration, including alignment, fit, durability, weight, design, and cost. Hopefully, this review of the best SKS scope mounts will assist you in finding the perfect fit for your scope. Good luck!

Best Ear Protection for Shooting – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best ear protection for shooting

Do you love to go out hunting or just prefer range shooting with your friends? Regardless of the case, you need to have the right ear protection on every time you use your gun. This will protect your ears against the damaging, loud gun noise. So, which is the best ear protection for shooting?

While shopping for the best ear muffs for shooting, there are several aspects that you need to consider. For instance, you will need to choose between the electronic and the passive protective ear muffs.

Additionally, you will need to consider such aspects as Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), aesthetics, comfort, size, build quality and flexibility. Based on such considerations, here are 5 of the best ear protection products today.

Best Ear Protection for Shooting 2019

Product Name
Howard Leight By Honeywell R-01902 Earmuffs
3M Peltor Tactical Sport Hearing Protector
Glock OEM Hearing Protection
2 Pack Howard Leight R-01526 Sport Electronic Earmuff Set
Walker’s Alpha Series Power Muffs

1. Howard Leight By Honeywell R-01902 Earmuffs

 Howard Leight By Honeywell R-01902 EarmuffsIn addition to having a relatively high NRR, of 30, this ear protection option features built-in microphones that are multidirectional. As such, the product allows you to perceive low tone sounds whilst protecting your ears against the loud gun sounds.

With a noise level of 82 dB, the earmuffs are the right choice for a regular wearer wishing to protect his or her ears and still be able to listen to other sounds in his or her environment. When used passively, the earmuffs can block noise levels of about 30 dB. The rubber guards used on the earmuffs protect them and the firearm form scratching.

For a more comfortable fit, the product is equipped with an adjustable headband. When the product is not used within a period of 4 hours, it shuts off automatically to save battery power.


  • Adjustable headband
  • High noise reduction rating of 30
  • External audio port
  • Uses 2, AAA sized batteries
  • Allows you to hear low tone sounds in the environment
  • Long lasting battery performance



2. 3M Peltor Tactical Sport Hearing Protector

3M Peltor Tactical Sport Hearing ProtectorAlthough the noise reduction rating for the 3M Peltor Tactical Hearing protector is a bit low, rated at 20, the product is comfortable to wear for long hours. In this regard, it features ergonomically designed ear cups that are relatively large. Additionally, the unit has an adjustable headband to offer you a customizable fit. With the sports model of these earmuffs, multiple gunfire is not a problem.

This may be attributed to the use of digital chip technology that is known to offer a faster attack time. The two AAA sized batteries on this product are located in an external compartment that is easy to access. The automatic shut off feature allows it to save battery power when it is not in use. You will also love the sound amplification offered by the device, which allows you to perceive low level sounds.


  • Features digital chip technology
  • Large and ergonomically designed ear cups
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Exceptional ear protection for multiple shots
  • Allows you to hear low level sounds



3. Glock OEM Hearing Protection

Glock OEM Hearing ProtectionLike most other products by the Glock manufacturer, the OEM Hearing protection is a high quality, durable and effective product. In addition to appealing aesthetics, these earmuffs are comfortable to wear and very effective at protecting your ears against loud gun sounds. As a matter of fact, these earmuffs are rated some of the best, with regards to ear protection for open rifle or close range shooting scenarios.

For such an affordable pair of earmuffs, Glock offers an acceptable level of protection. With this ear protection product while shooting, you will have a good seal around your ears. As such, the unit will definitely protect your ears against loud sounds. However, the finish on these earmuffs is known to peel and crack, especially if it is not properly taken care of.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Good protection against loud gun noise
  • Ideal for open rifle or close range shooting
  • Offers a comfortable fit



4. 2 Pack Howard Leight R-01526 Sport Electronic Earmuff Set

2 Pack Howard Leight R-01526 Sport Electronic Earmuff SetThis is the right ear protection solution, if you are taking someone with you for your hunting expedition or range shooting. In this regard, the product is sold as a pack of 2. Both pairs of ear muff are equipped with multi-directional built in microphones. As such, the earmuffs can amplify low level sounds in your surroundings to an acceptable range of about 82 dB.

The noise reduction rating on this product is 22, which is a comparatively nice value for the price. The electronic ear protection headsets are equipped with adjustable headbands as well as low profile ear cups for a comfortable fit. You will also love the fact that they are foldable, making it easier for them to be carried about or stored.


  • Features automatic shut off
  • Adjustable headband
  • Allows you to hear low level sounds
  • Folding design
  • Features an external audio jack
  • Available in a classic camouflage green color option



5. Walkers Alpha Series Power Muffs

Walker’s Alpha Series Power MuffsPowered by 2 AAA batteries, the Alpha Series earmuffs by Walker’s are some of the best top-of-the-range earmuffs today. Unlike the other products reviewed in this guide, this pair features antimicrobial ear pads. These pads are meant to reduce the risk of ear infection. In addition to the remarkable 24 dB noise reduction rating of the earmuffs, it is also offers wind resistance.

For the purpose of directional amplification of low level sounds, this product is equipped with high-frequency stereo microphones. The enhancement features on this product enhances your hearing ability of the surroundings by up to five times. Finally, very few units compare to the Walker’s Alpha series when it comes to build quality and durability.


  • Relatively high NRR of 22 dB
  • High build quality
  • Features 2 independent volume controls
  • High-frequency stereo microphones
  • Antimicrobial ear pads



Things You Must Know Before Buying Earmuffs for Shooting

Earmuffs for ShootingYou already understand how the loud sound of a gun can be harmful to your ears, right? To protect your ears from the damage, you should consider wearing the right earmuffs whenever you are firing your firearm.

While this is the case, choosing the right set of earmuffs is not an easy task.

While some of these products may have an appealing design, they may not offer the right amount of protection to your ears. So, what should the right set of earmuffs have?

Discussed below are some of the important considerations you should make while shopping for the right earmuffs for shooting.

1. Noise Reduction Effectiveness

Since you are looking for the right ear protection for shooting, this is by far the most important consideration you need to make. As a matter of fact, the noise reduction rating on your preferred earmuff model determines its effectiveness in protecting your ears against the loud noise produced by a gun while shooting.

As a rule of the thumb, it is advisable to opt for the ones with a noise reduction rating of between 22 and 30 dB. With the maximum rating being 34 dB, the higher the figure, the safer the earmuffs are for your ears.

2. Electronic Headsets or Passive Earmuff?

 Electronic HeadsetsBoth the passive protective earmuffs and electronic protective headsets have their own benefits as well as downsides. With regards to the passive NRR offered by a set of earmuffs, more electronics lower the pure protection offered by these products. If you are interested in the electronic ear protection option, you should go for such features as ‘Safe’ and ‘Natural’ amplification of the sound through microphones.

In such a case, the right option would be the products with directional microphones. With electronic headsets, you will be able to protect your ears from loud noise whilst listening to low sound levels like music from your MP3 player or conversations. The passive earmuffs, on the other hand, offer a comfortable fit without offering direct pressure into the ear canals.

The main benefits of the passive protective earmuffs are that they are comparatively more affordable. Additionally, classic earmuffs have a comparatively higher NRR. While these are the main types of ear protection for shooting, you may also need to consider the following option:

  • Protective Earplugs – these are the natural earmuff alternatives today. Earplugs are relatively small in size as they are meant to plug into your ears. If you are looking for a long term ear protection option, you should buy the earplugs that are reusable.
3. Comfort

Regardless of how long you will be wearing your ear protection option at a time, you need to get a pair that is comfortable to wear. With regards to the comfort of your preferred ear protection option, you need to consider such aspects as the shape of your head and the period to have them on at a time. The best way to go about this is to try the various models on and find the one that is comfortable to wear and still offers the desired level of protection.

4. Size and Design

With regards to the size, the earmuffs are known to be bigger and bulkier. Again, the earmuffs offering higher NRR are bigger as compared to the ones with a lower rating. In this regard, it is advisable to get the right balance between size and noise reduction rating offered by any ear protection product for shooting. All in all, you should consider buying one that is easy to fold up and carry around.

In addition to superior functionality, you should also get a design that is aesthetically appealing. Most of the leading manufacturers have at least two color and design variations of their best selling models.  If the earmuffs are for use while you are out hunting, you should also get one that camouflages with your environment.

5. Flexibility

How extensible is your preferred ear protection option? You probably would like to buy electronic protective headsets as opposed to the passive protective earmuffs. In that case, you will find using them to listen to music from your iPod or phone while you are out hunting. This kind of usage tends to drain the battery on your electronic protection headsets faster. To make an informed decision, you need to ask yourself whether the headset must have a battery for it to offer noise reduction.

Some of the renowned electronic ear protection headsets are known to revert to offering passive protection once the battery dies out. With such a ear protection for shooting option, you will still have protection for your ears, even when the battery dies. This is the kind of flexibility you should look for while shopping for the right earmuffs.

