The 5 Best 3-9×40 Scopes of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The 5 Best 3-9×40 Scopes of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The 5 Best 3-9x40 Scopes of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer's GuideYou will agree with me that even with the perfect vision, keeping a close eye on your target when hunting or in a shooting competition can be quite daunting.

The intense heat, wind, sunlight or rain are some of the things that makes hunting and shooting impossible without a riflescope.

The popularity of the 3×9-power scope keeps surging with every dawn. This is perhaps for a good reason.

The 3×9 scopes are best for granting low level magnification that comes in handy when taking shots precisely as well as high magnifications for accurate long shots.

The biggest headache comes in when you are out finding the most suitable scope. Obviously, there are numerous brands, models and makers available in the market for riffle scopes. This can get quite confusing, especially when you are new to this.

Always find an affordable, durably built, easy to use scope with good focusing mechanism. Our 3×9-scope review below will help you make the decision.

What is a 3×9 Scope?

Before looking at the best products on the market, it is prudent to highlight what 3×9 scope exactly means.

This is of importance to newbies trying to find their path in this field. As mentioned before, it is awing how the scopes have made shooting escapades look simple among enthusiasts.

Simply put, the 3×9 scope has two dimensions. The 3x represents the scope’s lowest magnification power. With this, you will be able to see the image three times closer than seeing with a naked eye.

On the other hand, the 9x represents the scope’s maximum magnification power. This lets you see images nine times closer than you can do with a naked eye. The scope also has a 40 mark, which is the objective lens diameter, in MM. from this, it is evident that these are variable scopes with magnification power as low as 3x to 9x high.

Top 5 3×9 Scopes for 2019

Product Image
Top Feature
Our Rating
The Nikon Buckmasters II Scope100 percent water and fog proof housing
The Redfield Revolution ScopeHolds up to 500 yards
The Bushnell Banner Illuminated Reticle ScopeMultiple brightness levels
The Barska Colorado ScopeMulti coated lens
The Bushnell Trophy XLT Scope Fast-focus eye piece

1. The Nikon Buckmasters II Scope – Best for Use with Hunting Rifles

The Nikon Buckmasters II Scope – Best for Use with Hunting RiflesNikon is probably one of the world’s most popular optics giant. Their partnership with one of the respected names in the sporting organizations, Buckmasters, perhaps creamed the effectiveness of the Nikon Buckmasters II Scope.

Built to endure your hardest shooting and hunting situations, this scope integrates some of the best features including fog, shock and waterproof construction. This does meet not only all your shooting needs but also complements your good selection of hunting rifle.

The scope’s integrated anti-reflective system with adjustive lens provides 92 percent anti-reflective capabilities. This ascertains a high level of light transmission as well as an improved clarity that clearly isolates your target from its surroundings, whether you are hunting at dusk or dawn.

The Nikon Buckmasters II Scope also features a generous and consistent eye relief that keeps your brow safe always, even when dealing with lightweight rifles with heavy recording cartridge working in severe shooting angles.

Other highlighted features of this scope include;

  • Durable and versatile scope – a result of Niko and Buckmasters Corporation.
  • Bright anti-reflective and a multi-coated lens system for ultimate anti-reflection properties.
  • Full water and fog proof design
  • Manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty
  • Features a BDC reticle trajectory system for quick and simple aiming points for varied shot distances.


  • Durable and versatile
  • Multi-coated lens
  • Water and fog proof
  • Limited lifetime warranty



  • Quite expensive

2. The Redfield Revolution Scope – Best for High Magnification Use

The Redfield Revolution Scope – Best for High Magnification UseIf you are looking for a scope to use in high magnification use, consider the Redfield Revolution Scope. The scope features various intriguing features including;

Materials – the Redfield Revolution Scope is a sleek and all black riflescope made in Oregon. Due to its lightweight construction, it weighs approximately 12.5oz despite being 14 inches long. Like other scopes of this cluster, it is fog, water and shockproof.

It features a multicoated 40mm lens with layers of vapor coatings that ascertains superior light transmission. While at full magnification, the accu-range reticle can point up to a maximum of 500 yards. The scope comes with accu-trac adjustment knob on the upper part of the scope that can easily be manipulated by fingertips.

Performance – you will like the impressive and high-quality look of the Redfield Revolution Scope’s body. Well, the only distinguishing additional feature of this scope is the accu-trac adjustment knobs. This maintains its simplistic and beautiful appearance. Besides that, the illuminated reticle is high tech that no drop of moisture will ruin your view.


  • Sleek appearance
  • Holds up to 500 yards
  • Easy adjustment system
  • Shock, moisture and fog proof



  • Quite expensive

3. The Bushnell Banner Illuminated Reticle Scope – Best for Hunting and Shooting

The Bushnell Banner Illuminated Reticle Scope – Best for Hunting and ShootingFor shooting and hunting enthusiasts, the Bushnell Banner Illuminated Reticle Scope should be your scope of choice. This is yet another sleek model that comes all black. Like other models, its illuminated objective lens is multicoated to ascertain fog and waterproof features.

Its easy adjustment mechanism makes it easy to switch the reticle from red to green illumination without much hassle. There are also numerous illumination levels, which allows users to use it in low light conditions such as during dawn and dusks.

For its significantly cheap price, the Bushnell Banner Illuminated Reticle Scope offers high-end qualities. Its best feature is the brightness adjustments that provide not only different reticle illumination but also provides different light settings for the hunter’s advantage.


