4 Best 1911 OWB Holsters [For Faster Draw]

4 Best 1911 OWB Holsters [For Faster Draw]

1911 OWB HolsterOWB holsters typically create a space between your torso and waist and the handgun.

It helps with a faster draw and improves your initial grip on the pistol as you pull it from the holster.

In this buyers guide, we will review the best 1911 OWB Holsters, based on hours of research.

Why Do People Wear an OWB Holster?

There’s no question about it, the 1911 OWB is an American icon when it comes to firearms.

The beautiful gun was used for over 70 years by the United States military and still lives on in prestige today.

Collectors and hobbyists across America love to buy and use the gun, and they’re always looking for a great outside the waistband (OWB) holster than can match its legacy.

Carrying OWB

When you carry OWB, you’re not trying to conceal your weapon. Either you’re in a gun-friendly state, or you’re working, and it doesn’t matter who sees you carrying. You might be at the range for fun or on a camping trip where you want quick access to your firearm.

Large pistols like the 1911 are well-suited to OWB holsters. Try carrying one in an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster for a day and you’ll see why OWB makes more sense. The 1911 OWB holster isn’t something you want to keep concealed. It’s a fun gun that you should be proud to show off. 

What Makes a Good OWB Holster?

Ultimately, you’re going to want something that offers great performance and has the looks to match the 1911. OWB holsters come in a variety of builds, so it’s often a matter of personal preference on which one works best. There are some with belt loops and some that strap to the hip with a paddle. 

Whatever helps you get a good handle on your gun before you draw is the best OWB holster for you. And hey, if it looks great while you’re doing it then that’s a bonus. 


4 Best 1911 OWB Holster 

Here are some of our top OWB holster picks for the year:

Model Price Feature
Blackhawk! Serpa 1911 Holster [ See Bellow ] Sleek design and smooth holstering
Galco Combat Master Belt Holster [ See Bellow ] Beautiful leather belt holster
Blackhawk! Serpa Sportster Holster [ See Bellow ] Tactical design with finger lock release
Fobus Standard 1911 Holster [ See Bellow ] Lightweight and low-profile design


1.Blackhawk! Serpa 1911 Holster – Speed-cut Design for a Fast Draw

Blackhawk! is known for its cutting-edge designs in its holsters, and the Serpa 1911 OWB holster is no exception. This comes in belt or paddle configurations, so you can enjoy the OWB holster whatever your preference is. 

One of the best things about this holster is its state-of-the-art gun retention. The 1911 can only be drawn by pressing the auto-lock release that’s strategically positioned near where the index finger naturally falls as it rests above the trigger. 

1911s slide in and out of the holster smoothly. There’s no catch or drag. The design is a dark, rustic look that fits in outdoors or while doing tactical exercises at the range.  You may want to get a tactical bag for the range as well. 

2. Galco Combat Master Belt Holster – The Elegant Throwback

The Galco Combat Master oozes elegance. With your pristine 1911 holstered inside, you’ll feel like a cowboy or like you’re a WWII U.S. soldier. It’s a belt holster, so it’s held in place by belt loops. 

You’ll probably need to buy a brown belt if you haven’t got one, because the beautiful fine tan leather deserves a matching belt. Good news, though, it also comes in a black finish. The leather is of such high quality that it weathers beautifully as you use it. 

The Combat Master is handcrafted and double-stitched, so it’s durable and will retain the weapon nicely wherever you go. Every year it’s consistently one of the best and most popular 1911 holsters on the market. 

3.Blackhawk! Serpa Sportster Holster – All the Performance and a Bit of Fun

The Serpa Sportster adds a bit of tactical flair to the 1911 holster lineup. It has a paddle design for extra support and great weapon retention. It’s got the same finger lock release as the original Serpa holster as well. 

The holster comes in gunmetal gray that looks distinguished and tactical at the same time.

It’s ideal for range time or open carrying as a civilian. This holster is extremely popular in the gun community and gets great reviews online.