6. Build Quality

The build quality on any earmuff model determines its durability. Since you are looking for a model that will serve you effectively for many years to come, you need to opt for the best build quality.  The best way to gauge this is to read user reviews and get to know their experience with any given ear protection product. However, the products with less moving parts tend to be of a higher quality as compared to those with more moving parts.

Video Review

Our Final Review

You probably are excited about the new firearm you bought ahead of the hunting season or shooting range competition. However, you need to get the best ear protection for shooting to go with it.

The right pair of earmuffs should be not only have a good NRR, it should be comfortable to wear and durable. You will also need to consider the aesthetics, flexibility as well as the ideal type of ear protection before buying.

If you do not have the time to compare the various products, based on the above discussed considerations, you should buy any of the above reviewed ear protection products; they are some of the best today.

The 5 Best Ruger LCR Holsters of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

ruger lcr holster

The Ruger LCR is a groundbreaking pistol. The lower half of the pistol is made from high quality polymer materials. The weapon is compact, sturdy, and lightweight and this makes it perfect for a concealed carry.

However, all users will need a good holster for if they have to make use of their Ruger LCR well.

An ideal holster will let you draw quickly when necessary while at the same time protecting its body from scrapes and scratches.

If you are going to buy a holster for your Ruger LCR, you will have many options on the market. For that reason, this guide provides you 5 of the best holster for your Ruger LCR pistol.

Additionally, the guide mentions the factors you will need to consider in order to pick the perfect holster for your needs.

Best Ruger LCR Holsters 2019

Product Image
The Galco Speed Holster
Premium Leather
12.8 x 5.7 x 2.8
Galco Ankle Light
Premium Steerhide
1 x 1 x 1
Cardini Leather USA IWB
Cowhide Leather
8x 5 x 2
Bianchi 7 Shadow II Black
Premium Leather
9 x 7.1 x 2.6
DeSantis Intruder Ruger LCR
Kydex Plastic
9 x 7 x 3

1. Galco Speed Paddle Holster – Best Looking Holster

Galco Speed Paddle Holster – Best Looking HolsterThe Galco Speed Holster measures 12.8 x 5.7 x 2.8 inches and is made from a black premium glossy leather saddle that works perfectly with Ruger. The holster’s stitching is exceptional making the whole design look strong enough to protect your gun from the external environment.

The leather is smooth and you can feel it through a simple touch. In addition, the leather can resist dust, moisture, and dirt. The Galco Speed Paddle Holster has a specially designed belt-lock paddle. The paddle lets you remove your holster without having to remove your belt.

The holster is also designed in a way that it covers the trigger of your Ruger fully, so you will not have to worry about firing accidental shots. Additionally, it has a tension screw at the side that will help you tighten the fit of the gun.

In general, the quality of the holster is of high quality as it is thick enough to fit your gun securely. Military, law enforcement, and even ordinary citizens can use it. It is available in both left and right-hand designs.


  • Very long lasting
  • Soft surface that is secure for your gun
  • High quality
  • Very classy



  • Tight fitting requires breaking in
  • You might face a little trouble with balance

2. Galco Ankle Light for Ruger LRC – Lightweight

Galco Ankle Light for Ruger LRC - LightweightThe next holster on our top 5 list is no surprise from Galco again. The Galco Ankle Light carries all hallmarks of attention and quality to the detail the brand is known for.

Unlike the Paddle Saddle Holster, the holster is designed to fit at the ankle. It is very light in weight and you will forget that it is there once you cover it with your pants.

The holster is made from premium steerhide material usually very smooth to ascertain the user that your Ruger LCR is secure. You will need a neoprene brand, which is bought separately to attach it to your ankle. The neoprene band is padded with a sheepskin so you will not need to worry about it chaffing against your skin.

The Galco Ankle has a retention snap that keeps your Ruger LCR secure while at the same time maintaining the draw speed. It is available in both left hand and right-hand draw.


  • Made from high quality materials
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Fits your gun snugly
  • The thumb break retention strap allows you to draw your gun quickly



  • Needs to be broken in
  • It is somehow bulky
  • You might need to buy an extra length calf strap
  • You will have to avoid it if you like wearing fitting pants.

3. Cardini Leather USA IWB Holster Ruger LCR 38 Spl + 2 Inch Barrel – Easy to Draw

 Cardini Leather USA IWB Holster Ruger LCR 38 Spl + 2 Inch Barrel – Easy to DrawCardini Leather USA IWB Holster is crafted from cowhide leather that is comfortable and good-looking. It also has a suede lining on the inside, which protects your gun from scrapes and scratches.

The holster has a quality construction and the stitching is wonderful as well. It fits your Ruger quite well that you will not experience any trouble when sliding the gun in and out of your holster.

It also has plenty of room inside for your Ruger and the front is open to enable you to fit a barrel (usually 2-inch in size). You can carry your Cardini Leather IWB beneath your pants and this makes it easy to conceal. Additionally, it has a metal buckle that you can attach to your belt or waistband. The metal buckle keeps your holster in place as you draw your gun.


  • Fits the Ruger LCR well
  • Has a secure metal buckle
  • Has an IWB carry
  • Decent quality



  • Open muzzle is a concern, as it does not protect the most important part of the gun

4. Bianchi 7 Shadow II Black Ruger LCR Right Hand – Sturdiest

 Bianchi 7 Shadow II Black Ruger LCR Right Hand – SturdiestBianchi 7 Shadow II Black is designed from glossy black premium leather, measures 9 x 7.1 x 2.6 inches. The leather is thick, highly durable and protects your gun in all weather conditions.

The fitting is so tight that your gun will not fall out even when you turned it upside down. Your LCR Ruger plus its trigger will snugly fit into this holster. You will not have to worry about accidental shots.

The construction of the gun makes it one of the sturdiest and thickest ever made. That said, if you do not mind breaking it in, the holster will be an excellent fit for your Ruger. For this reason, the holster needs a significant amount of arm strength to use.


  • Secure open carry
  • Very tight fit
  • High quality premium leather
  • Very sturdy and durable



  • Very tight fit, with no tension screw
  • Requires more arm strength
  • Not suitable for old/weak people

5. DeSantis Intruder Ruger LCR Right Hand Black – Best in Concealment

DeSantis Intruder Ruger LCR Right Hand Black – Best in ConcealmentDeSantis Intruder Ruger LCR holster is the best in terms of concealing your Ruger. The holster snugly fits against your leg and you can wear it comfortably all day long. Made from black gloss black Kydex plastic, the holster is known for not only its flexibility but also durability.

The holster is large, measures 9 x 7 x 3 inches but very light in weight. The holster is also big enough and it covers the trigger for additional security.

The holster is made from premium grade leather and that makes it last more years. Apart from that, the height and the slant holster are easy to adjust and that makes it easy to draw and carry.


  • Great quality flexible Kydex material
  • Polyurethane film finish
  • Full marks on concealment



  • Inflexible at first
  • Hard to put on

Factors to Consider When Buying a Ruger LCR Holster

You will have to consider a number of factors before you finally decide to buy a holster for your Ruger LCR that will meet your demands. Outlined below are some of the things you will need to consider.

Quality of Materials and Craftsmanship

You will have to check and compare the quality of different holsters manufactured by different companies. There is always a difference in the design, innovations, and improvements.

Recent holsters have been made with premium leather materials that are ideal for your Ruger LCR. There is a slight difference in the quality of the leather materials used to make the holsters though.

Pick the most ideal holster made from materials that you are comfortable with. However, note that the materials should be rigid and sturdy enough to protect your gun and prevent the trigger from being depressed when it comes to contact with other objects.


Concealment refers to how your holster is able to hide or conceal your Ruger LCR preventing it from being seen. When using your gun at nefarious levels, concealment is paramount.

A holster with a perfect concealment will allow you to have an element of surprise when you respond to attack. Apart from the element of surprise, concealment will also help you avoid unfortunate and uncomfortable situations.

For instance, some people panic at the sight of a gun and they alert the law enforcement immediately. In such like cases, a perfect concealment will let you hide your gun and avoid such like circumstances.

Therefore, choose a holster that has an ideal concealment for your Ruger LCR.


Drawing is the act of pulling out your gun from your holster. You should be able to draw your handgun quickly and with ease. A lending holster allows you to gain a full grip on your handgun while at the same time letting you release any retention devices.

You will need a straight-line draw stroke when pointing towards your target. The draw stroke should line up your sight on the target as well. That said, draw usually varies from one holster to another. Some holsters are carried in ankle positions, some are carried in cross draws and others at small of the back, and hence the difference in the drawing.

While on the market chose a holster that will make you easily draw your Ruger LCR in urgent situations.


When you plan to buy your holster, always consider its ability to retain your weapon in case of hand-to-hand confrontations. This is because, during your adventures with your gun, you are most likely than not encounter attacks that are up close and may require physical confrontations.