  • Friendly cost
  • Usable in low-light situations
  • Lightweight with good eye relief
  • Red and green reticles



  • Requires frequent adjustments
  • Not that much shockproof

4. The Barska Colorado Scope – Best for Basic Hunting

The Barska Colorado Scope – Best for Basic HuntingThis is a single one-inch tube appearing in matte black. Its features are simplistic, perhaps the reason behind its choice for basic hunting. Its objective lens is fully coated to provide a clear view with a 30/30 reticle. It features two adjustment knobs that focus on the sight.

You will be impressed with the Barska Colorado Scope performance, which may first appear as a dud at first glance. Its simple features are designed to get the job done without much fancy extras. Due to its lightweight nature, it is an excellent choice for hunting deer and small games. It is also best for beginner hunters.

As mentioned, its simplistic features don’t suit its use for hunting situations with extreme weather conditions. Besides, it isn’t made of the highest quality material, thus, don’t expect to use it with high caliber rifles and slugs.


  • Cheap price
  • Simple and basic to use
  • Lightweight and small
  • Multicoated lens



  • Not suitable for beyond basic hunting
  • Unclear at maximum magnification

5. The Bushnell Trophy XLT Scope – Best for skilled hunting

The Bushnell Trophy XLT Scope – Best for skilled huntingSkilled hunters can sharpen their preciseness and accuracy with the Bushnell Trophy XLT Scope. This comes as a single black tube weighing around 4oz. Its fully multi-coated lens is water, shock and fog proof with a multi-X reticle. The scope boasts of 91% light transmission for enhanced accuracy.

The scope’s fast focus eyepiece is great for hunting situations that require quick reaction time. It features a windage and elevation adjustment knobs for easy tuning. Bushnell Trophy XLT Scope comes with a limited lifetime warranty with flip-open lens covers for better protection.


  • Affordable price
  • Shock, water and fog proof
  • Fast eye focus
  • Great light transmission



  • Not stellar eye relief
  • Too many colors

What to Consider Before Buying A 3×9 Scope

What to Consider Before Buying A 3x9 ScopeWith the diverse brands, models, and clusters available, getting the right choice of 3×9 scope can be quite difficult. Regardless of being a hunting hobbyist, pro, target shooter or just getting started, you need to pay extra attention to some features to find the correct scope matching your purpose.

Having said that, some of the essential things to consider before purchasing a 3×9 scope include;

Scope Construction

Without thinking much about the hardware features, you should begin your search by considering how suitable your scope is to your working environment.

Most 3×9 scopes outlined above are fog proof, but not all can withstand some harsh environmental conditions such as extreme moisture and heat.

This is why much attention should be paid to its construction if you intend to use the scope in a place with a harsh climate. Ensure that you discover any wiggling or looseness to ensure that you purchase a solid structure that is not only shockproof and waterproof but also fog proof.

Scope’s Focusing Mechanism

The scope’s level of comfort when using hugely depends on its focusing mechanism. Selecting a scope whose focusing mechanism doesn’t suit your style can ruin your shooting and hunting experience.

There are two types of focusing mechanisms. They are the collar style and knob style. As the names suggest, the collar focusing mechanism uses a focusing collar whereas the knob style uses a small knob that is just above the eyepiece. Regardless of the style, the knob should be easy to adjust and neither small nor large.


Scope’s Focusing MechanismThere are four integral features to look into when finding a 3×9 scope. They include the zoom, parallax, reticle, and resolution. For this type of scopes, the standard parallax is around 50 yards. For zoom and resolution, there are two options, which could be either optical or digital.

Optical zoom allows the user to magnify an image without changing its resolution while digital zoom enhances the image but distorts the resolution in the process. Always consider a scope with zoom qualities you can enjoy.

Lastly, it is of immense importance to go for a scope with a high-quality reticle. This ascertains that you get the preferable image of the object being aimed at.

Scope Price

If you are looking for a substantial scope, let the price not be a deal breaker. You should instead focus on quality. Settling for cheap scopes might be convenient until you find out that you will need to buy it repeatedly.

To save your money, avoid purchasing cheap scope as their quality is in doubt. You can easily note cheap models through their fragile construction, too many unnecessary features and poor craftsmanship.

Note that this doesn’t mean that cheap 3×9 scopes are terrible, but it is better to avoid them. With the many brands available in the market, you should be able to find one at an affordable price.

Rifle Scope Brand

Rifle Scope BrandOur top scope choices above, if you have noted, are scopes from different brands. This means that you will be in crossroads selecting the best brand. Well, some of the best 3×9 scope brands to consider include the following;

Nikon – perhaps one of the most popular names in the optical products market, Nikon has been in the field for more than 90 years producing nothing less of top-quality scopes. Nikon scopes perfectly balance high-resolution, sharp images, light transmission and aberration free.

Bushnell – this is yet another reputable name in the riflescopes industry. Unlike other brands, Bushnell releases products that are not only high quality but are also reasonably priced.

Vortex – Vortex scopes are best for both professional and beginner shooters who need to take their hunting skills to the next level. Their scopes offer a wide field of view, well-balanced illumination, durable construction and ultra-clear images. They also offer their products at overly pocket-friendly prices.

Other scope models you can consider include UTG and CVLIFE.

A video review

Our Final Verdict

With all the aforementioned highly reliable, top performing and effective scopes, picking one of the best brands at your disposal shouldn’t be a brainer. Certainly, with such, nothing should stand in your path to making precise shots.

Always remember to pick a scope that suits your needs and experience. This involves checking its construction, performance ratings, additional features and user reviews. This will help you find a long-lasting, great and fairly-priced 3×9 scope.

From the above-mentioned scopes, which one do you think is your favorite? Share with us in the comments section below.

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