BLACKHAWK! Standard CQC Holster
  • Pressure adjustable detent retention system grabs onto the pistol's trigger guard and holds tight
  • Matte Black finish

4.Fobus Standard 1911 Holster – Lightweight Low-Profile Design

The Fobus 1911 holster comes in a cool, low-profile design that highlights the weapon resting inside it. It’s got a lifetime warranty and is super lightweight at only two ounces.

The holster comes with a rubberized paddle, so it will sit in play firmly no matter what you’re doing. 

BLACKHAWK! Standard CQC Holster
  • Pressure adjustable detent retention system grabs onto the pistol's trigger guard and holds tight
  • Matte Black finish


Best Selling OWB Holsters 

Bestseller No. 1
OWB Holster (Right-Hand, Glock 17,19,22,23,25,26,27,28,31,32,34,35,41)
  • .080 Kydex (OWB) Outside the Waistband
  • Adjustable cant from 0-15 degrees
  • Partial Sweat Guard Backing
  • Made in USA
  • One Year Replacement Warranty
Bestseller No. 2
OD Green & Black USA Flag OWB Holster (Right-Hand, Glock 17,19,22,23,25,26,27,28,31,32,34,35,41)
  • Custom made
  • Made in USA
  • One Year replacement Warranty
  • Made with Kydex
  • Od Green & Black USA flag
Bestseller No. 3
Black Carbon Fiber OWB Holster (Right-Hand, Glock 17,19,22,23,25,26,27,28,31,32,34,35,41)
  • Custom made
  • Made in USA
  • One Year replacement Warranty
  • Made with Kydex
  • Black Carbon Fiber
SaleBestseller No. 4
Glock 19 Holster Glock 19X 23 32 45 Holster (Gen 1-5), Polymer Tactical Outside Waistband Pants Paddle Holster with Thumb Release Adjustable Cant for OWB Carry, Right-Handed, Black Finish
  • Thumb Release Holster - Custom-molded to fit Glock 19 19X 23 32 45 Gen 1 2 3 4 5. For 19X 45 or gen5, you can use this holster directly without block and axis pin; For gen1-4, assemble the block and axis pin into bottom of barrel interior before using this holster.
  • Level II Retention - Auto locking system restrain pistol in OWB holster to ensure ultimate safety, activate the release by pressing button with thumb to achieve gun access
  • Adjustable Carry Angle - Easily set paddle 0-60 degrees to your desire position with Allen key, compatible belt width up to 2 inch
  • Type - Paddle holster fits closer to body than many other paddle holsters on the market, which can achieve better concealment under clothes
  • Durable Material - Made of polymer stronger than leather that will wear out, adapt to every bad environment
SaleBestseller No. 5
S&W M&P 9MM Full Size Holster, OWB Holster For Smith & Wesson MP 9MM/40S&W SD9VE SD40VE M2.0 Compact(NO SHIELD), Polymer Outside The Waistband Carry Belt Holster With 360° Adjustable Paddle-Right Hand
  • OWB Holster: Perfectly fit S&W MP 9/40 full size, MP 9/40 M2.0 4.25". But the barrel holster is longer than the gun-barrel of SD9 VE, SD40 VE, MP 9/40 M2.0 Compact 4".
  • Paddle Holster: Paddle design securely slides on to pants or belt, and easy to take it off. Fully adjustable and 360 rotations cant for all application so you can adjust it according to your withdraw angle. Fit 1.5-2.0'' belt.
  • Auto Lock System: Adds to the passive system an index (trigger) finger-actuated, active system that won't release the weapon until you press the release button down as you draw to increase officer safety.
  • Long-lasting: The polymer holster is composed of durable high-tech polymer material making it durable, light weight, water resistant, sweat resistant, and wear resistant.
  • Widely Used: Designed for enduring the hardest operating conditions, the gun holster is an ideal equipment for military, courser, shooting coach, law enforcement agencies or personal protection use.


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