Holsters that have no retention devices and lack proper fit may not retain your gun quite well under strenuous activities. That means your Ruger LCR may be easily dislodged from your holster in these situations.

Choose a holster that has features that makes it highly retainable. This will give you a chance in one-on-one up close confrontations.

Covered Trigger Guard and Safety

When buying a holster, make sure that it is able to cover the trigger guard. You can make sure that no holster materials protrude into the trigger guard as well. Materials that could protrude through the trigger guard might depress the trigger leading to accidental and unintentional shots.

The material of the holster should be rigid and sturdy enough to ensure your trigger is not depressed even when it comes to contact with other objects. This can also help you during strenuous activities.

For instance, when defending yourself from an assailant sometimes you could even fall. If that happens, your Ruger LCR may fire accidentally while it is in the holster especially if your holster is made from weak materials that are not rigid.

Re-Holstering/Re-enforced Throat

The muzzle of the holster should always remain rigid and open when you remove your gun. That helps when re-holstering your gun with one hand. When you are able to draw your gun with one hand, you will be able to use your other hand to do other activities.

For instance, you can administer first aid to yourself or others, escape, use defensive tactics, or even pull someone to safety while at the same time being able to draw your gun. Make sure you get a holster that allows quick one-hand draw and unassisted re-holstering for your Ruger LCR holster


You have to consider the clothes you put on when you want to buy a holster. Most military and law enforcement wear have been customized to allow easy holstering of guns. For the ordinary citizen, you will have to buy a holster that suits your dress code.

For instance, if you like fitting pants, you should avoid buying an ankle holster because it will not fit in well. You will have to go for a different holster that will fit in with your fitting pants.

Additionally, always pick a belt that is suitable for a holster. There have been cases where people buy a perfect Ruger LCR holster and attach it to a belt that is not suitable. The belt should offer enough support when re-holstering, drawing, and carrying your Ruger LCR.

Final Verdict

The best Ruger LCR holsters will not only conceal your gun but also provide an easy and a quick draw for use. You might need to buy a holster that has a covered trigger guard to offer your gun more protection so you may not need to worry about accidental shots.

Additionally, you may need to buy a high quality holster that can retain your weapon in strenuous circumstances and allows you to re-holster using one hand. All these details are very important however much people tend to overlook them.

By going through this article, you should be able to buy a holster for your Ruger LCR that meets your demands.

Which Ruger LCR holsters among the ones mentioned in this list do you think is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

The 5 Best Pancake Holsters of 2019 [Reviewed]

pancake holsters

The 5 Best Pancake Holsters of 2019Pancake holsters are the perfect concealed carry holsters because they sit close to the body and they can be concealed with light clothing for this very reason.

They ride high on the hip and usually come in leather or nylon, leather being the more popular choice.

Since they are so comfortable, both civilians and police officers who carry concealed are big fans of pancake holsters. A lot of users say that pancake holsters are more comfortable holsters that are worn inside the waistband.

We tested top pancake holsters like Galco, DeSantis, and Safariland for this review to make sure our choices are really the best ones. There are many other companies that make great pancake holsters as well. That’s why it can be hard to decide which pancake holster to buy. We hope we’re making it easier for you!

Top 5 Pancake Holsters in 2019

Product Image
Best Feature
Gould and Goodrich 803Solid fit, good retention
Bianchi RemedyEasy draw, hides extremely well
Galco Combat MasterDesigned for combat, simple grip
Blackhawk 3 Slot Ambi HolsterAffordable
Outbags Pancake HolsterGenuine leather, hard-molded with protective coat

1. Gould and Goodrich 803

Gould and Goodrich 803Gould and Goodrich are a reputable producer of fine leather holsters. As such, they definitely belong on our list. But why are they our topic choice? It’s not only because they make high-quality leather holsters. The range of weapons, for which their holsters can be used, is absolutely unmatched. Suitable for both concealed carry and duty use, this model of the 803 can accommodate most Glock handguns, including the full size, medium-frame Glocks, which includes the G22, the G31, and the G17.

This design puts a focus on retention and keeps the weapon in its place using a leather snap. You can open it easily with your thumb. It is located at the exact spot where the thumb naturally rests during the draw stroke. The intuitive design features top-quality vegetable tanned leather by master tanners. The leather is molded to the gun for good retention and a solid fit.

The Gould and Goodrich pancake holster of this type comes in a three-slot design which allows adjustment of the angle of the holster effectively for the purpose of easier concealment or an easier draw. Thanks to the added cant slot, you can wear the gun in a few different positions as well. We definitely find it’s a great-looking holster which retains an element of old world class.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality
  • Conceals well



  • Costly

2. Bianchi Remedy

Bianchi RemedyThis pancake holster is an all leather, custom molded item that’s available for a wide variety of weapons. This particular model accommodates the Smith and Wesson M&P full sized handgun quite well, but there are many other types of models, so there will likely be a good fit for your model. The M&P is quite popular with police offices, security officers, and civilian home defense and concealed carry. It features an interesting and dynamic design that ensures an easy draw and good concealment alike.

The design is high ride, with the gun above where the average gun would be located. This is incredibly handy for carrying a concealed weapon because it is easy to hide under a light shirt or T shirt. The Bianchi hides weapons extremely well, and provides you with a reliable, yet efficient means to carry a full-sized gun.

This pancake holster also features a low-profile holster cut, meaning it is cut as low as it can be without compromising safety. The holster goes up right past the trigger and not much beyond that. This makes sure the trigger stays safe and protected from any intrusion. The low cut makes fast draw easy, which comes in real handy because the weapon rides so high.

This is one of the best pancake holsters and number two on our list because a low cut on a high ride holster is a must have for a quick and easy draw, among other reasons.


  • Double stitched
  • Well made
  • Fits the Smith & Wesson like a glove
  • Very useful breaking in directions
  • Good retention
  • Comfortable
  • Smooth draw



  • Squeaky
  • A little stiff

3. Galco Combat Master

Galco Combat MasterIt isn’t possible to compile a review of the best pancake holsters without at least mentioning the Galco Combat Master. We’ll go beyond mentioning it – it is number three on our list because we think it merits recognition as the king of leather holsters. It comes as no surprise, then, that the company makes pancake holsters too.

No review of handgun holsters can go without mentioning the Galco Combat Master either. This holster is made for a number of guns, but leather simply goes with 1911s although Galco makes this holster for plenty of other handgun models, just like the Bianchi). Classic holsters and classic guns go perfectly together.

The Galco Combat Master is designed for combat, as the name would imply. It is perfect for concealed carry as well as active duty. The open top design guarantees that the owner won’t need to defeat any kind of retention device. You just grip and take the gun out of the holster. The Combat Master doesn’t waste any of the gun owner’s time. It’s a simple, sturdy, and durable, yet elegant leather holster designed for combat shooting.

This pancake holster also features a two-slot design that provides a slight cant. The leather is molded specifically for the weapon, lending it an excellent level of retention. It’s an amazing looking holster, with the tan leather being well-crafted and rich in color. Galco’s product is a bit on the pricey side, but they also offer premium quality.


  • Two-slot design with cant
  • Open-top
  • Easy retention



  • None really, except maybe the price, but great value for money in any case.

4. Blackhawk 3 Slot Ambidextrous Holster

Blackhawk 3 Slot Ambidextrous HolsterUnlike our previous choice, the Blackhawk 3 Slot Ambi Holster is one of the most affordable products in its class out there. It is also the only nylon holster on the list. We’ve included it because it does offer the indisputable advantage of being practically universal. The holster comes in a very wide array of sizes, well-suited for a variety of different guns. It accommodates almost all popular models of handgun, including S&W, Glock, and 1911.

This holster is made from durable, water resistant nylon, which also accounts for its low weight. It uses a polymer thumb snap that can be alternated from side to side. It is also fully ambidextrous, so you can use it regardless of whether you’re left- or right-handed. The Blackhawk 3 Slot Ambi Holster can be worn kidney-side, strong-side, or cross draw. It features three slots, making it possible to adjust for a forward cant for a more intuitive draw.

This pancake holster is also designed to be held close to the body, which aids in retention and concealment. It is a simple, well-priced, and effective holster. Blackhawk backs their products with an excellent warranty, which you probably won’t need. This holster is ideal for a shooter with several different guns who likes to alternate his concealed carry weapon. After all, variety is the salt of the Earth.


  • Quality leather
  • Best pancake holster for the money
  • Fits really well
  • Does not move
  • Rides close to body



  • Snap is difficult
  • Time needed to break it in

5. Outbags Pancake Holster

Outbags Pancake HolsterOutbags Pancake Holster offers a good combination of quality and price. Their prices are high enough to maintain premium quality standards, yet reasonable enough to allow adjustments in their manufacturing, thereby keeping the costs affordable. They do not disappoint with this holster. It’s made in the US, from premium leather, and is durable and reliable.

This holster features right and left hand options, OWB side carry, and a hard molded coverage with protective clear coat. It fits belts up to 1.75 inches. It features excellent quality and comfort, rides high, and is a good fit. We find the forward cant to be one of its best features. This is an excellent value for money product that we’d be happy to recommend.


  • Comfortable
  • Good fit
  • Great forward cant
  • Easy to adjust
  • Affordable
  • Rides high



  • Gun can irritate skin
  • May mar the surface of the gun
  • Break in time needed

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Pancake Holster

In this section, we’ll outline the main factors to take into consideration before buying a pancake holster. Even though the decision is hard, you shouldn’t just throw your gun in a pocket or tuck it in your pants. Carrying a gun without a holster can be very dangerous. Nothing protects the trigger, so the gun could go off by accident. The gun could also slip down to the ground and out your pant leg if you just tuck it into your pants without a holster.

What are the basic functions any concealment holster should have? Everyone is looking for a good price, a good fit, and comfort. Here are some other extra qualities beyond these.


The holster of your choice should hold your handgun no matter what you’re doing. Sitting, walking, running, or doing somersaults – the gun should stay in place. Holsters that are molded to the handgun feature what is called passive retention. This means that the gun is kept in place due to the friction of the holster. Some holsters have added mechanisms, like a strap, to keep the handgun in place. Each added mechanism is an extra layer of retention.


As noted, everyone is looking for a good fit. But what does that mean exactly? The holster of your choice should fit your body type. For example, skinnier people may not do very well with an OWB holster because these can ride far away from the body. The holster should fit you and your handgun. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. That’s what you should be looking for.

Most pancake holsters are molded to fit specific gun models. As you shop, make sure your handgun is on the list of guns to be used with the given holster.


Your holster should give you fast and easy access to your handgun. Every different obstacle that you have to go through to get to your gun means it will take you longer to draw. Ask yourself – will you need to unsnap a strap or other retention mechanisms? Move clothing out of the way?


The level of comfort when wearing your holster should be as high as possible. If your holster is not comfortable, you won’t end up wearing it and you’ll just waste your money. Comfort includes ensuring a low profile. The holster you choose should conceal your gun as well as possible. It needs to be out of sight in order to be concealed well. You don’t want the outline to be showing through your clothes.


The holster of your choice should keep your gun at your side without moving around. It might not be in the place you think it is when the time comes to draw if it’s shifting around on your belt.

 Video Review

Our Final Review

Thank you for reading our review of the best pancake holsters. We hope it will be easier for you to make a decision now. All of the products reviewed here are comfortable for carrying a wide variety of handguns.

Our top choice protects your skin from the gun rubbing against it, rides close to the body, and features an easy to reach grip. We’re sure you will like any product on this list that you choose.

Once more, please recognize the importance of owning and using a holster. Thrown into your pocket without a holster, the handgun could flip around and you could end up holding the wrong end as you draw it. A good-quality, secure holster brings much needed peace of mind to a gun owner.

Which is your favorite product of the ones reviewed here? Is there another one you like? Please share your answers with us in the comments section below!

Tactical Accessories for Your Vehicle

Tactical Accessories for Your VehicleIf you’re anything like me then when it comes to your bug-out bag, you’ve made your list and checked it twice, right? You’ve got your collapsible water bottle, water purification tablets, some MREs, rain gear and possibly some ammunition with a Ruger 10/22 Takedown.

But let me give you something to consider. Are you planning on using that sweet Jeep that you’ve been stashing away? If so, then you want to make sure that baby is running in tip top shape. The last thing you want happening is for SHTF and your vehicle become immobile. Why you’d be in a real bind then right!?

Bug out items for your vehicle

Now this might not be applicable to everyone, but some of us up here in the Northern states need to use vehicles to get up to a cabin or other refuge in the woods if the time ever came. And for that reason, I always make sure I have these things in my jeep:

  1. Extra fuel
  2. Tire repair kit
  3. Essential Motor Fluids
  4. OBD2 Scanner
  5. Extra Ammo

Extra Fuel

I got a 1980 Jeep CJ-7 and let me tell you, it guzzles fuel like it’s going out of style. For that reason, I also keep an extra few gallons in the back

Tire Repair kit

Your ride is only as good as the tires underneath it! So if you have a flat or blowout, it’s game over. This is why I like keeping a tire and tube flat repair kit with plugs in the Jeep. Autozone makes some good repair kits for a decent price.

Essential Motor Fluids

If you run out of oil and blow up your engine, you won’t make it too far. This is why I keep some high quality synthetic 10/30 Mobil motor oil in my ride. It wouldn’t hurt to also keep a gallon of antifreeze on standby.

OBD2 Scanner

Now this isn’t the most essential tool, but I keep one on hand just because they are useful for diagnosing and repairing that nasty Check Engine Light. An Android obd2 bluetooth scanner is a simple tool that plugs into your OBD2 port, and links up to your phone via Bluetooth. It then lets you read and erase DTC codes.

Extra ammo

Last on my list would be extra ammunition. Up North where I live, there’s plenty of game life that we can harvest for food that could mean the difference between a hungry winter, and a warm winter with full bellies. Ammunition, I believe, would be essential in a post-apocalyptic situation because it would be tradable. I like to keep a healthy stock of .45, 5.56 NATO, and .22 in my ammo can because these are some of the most popular rounds!

Alright I hope that helps some of you be fully prepared with your bugout tactical vehicle!

If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help.

Video Review

The 5 Best Bodyguard 380 IWB Holsters [Reviewed] – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

bodyguard 380 iwb holster

If you’re looking for the very best Bodyguard 380 IWB holster, it can be difficult to figure out what you need. With the growing popularity of compact .380 pistols, many Americans are looking for the very best inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters for their pistols.

Though it might seem like a challenge to trudge through every single 380 IWB holster on the market, you don’t have to. We’ve already narrowed down the five best Bodyguard 380 IWB holsters for you to choose from.

It’s important to think about both how your holster will fit your gun. Inside-the-waistband holsters, in particular, are designed to conceal your gun under general circumstances by fitting – you guessed it – inside your waistband. These holsters can come in either left- or right-handed styles.

Before we leap into our top Bodyguard 380 IWB holsters, it’s important to understand some of their specific features.

Best Bodyguard 380 IWB Holsters 2019

Product Image
Best Feature
DTOM IWB/Pocket Combo Holster
Multi-purpose holster
Open-top for ease of access
Well-built with nylon
Outbags Leather IWB Holster
Made of rich leather
Spring steel clip holds holster in place
Minimalist, classic design
Bellyband Holster
Flexible, slim concealment
Comfort fit
Made of Neoprene
No metal clips
DeSantis Insider
Fits Bodyguards with and without integrated laser
Fitted with steel spring clip
Crafted for comfort/easy wear
Multi Holsters Elite IWB Right-Hand Holster
Made using high quality
Accu-Pressed process
Works with or without factory installed laser
Adjustable tension

1. DTOM IWB/Pocket Combo Holster

DTOM IWB/Pocket Combo HolsterThough it’s true that many multipurpose holsters can be expensive or lack solid usability, the DTOM Combination Pocket/IWB Holster is one that stands out. The Bodyguard’s small size makes it so that it can be used with pocket carry as well as IWB.

The design is such that the open-top holster promotes not only ease of access, but personal comfort. Built from nylon, this is an extremely well-built holster that will last you quite a while.

Additionally, the interior is lined in smooth nylon cloth for a clean, smooth draw. The Holster core is padded with foam in order to break up the outline of the handgun if it is being used as a pocket holster.


  • Comfortable holster
  • Multipurpose holster
  • Metallic clip provides safety and strength
  • Made from malleable, yet not flimsy material



  • Can’t tuck your shirt between pants and the holster
  • Clip shows over the belt
  • Clip positioning puts firearm low on the waist making it difficult to reach

2. Outbags Leather IWB Holster 

Outbags Leather IWB Holster This holster is one that presents quite a bit of style. Made with rich leather, it’s a more luxurious looking and feeling holster. The open-top design promotes both ease of access and personal comfort.

The spring steel clip ensures that the holster remains in place throughout the day. At a solid price point, this holster is perfect for those who want to bring a little sense of personal style to their everyday holster.


  • Well made, sturdy clip
  • Fits gun snugly, but does not impede ability to draw
  • Leather is of good quality



  • Can be visible under a shirt
  • Leather will loosen over time due to natural wear
  • Needs to be broken in

3. Bellyband Holster 

 Bellyband Holster The Bellyband Holster is perfect for those looking for flexible and slim concealment. This has been rated the most comfortable of Bodyguard 380 IWB holsters. The holster is one size fits most up to around 46 inches. It is designed to hold both a spare magazine and your pistol.

No belt is necessary for use of the Bellyband Holster, which is perfect for those who may not wear belts as frequently. The neoprene fabric ensures comfortable movement with your body. Additionally, this particular holster will fit other small handguns.


  • One size fits most holster
  • Can be worn in several positions
  • Both right- and left-hand draw
  • Made from comfortable, flexible neoprene



  • Magazine pouch is wide and may not securely hold magazine
  • Stitching on band may cause irritation/itchiness 

4. DeSantis Insider 

 DeSantis Insider This particular Bodyguard 380 IWB holster is designed to work with or without the factory integrated laser. The holster is fitted with a steel spring clip. This works to make sure your holster is secured safely. Additionally, this heavy-duty steel spring clip is positioned high enough to ensure undetectable cover for your firearm.

The soft, un-molded leather construction minimizes the bulk that one may find with other holsters on the market. This particular holster must be worn with a belt.


  • Durable and slim form
  • Made with quality leather
  • Very comfortable wear and fit
  • Clip is a tight fit and holds secure
  • Solid price point



  • Can be top-heavy
  • Can be difficult to clip on and off
  • Tight fit can be difficult to break-in


5. Multi Holsters Elite Bodyguard 380 IWB FOMI Right-Hand Holster 

Multi Holsters Elite Bodyguard 380 IWB FOMI Right-Hand Holster This particular holster will work with or without the factory installed laser. The holster is made using a high quality Accu-Pressed process, which ensures solid comfort and functionality.

The holster includes an adjustable cant as well. Users can tighten or loosen screws to adjust the tension to their preference. This holster is molded specifically for the Bodyguard, and is made of Kydex.



  • Has adjustable cant
  • Comfortable even on hot days
  • Full range of day-to-day motion with holster
  • Clip is very strong and sturdy



  • Kydex material can be abrasive
  • Can take extra effort to draw pistol from holster
  • Clip is large

Carrying the Bodyguard 380

This Smith and Wesson gun is one that is essentially designed to be carried inside the waistband – which here means finding the perfect affordable, functional holsters.

Though it can be difficult to choose the holster that’s right for you due to their varied designs, materials, and styles, it’s very important to think about the most important factors in choosing the holster before putting your money down.

Holster Materials 

First, it’s important to consider the material of the holster you choose. While some are made with quality leather, others are made of nylon or kydex. Each material brings something new to the holster buying equation.

Perhaps you’re someone who is frequently tough on their holsters, and therefore need something strong that will last you a while. Maybe you’re the kind of person who is looking for a little bit of style to add to your holster.

Even still, you may want to go with the material that will cause the least irritation if you have any kind of material allergies. Considering the type of material you want for your holster is an important first step to take when it comes to narrowing down your options.

Versatility And Design 

In addition to the several different materials you may find yourself choosing between, it’s important to think about whether or not you want a more versatile holster. It’s important for you to be aware of whether or not you’d prefer more specific holsters that are designed just for the Bodyguard 380. If so, you’ll want to continue narrowing down your search from there.

Design plays another important role in your overall holster choice. Are you looking specifically for a holster with the easy-access open top design? If so, you’ll want to narrow down your search to the particular IWB design that best fits your lifestyle.

Consider Value and Cost 

Another important factor to consider when buying your IWB holster is the value and cost of the particular piece you’re interested in. When searching for the perfect holster, you’ll notice a range of price-points that may change the value of a particular holster to you.

Quality holsters will tend to be on the higher end of the price-point spectrum. If you’re looking for holsters that will serve you over a long period of time, it’s important to think about investing in a quality product. 

Video Review

Our Final Take 

The holsters mentioned above are some of the very best that we’ve found on the market, and range from different materials, to different styles. These holsters are designed to ensure that your Smith and Wesson pistol is not only protected and concealed, but easy to access.

It’s important to remember that your firearm is something to be taken seriously. You’re in control of quite a bit of power, and have the responsibility to properly holster your gun. From our Bodyguard 380 IWB Holster review above, which is your favorite? Share your answer with us in the comments section below!

The 5 Best CLP Gun Cleaners of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

clp gun cleaner

The 5 Best CLP Gun Cleaners of 2019Firearms need regular maintenance and failure to do this may lead them to work inefficiently. Dust, oil, moisture, carbon and debris affect the durability and performance of guns by clogging up its innards.

By cleaning, protecting/preserving and lubricating your gun with special oil, you will keep it functioning in tip top shape while at the same time prolonging its life span.

Cleaning Lubricating Protecting (CLP) oils, are 3-in-1 products that clean, lubricate and preserve your gun by forming a protective film on the surface of your gun.

All CPLs available on the market are not made equal. Some, work way better that others and will clean your gun efficiently without having to worry about stinky hands all day long. This guide outlines the best 5 CPL gun cleaners and what to consider when buying them.

Our Top 5 CPL Gun Cleaners 2019

Product Image
Size in OZ
CLP by Sage & Braker
Pungent smell
Grizzly Lube Non-Toxic CLP
Good smell
Break-Free CLP-2
Slight pungent smell
FrogLube CLP Liquid
Slight pungent smell
Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can
1.5oz or 6oz
Slight pungent smell

1. CLP by Sage & Braker – Unbeatable Gun Cleaner

CLP by Sage & Braker – Unbeatable Gun CleanerCLP by Sage & Braker is a biodegradable and non-toxic oil. It cleans, protects and lubricates typical guns exceptionally well. With this CLP you will get a spray botlle of around  4oz of liquid.

The unique selling point of CLP by Sage and Braker is that it largely reduces debris and dust build-up on your firearm compared to other oils. If you have not cleaned your firearms for ages, this is the ideal CPL oil to use.

The oil is strong and will clean carbon, copper gunk, and lead quickly. The lubrication is capable of seeping away heat to keep your fiream cool when you take a shot.

The fact that it is not toxic gives you benefit of the doubt that you will not pollute the environment and it will not harm your skin. However,  the only problem with CPL by Sage & Braker is that it has a citrus-like pungent smell that could be exasperating to a sensitive nose.


  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Prevents dust and carbon build-up
  • Perfect for firearms that have not been cleaned for a while.
  • Keeps your firearm cool



  • Purgent odor
  • A little bit pricey

2. Grizzly Lube Non-Toxic CLP – Best Smell for Sensitive Skins and Noses

 Grizzly Lube Non-Toxic CLP – Best Smell for Sensitive Skins and NosesGrizzly Lube Non-Toxic CLP is one of the favourites. Unlike other oil cleaners on the market, it has a good smell. It is non-toxic as well and you will get 4oz of the oil in a hermatic container. If you have a sensitive skin or nose, consider buying this CLP oil.

The Grizzly Lube is made of biodegradable constituents which do a perfect job of cleaning your firearms. It works in sunny, rainny or even snowy conditions. You do not have to worry about being too careful when using it as the CLP oil is not messy.

By lubing your gun, the lube not only improves the water resistance of the surface of the gun but also removes dirt and contaminations form places that are hard to reach.

Form the user experience this CLP is long lasting and you will not worry about applying  a new coat for sometime. However, always be careful every time you open the bottle to avoid your cleaner from spilling out.


  • Non-toxic and made from biodegradable elements
  • Good smell
  • Wonderful cleaner



  • With lots of gunk on your gub, you may prefer a stronger CPL.

3. Break-Free CLP-2 – Most Affordable

Break-Free CLP-2 – Most AffordableBreak-Free CLP-2 is a popular cleaner used by professionals as well as amateurs. It is affordable and you will not have to dig so deep in your pocket to keep our fire arms working.

The 2 in the name refers to visicosity level of the CLP cleaner. You may find other cleaners of the same brand with a higher viscosity. However, you wouldn’t need greater visicosity if your aim is just to clean and maintain your firearm.

If you are looking for oil to keep your firearm safe in all extreme conditions; hot, cold, dry, foggy, dusty, humid among others, get this one. It doest lose visicosity, it does not dry out neither does it harden. The oil cleaner prevents debris, reduce contamination, and prevents corroding as well.

Users of this CPL cleaner have praised the cleaner for foaming quickly and removing carbon build-up. However, you will need to watch out for splashes, and you may need a hand towel or two when using it for the first time.


  • Affordable
  • Cleans quickly
  • Work in extreme weather conditions



  • It is a little bit messy when used for solely cleaning purposes.

4. FrogLube CLP Liquid – Easy to Use

FrogLube CLP Liquid - Easy to UseFrogLube CLP Liquid is an 8-ounce spray bottle, which has received plaudits from many shooters. The liquid is easy to use and does a perfect job in protecting your firearm.

It is available in both paste and liquid form, but preferably, liquid does a better job. Reason being, it is easier to use liquid and it spreads out to crannies and nooks (sometimes with the help of a spray nozzle) for perfect cleaning.

The liquid prevents carbon buildup and makes it easy to clean your firearm after shooting sessions. The liquid is made from non-toxic elements and that makes it safe to use with your bare hands without having to worry about protective gloves.

The liquid lube protects your firearm from grit and rust too. However, the FrogLube hardens with time. The paste form glop at times, and that means it becomes a problem when you want to use it after a long period.


  • Great lubricant
  • Makes it easy to clean your firearm
  • Does a good job to prevent carbon build-up



  • Becomes a glop if you don’t use it regularly

5. Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can – Multi-Purpose

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can – Multi-PurposeIf you need a lubricant cleaner, that does more than just cleaning your gun; Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can is the one you will have to go for. The cleaner works perfect on metal, wood, plastic, rubber, leather, and any other material you can think of.

You can use this cleaner for your guns, knives, tools, and even locks in a good working condition. The can comes in a variety of volumes. You can order 1.5oz cans or 6oz cans depending on the number of firearms you want to clean and maintain.

The German army has used the CLP cleaner before to clean and maintain their guns. The liquid is runny and thin enough to seep into the smallest of cracks and openings on your firearm. It is ideal to use when loosening jammed bolts or stocks.

The cleaner can also mix with water but will remain effective even when the water evaporates. However, it does not dissolve lead or copper build-up and has a slight pungent smell that could be irritating to a sensitive nose.


  • Excellent universal cleaner
  • Works with metal, wood, plastic and rubber
  • Non-toxic, doesn’t affect your skin



  • Slight odor
  • Not very strong

Factors to Consider When Buying a CLP Gun Cleaner

Factors to Consider When Buying a CLP Gun CleanerThere are various things to consider when buying an ideal CLP gun cleaner for your gun’s maintenance and cleaning purposes. That said, finding the perfect CLP for you could hang tough sometimes. If you have never bought a CLP cleaner before, or you bought one and you were greatly disappointed by the cleaner you got, here are few tips for you.


Different gun cleaners have different smells. Some have a good smell, some slightly bad, and others very bad. Smell will definitely have an effect on how much you want to interact with your gun. A nice smell will actually leave you as the user wanting to clean your gun more and more.

On the other hand, a heavy, toxic pungent odor will definitely ruin your day. Some cleaners have a pungent smells that will stick to your hands and they will not fade away no matter how much you wash them. Extremely bad smells can be very annoying especially to those people who have sensitive noses.

The bottom line is, if you cannot cope up with pungent smells; find a natural smelling CLP gun cleaner or a nice smelling one. It will give you a nice experience when cleaning and maintaining your guns.

Toxicity and Biodegradability

Toxicity refers a degree in which a substance can harm humans or animals. Most gun-related substances may seem toxic. For instance, some CLP gun cleaners are known to be toxic.

Sometimes, they get you sick and sometimes can even cause damage to your lungs. That means toxic CLPs are a health hazard and can affect the health of the user and the environment at large.

Biodegradability on the other hand means substances that are capable of being decomposed by biological agents like bacteria. Some CLPs are made of non-biodegradable materials are usually hazardous to environment.

While on the market, make sure you get CPL cleaners that are non-toxic while being biodegradable at the same. This is basically life-saving and creates a good environment for people around you.


Usability in this context refers to how easily the user is able to use the CLP product as whole. Some CLP cleaners are packaged bottle cans are not user friendly. They tend to spatter the liquid inside when opening them for the first time. It may sound a small issue but very annoying if it happened to you.

Observe the can of the product before you buy. Get the best-packaged CPL cleaners and enjoy cleaning and maintaining your guns without those ‘annoying moments’.

Additionally, go for spray-on CPL cleaners. They are easier to use than paste CLP cleaners. It is easy to spray a liquid into a small opening than spread a paste through them.

You can also look for non-hardening, non-sticky liquids. They are easy to use and can provide long-term services.

Cleaning Factor

Different CLP cleaners have different cleaning levels. Some CLP cleaners get plaudits for being able to remove debris, dirt, dust, carbon, copper and even lead. Some however are weak and can only clean dirt from your gun. Some CLP cleaners are best used  to clean guns that have not been cleaned for a long time.

Choose the best CLP cleaners with a better cleaning factor if you want to clean your guns thoroughly. However, you may opt to buy guns with less cleaning factor if all you want to do is clean your guns.

Know Your Climate

CLP gun cleanersDifferent CLP gun cleaners work differently in different kind of weathers. Some CLP cleaners work well in cold conditions and dry up in hot conditions. However, Some CLP cleaners work well in all conditions. Those named in this guideline have been proven to work well in extreme weather conditions.

Knowing the areas where you are going to stage your shootings is very important. It will help you determine the weather of the place. That in turn, gives you a glimpse on what CLP gun cleaners you will need during your escapade

Our Final Review

If you own a gun or firearm, you are prompted to get an ideal cleaner to help you maintain it. A perfect cleaner, should not only clean lubricate and protect your gun but should also create a user-friendly environment for you as the user.

That said, you might need to buy a CLP gun cleaner that cleans, lubricates and protects your gun well. Furthermore, the cleaner should be non-toxic, easy to use, and easy to the nose as well. You may also need to buy an affordable CLP gun cleaner. That means that you will not have to worry about breaking a bank to get a CLP cleaner for your gun.

By going through this guideline should help you buy an ideal CLP gun cleaner that serves your purposes and meets your demands.

Which of the 5 CLP gun cleaners do you think is your favorite? Have your say in the comment section below.

A video review

The 5 Best Concealed Carry Fanny Packs of 2019 [Reviewed]

concealed carry fanny pack

The 5 Best Concealed Carry Fanny Packs of 2019 [Reviewed]If you value concealment and comfort over deploy speed then a concealed carry fanny pack should be at the top of your list. Many gun owners find it challenging to carry their firearms along with them in their daily endeavors. The solution is getting a carry fanny pack.

Fanny packs have a perfect mix of versatility and functionality. A well-concealed carry fanny pack should offer comfort and security. There are fanny packs that will allow you to carry other important items along with your handgun.

While they are certainly out of fashion, concealed carry fanny packs still do a great job of not attracting attention even when left bare. When shopping for one, it’s important that it does not allow your gun does not jostle around in the pouch and also permits a clean draw.

In this piece, we look at the top five best-concealed carry fanny packs and their pros and cons as well.

Our 5 Best Concealed Carry Fanny Packs 2019

Product Image
Maxpedition Octa Versipack
14.1 ounces
1000 Denier-Coated Nylon
DTOM Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Fanny Pack
9.6 ounces
1000 Denier-Coated Nylon
DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack
8.8 ounces
1000 Denier-Coated Nylon
5.11 Select Carry Pistol Pouch
10.4 ounces
1050 Denier Nylon
Blackhawk Fanny Pack with Holster and Retention Belt Loops Nylon
32 ounces
1000 Denier-Coated Nylon

1. Maxpedition Octa Versipack – Best Carry Fanny Pack Overall

Maxpedition Octa Versipack – Best Carry Fanny Pack OverallMaxpedition Octa Versipack is number one on this list for a reason. The fanny pack is made from 1000Denier-Coated Nylon and is coated thrice with polyurethane. This makes it resistant to water and protects the pistol. For more protection, the fanny pack is made with DuPont Teflon Protector – A fabric that protects your gun against dirt and dust.

The Fanny Pack Holster has YKK zippers that barely let your fanny pack sag. The handles and the strap of Maxpedition Octa Versipack are made from military-grade nylon. The design of this carry is superb and provides supreme strength and durability.

The fanny pack has two compartments; the main compartment and a front compartment. The main compartment is 9 inches wide at the top and 7 inches wide at the bottom and 5 inches in height. The front compartment measures 5.5 by 4 inches.

Waists measuring up to 48 inches can wear this fanny pack. Additionally, a slack retainer, usually elastic and together with side release buckle, you can buckle it around your waist tightly.


  • Resistant to dust and dirt
  • Waterproof
  • Spacious
  • High-quality buckles and zipper



  • Quite expensive

2. DTOM Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Fanny Pack – The Durable Choice

 DTOM Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Fanny Pack – The Durable ChoiceBuilt for durability, the DTOM Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Fanny Pack provides a nice secure hold for your handgun. The fanny pack is crafted from a durable 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon that can withstand some abuse.

The Law Enforcement holster can be worn by carriers with waists between 30 and 42 inches. The compartment can fit a full sized handgun. The grip sits in the main zipped compartment while the barrel tucks away into the one pocket on either side.

The main compartment has three loops that serve to secure your handgun. The storage compartments on each side can be used to hold additional accessories such as a flashlight, cell phone, badge, or additional mags.

Despite its small and compact design, this model offers some good storage space. Its appearance makes it oblivious to third parties and manages to be close enough to the body for a rapid draw.


  • Secure
  • No-snag zipper



  • Not ideal for persons with a large belly

3. DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack – Best Compact Design

DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack – Best Compact DesignAlso from the DTOM family of fanny packs line, the DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack is a safe and secure way to hold small sized handguns. This model is ideal for compact pistol models.

Though small, the fanny pack is made tough with 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon. This DTOM Fanny Pack is exceptionally streamlined with one compartment that houses the handgun. This straightforward design makes it a fan favourite as it allows for a fairly fast draw.

The YKK zippers allow the compartment to be opened partially or completely if need be exposing the compartment that can house small handguns like the 900 diamondback.

Another useful feature on the fanny pack is the extra hidden zippered compartment that allows you to store your valuables such as credit cards, IDs and your smartphone. The modest construction also makes this holster ambidextrous.

Fitting users of up to 42 inches around the waist, this concealed carry fanny pack is surely a gem if you are out to find a compact-sized holster.


  • The zipper makes it snag free
  • Great concealment



  • The pull tabs are metallic

4. 5.11 Select Carry Pistol Pouch – Quick to Draw Holster

5.11 Select Carry Pistol Pouch – Quick to Draw HolsterThe 5.11 Select Carry Pistol Pouch is a favourite amongst many shooters. The Select Pouch has a streamlined design that brings it closer to the body for easier concealment. Made out of high quality material the Select Pistol Pouch is preferred by made mainly because of the tough 1050 Denier Nylon.

511 Tactical are renowned for their quality products and this model is no exception to that rule. The Pouch is tailored for smaller handguns such as the HK P2000 but allows for a quick draw.

The holster has a patented Hot-Pull tab design that allows you to deploy your pistol with ease and also has a pistol holder to keep your handgun in place. The Pouch also has a magazine holder placed on the front that offers extreme reliability. The holder flips down from the front and can hold other accessories as well.


  • Comes with a magazine holder
  • Quick to draw feature



  • Limited space
  • Not for big guns

5. Blackhawk Fanny Pack with Holster and Retention Belt Loops Nylon – A Versatile Alternative

Blackhawk Fanny Pack with Holster and Retention Belt Loops Nylon – A Versatile AlternativeBlackhawk is a household name in guns accessories and they have not disappointed again with the versatile Blackhawk Fanny Pack.

This discrete fanny pack allows you to carry hidden in plain sight largely thanks to the universally adjustable holster with thumb break. The size of the holster can be adjusted depending on the waist of the gun owner.

The fanny pack is made from 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon material and the retention belts ensure a secure fit on your waist. This holster is popular because it can fit small to medium and medium to large revolvers and autos.

Like everything we have come to expect from Blackhawk, the stitching and material is top notch and is a good pouch if you are looking for maximum convenience.


  • Spacious
  • Durable holster



  • Expensive

Factors to Consider When Buying a Concealed Carry Fanny Packs

Factors to Consider When Buying a Concealed Carry Fanny PacksWhen choosing a carry fanny pack there are a variety of factors to consider including the pistol you are carrying, your concealment wardrobe, and personal style. Aside from these, other considerations important that you need to make are outlined below:

Carry Choice

There is a wide variety of carrying options depending on your wardrobe and activity. For instance, if you are a jacket person then a shoulder carry would be more ideal. If you are a t-shirt and short guy, on the other hand, a waist carry would serve you best.

Women fashion in particular often poses a great challenge to firearm concealment. Still, there are options that are specific to their gender. Despite these shortcomings with women fanny packs, they still have an option to choose a holster that fits their personal style and wardrobe challenges.

Aside from gun concealment, it’s important that you consider the cant of the fanny pack as well. This refers to the angle at which a gun is carried. While a long barreled pistol is likely to be pointing down a small gun can be carried pointing in any direction.

This is mostly unadjustable in many fanny packs but you will find some that are modifiable. We recommend that you go for an adjustable one because it plays an important part in concealment and also makes the firearm easier to draw.

Here are the most popular carry choices:

Inside Waistband Holsters (IWB)

The most popular holsters, IWB’s tend to give reasonable comfort, good concealment, and easy access. Retention is not a problem with this one but printing can be an issue if an improper holster is chosen. The position of the IWB on the waistband will depend on your physique and daily activities.

The placement of the gun is solely based on personal preference, as no position is universally ideal. With IWB’s belts is a paramount consideration. Though not all IWB’s hook on to a belt. the majority do and it’s important that you find a multilayered leather belt that will support your pistol.

Despite all their advantages, IWB’s fall short when it comes to comfort, something that Outside Waistband Holsters do very well.

Outside Waistband Holsters (OWB)

Outside waistband holsters normally attach to your best on the outside of your waistband. These are normally hard to conceal due to their position but many people find them comfortable. Despite their concealment problem, this wearable provides very good accessibility for quick deployment of your tools.

Shoulder Holsters

Like the Outside Waistband Holsters, Shoulder Holsters are very comfortable, particularly when dealing with larger artillery. These provide a nifty adjusted shoulder harness that makes it easy to distribute the weight evenly across two shoulders.

Sitting just under your shoulders, guns carried are easily accessible. The nature of these holsters makes them good providers security and concealment for your firearm, while also staying practical enough for large guns.

Ankle Holsters

These best work with small lightweight guns and are bought majorly for their concealment. When buying one make sure it fits well as its difficult to be unobtrusive when adjusting one in public.

Ankle holsters excel when it comes to concealment and comfort but are always less than ideal due to their firearm choice, as they are not ideal for larger guns. Their accessibility is also compromised because the pistol is placed in an awkward position that is unnatural.

Because swinging your leg back and forth affects the security of an ankle holster, it is advisable that you get a thumb break strap to fit one snuggly.


Comfort is top of the list for many gun carriers. Gun carriers prioritize the luxury of carrying a pistol without having to worry about adjusting it every now and then. While the pistol you are carrying and the holster choice mostly influences this, choosing the right equipment will get you there faster.

For instance, however, you carry the Beretta Nano 9mm. It’s always going to be more comfortable than a full sized 1911. With this in mind, it’s prudent that when choosing a holster, ensure that you get one that does not require any additional tightening or security to fit.


The security of the funny pack is an important aspect to consider. It is important that the holster keeps the firearm in place preventing falling or other persons from drawing it easily. Good security offers concealment and also prevent your firearm from accidental damage.

When purchasing a funny pack it’s good to check that the quality of the zipper is good enough and can take some abuse. While retention of your firearm is important, it’s equally important to ensure that the pistol is not too snug to prevent a quick deploy.


You will often be carrying your firearm everywhere and this underlines the importance of a durable fanny pack holster. Funny packs are usually made from a variety of materials from leather to nylon and this shows that their durability is different as well.

Still, on durability, you will be required to check on the quality of other components of the fanny pack before completing your purchase.


This article is about concealed carry fanny packs and it goes without saying, all the five options above follow suit. In many jurisdictions, it is illegal to walk around with a firearm whilst it’s very noticeable by the public.

The main objective of a concealed fanny pack is, therefore, to keep the firearm away from the prying eyes of the public. One of the biggest hurdles with concealment, however, is the printing of a firearm on your clothing.

To curb this, there are holster options that offer better concealment but there are more factors to consider if you want to hide your pistol completely.


There are occasions where you will be required to draw your firearm rapidly to shoot. Deployment time can be crucial and it’s important that you do not spend a whole 60 seconds removing your gun from concealment.

It’s unfortunate that some concealed fanny packs are somewhat difficult to deploy. It’s a thin line to walk concealment and accessibility and its therefore important that you get a good balance of the two when choosing a fanny pack.

While the best sidearm is invisible to the rest of the world, its functionality takes a hit because it cannot be drawn as fast as you’d like to.

A video review

Our Final Review

All the options above come with their own merits and demerits, which might put you on the spot over what fanny pack to acquire.

You will also realize however that not all models can hold the same type of handgun. Your ideal choice, therefore, will depend on the handgun you possess, comfort, security, durability and accessibility you are after. Whatever holster you pick though, make sure that you test it before going to the streets.

You will want to practice with your new carry fanny pack until you master a quick and easy draw. If you are a shooter who likes to carry additional mags and gear with you perhaps a fanny pack with more compartments will suit you.

Which model suite you best? Please share, we’d like to hear from you.

The 5 Best M1A Scope Mounts 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

m1a scope mount

The 5 Best M1A Scope Mounts 2019When thinking of a scope, the majority of rifle owners consider the brand, design, specs, and the cost, of course. However, many people are inclined to overlook the mounting systems. There are some scopes that come along with mounts. Most models don’t have built-in mounts though, so you will have to purchase it separately.

While M14 can certainly catch your eye, it is very likely that the best part of readers is looking for an M1A scope mount for the Springfield Armory rifle. That is because M1A has numerous advantages over its competitors. It is actually created to be a semi-auto version of the world-renowned M14, allowing shooters to enjoy the glory of M14-style rifles without breaking the bank.

Finding the best M1A scope mount is pretty tricky. To help our readers make a more informed choice, we’ve selected the best 5 models. Here they are!

Best M1A Scope Mounts 2019

Product Image
Dimensions (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 (Editor’s Choice)
9.5 x 6.5 x 2
SADLAK M14/M1A Airborne Scope Mount
SADLAK M14 Aluminum Scope Mount
5-7⁄16 (L) x 1-3/4 (W) x 2-2/8″ (H)
UTG New Generation M14/M1A Scope Mount
6.1 x 1.6 x 1.8
Aim Sports M-14/M1A Scope Mount

1. Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount – Best Overall

Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount – Best OverallIf you’re an owner of Springfield Armory, investing in a scope mount that comes from the same company would be a logical choice. That’s because you’ll know that your scope mount is produced by the same guys who have made your firearm. And you would not slip up.

In addition to Springfield Armory firearms, it also works on other M14 clones. Designed as a one-piece unit that fits snugly onto your rifle, this M1A scope mount provides a stable and solid platform to your rifle by mounting firmly into place. Since this platform is fairly wide, it can support the larger scope models.

It is made of aluminum and comes with a matte black finish. Thanks to aluminum construction, this product only weighs 1.15 pounds. You can also find steel options on the market, but remember that they can add a significant weight to your rifle.

On the Picatinny rail, there are 10 slots in total. They are evenly spaced between the rear and front of the mount. Besides, the mount also comprises two locking points.

Note that your purchase includes mounting tools and installation instructions.


  • Very secure and stable construction
  • Strong and wide platform
  • Handles recoil well
  • Extra supplies
  • Easy to install



  • Installation guide could be better

2. SADLAK M14/M1A Airborne Scope Mount – Best Sniper M1A Mount

SADLAK M14/M1A Airborne Scope Mount – Best Sniper M1A MountSadlak Industries is not a newcomer. It has been around since the 1990’s, producing the high-quality components for the M1A and M14 platforms. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that Sadlak mounts are one of the most stable, durable, and reliable options available nowadays.

Built for the military, this M1A scope mount holds up easily under all conditions and in any situation that may appear. This is why Airborne forces are using it for heavy-duty combat deployments. Aside from military combat operations, it can be used for other activities like hunting and target practice. That means it’s available for citizens as well.

The SADLAK Airborne Scope mount is designed with utmost durability and stability in mind. If you wanna balance weight with durability, this is the best way to do it. The scope rail is hardened to 45-50 RC, whereas a three-point contact ensures the best stability.

While rather costly compared to other mount options available, you’ll rest assured that you have spent money on a military grade high-end scope mount that offers an excellent platform for just about any scope. If money is no object, this scope mount could be the best option for you.


  • Three-point locking system
  • Solid structure
  • Effortless installation
  • Amazing fit
  • Lightweight



  • Expensive option

3. SADLAK M14 Aluminum Scope Mount – Best Ultralight M1A Mount

 SADLAK M14 Aluminum Scope Mount – Best Ultralight M1A MountWe will get back to Sadlak again and we have a good reason for that. Here’s another amazing model from this company that is worth taking into consideration. Although primarily intended for M14, this scope mount works perfectly on M1A as well.

Given that it’s constructed from reinforced aluminum with a hard-coat exterior, your scope will have a sturdy support for sure. It accepts both Weaver and Picatinny-style rings. A three-point contact design allows for easy installation. Moreover, it comes with all mounting hardware, hex wrenches, and fasteners.

Aluminum body with tungsten coating makes this product highly durable, lightweight, and weatherproof. The aerospace aluminum is anodized in order to keep the surface finish safe from corrosion and damage. It’s going to keep the zero even when used in extreme conditions.

Furthermore, the tight design ensures that the mount fits like a glove. It feels solid when mounted on the rifle. Maybe this model seems like a pricey investment, but you get a scope mount that’s ready for duty right out of the box. It’s well worth it!


  • Doesn’t move from the gun
  • Tungsten coating
  • Durable
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight



  • Forward rail isn’t sufficient for better eye relief
  • The brass area tends to reflect under bright light

4. UTG New Gen 4-Point M14 / M1A Scope Mount – Best Tactical M1A Scope Mount

UTG New Gen 4-Point M14 / M1A Scope Mount – Best Tactical M1A Scope MountEquipped with 4 locking points and machined from aircraft aluminum alloy, the UTG New Gen is a top-tier scope mount that offers optimal performance for M1A rifles.

Many shooters love this scope mount because it has a couple of unique features. With that being said, it features a one-piece sturdy design, a generous 15-slot top rail that’s compatible with both Picatinny and Weaver rings, and an adjustable side screw that allows for exceptionally precise hand fit. Of course, it needs a bit of adjusting to fit your rifle, but this is something that all M1A scope mounts require.

In the end, let’s mention this product comes with the mounting hardware. It is very easy to install, so gunsmithing is not required at all.

If you are on a budget but wanna be sure that you will get something rugged and proven, then we’d recommend UGT New Gen.


  • Fits rings and scopes
  • Multiple locking points
  • Easy to mount
  • Well-made and very stable
  • Affordable



  • Not suited for long-term use
  • Might not be a good fit for some iron sights

5. Aim Sports M-14 / M1A Scope Mount – Best Low Price Option

 Aim Sports M-14 / M1A Scope Mount – Best Low Price OptionAnother affordable purchase, the scope mount by AIM Sports is a great low-priced option for those who want to go back to basics. Featuring a classic rugged design and standard rail, this M1A scope mount allows you to save money while still scoping your rifle reliably.

Built of strong aircraft-grade aluminum, this piece of equipment can do the job of mounting a scope in a solid way and without any hassle. This is because the Aim Sports scope mount offers a well-supportive foundation for scopes, making them stay in place steadily all the while. The black finish is made of anodized aluminum to withstand exposure to the elements and have a sleek design.

Another great thing about this scope mount is that it accepts any standard Weaver ring. After performing the minor fitting required to match it with your particular rifle, you will certainly find it an extraordinary option for your beloved M1A.


  • Good design
  • Solid materials
  • Professional black finish
  • Sturdy
  • Cheap



  • Not suitable for beginners
  • You’ll have to put a lot of effort into adjusting it for your needs

Things You Must Know Before Buying an M1A Scope Mount

For more help, we will provide you with guidelines that should assist you in choosing the right M1A scope mount. Take a moment and look them over.

Type: Detachable or Fixed

 M1A Scope MountFirst and foremost, you should know which type of scope mount is most convenient for you. It’s all about how you’ll be using your scope. There are 2 major types of scopes to choose from: fixed and detachable.

Detachable mounts are particularly beneficial for those owning multiple weapons. That’s because these flexible mounts let you effortlessly transfer your scope to any of your firearms. In fact, they can be easily removed and installed on a broad range of rifles when the need arises.

As their name suggests, the fixed scope mounts aren’t removable. This means such a mount will stay attached to your firearm all the time. Therefore, this option is perfect for those seeking something steadily affixed on their rifle. It reduces the risk of damaging the essential parts.


The materials used determine the durability and stability of a scope mount. There’s a broad array of materials for construction of M1A scope mounts. Aluminum is considered to be the best one, as it is lightweight and quite durable. So it’s no wonder that it is the most popular material when it comes to scope mounts.


Aside from making sure that your scope mount is durable and robust, you will also want it is absolutely excellent in performance. A scope mount that can stay in place all the while without moving from the gun when you’re on your target is definitely a good one. Additionally, it’s supposed to handle recoil well, offer a wide platform, and has the perfect fit for your gun.


kinds of scope ringsRings are intended to match bases. Still, you should check out the compatibility before buying a scope mount just in case.

It’s very important to determine the correct ring height. The M1A stock typically comes with a low comb that’s meant to be utilized with the aperture sight. So, when putting a mount, optic, scope, and rings on it, it will sit high off the main bore axis. While a chin weld will be working, it won’t be optimal though.

There are two kinds of scope rings: horizontal split and vertical split. The vertical ones are usually stronger since each ring half is directly connected to the base of scope. On the downside, they are slightly difficult to install. The horizontal split rings, on the other hand, are easy to install. The top half clamps over the scope, while the bottom half holds the scope by clamping directly to the base.

With regard to the style, the Waver rings are most common today. No matter what type and style you choose, be sure that the rings keep your scope and mount flush with your M1A.

Size and Weight

The scope mounts come in different sizes and weights. That usually depends on the material used and model. A lightweight scope ensures that your rifle isn’t weighed down, thereby causing fatigue and affecting the accuracy of your shot.

Bear in mind that the M1A is a pretty weighty firearm. Combined with an optic, mount, and rings, it can easily reach 13 pounds. That will be too heavy if you’re planning to use this as a ranch rifle or truck gun. After lugging the thing around and using it for a little while, you will be very tired.

Luckily, it’s possible to reduce some weight by going with an aluminum base. Aerospace and aircraft grade aluminum is the best choice. The mount made of such a material is very lightweight so that it will be off the action as well as the barrel.

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Wrap Up

Now that you know what to look out for when choosing a scope mount and have top five picks at your disposal, it should be much easier for you to make a decision.

Our top choice is the Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 without a doubt. This awesome scope mount provides a strong, wide base for mounting at a fairly good price. If you need something basic yet long-lasting and reliable, consider investing in this model. We promise you won’t regret it.